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Peace Juice
Peace Juice
Peace Juice
Peace Juice
Peace Juice
Peace Juice
Peace Juice
Peace Juice
Peace Juice
Peace Juice
Peace Juice
Peace Juice


Health Benefits
  • 6 sprays on the tongue instantly calms nervousness and tension
  • Relaxes both mind and body during times of acute or long-term stress
  • Calms a racing mind when thoughts are looping
  • Grounds you back into your body when feelings of panic or overwhelm arise
  • Can be taken several times throughout the day for consistent relief
  • Fits in your pocket for discreet use in public or social settings
  • Quick relief of tension
  • Instantly calms the mind
  • Helps with effects of anxiety
  • Relaxation in a bottle
  • Great for social settings
Peace Juice

Anxiety is one of the greatest problems facing our world today, and it’s the most common issue that friends and family come to me for help with.

As an herbalist, I turn to the plant kingdom when I’m feeling anxiety in my own life. And this year, I wanted to bring the solutions I use for myself and my loved ones to you. Whether you deal with social anxiety when you’re about to meet new people or go to a party, nervousness when riding the train or an airplane, or even general day-to-day tension, I’ve created my dream formula to help you feel calm and centered in your body once again: Peace Juice

I want you to have something in your pocket or purse that you KNOW you can turn to when tough times come up. I want to give you the security and comfort the plant kingdom has given me. You shouldn’t have to feel alone on top of feeling anxious, which is why I made Peace Juice to be there for you in an instant no matter where you are.

Peace Juice is designed to provide you with the grounding and relaxation that is lacking in moments of fear, uncertainty and anxiety. It’s a liquid formula for instant relief, but instead of your classic dropper bottle, I made it into a convenient spray so that you can discreetly use it whenever those feelings come up!

By using 5-10 sprays on the tongue whenever you crave peace and calm, you will quickly find a state of tranquility that relaxes you and helps you regain your balance.

Want to learn more about Peace Juice? Read the Story Behind the Formula here!

The super herbs in our blend include:

  1. Kava Root – shown to be highly effective with good tolerability for nervousness, stress, low mood and poor sleep. Kava Root is instantly calming and comforting.
  2. Passionflower – one of the few herbs that truly nourishes the adrenals after months (or a lifetime!) of stress and anxiety. Helps shutdown a racing mind and is perfect for those who feel frazzled in a chaotic environment.
  3. Motherwort – classified as a nervine herb, Motherwort is often said to have a “calming energy like a big hug from mom.” Helps ground you back into your body and improves mental clarity while helping to release worries that feel “pent up” in the body.
  4. Gentian Root – a bitter that helps ground you and bring you “back to Earth,” especially helpful for those who tend to mentally check out when overly stressed.
  5. Wood Betony – a restorative tonic that re-establishes the structure and function of the nervous system and GI tract while helping to calm the body and mind.
  6. Schisandra Berry – a unique ingredient that is famous for its quality to make you feel happy, relaxed, free, and easygoing.


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Christy Janssens

I have had my bottle of Peace Juice for a few months and it definitely works! Sometimes it is very difficult for me to fall asleep because my mind just won’t shut off. On those nights, I use a few sprays of Peace Juice. It doesn’t necessarily make me drowsy- it more takes me from being super anxious and overthinking to a more soothed, even-tempered place in my body and mind. It takes my anxiety and overthinking down like twelve notches so I’m back to a more grounded place. It honestly helps so much! It’s a great tool to have on hand.


I ended up giving this away to a friend after purchasing because I noticed the small warning on the inner label to not take if had abnormal liver values in bloodwork. I have had abnormal liver values so the anxiety I experienced when thinking about trying this and not knowing what that could do to my liver with that warning over powered my curiousity to see if this helps my horrible anxiety. The anxiety helper caused more anxiety! So 1 star because I was very disappointed that this warning label was so tiny and that this wasn’t more noticeable/ warned of before purchasing, because I definitely wouldn’t have purchased if I knew this in advance. Kinda misleading. And I never asked my friend if she had any benefits from this or if she even tried it because I was pretty turned off to it after seeing that tiny hidden warning label. Educate your customers better!! Still love you Olivia just a little disappointed by this lack of warning.


At this point this juice is a MUST for me!! I have had anxiety for years and just dealt with it instead of meds and its miserable and so draining to live with. When i this came out i thought what the heck why net everything else OO puts out is AMAZING… so during pandemic anxiety was crazy … only way i could calm myself down to sleep was Peace juice… fast forward to me moving and stress and anxiety is horrible and i have my bag not in a box but bag full of OO to move and i forget it … i was so stressed and full of anxiety without it … i went 2 weeks with out and it was horrible … now i have my bag of OO and peace juice and im so much calmer and relaxed … PLEASE do not ever stop making peace juice !!! ❤️


Peace juice has saved me from multiple panic attacks and helps when my anxiety is high. But more importantly it’s been saving my mom after we lost my dad a few months ago. She was having physical symptoms from anxiety: headache, stomach in knots, heavy chest. I finally convinced her to try some and it has helped her so much. Going to buy a bottle to keep in every room.


I’m so bad at writing reviews, but I HAD to write this one to spread the word!!! This tincture is more effective than my cbd. My severe anxiety, racing negative/anxious thoughts, gone within minutes. Thank you, Olivia❤️


Peace Juice is MAGIC. I was with my 3 other roommates and we were all overtired and feeling anxious. They weren’t expecting it to work but took it just to please me. No one could believe just how well it worked. Everyone mellowed out within minutes. Anyone suffering anxiety needs to give this tincture a shot. This stuff is the real deal!


