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ParaPro Formula
ParaPro Formula
ParaPro Formula
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ParaPro Formula
ParaPro Formula
ParaPro Formula
ParaPro Formula


Health Benefits
  • Natural herbal support for gut dysbiosis and/or the overgrowth of harmful organisms in the gut.
  • Supports the body’s defenses against harmful organisms to aid in eliminating bloating and fatigue.
  • Contributes to the maintenance of digestive health and healthy bowel movements.
  • Supports energy and vitality.
  • Supports microbiome balance
  • Aids gut dysbiosis
  • Assists bloating and fatigue
  • Boosts digestive health
  • Supports energy & vitality
ParaPro Formula

With chronic illness on the rise, more and more practitioners are looking into root causes of symptoms rather than treating or suppressing the surface. A significant piece of that puzzle involves treating the gut for hidden infections (including parasites and microorganisms such as pathogenic bacteria). An overgrowth of these pathogens can wreak havoc on the immune system and contribute to everything from bloating and gas to inflammation and skin conditions.

I created this formula after being plagued with painful digestive spasms, cystic acne, and extreme fatigue for the better part of my teenage years. Colonoscopies and stool tests all came up “normal,” and I was told that I would have to be on anti-spasmodics for life.

After completing several rounds of the herbs within this formula (with breaks in between and adequate probiotics to replenish beneficial flora), the painful cystic acne on my back almost completely cleared up. The debilitating intestinal cramps that kept me from enjoying food and family functions were gone, and I was able to eat a variety of foods once again without painful bloating or gas.

(Although a majority of parasitic organisms are too small to be seen by the naked eye – such as protozoa or viruses – many people may see the occasional larger species such as worms or flukes).

Here are two experiences from customers who’ve taken our ParaPro Formula:

“The ParaPro Formula was amazing… I felt so rejuvenated during and after the cleanse. I think my skin looks better, my stomach is flat and I feel happier and healthier.”

“I first started this cleanse about 2 years ago and I have done 4 since (that’s how good it is). I first began it due to having acne for years of my life, which has cleared up 98% just on completing the first cleanse. I can honestly say it has changed my life in such a positive way and I have learned so much along the journey that comes with it!!”

The herbs included in our capsules (all organic or wild-crafted):

  1. Olive Leaf Extract – In the early 1900s, scientists isolated a bitter compound called oleuropein from olive leaf that was thought to give the olive tree its disease resistance. In 1969 the active components in oleuropein, namely elenolic acid and calcium elenolate were isolated and tested by researchers at the Upjohn Company. Their results were exciting as they found that these active components inhibited the growth of every harmful organism they were tested against.

  2. Olive Leaf (Whole) – Not only do we use olive leaf extract, we also use the whole plant itself, because we believe nature always gets it right! There are so many undiscovered plant compounds waiting to be recognized by science, so we wanted to include the unprocessed leaf to help the active extract do its job.

  3. Garlic – Garlic is one of the main herbs recommended for parasites by the University of Maryland Medical Center. Garlic is antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral.

  4. Agaricus Bisporus Mushroom (Champex Extract) – Champex is a powerful mushroom extract that was patented for its ability to fight foul breath and body odors at their source – in the intestines (via pathogenic bacteria/organisms). Champex attacks foul breath and body odors where they originate, supporting and maintaining healthy balance within the intestines by increasing levels of beneficial human bacteria (probiotics) such as bifidobacterium. At the same time, pathogenic bacteria are shown to be inhibited by Champex at the standard dosage.

  5. Wormwood – Wormwood contains the plant compounds thujone and isothujone, which are the components that protect the plant (and animals/humans) from pathogenic organisms.

  6. Ginger – Ginger contains ultra-potent anti-inflammatory compounds called gingerols. Ginger tea has been taken by cultures as an anti-parasite remedy for centuries. Its warming effect on the body strengthens and supports your digestion, boosting your immune system to fight invaders in the future.

  7. Burdock Root – Considered a blood purifier, Burdock is wonderful for supporting skin, kidney, and liver health, especially during detoxification.

  8. Lemon Balm – Lemon balm is a member of the mint family and is considered a calming herb. It has been used for centuries to reduce nervousness, promote sleep and improve symptoms of indigestion.

