Peace Juice

2 fl oz (59 ml)

Peace Juice was created to help provide relief from occasional anxiousness, and is formulated with time-tested herbs traditionally used to maintain a deep sense of calm and relaxation. Carry this convenient tincture in your pocket or purse for quick and discreet sprays of comfort when traveling, at the office, or even at home.*

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Dosage: 6-10 sprays on the tongue
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Relaxation in a bottle*

The super herbs in our blend


Piper methysticum

An herb so good, you gotta say it twice. Kava (often called “kava kava”) helps combat occasional stress and promotes relaxation in the mind and body.*

Herbs within this blend have been hand selected for their traditional usage in maintaining a calm, relaxed state and emotional well-being.* Some have been chosen for their long history as powerful "nervines", whereas others, like Schisandra, are adaptogenic in nature for long term support.*

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About the


Made for my lifelong friend, Janessa.

When one of my closest friends (who I’ve loved since the day we met in the 6th grade) told me she was dealing with occasional stress and tension during her daily subway commute due to the chaos of the city, I started mixing up a formula she could quickly and discreetly use at a moment’s notice. 

She loved it so much that it soon became a staple for the both of us, and is now one of the most beloved formulas in our apothecary.*

Who It's For

Peace Juice is designed for those in search of a tasty, calming, stress support tool that fits in their purse or back pocket for easy, convenient use. It’s perfect for someone who feels tense or frazzled, and wants to lean into grounding plant allies that can help you cope with occasional stress in a healthy way.*

What It Does

Stress support is important in the face of everything from social situations, to travel and plane rides, all the way to a busy work schedule. No matter the circumstance, it’s nice to have something in your toolbox you can turn to for help in maintaining peace and calm. 

With a few sprays on the tongue, Peace Juice supports a sense of relaxation and emotional well-being.*

Class of Herbs: Nervines

As an herbalist, I turn to the “nervine” class of herbs in the plant kingdom when occasional stress and tension arise in my own life. I’ve been able to rely on these herbs time and time again to support my nervous system and help get me back in touch with that deep feeling of peace and calm.*

How to Use

Spray 6-10 times (approx. 1ml) on the tongue. Let yourself taste the flavors for a moment as you settle into a moment of tranquility. You may also spray Peace Juice directly into your water or tea.

For those who are generally sensitive and responsive to herbs, you can start with a lower dose of 1-3 sprays to get acquainted with the formula and gauge your individual needs. Likewise, others on the opposite end of the spectrum may find that they prefer a full dose for the desired effect.

Tastes like: mint berry, slightly medicinal like a Ricola, yet grounding and oddly delicious.

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Mood Juice

While Peace Juice provides support for the relief of occasional anxiousness, Mood Juice ties everything together by helping to brighten your outlook and support a healthy mood. Each formula focuses on a slightly different blend of nervine herbs, which complement each other to work towards a common goal.*

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The story
behind the formula

One of my lifelong childhood friends works in NYC and commutes each day on the subway. If you’ve ever been to the big apple and hopped on a train during peak hours, you know that it feels like that $35 uber *just* might have been worth it after all. It may look glamorous in the movies, but if you take the 4 train home after work, you know the reality of being squished up against the doors after a long day! Yes — it’s very New York, and you’re saving the planet by taking public transportation, but it can also be extremely overstimulating for some.

Taking the packed train each day was really starting to evoke a stress response for her, so I wanted to give her a tool that would support a sense of calm while still being gentle, quick, and discreet. Thus, Peace Juice was born. As more and more loved ones tried it, this formula quickly became one of our most beloved staples for daily, in-the-moment support.* And now it’s a part of Organic Olivia forever. 

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Piper methysticum

An herb so good, you gotta say it twice. Kava (often called “kava kava”) helps combat occasional stress and promotes relaxation in the mind and body.*

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Gentiana lutea

Gentian is one of the most powerful digestive bitter tonics we have. Used traditionally for damp heat and stagnation in the stomach and liver meridians, she gives us a boost to say goodbye to what is no longer serving us (whether that’s something physical we need to eliminate through the digestive system, or thoughts and beliefs we’ve been chewing on).*

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Passiflora incarnata

A calming, soothing, grounding herb, passionflower is medicine for the soul. Its winding tendrils represent its ability to support us in the midst of looping thoughts.*

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Leonurus cardiaca

“Like a big hug from mom,” Motherwort greets us as if the love of nature itself could be encompassed into an herb—warm, supportive, calming, and reliable. This cardiovascular supportive nervine helps to support emotional balance, all while aiding and maintaining physical heart health in the face of occasional stress.*

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