My girlfriend bought this product for me. I get really bad night anxiety not everynight but some nights around 9pm i get overwhelemd and exhausted and i would feel dizzy amd faint and my heart racing. (I get 8hrs of sleep everynight) I took levium for awhile which seemed to help but didnt always squash this feeling. I have used OOs peace juice a number of times and always with the same effect. It amazes me how fast i start feeling normal and how it doesnt make me feel anything but normal. Anxiety is miserable and the meds doctors try to give are just horrid. I am so blessed that my lady loves me enough to help me i am so blessed she found this product. I cant talk enough good about this. Its 26 dollars and its worth every penny plz give it a shot it you are struggling. M 26

Emily J Ordover

LOVE this product. It’s great for helping me get back into my PNS after work.


I’m a 52 yr old woman who has been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks for over 29 years. It’s a predisposition I will probably have to live with forever. That’s just how my brain works. Lol I refuse to take meds so thank God for OO’s Peace Juice. It really helps me calm down and relax when anxiety or panic moments strike. As a longtime sufferer, I have tried a lot of different things with no success. I don’t really write reviews but wanted to tell anyone who has been battling anxiety that this tincture really works and quickly too. After 6 -7 spritzes on your tongue, take 8 deep breaths and before you know it, you’re back to feeling centered and calm.


This is such a clutch product! As someone who gets social anxiety and general anxiety this is the perfect little spray! It helps take the edge off when feeling that tipping point of getting overwhelmed to calm back down. It didn’t work immediately or very strong but subtle and I actually like that better than the ones that are in your face trying to calm down. I love it and i keep it in my purse when i leave the house.

Peace Juice

I am very obsessed with organic stuff,because I am very afraid of pills of being addicted! I just want something to relax me at the moment,Not controllable! I’ve been suffering with anxiety lately and it’s the worse feeling ugh,Anway,This product has been helping me a lot! I hope she continues to produce and sell this because this is a life saver! Thank you So much OO.I feel safe and good!


Are these safe to use if on SSRI? I know St.John’s wart has interactive components.


Peace juice has been a life saver for me. I suffered with really bad anxiety for about a year which always triggered nausea. Often I’d be out and about and would have to rush to the toilet as I thought I’d be sick (even though I never was). I even went through a period where I had to cancel all my social plans such as going out for dinner because I felt so sick. I ordered peace juice and mood juice in the hope it might relieve my anxiety. I have to say that mood juice really didn’t do much for me at all, but peace juice is absolutely incredible. 5-6 sprays on my tongue, some water and deep breaths and I instantly feel calm and relaxed. Sounds too good to be true but that’s the power of herbs I guess! I really recommend this to anyone dealing with anxiety.


I am so grateful for this tincture. Over the past couple years I have dealt with high anxiety and had multiple panic attacks a month. Once I started following Olivia on IG I knew I had to try her products (I ordered Mood/Liver/Peace juice). I’ve seen the most noticeable results from Peace Juice. As soon as I feel symptoms of a panic attack coming on I’ll take PJ and I notice an immediate difference in how I feel both physically and mentally. I’m able to regroup within minutes of taking the tincture and go on with my day (which was unheard of for me previously!). This product will always be in my arsenal and is my favorite OO product so far. Thank you Olivia for making products that work so well!

Sierra Jaime

Peace Juice has truly changed my life. I’ve struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for my entire life, been on anti-anxiety medication for over 15 years and tried Ativan and Xanax for panic attacks but Peace Juice is the only thing I have found that works immediately for my panic attacks and anxiety. My partner and I have been experiencing increased anxiety, brain fog and fatigue due to mold toxicity and thanks to Peace Juice, Liver Juice and Mane Magic we are able to get through this tough time feeling so much better. I have gifted and recommended Olivia’s products and IG page more times than I can count but only after I stock up on my essentials first! Forever grateful for Olivia and her products. Only critique I could honestly provide would be that my most recent order came wrapped in plastic bubble wrap and I much preferred the compostable paper that my first few orders were packaged in and will leave a note for zero waste / paper packaging only for my next order!

Cindy Solis

Can my 12 year old daughter weighing 170poungs 5’6” take this? she suffers from anxiety.


Can kids take this


So thankful to have found Olivia and her products! Currently using Peace Juice, which helps whenever I feel stressed or anxious about anything. But let me tell you…. my parents are now using a bottle of Peace Juice that I gave them and they’re hooked!! 🙌🏼 Dad was having panic attacks/anxiety so I gave him him a bottle and explained how to use it. I told him I didn’t care whether he liked the taste, he just had to do it. And guess what? He’s taking it daily! Mom tried it to help her sleep and now she wants her own bottle! This stuff is amazing! My sisters are also going to try Peace Juice and Sleep Juice as well. Thank you Olivia for all your efforts – you are truly a blessing. Be well.


I suffer from anxiety and the feeling that something bad is going to happen (doom, in phycology world). Well I had an episode this last week were I had a lump in my throat and had a bad feeling (about something that was resolved on its own later that day and I was just over thinking it) so I took one dose and the feeling went away. That was when I realized I need this for the rest of my life.


The peace juice is so amazing! I have terrible night time anxiety/panic attacks and I’ve pretty much tried everything to stay off my anxiety meds. This is the only thing that has worked for me and it has changed my life. Thank you Olivia!!!


Organic Olivia’s products have been such a life changer! After seeing many positive effects of her liver juice, I returned to Organic Olivia’s products when trying to get off my antidepressants. Weaning off of them has been a process and Peace Juice has definitely made it easier! Instantly helps calm panic/worried feelings. I hope to continue to use this in combination with mood juice to stay off of my medication.


Peace juice has made me an Organic Olivia customer for life. I’ve always struggled with panic attacks that last fairly long and are very draining. The first time I tried peace juice I was in the middle of a panic attack, within less than a minute of taking peace juice it honestly stopped my panic attack. I was able to calm my nerves and bring myself back to a normal state of mind, its truly magic. I still have panic attacks but I feel 1000x better knowing I have a solution to them on hand. Thank you SO much to Olivia for creating this amazing formula along with all of your other amazing formulas.


