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Stay Well

Keep your family covered with deeply nourishing, preventative immune formulas.

A collection of strengthening essentials to keep you and your loved ones healthy.
Stock your herbal medicine cabinet with these immune health faves, and get ready to tackle cold season like a pro.


60 Vegetarian Capsules

The core formula of this collection is “vitamin M”, your daily dose of mushrooms. Mushrooms nourish our Lung Qi and Wei Qi (protective immune barrier) on the deepest level, especially during colder months. Take this formula daily all fall and winter long to build your defenses before travel, holiday gatherings, and work events where you’ll be around more people than usual.


Elderberry Immune Elixir

4 fl oz (118 ml)

Possibly the oldest and most trusted immune remedy in the natural world, Elderberry Syrup is something every herbalista has tucked away on the shelf. Delicious and safe for the whole family, take a spoonful every few hours as soon as you feel that tickle in your throat. Alternatively, you can also utilize Elderberry as a tonic during the colder months or during times of heightened stress and/or travel.



90 Vegetarian Capsules

Think of this blend as your first line of defense if you’re feeling under the weather - the sooner you utilize this formula, the more potent it will be. For ultimate support, this formula can be used daily during immune season (alongside Immune Shroom) as part of your preventative toolbox. However, due to its fast-acting nature, our Zinc can also be taken intentionally during a targeted time period when immune defenses are challenged.


Microbiome Guard

2 fl oz (59 ml)

Microbiome Guard is your secret weapon for in-the-moment lung and respiratory support. While the other formulas in this immune bundle focus on cellular health and prevention to nip challenges in the bud, Microbiome Guard goes a step further to focus on deep lung health. Designed to keep you breathing easy, this blend contains herbs that warm, open, and clear. An essential to have handy in your herbal medicine cabinet.