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Get Well

Update your medicine cabinet with a care package to future you: soothing essentials made with healthy, natural ingredients.

A collection of under-the-weather essentials to help you through.
When you're not feeling 100%, have these blends on hand to keep you comfortable and soothed.

Chest Comfort Syrup

4 oz fl (118 mg)

An essential for every family medicine cabinet, safe for kids and adults alike. Chest Comfort Syrup helps to keep you breathing easy when you’re under the weather, as it helps to maintain chest and bronchial health. No one wants to be up all night with a cough, which is why Chest Comfort is formulated with clearing, mucus-balancing herbs like Osha and Ginger.


Soothe Your Throat Spray

1 fl oz (30 ml)

There’s nothing worse than a dry, scratchy throat when you’re feeling unwell and trying to stay hydrated or get some sleep. This convenient spray can be used at a moment’s notice to maintain throat health and comfort. This quick and easy spray contains a blend of soothing herbs that lubricate and relieve to keep your throat feeling happy and hydrated as you rest and recover.


Microbiome Guard

2 fl oz (59 ml)

Microbiome Guard is your secret weapon for in-the-moment lung and respiratory support. This formula focuses on deep lung health, with protective, microbiome-modulating herbs to keep the terrain within the lungs and respiratory system clear and healthy. Designed to keep you breathing easy, this blend contains herbs that warm, open, and protect. An essential to have handy in your herbal medicine cabinet when dealing with respiratory complaints.


The Guardian Tea

2 fl oz (56g)

The warming, moving herbs in The Guardian Tea make the perfect soother before and during your menstrual cycle, helping to gently move blood, Qi, and aid cramps. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the warming herbs within this blend are said to dispel ‘cold’ that can invade the reproductive system and contribute to stagnation – when you think of the word ‘cold,’ picture contraction, stiffness, and the body working harder to move and circulate blood, contributing to congestion, cramps and spasms. The ‘yang’ herbs within this tea help to ‘warm the womb,’ assisting congestion, blood and Qi in order to assist the body in moving through the cycle smoothly. We love drinking this tea a week before our cycles, and throughout menstruation for support.