I absolutely LOVEEEE this product. This was my first herbal product purchase & I’m so happy with the results. I am a new mom of 2 so I’m constantly overwhelmed with a lot on my plate and this calms me & helps me to relax and manage everything so much better. So thankful for this<3


I’ve been taking this twice a day for 5 months to relieve physical anxiety symptoms like elevated heart rate and difficulty breathing that were keeping me from sleeping. I’m now able to look back and see the larger, cumulative impact it’s had on my life. My general anxiety that I’ve always lived with has been so minimal – I feel more myself than I have in a very long time! I have a much easier time communicating with everyone around me and I am handling everyday stressors so much easier. So so so thankful for this formula.

Karina Wahlberg

With everything going on in the world at the moment, it’s hard not to feel added stress and heightened emotions to our already daily struggles. I’ve experienced more overthinking, worrying, & anxiety just In the last few weeks. Although Peace Juice is such a recent purchase, I already noticed how instant of an effect it has on me every👏 time👏. I find myself instantly relaxed by the soothing flavors, and within 30 min that nervous feeling in my chest and stomach is back to its calm state. I’m so happy with this formula✨ Thanks Olivia!


I have a very stressful non stop job. By the mid afternoon I’m irritable and very tense. I use Peace juice to smooth out the rough edges of my afternoon, then again with sleep juice and liver juice just before bedtime. I’ve noticed my anxiety and tension are way better and my sleep patterns are on point. Thank you for this miracle in a bottle. xo


I was suffering from debilitating anxiety and panic attack and peace juice has entirely restored my life balance. I can finally restore my sense of calm and stop anxiety before it starts


This is excellent stuff. I used to use cod spray and I find that this one works better. Its great to know I have a little something with me to calm me down just when I need it. Very grateful!


So let me start off by saying this has been the best thing I’ve bought to help treat my anxiety and panic attacks. I was on the fence about this really working but it does wonders! I recently started experiencing anxiety and panic attacks that were so severe I was about to give in and take medication from my doctor.. a friend of mine recommended this to me and I’m so happy I ordered it. It works almost instantly and has almost taken away my anxiety completely and I haven’t had a panic attack in weeks since I’ve bought it. I recommend this to anyone who is trying to avoid medication and can’t seem to find anything else that gives instant relief. I also love how it’s a spray and I can use it in public if I’m feeling anxious. Thank you so much Olivia for creating this product. It’s honestly been a miracle worker for me

Yesenia Alcantar

Over a month ago I was told by 2 doctors I have anxiety/depression. Freaking out even more not knowing how I would help control those moments when feeling it the most, I remembered Organic Olivia had a peace juice. Already using so much from her line I decided to give this a try. I’m soooo glad I did. The first time I used it, I was in shock on how it completely took away my anxiety with in 5 minutes. It works the same every time I use it. Thanks Organic Olivia for formulating something I can count on!


I’m really happy with this formula! It truly does help me, even my husband has said it has helped him. I have pretty intense anxiety, and what I’ve learned from talk therapy usually keeps it at bay (I don’t want to take rx medication for it), so when it gets really bad and I need extra help to calm down I use this!! 6-10 sprays and I take 10 deep breathes too.


I purchased this tincture because I tend to have looping thoughts and it is exhausting, especially when I’m trying to get things done throughout the day, and sometimes I’m just on edge and can’t always figure out why. With that being said I am glad I made the purchase I took it the day after I received it and it worked almost instantly, I felt more calm and at ease 🙂 I can go on about what happened that day but it wouldn’t fit here, just know this tincture works and anyone reading this that may be considering a purchase should go for it and experience the magic that is in this bottle. Thank you Olivia for all your products!

Sabrina Norris-Turin

This stuff is great. I am a lover of all plants (including cannabis) and I swear this has a similar affect as a very light, euphoric head/body high. Obviously not psychoactive but it has that feeling. My boyfriend is sober and tried it and he loves it too. I love it.


Peace juice works! It feels so calming. I love it and my partner does too. Whenever I feel stressed, I take a little bit and I feel some of the stress melt away.


I can’t rave enough about this product. This is the product you didn’t know you needed until you try it. These past couple of months have been a whirlwind for everyone including myself. My stress levels have been at an all time high and this tinture has completely calmed me down in moments I needed it the most. What I love about this product is that it calms your thoughts and feelings. It doesn’t numb you but instead it allows you to see things from a different perspective, it gives you clarity regardless of the situation. I’m taken it during hectic deadlines at work and have had family members take it due to a family passing. It has made days more bearable when you think your world is caving in. I can’t stop recommending it to friends and family. Note the flavor is strong , very bitter and it takes time to get used to. The tinture doesn’t make me sleepy but I can see how it might make others.

Liette Venes

This is a life saver, it controls my anxiety. Helps me at work to stay calm (health care customer service) and I take it to drive also.


I have terrible anxiety and nothing ever seemed to work for me. My cousin suggested that I try this and I’m so glad that I did. It is literally magic and the only thing I’ve found that helps calm me down when I start to get anxiety. It does taste a little weird at first, but it goes away after you drink some water. I recommend this to everyone who tells me they struggle with anxiety

Emily Bouvier

I am so glad I finally got this blend! I can’t remember a life without anxiety and a racing heart not to mention panic attacks but NOW with this stuff, I can actually settle down and stop the wave of anxiety when I feel it coming on! What a blessing!

Luisa Cerqua

Ive been using Peace juice for a few months now , whenever i feel alot of tension or anxiety arise and its such a great product. A few sprays and it makes me feel leveled again as i ground myself. Highly recommend this to anyone who has anxiety and deals with stress at home.


Peace juice is the first product I’ve purchased from organic olivia and it definitely will not be the last product I order. Peace juice really works! Would highly recommend for anyone who is looking for a natural way to take the edge off of their anxiety.


