Rosehip Relief

4 fl oz (118 ml)
Meet the formula that makes recovering from workouts an absolute breeze. Whether you’re in the daily walk club, love Pilates, HIIT, lifting or yoga, Rosehip Relief is a deliciously potent extract designed to be taken directly after exercise to help ease temporary muscle soreness, aid recovery, and support a healthy inflammatory response. This formula can also be utilized to support knee, hip, and joint health and mobility as a result of the aging process — so you can feel like your most agile, limber self and get back to the things you love. The first of its kind in our apothecary, Rosehip Relief is extracted at a whopping 4:1 concentration, meaning just a single gram of this extract is equivalent to 4 grams of the whole herb to ensure you’re getting the most out of every drop. This is the strongest potency available in the herb world, also known as a “solid extract.”*
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Dosage: 1/2 tsp, 1-2x daily
Herb Strength Ratio:
4:1 extract
Gluten Free
Nut Free

Relief & recovery

The super herbs in our blend


Rosa canina

A highly nutritive fruit-as-medicine that supports a healthy inflammatory response, aids cardiovascular and metabolic health, while helping to ease musculoskeletal complaints due to overexertion and exercise.

The two synergistic botanicals within the blend complement each other in order to provide musculoskeletal, metabolic and cardiovascular support for those embarking on an exercise regimen, looking to optimize recovery, or simply support heart and joint health as they age. Rose hips support musculoskeletal health and aid the muscles, tendons, and joints during times of occasional soreness or stiffness, while Hawthorn berries support healthy cardiovascular function, promote normal healthy blood pressure, and aid healthy veins and arteries.

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About the


Your post-workout BFF

Rose hips are humble but mighty — a medicinal fruit with so much more to offer than just Vitamin C. I first learned about using rose hips to support post-workout muscle soreness and recovery from my dad, thanks to his experience caring for horses. In veterinary herbalism, Rose hips are a kidney-loving herb that helps to support normal excretion of lactic acid build up. He would use rose hips as a supplement for his horses when they would start “tying up” after intense exercise to overexertion.

When I started experimenting with Rose hips as a recovery aid myself, I combined the strongest extract possible with another herbal exercise ally, Hawthorn, to further support my cardiovascular system and stamina. As someone who was always sore for consecutive days after a gym session, I knew I was onto something special; I hadn’t found anything this powerful before to truly improve my comfort and mobility after an intensive workout.

Utilize this formula directly after workouts, and again in the evening if desired, in order to support healthy circulation and ease temporary muscle soreness due to exercise or overexertion. Simply add 1/2 tsp of this potent extract to hot water, and it instantly dissolves to make a delicious post-workout tea that gets to work right away to help you feel more comfortable while you meet your fitness goals.

A metabolic + cardiovascular power couple

Two (herbs) are better than one, and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to Rose hips and Hawthorn berries: a dynamic duo. When developing this formula, I combined these two antioxidant-packed powerhouses for a synergistic approach. Whether you’re embarking on a new exercise regimen or looking for metabolic support as you age this delicious extract will strengthen your natural ability to recover better than ever. While Rose hips provide nourishment for muscle and joint health on their own, the potent and medicinal fruit of the Hawthorn plant nourishes and protects the heart and vascular system to optimize metabolic health. Not only do hawthorn berries support healthy circulation, aiding nutritional supply to the heart, they also promote healthy veins, arteries, and blood vessels.

Most importantly, both medicinal fruits are chock full of antioxidants that have been shown in countless studies to support a healthy inflammatory response systemically. These actions have been attributed to galactolipids and phenolics, as well as carotenoids such as lycopene, lutein, and zeaxanthin. These antioxidants tend to have a particular affinity for the cardiovascular system and blood vessels, maintaining and supporting heart and metabolic health, stamina, and blood circulation.

Benefits & Uses

  • Helps reduce occasional tension and stiffness due to overexertion and exercise
  • Supports a healthy inflammatory response within the musculoskeletal system
  • Aids healthy and comfortable hips, knees, and joints
  • Encourages optimal mobility
  • Supports cardiovascular health and circulation
  • Assists hormone health and emotional wellbeing, aiding mild cramps and PMS

Supports happy hips, knees and joints

Perhaps the most important clinical benefit of the unsuspecting rose hip, is this fruit’s ability to promote a healthy inflammatory response. While most occasional stiffness and soreness comes about after exercise, there are often nagging areas of the body (like the hips, knees, or joints) that need some extra love due to an old injury or the aging process.

Interestingly enough, Rose hip’s ability to support a healthy inflammatory response within these areas exists independently from its rich Vitamin C or nutrient content. Instead, we look to the antioxidant activity of Rose hips; particularly, their polyphenolic compounds such as proanthocyanidins and flavonoids like quercetin and catechin. Aside from polyphenols, there’s another compound of interest in the clinical world: galactolipids, a class of compounds recently shown to possess powerful benefits both in vitro and in vivo.

How to Use

Take 1/2 teaspoon directly after workouts, and again in the evening if desired in order to help ease temporary muscle soreness due to exercise or overexertion.Simply add to warm or hot water and watch it instantly dissolve into a delicious tea.

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The story
behind the formula

I’ve learned a lot about life from my father, but I never thought he’d be giving me tips on medicinal herbs — until I started to ask him about his experience with veterinary herbal therapy during his many years of caring for horses. One day, he shared with me that whenever his horses were “tying up” (aka experiencing severe muscle cramping and stiffness) after intense exercise, he would give them a blend of kidney herbs, including rose hips, to help their bodies effectively get rid of the lactic acid contributing to their soreness and discomfort.

As soon as he shared this with me, I began experimenting with Rose hips in my own post-workout routine. I've always dealt with soreness for extended periods of time after resistance training, and not only did this potent herbal extract help with the severity of my muscle soreness, it helped with the duration as well! Instead of 3-4 days of stiffness I was down to 1-2. I immediately shared with the OO community through Instagram, and knew this was something I had to add to my apothecary in the most potent form I could find.

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Rosa canina

A highly nutritive fruit-as-medicine that supports a healthy inflammatory response, aids cardiovascular and metabolic health, while helping to ease musculoskeletal complaints due to overexertion and exercise.

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Cretaegus spp.

A tried and true heart tonic, Hawthorn benefits the cardiovascular system physically as well as the emotional heart-body. Gentle yet strengthening, this herb helps with a Heart meridian that is not properly “storing” our Shen or “spirit,” indicated for a wandering mind, a lack of direction, and restless sleep.*

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