  9. Cat’s Claw – Cat’s claw helps improve markers of immune health in animals and humans, suggesting that it may help defend against infectious invaders.

  10. Atlantic Dulse – Seaweed, such as Dulse, boasts 56 bioavailable minerals and trace elements. These minerals supply our body with the tools our immune system needs to naturally fight harmful organisms.

  11. Aloe Ferox – We use a small amount of Aloe Ferox to help prevent sluggish elimination during the cleanse period. The sap of Aloe Ferox (a South African variety of aloe) produces bitter crystals that act as a bowel mover.

  12. Bioperine – Piperine, also known by its trademarked name, BioPerine, is an extract derived from black pepper that is proven to increase the absorption of various herbs and nutrients by up to 229%.* This effect is known as “bioenhancement.”

1. Who should parasite cleanse?

Those dealing with chronic illness/infection, experiencing intense sugar cravings, and/or battling unexplained skin issues that coincide with digestive symptoms. Designed for those with gut dysbiosis who have chronic indigestion (such as bloating or gas), lowered immunity, food allergies and/or brain fog.

2. Why parasite cleanse?

To rid the digestive system of an overgrowth of pathogenic organisms that rob the body of energy and nutrients. Benefits include smoother digestion, less bloating/gas, more energy and lowered inflammation.

3. What other supplements should I take while on the ParaPro Formula?

We recommend taking a probiotic in the evening to feed and protect beneficial gut bacteria. You can find our advanced probiotic formula here if you don’t already have a favorite.

4. How often does one take the cleanse?

Most take ParaPro every 1-2 years. You can also use it after international travel, especially if exposed to food poisoning.

5. How do I take the parasite cleanse?

Take the capsules anywhere from 1 hour to 30 minutes before a meal. If you forget and miss taking it before you eat, that’s fine. You can simply take that dose after your meal.

6. Will I run to the bathroom?

No, you should not experience any urgency with ParaPro, however everyone is different. It is much more common to feel a bit backed up while on the cleanse than to experience diarrhea, which is why we emphasize the importance of drinking adequate fluids and eating healthy foods with plenty of fiber to move the bowels.

7. How much water should I drink?

You want to drink a full 8oz. glass of water with every dose of ParaPro. Throughout the day, aim to drink half your body weight in ounces. If you are electrolyte (aka mineral salt) deficient, your body will not properly absorb the water you’re drinking. If you drink a lot of water and still feel dehydrated, add a pinch of pink himalayan sea salt and a squeeze of lemon to get those minerals!

8. What to eat while taking the ParaPro Formula? What not to eat? Can I drink?

Generally, you want to eat as healthy as possible (keeping in mind that balance is key and you don’t have to be perfect. One “unhealthy” meal doesn’t ruin your progress just like one “healthy” meal doesn’t magically cure all that ails you!) Focus on foods that naturally support your liver’s detoxification pathways, such as protein (for amino acids), cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage), apples, beets, carrots, lemons, etc. Red grapes, celery, and parsley for example support kidney function which is also important while on a detoxification regimen. Avoid sugar, dairy, and wheat as much as possible. Save drinking for special occasions and opt for seltzer-based drinks instead of sugary cocktails.

9. What should I be looking for while on the cleanse? (i.e. energy, clarity etc).

As gut dysbiosis is corrected, you tend to feel less bloated, more energetic, a greater sense of mental clarity, and much easier digestion.

10. Will I see parasites?

Some do, some don’t. Others choose not to look, as you often have to do some detective work (since they’re usually impacted into your stool). If you do want to check, you can use disposable utensils and rubber gloves.

11. How often should I be going to the bathroom? What if I don’t go to the bathroom? What should I do?

1-2x per day is a good number for bowel movements while on the cleanse. If you’re constipated, eating apples and/or pears is one of the best ways to get things moving. Another option is using simple kitchen spices: 1 tsp cayenne pepper, 3 tsp cinnamon, and 1 tsp curry powder in 12 oz warm water. Mix all ingredients together and consume. Most experience relief within 30 minutes.