I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I bought this – I didn’t know if it would really work but oomg. SO good. It’s really bitter but you get used to it, then obviously you wash it down with water and the taste subsides. However, the feeling is awesome. If you’ve ever taken Magnesium powder to sleep, it’s a similar calming effect but you do NOT get sleepy – just very zen and chill. You’re just soo.. so relaxed. Crazy how well it works. Definitely buy.


I have anxiety and this product ALWAYS helps to relieve my symptoms and calms me down. I would recommend this to anyone who suffers from anxiety.

Mel J

I love it! It helps when I’m very stressed and anxious. It calms & relaxes me.


From time to time I will get an onset of panic before bed like as I’m about to sleep. It will feel like my body has strong currents running through. Before peace juice I would have to sit on my couch alone in the dark with my hand on my chest and just try and focus on my breathing. Now that I have peace juice it has been able to help me over come that sudden panic. I feel comfort and at ease and I’m able to fall asleep without fear. I love knowing I have this available to me should I ever need it. So thankful.


I bought this initially with Mood Juice and Adrenal Recovery – I clearly need a boost and calming presence in life! I waited a few weeks to actually test out Peace Juice because I was more focused on trying out the other two. HOWEVER, the few times I have used Peace Juice it’s been amazing! I’m always on edge so this has been a beautiful addition to my life to keep me chilled out. I LOVE this product and it tastes so yummy! A sweet surprise for sure.

Wendi Montano

This works really good I put 6 sprays and idk if it’s too much but after that I get sleepy idk if I’m taking too much or what but I like the fact it puts me to sleep now that i can but idk if that will be good when I have to go out… so far it works well!


I absolutely love this one!! I use on an as need basis if I’m feeling stressed or anxious, which a lot of people might be feeling these days. The taste itself is so dreamy and wonderful. Even if you don’t think you have anxiety or stress or feel tension, I still recommend it as a way to connect to your body and bring more peace!


So I started having to take medication for panic attacks about 2 months ago, and had doctors telling me either to take more or cut down on the dosage because it would have adverse effects if I took too much 😐 SO much mixed messaging and I wished for something herbal that could replace the meds altogether. I ordered Peace Juice on a whim and was like “well it won’t do any harm” – but this stuff has seriously saved my ass so many times! I haven’t taken my panic meds since I got it. I spray it like 12+ times at night if I feel anxiety coming on, and idk how but it really seems to help! The flavour is really comforting and I love the way the kava makes my tongue feel a little numb, it’s relaxing. Thank you so much Olivia, I never want to run out of this stuff!!!!! <3


I can’t say I can tell a difference in peacefulness inside of me, but after taking 6 sprays at night, the next day I have like brain fog and am slower to think. I even caught myself slurring sometimes. I am not sure if it’s the kava. I think because kava is sedative that it slows my thinking and reaction time. It seems like it does this into the next day. For all you pilots out there, I don’t recommend taking this. I don’t know what type of kava this is, but I feel like it definitely affects the brain.


Peace Juice. Oh Peace Juice how I love you so. This product is amazing. As soon I spray Peace Juice I feel my whole body relax, my heart and mind calm down almost instantly. Olivia thank you so much for making a product that I can get almost instant relief from anxiety and stress. I dropped it on the floor at work the other night before my shift and it broke. I literally came to tears because I love this product so much. Shattered. Like my heart because I’m so in love with this magic. I will definitely be ordering another bottle ASAP❤️


Peace Juice. Oh Peace Juice how I love you so. This product is amazing. As soon I spray Peace Juice I feel my whole body relax, my heart and mind calm down almost instantly. Olivia thank you so much for making a product that I can get almost instant relief from anxiety and stress. I dropped it on the floor at work the other night before my shift and it broke. I literally came to tears because I love this product so much. Shattered. Like my heart because I’m so in love with this magic. I will definitely be ordering another bottle ASAP❤️


I have been a long time supporter of OO products. All the way back to Indiegogo when thats how i ordered. I have suffered with panic attacks and anxiety for so long now and i really hate taking meds for it but it seems these are not going away and its getting harder to manage so i thought what the heck why not try Peace Juice since i have loved every other product i have purchased. My anxiety and panic attacks have been at an all time high lately so i remembered i order this and forgot because i have SO many bottles of OO it got mixed in there so i noticed it and sprayed during a panic attack and well within 10-15 minutes my heart and breathing were calming down and i didnt fell like bursting into tears any more. LIFESAVER !!! So glad i purchased this and i give her products to my kids as well so i completely trust these products . A MILLION thank yous for you and your work.


Olivia, Thank for your hard work and making theses amazing products that actually work. I am working on my own healing and health journey, I’m slowly but surely incorporating a lot of your products to my health regimen. Peace juice instantly gives me a sense of relief. Work has been stressful and when using peace juice I feel grounded and more focus after like 8 sprays.


I Never knew just how much I needed peace juice until I got it. Aside from having to probably quit coffee, my anxious mind and racing heart we’re making me feel all sorts of bad. When I feel the overwhelm coming either from staying home with the kids or from working on the computer, 10 sprays of peace juice gets me back to center. Not to mention it has helped with digestion. Thank you Olivia always for sharing your heart and knowledge and herbs with us! ❤️

Haeley Boren

I have been battling anxiety my entire life, and this product has really helped in that battle. I find myself reaching for peace juice rather than cannabis or my prescribed Ativan, way to go Olivia! The spray is quick and easy and small enough to carry with you anywhere.


The best ever! I was on aniexty meds and it never worked. So I wanted to find an all natural route. Found Olivia on Instagram and decided to try ! I take mood juice and this whenever my aniexty is bad and let me tell you, this works!!! I can’t be without.


I don’t have constant anxiety but this Peace Juice really helps with situational anxiety. I love that it’s a spray bottle and easy to pump into your mouth discreetly. I have a new job and it’s been stressful adjusting; this product has really helped calm my nerves and help me feel more “peaceful.” Highly recommend.


