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Gut Building

Foundational formulas that soothe, strengthen and repair your gut.

Meet our most comprehensive, foundational bundle that will keep your gut in check.
Gut health plays an undeniable role in overall health, so this is the place to start when you’re ready to make a change. This collection contains a complete regimen to support optimal digestive function and microbial balance. Together, these formulas can also be used as a “gut reset” when you need a fresh start to kick off long-term microbiome balance.

Not Your Average Probiotic

30 vegetarian capsules

Gut health is the root of it all, which is why our probiotic will always be our foundational formula for digestion, skin, mood and beyond. Complete with diverse, science-backed strains, prebiotic fiber and enzymes, this blend will set you off on the right foot for a difference you can truly feel. Jumpstart healthy changes and protect your microbiome during the holidays with this core bestseller we can’t go without.


Digestive Juice

2 fl oz (59 ml)

Prevention is key, which is why we rely on digestive bitters to prep your digestive system before occasional gas and bloating even begin. This formula is especially helpful when taken 10-15 minutes before heavy meals, to reinstate digestive reflexes and support endogenous stomach acid production. This pre-meal tincture can help you comfortably eat your favorite foods and support long-term gut health no matter what’s on your plate.


Bloat BFF

30 Vegetarian Capsules

Take the guesswork out of solving your digestive woes with Bloat BFF. This jack-of-all-trades tackles the four main triggers of gas and bloating at their roots. It contains soothing herbs, fast-acting enzymes, and a clinically studied spore-forming probiotic strain suitable for even the most sensitive stomachs. Use before meals rich in fiber, dairy and other hard-to-digest foods. And if you struggle with SIBO, this formula is made for you!


The Healer Tea

2 oz (56g)

Our nutritive and restorative gut health herbal tea. Made with strengthening and soothing mucilaginous herbs that help coat, fuel and protect intestinal mucosal integrity, this blend promotes healthy intestinal permeability and repair. Menders like Calendula promote a healthy inflammatory response, soothers like Marshmallow help maintain a healthy intestinal lining, and astringents like Meadowsweet tone the gut tissue to support healthy junctions within the intestinal wall. Ideal for those embarking on a microbiome reset as a supportive and soothing tool, or for sensitive stomachs prone to to occasional gas and bloating that need a warm cup of digestive love.