12. Will I experience die-off effects? How would it look like and what should I do?

For some people, especially those dealing with chronic infections, herbs that target pathogens may generate detoxification symptoms. These symptoms are known as “die-off” or a Herxheimer Reaction and can include fatigue, headaches, muscle/joint aching or flu-like symptoms. The first step to avoid this is to drink at least a full glass of water with each dose and to be sure your bowels are moving 1-2x per day with the tips above. Apples are a wonderful food to incorporate from the beginning as their pectin fiber binds to and safely remove toxins from the digestive tract. To minimize and shorten die-off, reduce the dosage to the lowest possible and go “low and slow.” Epsom salt baths are also extremely helpful, as is getting adequate rest and moving the lymphatic system via self massage or dry brushing.


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Mel B

Honestly, I am so thankful for this formula! I was having horrible bloating, abdominal pain, digestive issues for the past 4 years along with chronic sinus infections and overall feeling crappy and fatigued. I just finished this cleanse and I feel like I’m back to normal! I don’t have any bloating anymore and my appetite and energy are back. Thank you, Olivia!!

Mel B

Honestly, I am so thankful for this formula! I was having horrible bloating, abdominal pain, digestive issues for the past 4 years along with chronic sinus infections and feeling overall crappy. I just finished this cleanse and I feel like I’m back to normal! I don’t have any bloating anymore and my appetite and energy are back. Thank you, Olivia!!


Honestly, I am so thankful for this formula! I was having horrible bloating, abdominal pain, digestive issues for the past 4 years along with chronic sinus infections and feeling overall crappy. I just finished this cleanse and I feel like I’m back to normal! I don’t have any bloating anymore and my appetite and energy is back. Thank you Olivia!!


I had a hard time tolerating parapro at first and thought I would not be able to continue. Then I tried it with food instead that worked for me. I was having pain in my stomach and bloating that went away , my skin is clearer and am not tired like I was and sleep so much better.


OMG!!! i started the parasite cleanse last week with the intention to help with my acne and i just looked at my stool for the first time (i didnt look for parasites because i did not expect any) and i actually saw A HUGE WORM in my stool (Sorry TMI) I did not expect that at all! Well done olivia 🙂


I LOVE PARAPRO. Reminder: It isn’t magic and you must definitely do your own research and learn your own body. I was in so much gut pain last year (2019) my gut was really paying for years of stress and eating terribly. I felt all around terrible. I could hardly eat anything but still forced myself to eat (even healthier foods) and I was most definitely having malnutrition!! i would always feel terrible, fatigued and I would eat but was losing weight!!! I lost about lbs within months but was still forcing myself to eat!! I went to a GI doctor, got blood tests, fecal test, colonoscopy and endoscopy AND NOTHING! I wa sso frustrated and would cry from the pain and confusion of not knowing what was going on!! I tried Parapro and looked more into diet and what foods are good for which hormones/chemicals/organs. Parapro saved me. It allowed my body to release these bad bacteria forming and and little critters and I was able to get through the pain and eventually the pain went away!! It was a segway to better gut health! I am still continuously learning but am not longer in constant pain. (unless i eat something I shouldnt like dairy) and am so much happier (which helped balance my body as a whole even more.) Thank you Olivia, for giving me and so many more a natural and health way back to happiness


I love this cleanse. Currently on my second round (first time I got soo sick, I was not prepared for the die off symptoms and had to stop after 1 week) I haven’t noticed a change in my skin yet but my mystery abdominal pain is all but gone and so are my sugar cravings! I used to feel bloated, hungry and unsatisfied all the time – this has all disappeared. Would recommend to everyone!


So far my bloating is lessen , significantlly, even I eat food I should not eat, and I am using is only one week. I will continue with Para Pro….

Maddie Reingold

I like this product and I like what is in this product!! I’ve done a few different cleanses/ detox and I am pairing this cleanse with a few other elements (coconut charcoal as a binder and a few other supplements). I do wish the ebook had a bit more details regarding what foods to avoid and what other supplements to take and what binders are good. I have done a lot of cleanses and the diet has been very strict, so I do like that this cleanse isn’t as strict diet wise but to eat clean and healthy. My skin has not quite cleared up yet but I am only on week 3, so hoping it will clear up. I am a big fan of your products and have ordered a few more! In terms of digestion, make sure you purchase a binder and take it when you start the product! So important for getting things moving in the body when the toxins are being drawn out.