I’m only on day two of using Peace Juice but I am so happy I finally purchased it. It REALLY works. About a minute after I spray it in my mouth, I can feel my heart stop racing and the worry I’m holding in my stomach and heart starts to dissipate. Highly recommend for anyone with anxiety.


This product has saved me so many times from the panic attacks that I experience on a daily basis. Highly recommend.

Rachel De Masi

I can’t explain how great this stuff is for anxiety. I have never tried anything that works like this. I bought this for my boyfriend before the holidays bc let me tell you 5 family xmas parties can fry your nerves, lol. Not only did it work for that but we recently went on a trip with his fam & took this with us bc the airport can get hectic. His brother was so anxious after going thru security & this stuff was a life saver! He literally said that this is what he had needed his whole life to help with his anxiety. We used the whole bottle over the course of that trip & we all ordered more as soon as we got home. The quality you get with Olivia’s products is unmatched & still affordable. THANK YOU!

Milly Molina

If you have anxiety or overthink, this product can definitely help! If I feel like I’m about to panic about something or feel overwhelmed, I spray some peace juice for almost immediate relief. I feel more calm and in control usually within 5 to 30 mins of spraying. The taste isn’t amazing, but you get used to it! Definitely great product!


I am so thankful my journey led me to Olivia. I suffer from severe anxiety and dislike taking prescribed medicine so I can be coherent for my children ( anxiety meds make me very blah, tired and not in the moment. Not enough balance) BUT Peace Juice is a game changer. I cry tears of joy how much this has helped me feel free to live my life, it tastes great, keeps me alert and I don’t worry about keeping it in a safe place. I proudly display this beautiful bottle wherever I am. Thank You so very much for such a great product. I am purchasing the children’s line and can’t wait for the kids to feel amazing too!

Becky Taylor

I bought peace juice and mood juice for my sister. She suffers from severe anxiety among health issues. She takes medication and doesn’t like the side affects. So when I told her I ordered her these. She was excited to try them. and now is only using them. They have been a blessing. Thank you


I love mood juice and brain juice. I purchased peace juice as a back up plan, and have only used it a couple times. Didn’t really feel much change, but didn’t dislike it.


I honestly cannot rave enough about this product. At first I didn’t think it made a difference so when I finished the first bottle I didn’t purchase another one. It wasn’t until I really needed it and didn’t have it that I realized how magical this is! I’ve been using this for about a year and I can truly feel the difference when I use it. I have 3 bottles (one in the car, one at work (I’m a nurse), and one at home). This stuff is AMAZING.


Bought this for my MIL as she suffers from anxiety. The day I received it in the mail I was having a rough day, I couldn’t calm myself down for very long. Everything was putting me on edge which rarely happens. I decided to try it out of desperation (being a little skeptical as well). It didn’t hit me right away but 15 minutes later I became calm and focused and started cleaning the entire house. I was shocked!! I now plan to buy myself some!


Excellent product. i’m a customer for life (as long as you don’t change the formulation)


As a mom of 3 very young kids, life gets hectic and stressful. When I get overwhelmed and stressed, I get tunnel vision and I feel like I can’t focus on anything. 6 sprays and a few minutes of focusing on my breath, WOW what a difference. I love how it tingles on your tongue, almost like a vibration!

Laura Shiff

Crazy. As someone who has tried everything for anxiety and panic attacks over the years (including Xanax etc), nothing as worked so quickly and completely as this. When my brain gets racing and I can’t slow it down, I take a few spritzes of this and seriously, instantly, it grounds me and slows me back to rational. Absolutely insane.


LIFESAVER. I suffer from panic attacks and anxiety surrounding them. Sometimes I feel them coming and by spraying Peace Juice I prevent them from becoming full-blown. It relieves my daily anxiety as well, racy heart, short of breath, I don’t leave the house without it. It’s a god sent!

Karen Galvez

There’s no words to describe how much this product has helped my husband from the anxiety he faces everyday. He was taking medication for his anxiety, but he didn’t like the side effects to it. I’ve been following you for years and when you launched this product I had to buy it. This Peace Juice has helped our family all thanks to you Olivia!


I really dig this calming blend for on the go plant magic. As a student who finds herself overwhelmed and easily stressed, I love reaching for this herbal potion to spritz me back to my center in times of chaos.


The effect of this is amazing: I am unflappable and calm after taking this. I take it before driving, before working at a restaurant, and plan to try it for performance anxiety nerves. It’s really something to see the other side once anxiety is under control. I’m able to enjoy things more. However I’ve taken too much a few times and ended up really tired — combination with other factors to be fair! This is a really cool product though.


This is amazing. If you suffer from anxiety I DEFINITELY recommend this!


As an adult, I saw no improvement and I went up to 10 sprays. I have used this while driving and before meetings to ease my mind and I do not feel my anxiety lessened at all. However, My 8-year-old son gets testing and social anxiety and overall worrisome. This spray has helped him many occasions and it was a quick and beautiful transition to witness him go from panic to calm in a few minutes. I do feel taking it with my Brain Juice had given me mental confidence. The taste is awfully strong and hard to overcome/washdown.

brenda ochoa

Peace juice is AMAZING!! I honestly got it for my fiancé, he has pretty bad anxiety on the daily. He and I work together (working with your significant other is difficult to say the least) and I ended up using it as well! I don’t know what it is but as soon as it hits my tongue I feel like my world just settles.. it’s an amazing product, my fiancé loves it as well. I’ve even had a few friends use it and they were surprised that it helped calm their thoughts. I got one for my sister too! Love it, thank you Olivia for creating great quality stuff 🙂


Peace juice has been a life saver! I struggle with generalized anxiety and this product has been so amazing in helping me deal with that!

