Microbiome Guard

2 fl oz (59 ml)

Microbiome Guard is a lung support formula designed to keep you breathing easy with a blend of herbs that help to maintain balance within both the gut and lung microbiome. Lung health is more important today than ever before due to immune and environmental challenges, and this formula was designed to help provide targeted support during and beyond immune season to keep your respiratory system functioning optimally.*

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Dosage: 2 full droppers 2-4x daily
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Nut Free
Gluten Free

Breathe easy*

The super herbs in our blend


Ligusticum porteri

Native to high elevations in the Rocky Mountains, Osha is a warming herb that supports a healthy immune system, respiratory system, and digestive system (acting on the gut-oral-lung axis).*

Each complimentary herb within this tincture supports lung health from several different angles. This formula contains a blend of “damp-draining”, “heat-clearing” and aromatic bitter herbs utilized in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western herbalism to help to open, clear, and support immune health.*

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About the


The “gut-oral-lung” microbiome

Both the gut and the lungs have their own microbiome, which communicate in a constant, bidirectional manner via the “gut-lung axis”. The health of one directly affects the health of the other, with countless studies observing that lung imbalances are directly associated with gut microbiome disturbances. 

When looking at lung health in terms of the ‘big picture’ (rather than a quick fix), we know that restoring balance to the gut microbiome leads to lung health and resilience in the face of both environmental and immune challenges. This formula goes a step further to support both the gut and oral microbiome, as these two are intimately intertwined.*

Formulated with traditional herbs

This blend contains Ginger and Sweet Annie, which are considered “damp-draining” herbs that support mucus balance in the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). 

Honeysuckle is considered “heat-clearing” to specifically target damp heat that can impact the lung microbiome. Dong Quai and Osha are included for healthy circulation to the lungs, as their rich aromatics are considered energetically opening and clearing. Red Root encourages lymphatic health to round out the formula with immune support for a complete approach.*

Benefits & Uses

  • Helps maintain upper respiratory health*
  • Supports healthy lung function*
  • Aids immune defenses*
  • Support to help keep you breathing easy*
  • Helps balance the gut-oral-lung microbiome*

Early immune support

This formula is designed to be utilized early on, as soon as you’re feeling out of sorts and want to keep your lungs feeling well. By supporting the gut-lung axis at onset, Microbiome Guard helps to keep you breathing easy and maintains upper respiratory health.*

How to Use

Take 1-2 full squeezes of the dropper bulb (approx. 30-60 drops) 2-4x daily between meals.

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Pairs well with

The Guardian Tea

This tincture was originally created as part of a three-part care package called the “Guardian Bundle” that also includes our Guardian Tea, a warming "immunitea" that can be consumed throughout the day to complement the gut, lung, and immune supportive properties of Microbiome Guard.*

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Pairs well with


Our three-part “Guardian Bundle” care package also includes ZincPLUS+, a flavonoid-rich capsule formula designed to provide targeted mineral support that complements Microbiome Guard and the Guardian Tea.*

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The story
behind the formula

This formula was developed in 2020 as part of a three-piece care package for friends, family, and my community. It contains a blend of tonic, damp-draining, and heat-clearing herbs to provide various angles of early support for the lung microbiome.*

All three components of the Guardian Bundle (Microbiome Guard, the Guardian Tea, and Zinc Plus+) are designed to complement each other in order to maintain upper respiratory health and support immune function during seasonal challenges*

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Ligusticum porteri

Native to high elevations in the Rocky Mountains, Osha is a warming herb that supports a healthy immune system, respiratory system, and digestive system (acting on the gut-oral-lung axis).*

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Dong Quai

Angelica sinensis

Known as a harmonizing herb, Dong Quai is fittingly never used alone in herbal remedies. Rather, this plant harmonizes with others to strengthen and support their benefits, often assisting reproductive and hormone health.*

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Sweet Annie

Artemisia annua

Sweet Annie has been used for more than 2,000 years to support immune health, healthy digestion and maintain microbial balance.*

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Japanese Honeysuckle

Lonicera japonica

Supportive to the lungs and respiratory system, Japanese Honeysuckle encourages healthy mucus balance and helps to clear and detoxify “heat” in order to maintain immune homeostasis.*

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Red Root

Ceanothus americana

As a blood tonic and lymphatic + immune superstar, Red Root helps to maintain healthy lymphatic flow and normal fluid balance.*

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Zingiber officinalis

Known as a universal herbal ally in TCM, Ginger is able to assist our “digestive fire,” immune health, and even maintain a healthy inflammatory response. Considered a “guiding herb” in formulas, ginger “warms the body and spirit” as it boosts Spleen Qi and supports vitality.*

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