Maddie Reingold

I like this product and I like what is in this product!! I’ve done a few different cleanses/ detox and I am pairing this cleanse with a few other elements (coconut charcoal as a binder and a few other supplements). I do wish the ebook had a bit more details regarding what foods to avoid and what other supplements to take and what binders are good. I have done a lot of cleanses and the diet has been very strict, so I do like that this cleanse isn’t as strict diet wise but to eat clean and healthy. My skin has not quite cleared up yet but I am only on week 3, so hoping it will clear up. I am a big fan of your products and have ordered a few more!

This is INSANE! AMAZING!!! I’m so GRATEFUL! To be ALIVE and to know there are other choices of medicine. I’m glad I didn’t decide to take pills for depression (I’m talking about my experience here bare with me🙏🏼❤️, no offense to anyone who takes these pills), I have scoliosis too I found that out February 2019!! I changed my diet to vegan only! I cut off meat, dairy, potatoes, chips, junk, etc. so I started taking these pills and I have never felt better!!! I can breathe better, walk better!!! And I noticed I have been losing weight (I’m a thick girl). Hear better and see better. The point is these work if you follow instructions. It’s been helping me kill this parasite I caught from idk where. I thank you Olivia and my awesome manager R. at JP. I’m starting of 2020 AMAZING GETTING READY!!


Wow! I seriously love this product. After almost being falsely diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, my naturopathic doctor recommended that I perform a gut cleanse to rebuild my microbiome. This is my second bottle of ParaPro that I will be ordering. My cystic acne is cleared, my arthritic symptoms have diminished, and I’m finally able to perform my intense workouts again. Never overlook the power that your gut has on your overall health. I went from being bedridden by an “unknown” cause to literally living my best life. It seriously feels like a miracle! Thanks, Olivia!


I’m so blown away by this product, I have been pairing it with Olivia’s probiotic and the Natal Nourish. I lived abroad for 4 years, moving back to the US put my gut biome through a lot of stress. Combine that with getting off birth control after nearly a decade, my gut needed a lot of support. I was having awful breakouts on my face, which was the final straw that led me to make this purchase. So far I’m blown away, my skin looks and feels great, my digestion has literally never felt this good, and all I can say is thank you. I’m really looking forward to continuing this cleanse 🙂


Hi there 🙂 Huge fan of all OO everything! Is there a diet to follow with the ParaPro or anything in particular while doing this? or is it resume life as normal and take recommended dosage?


So far I’m extremely impressed with this formula! I’ve tried a lot of DIY cleanses and nothing has given me results like this! The first week I felt really gross, headaches and very tired, but I know that’s happens with cleanses while it’s starting to do its thing! I get tons of back acne and adult face acne and my period is about to start and I have NO pimples. I don’t remember a time that’s happened in almost 6 years! It’s amazing and I feel SO good now, I would recommend this so many times over!

Alma Argueta

Love your products


Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. I’ve been suffering from the IBS related issues for the last 30 years and I’ve tried multiple products without any positive effect. Reading all the 5-star reviews about Parapro, I decided to purchase it. It made things only worse. As someone else said, it’s like my body stopped moving completely. I could not breathe or eat properly. For 2 or 3 days, I had only breakfast. Then I took a break for couple of weeks and re-started the “process”. Same symptoms all over again. I decided not to purchase it anymore.

Megan Shaw

I’m hoping it’s awesome… Been waiting over a month for it.


I purchased the Parapro formula after watching endless videos on YouTube about hormonal acne. I stumbled upon Organic Olivia and was so impressed with her research backing up her findings linking gut health and acne. Having taken so many antibiotics in the past to temporarily cure my acne, I can feel a difference after 2 weeks of taking Parapro. I definitely have/had some bad organisms that needed to be kicked out. I am less bloated, my skin is healing, and I feel a lot better already. I will be purchasing the probiotic and probably the sleep juice soon. I am so very pleased with this brand.


I’ve traveled outside of the country several times and honestly, since my first go (to Jamaica) back in 2010, I haven’t been able to properly digest gluten or dairy since. After taking this, I can actually eat products again (tho, still eating rarely/on occasion, not daily!) – I haven’t attempted dairy products yet, but have no desire to as I’ve grown fond of almond milk alternatives. Will continue to do this 1x per year to keep a healthy gut! Thanks, Olivia!