Sasha lopez

Peace juice has been AMAZING for me. When I’m having a hard moment or panic I take peace juice and it settles me, especially because I get really bad anxiety. It allows me to take that moment and get a breather and respond calmly.


I didn’t think this would work but I honestly know I’ll be repurchasing. It’s the perfect size too! I get really bad anxiety at family functions so I take it before i get there and i am so much more calmer. I also work as a nightshift nurse so I take it alone with Mood Juice before my shift. Definitely recommend!!!


helps me relax on my drive to work 🙂

Marina V.

This has been my first purchase ever on this site and I’m definitely repurchasing. I have been dealing with anxiety and panic attack disorder for the past 8 months and this has helped me tremendously. What I love specifically is that most of my unwanted thoughts happen right before I go to sleep and a few sprays and I calmly sink into my bed and fall asleep in ease.


TRUST ME YOU NEED THIS!!! I don’t live with anxiety every single day but I do have random moments where I feel very anxious or I get nausea like the other day on a flight. I immediately took 6 sprays of peace juice and I SWEAR within 10 minutes the nausea and anxiety was gone!!! I couldn’t believe how quickly it worked!!!


Every New Yorker NEEDS this! Living in such a high-paced, high-stress environment has really affected my emotional health and this does wonders! Whenever I’m feeling anxious at work or even on the train, I spray this on my tongue and within seconds I already feel better. I’ve also taken it before a flight and it works!!! So so so thankful for this product. I don’t ever want to run out!


If you get anxious jitters before meetings and you don’t have a bottle of this on your desk, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?! Literal career life saver. Especially for an introvert who has never been keen on public speaking. This gives me calm before going into meetings which then translates to CONFIDENCE. 100% in love. Will never go without. Ever.


Amazing! I use this when I feel anxious or just when my mind is racing and it really helps to ground me and put me at ease. I also use this in conjunction with the sleep juice at night to help get the best sleep I’ve gotten since I was a child.


Peace juice is fantastic! A great boost for when you need it in anxious settings or mindsets!


I really like this product! My boyfriend calls it my “werewolf juice” because it helps to quell all the cranky vibes! I only can’t imagine being able to swallow the entire recommended dose. 1-3 sprays max is more than enough for me. I only wish Organic Olivia products were more accessible in Canada!


Peace juice has worked wonders for me!! It does calm me down, but I use it as more of a sleep aid. I work night shift and I love using it when I get home from work! I always feel well rested when I wake up after using it! Because it makes me so sleepy, I do not use it before social gatherings or during the day. Will continue to purchase and recommend this product. You’re the best, Olivia!!

Angela G

Simply put: this works! If I’m feeling overwhelmed and my thoughts start to circle, I take a few sprays and within minutes I’m good to go!!


This helps a lot with anxiety! Not as strong as medication but works with CTB


I love Peace Juice! I get these moments of anxiousness even when I’m around the house. One day I wasn’t feeling so hot mentally just irritated with anything and I remembered I had Peace Juice, as soon as I took it I sat on the floor right after and just went into this place of zen. I felt so relaxed and my mind completely stopped racing. I almost felt tired like all of that anxiousness that was about to attack me in a really bad way just disappeared. I struggle with a lot of moodiness and anxiety and depression, I’m trying to find someone to work with to help me heal and move past things that cause me to feel this way. In the meantime though, I’m happy I have Peace Juice to help me. It can be taken before Sleep Juice as well to help ease your mind at night. I haven’t tried it but I will/need to soon! Thanks, Olivia and team! You guys are doing an amazing job!


Peace Juice has been a life saver for me! I tend to get anxiety/panic attacks while driving and I keep this handy in my cupholder. Whenever I feel the chest tightness I grab it, spray about 6 times, and it truly helps center me back into the present moment. I also love that this comes with the spray top versus tincture- so unbelievably practical and handy! -@healthfulcasey

Heather Carson

The only thing that works for my panic attacks & anxiety is Peace Juice. It has changed my life; socially, personally, professionally. I have been on dozens of medications for severe anxiety & PTSD – most don’t work or left me feeling icky or too tired (not to mention all the other side effects). I’ve also tried many different herbal combinations & THIS is the BEST! Thank you for all that you do!

Lydiana Medina

Love love love peace juice, it has helped me sleep better.


This peace juice is great! As someone who has suffered with anxiety for years and in the past year or so came off prescription anxiety medicine, it is SO amazing to have something like Peace Juice to use for times I am feeling anxiety creeping up. Great to use at night after a long stressful day, when your thoughts are racing and body is exhausted. The only thing I might add is that I personally tend to feel nauseous the next day after using herbal sprays- BUT I have an extremely sensitive stomach, so I’m sure it does not affect most people this way. If anyone has any tips for dealing with that I would appreciate it!


I really feel like this spray helps. I have tried a lot of herbal remedies and this is the first that really calms me down immediately.


The Peace Juice is a life saver for both my boyfriend and I! I use it whenever I feel any type of anxiety or restlessness (typically when we come home from work, go to the grocery store, the airport, etc). I typically feel grounded in minutes and able to handle these situations with a little more grace than usual. I’m not typically a huge fan of being in huge crowds of people but the Peace Juice helps make things bearable. Thank you Olivia!


Peace juice 100% works. I’m not an anxious person on a regular basis. But I bought peace juice for the stressors that happen in life from time to time. My brother on the other hand is a complete skeptic. He has depression and generalized anxiety disorder and is currently taking anti depressants (he’s trying to wean off of them) He was having a full blown anxiety attack and his heart was racing. I had him take 6 sprays of peace juice. About 15 minutes later he was completely calm, his heart rate was back to normal, and he felt totally relaxed almost to the point of being sleepy. “it’s like being high without being high.” he said he is going to buy his own bottle!


Works great. I feel super chill after using this. The only thing i dislike abt it is that it has a VERY bitter taste. Like grapefruit extract bitter. But besides that its a great product.


This really helps. Lately, my anxiety has gone up tremendously, and I couldn’t seem to find a way to quickly alleviate the situation. Peace juice has been a life saver. It helps me think clearer during moments of anxiety, and I’m super grateful to have come across it. Thanks, Olivia for the amazing product.


You know…you read the articles, you look at the Insta-stories, you read the reviews and you get excited. Then the slight skepticism tries to attack it and you think to yourself, “now what if I’m that ONE person where this doesn’t work?!” I’ve been following Olivia since the first labels and I’m so glad I am finally in a place where I can partake in her wonderful, organic answers to our not so wonderful problems. I purchased two tinctures (this one and Brain Juice) and the probiotic during the Black Friday sale. My life changed. I’ll focus my excitement on the Peace Juice to stay on mark, ha. I started working as an academic advisor at a university last November. If you’re into Myers-Briggs, I am an INFP. Introvert for short. Which means my body + mind was NOT used to the high volume of interpersonal interaction on a daily basis! Trying to keep the stress of learning a new job (new environment, new people, new politics, etc) + watching everyone else seemingly in control, was taking my anxiety out of control. I spent workdays trying not to spiral and weekdays desperately trying not to think about Monday. About a month into this excruciating cycle, Peace Juice came in the mail. I tried not to have any expectations (I shouldn’t have doubted!) and just followed the directions and accepted what may come. LISTEN. These herbal superheroes activated something in me that I didn’t know I had. I calmed down, my mind stopped racing – I didn’t overthink things or get caught up on hypotheticals. My nerves stopped making my hands shake, my stomach twist in knots, and my heart pound. It’s crazy. I take it before my morning commute and some point midday. Sunday nights can be difficult thinking about the impending week so I’ll take a dose around the evening time. I wish I had this in college! I’m so grateful to Olivia and what she’s doing for all the human bodies wondering around in distress. Please keep doing what you do!


I bought peace juice for my friend and she loved it. It helped with her mood and put her in a more positive state of mind. I tried a few sprays and just those few sprays put me in a chill state of mind. I couldn’t only imagine how taking this juice constantly would help me feel peace on stressful days. I will definitely try more products soon. Keep up the good work Olivia.


I bought peace juice for my friend and she loved it. It helped with her mood and put her in a more positive state of mind. I tried a few sprays and just those few sprays put me in a chill state of mind. I couldn’t only imagine how taking this juice constantly would help me feel peace on stressful days. I will definitely try more products soon. Keep up the good work Olivia


I purchased Peace Juice and received it right before the very busy holiday season and I must say that I am fascinated by it. I am a very energetically sensitive person so I can become overwhelmed by people and situations but since I began taking it I have found myself so relaxed and if I ever feel something coming on or up I just ease myself into a space of tranquility with a few drops. I would recommend this to my fellow empathetic souls and anyone else for that matter .


For over a year I struggled with anxiety and it was really decreasing my quality of life. Peace Juice changed all if that. Now whenever I’m feeling a little anxious or on edge I take Peace Juice and it works instantaneously! Highly recommend for anyone struggling with anxiety. Thank you Olivia for helping me feel like myself again!


A must if you have anxiety but in general for anyone that ever has nerves or just general butterflies in your stomach, this peace juice is heaven sent. I suffer from panic attacks and anxiety and this has helped me so much, to calm down and release the tension, to not over think thing so much. I keep it in my purse and just spray 2-4 (Olivia recommend 6 sprays but I found that to be too much for me at once – I’d be TOO relaxed, ha!) and instantly feel myself relaxing. The perfect gift if you have friends in big cities or with crazy jobs. I’m a chef and it’s perfect before a crazy night at the restaurant!


I recently started using the peace juice. I’ve had intermittent anxiety for the last few years. This is seriously like magic! I take a few sprays and I feel grounded and calm. I’ve considered taking medication in the last but I have difficulty swallowing pills and I don’t want to be on meds for the rest of my life. Therefore, I kept searching for something that was natural and did not harm my body. Then I found this and this is it!!! This is a life saver! Now I’m going to purchase the other tinctures.


Peace Juice is a life saver at night when you are just laying in bed and reflecting about the day to come. Allows you to feel so grounded and relaxed.


This magical spray is amazing. I have anxiety attacks from time to time and this spray helps me a lot. Thank you Oivia for this amzing product.


This magical spray is amazing. I have anxie5y attacks from time to time and this spray helps me lot. Thank you Oivia for this amzing product.

Michelle M

I love peace juice! It definitely calms my nerves and it helps to calm my stomach too. I would recommend it to anyone who has anxiety and/or IBS/nervous stomach issues.


Like many others I have had what seems like a lifelong battle with anxiety and chronic stress. Through many ups and downs and navigating different sources of relief I have fallen in love with peace juice. I finally feel a sense of freedom, and the ability to completely ditch pharmaceuticals and thc for “instant” anxiety relief. I am a licensed esthetician and often use peace juice right before I take a guest – that way I am grounded throughout the whole service and become an open channel for energy.


Is it possible to take all of the juice blends at the same time?


So I got my Peace Juice in the mail last night and I wanted to use it for a couple days before writing a review. But I just couldn’t wait! I did a serving right before bed and I fell right asleep. Usually no matter how tired I am, I get this nervous, anxious stomach and my mind races. But last night, that didn’t happen and I got an amazing night of sleep. I know that it isn’t a sleep aid, but my anxiety prevents me from fall asleep most nights. So this stuff will definitely be a lifesaver for me!!


Peace Juice has been an absolute life-changer for me. I just finished my first bottle and I feel like a different person–calmer, more easy going.. things in daily life that used to drive my anxiety up now just roll right off of my back. I am genuinely so grateful for this product. I will be purchasing forever, and I recommend it to everyone who feels they could use some more peace in their life/brain/heart/soul. Thank you, Olivia!