I took the Paragon formula last month. This is my third parasite cleanse in a 3-year period and first with Organic Olivia. I coupled the formula with the probiotic, clean eating, and had minimal side effects. I almost think I needed to bump up the dosage to three times a day. I will try that next time around. I purchased Mane Magic at the same time but decided to hold off pending completion of the cleanse so I didn’t overwhelm my body. Overall, I am happy with the product. Customer service is also outstanding.


I started taking the Parapro formula along with the probiotic about 3 weeks ago. Normally I would have many breakouts over the period of three weeks but I’VE ONLY HAD TWO PIMPLES. I haven’t looked for parasites but they must be there because my skin has never been this clear and certainly not for this long. I am so ecstatic and am hoping this lasts


I started taking the Parapro formula along with the probiotic about 3 weeks ago. Normally I would have many breakouts over the period of three weeks but I’VE ONLY HAD TWO PIMPLES. I haven’t looked for parasites but they must be there because my skin has never been this clear and certainly not for this long. I am so ecstatic and am hoping this lasts.

Genesis M

I JUST WANT TO SAY THANK YOU !!!! I’m on week 3 of my ParaPro cleanse & I’ve lost 4 pounds but most IMPORTANTLY : I’ve struggled with heavy week long periods since I could remember (painful ones too). Something not even birth control could fix. Tried two different birth controls & they both made it even worse for me. This cleanse has made me have my period for only 4-5 DAYS !!! I know that’s still long but for someone who has always dealt with long heavy periods, this is truly amazing. I also feel like my energy has been awesome as well! I’m so happy I made the leap of faith and went with the cleanse. Can’t wait to see what other results I get 🌿✨💕


I purchased Parapro, Probiotics and Keep it Moving. I’m usually not regular and Parapro has helped me go every morning which is a A+. I notice if I don’t take it twice a day it doesn’t help much and also if I forget to take it I also don’t go in the morning. I didn’t see anything crazy happening or lost any weight or helped with any bloating. For me all it did was make me go in the morning which I like but I think it’s a bit pricey just to take it for that. I also took keep it moving few times by itself and it didn’t help at all, so wasn’t so happy with that purchase. If I really have to I’ll buy Parapro again.


I purchased Parapro, Probiotics and Keep it Moving. I’m usually not regular and Parapro has helped me go every morning which is a A+. I notice if I don’t take it twice a day it doesn’t help much and also if I forget to take it I also don’t go in the morning. I didn’t see anything crazy happening or lost any weight or helped with any bloating. For me all it did was make me go in thenkrnjng which I like but I think it’s a bit pricey just to take it for that. I also took keep it moving few times by itself and it didn’t help at all, so wasn’t so happy with that purchase. If I really have to I’ll buy Parapro again.


I am on day 20 of taking ParaPro Formula and I’ve really been enjoying the results so far! This is actually my first OO product to try. I am noticing my skin clearing up in some spots finally and my bloating in my gut is consistently decreasing. I haven’t had any issues with pooping, but there was a few days of on-and-off again nausea and quiziness for the first few days of the cleanse. I am happy overall with my experience with this product!

Skylar A

I don’t Even know where to start…. ive had gut issues and acne issues for a long time. I want give my body the best chance to be healthy and have longevity. Growing up when I was young I took several medications for acne I know that destroyed my gut microbiome and liver. I would also get sick once or twice a year and be prescrided antibiotics I willingly took. I recently quit taking any form of antibiotics all together when I’m sick. I let my body rest and heal on its own. The most recent time I took an antibiotic was before I took ParaPro I had a yeast infection and UTI. I’ve been drinking lots of water and chose to rake ParaPro to heal my gut as well make other healthy lifestyle changes, eating a lot better, drinking more water ect. I know ParaPro has cleaned and strengthened my gut in ways I didn’t know Was possible. It’s worth the money. Because it helps reset the body. I’ll probablu do one more round of ParaPro the year at the end of winter. And then do it once a year.

Skylar A

I don’t Even know where to start…. ive had gut issues and acne issues for a long time. I want give my body the best chance to be healthy and have longevity. Growing up when I was young I took several medications for acne I know that destroyed my gut microbiome and liver. I would also get sick once or twice a year and be presided antibiotics I willingly took. I recently quit taking any form of antibiotics all together when I’m sick. I let my body rest and heal on its own. The most recent time I took an antibiotic was before I took ParaPro I had a yeast infection and UTI. I’ve been drinking lots of water and chose to rake ParaPro to heal my gut as well make other healthy lifestyle changes, eating a lot better, drinking more water ect. I know ParaPro has cleaned and strengthened my gut in ways I didn’t know Was possible. It’s worth the money. Because it helps reset the body. I’ll probablu do one more round of ParaPro the year at the end of winter. And then do it once a year.