I can’t recommend Peace Juice enough. It works! I have used it twice now for two very important interviews and both times I was calm and collected and able to keep anxiety and nerves at bay. Thank you so much Olivia for such a gentle and tasty formula 🙂


This helps me with relief from my anxiety disorder and works better than anything else I’ve tried. Helps me relax in times of high stress. Also, almost immediately feel the effect!


I have been using Peace Juice for a little over a week now (love it paired with Mood Juice), and with each use, it gives me the greatest feeling of calmness. I have pretty severe anxiety that can come on very suddenly and at the worst of times. Typical anxiety, right? But honestly, since using this Juice, which is so convienent as a spray, I have been able to avoid full blown panic attacks. I can’t express how much Olivia’s well thought out and beautifully created juices have helped me. I feel so much more grounded and in the moment. Thank-you, Olivia 🙂 PS: they taste pretty darn delicious, too!


Olivia! Your juices were a life saver today! 💞 I went along to a street fair today where there must’ve been at least hundreds if not thousands of people there. Luckily I had popped Peace Juice into my bag last minute this morning. Thank. Goodness. I deal with horrible anxiety on a daily basis which makes me feel faint & very dizzy. I took 6-8 sprays and honestly it prevented me from passing out ❤😭 Thankfully I’ve got another order on it’s way because I can’t live without these juices!


I suffer from anxiety and depression and my panic attacks and depressive episodes were mild and infrequent until recently, where I would be experiencing one or the other or both nearly every day. I couldn’t function. I would sometimes be panicking in the bathroom at work for an hour or more. I decided to try this tincture along with Mood Juice and the relief was immediate. I have never felt this good, probably since I was a kid. I cried the first day I started taking them because it was like breaking through a fog. These are a permanent part of my life now and I am so grateful.


This actually works!!!! Do not heistate to buy this miracle anxiety minimizer! I use this daily and can’t imagine not having this in my purse now. When something arises I spray it right under my tounge right away and off the worry goes. Farrrrtr awayyyyy from me


I honestly don’t go a single day without using this spray. As of recently my stress & anxiety has been through the roof. I suffer from extreme panic attacks at the most inconvienient times. I was so happy to add this tincture to my arsenal. It’s a wonderful tool to help center yourself & I mean who doesn’t want to drink something called “Peace Juice” .

Jordan Walker

I got this for my brother as he has always had the worst anxiety and he says this truly does help. He would never lie or sugar coat what a product can do for his condition he is usually pretty critical but he said although he doesn’t love the taste of this spray that it helps his anxiety completely and “truly works”.


WOW! Peace Juice has become my everyday essential, literally comes with me everywhere I go along with Brain Juice. I wonder what life was like before peace juice because it’s that amazing. The instant calming effect it has on my body is just incredible I give it to my mom and boyfriend daily and they are equally obsessed. Olivia you have created an amazing line to say the least.

Jack Kolodziejski

This tincture is beyond incredible! I don’t normally write reviews, but Olivia formulated a masterpiece with this one. I use this when my mind is racing with a million thoughts or I’m feeling any kind of anxiety. It calms me down and literally frees me to live in the moment instead of constantly overthinking everything. Thank you so much! Lifetime purchaser here! <3


This product worked for me. Whenever I’m feeling nervous or anxious I use it and within minutes I feel calmer and more grounded, coming from someone who has suffered for years with really bad anxiety. Especially social anxiety. Thank you for creating this wonderful product Olivia.


This works SO well and SO fast. I am in college and on top of all my classes, I’m a teaching assistant and I am involved on campus as well. I am constantly feeling wound up and scatterbrained and this stuff right here calms me right down. It takes a little getting used to because of the strong taste but the aftertaste is surprisingly pleasant. THANK YOU, Organic Olivia. I am a customer for life.


This Peace Juice is the TRUTH. I’ve struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for as long as I can remember and, sadly, it became something I thought I would never conquer naturally. I have already seen a dramatic improvement in my everyday anxiety, as well as panic attacks. Even when I don’t wake up with anxiety, it’s comforting to know I have this in my arsenal. A million thank you’s for creating a NATURAL product that actually works. I want to share this with everyone; it’s that good. I am forever a customer!

Idys angel

I’ve been struggling with pretty severe anxiety since April. I have tried almost everything and the anxiety and panic attacks were still coming strong. You have totally changed my life with Peace juice & Mood juice and I cannot thank you enough.I was literally anxious all day everyday and just wanting to sleep it off- not good. Now I’m enjoying my family and sitting at the park watching my 4 year old practice soccer- anxiety free!

Crystal aubrey

Let me start off by saying Peace Juice is AMAZING!! ☮️ I’m normally super stressed and anxious due to various factors, but in just two days of taking Peace Juice, I feel a sense of calm and overall well being. I don’t feel as anxious as usual and actually slept really well last night, which is quite unusual for me. The best part is knowing Olivia’s products are made with heart and passion and every product created has a personal story behind it. 😊💕

Crysta aubrey

Let me start off by saying Peace Juice is AMAZING!! ☮️ I’m normally super stressed and anxious due to various factors, but in just two days of taking Peace Juice, I feel a sense of calm and overall well being. I don’t feel as anxious as usual and actually slept really well last night, which is quite unusual for me. The best part is knowing Olivia’s products are made with heart and passion and every product created has a personal story behind it. 😊💕

Amanda Ramos

Peace Juice is amazing! I am shocked how effective this product is. I’ve been using it for almost a week now, and I literally carry it everywhere I go. I manage a coffee shop on Wall Street and also have my own catering business. Dealing with the everyday struggle of living in NY, daily commute and running from one place to another brings me so much anxiety and stress. Peace juice literally works instantly. Whenever I feel a overwhelmed I take a few squirts and it’s like magic. I feel so grounded and relaxed. Great tinture to get you through your day in stressful environments. Thank you for the amazing product.

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