Within 4-5 days of taking as directed I no longer experienced the intestinal cramps. I had noticeably suffered these cramps for 6 weeks prior to ParaPro, with feelings of bloat, discomfort, pain in the abdomen, sensation of heaviness in the gut. I am post 15 day cleanse, and will start the next one in a week. I wish I had advice for what to do in the between cleanses, as I feel symptoms coming back a little bit.

Lauren G

My husband and I both got a bottle of Parapro. He struggles with digestive issues and bloating each night. I also have digestive issues and acne. We’ve both had great experiences using this product. My husband is rarely ever bloated anymore and we haven’t even finished the bottle yet. I have also noticed an improvement in my digestion and am less bloated. We haven’t seen any parasites in our poop (we also haven’t been looking for it) but the smell of #ParaProFarts is enough to know that there’s some deep cleaning going on inside. I have also noticed a huge improvement in my acne, although I started working with an acne specialist at the same time, I believe this had a large contribution to the clearness of my skin as well. I love what Olivia stands for and am happy to support this company.


I have been taking Parapro twice in the morning and twice at night (occasionally forgetting to take 2 at night) for a week now and the results have been amazing. I have passed A LOT of parasites through me with this cleanse. I traveled South America for 4 months and at one point I drank contaminated water and became very sick. I believe that I contracted Giardiasis from the contamination. A week into the cleanse and I have passed the Giardia lamblia multiple times when going to the bathroom (sorry for TMI) it still grosses me out that those things have been living in my small intestine. So happy that I discovered Organic Olivia and this formula because I believe that I am on the road to feeling much healthier and happier when this parasite cleanse is finished. I’ve also purchased the Probiotic formula for after the cleanse to restore good bacteria into my gut. 10000% recommend. Thank you Olivia!


I have always been skeptical of cleanses and herbal remedies for systemic symptoms, but this is truly helping my body’s specific issues and I’m only one week in. I’ve been dealing with random full body “flare ups” since January that have involved eczema-like patches on my face, dry nails and cuticles, worsening asthma, severe fatigue, abdominal pain, 2 UTIs, one skin infection and cramps not related to my period. In that time I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis and also got allergy tested but found no surprises (dust mites, ragweed, slight allergy to pet dander). For IC treatment, I was limited in my options unless I wanted to pay for and experiment with physical therapy. Otherwise, this condition like many autoimmune disorders that affect women is largely a “cope with it” issue unless you want to add a questionable pharmaceutical with wide ranging moderate-to-severe symptoms to your daily life (note I am not against pharmaceuticals when needed and already take medication for ADD and birth control). Anyway, long story short I was frustrated and out of answers after many outpatient labs and doctor’s appointments. I also started eating loads more vegetables in this time and tried all kinds of topical creams and masks from Sephora but nothing was helping. That’s when I found Organic Olivia! To reiterate, I was skeptical of ParaPro but Olivia’s struggles had so much in common with mine, and I thought what the heck— I would rather test the waters with a natural solution than a pharmaceutical one with marginal outcomes and that only treats 1 or 2 symptoms of the myriad of symptoms I’ve been experiencing. So I purchased ParaPro and the recommended probiotic. One week in, I have seen things that I would have never assumed were in my gut. My face is clearing up. Cramping and bloating have already reduced dramatically. And my energy levels are noticeably up. I will post an update after the regimen is fully complete, but really wanted to share that this solution is working for me. Everyone’s conditions, bodies and genes are different but this has proven to be a great step forward for the issues I’ve described above. I’ve already ordered a second bottle for my husband since he has IBS and some issues with inflammation as well. If you’re a person like me who believes in both medicine and the potential of herbal remedies and are confident what you’re dealing with isn’t an extremely serious health issue but it IS affecting your quality of life and overall well-being, I whole-heartedly recommend trying this product.


Amazing product! I did the cleanse over a 4 day period taking the recommended doses. I ate very light and made sure not to be in contact with too many people considering how it weakens the immune system. I also used the liquid bentonite and psyllium husk drink as recommended. I felt some strange queezyness in my stomach the first couple days and on the third day had a movement and passed a bunch of buggins!! Larvae, eggs, and flukes all totally visible in my stool. I decided to continue the dose into the next day just in case there were more hiding. Fortunately my stool came back clean the following day! Thank you Thank you Thank you for creating such an amazing product!!


I gotta say I’m pretty disappointed so far. I love OO and all her wisdom but wish this cleanse had a little bit more instruction. I’m on day 18 of the cleanse and I just keep finding new breakouts everyday, although I’ve been eating sooo many vegetables. The first week my skin was getting clearer and breakouts disappeared quicker, but the second week- so many new breakouts I can’t even count :’( I’ve cut out dairy, wheat and sugar just as she instructed. I’ve been eating salads for lunch and dinner (with a huge variety of organic veggies like- carrots, kale, purple cabbage, pumpkin seeds, cilantro, mixed greens, celery, blueberries, with coconut oil), chia pudding with coconut milk and berries/ some type of fruit for breakfast, snacks consist of fruits like berries or apples, drinking 10+ cups of water everyday when before I only drank like 5….I’m not sure what’s happening. I have to force myself to poop everyday, although I’ve had one bm everyday so far, except today and the night before, even though it hasn’t been super easily consistent. The other night I forced myself to drink some hot water + castor oil at 8pm because I felt really constipated and bloated and just wanted the waste out of my body!! I did some more research and found dr.Jess. She said that if our liver detox pathways aren’t open then we won’t be pooping 2-3 times during the day like we need to be. And that we should be binding with something like activated charcoal an hour after taking the parasite killing dose. So anyways, I guess I’ll have to work on opening them up and buying some more items to help me get the most out of this cleanse….wish I knew this earlier or else I wouldn’t have started this cleanse until my liver was in tip top shape to take it…..I don’t know if this is just a regular detox purge but I’m hoping it’ll get better….


This is my second time using your product. I have seen parasites leave my body and that worth the effort! I notice few side effects. Thanks much for a great product!


All I can say is…This. Works. I took this as directed every morning with breakfast and every night with dinner (along with the “keep it moving” in between meals & the probiotic right before bed) and this has done WONDERSSSS for me. I won’t get in to too much detail but I definitely passed some stuff through my body that I never thought I would!!! I took this simply for helping my GI track and it has done more than that! My energy levels are up and my skin is the clearest it has been in sooooo long! The only negative to these pills are the taste, which I already expected when buying these with garlic as one of the ingredients!! You’ll be burping up garlic a few minutes after you take these but it goes away after a minute or so! Definitely worth the buy regardless of the taste and smell.


I suffer from PERIORAL DERMATITIS: think of it as if eczema acne and rosacea had a baby around your nose and mouth. It is itchy and painful and blisters. My gut has always been horrible ever since I turned 13 and I have a long hx of antibiotics for chronic ear/sinus infections which I’m sure ruined my gut bacteria/lining. Becoming paleo definitely helped my stomach overall but WOW after taking parapro my skin CLEARED, my stomach stopped cramping and bloating (unless PMS), my nails grew longer and stronger, and with the help of keep it moving I go to the bathroom EVERY DAY!!! No parasites for me! Just a huge overgrowth of Candida bacteria that died off with herxheim reaction for the first two weeks OUCH! I will be taking again several other times this year to fully heal my gut since it is such a long process— be patient! Love you Olivia!!! Thank you thank you


I’ve taken herbal medicine before and usually it hits me pretty hard. I had a yeast infection and I took 2 capsules of orégano oil and felt pretty nauseous soon after. This has happen with most herbal medicine before I start feeling better, so I know I’m pretty sensitive. Everyone though, talks about all the energy they have and how they don’t feel the medicine and how there bowl syndrome are below average. I on the other hand am always feeling tired, my stomach hurts with either sharp pain or hunger pains and I’m having bowl movements 4-5 times a day and I have a bad taste in my mouth all day. I’m all about suffering to feel better but I’ve read all the comments and no one else seems to feel this way.


Amazing product! Bloating is gone and my period is back on track. Goes to show how the gut plays an integral role in balancing hormones. Will definitely order again. Thank you Olivia!!

J Swan

This parasite detox is the best and hardest thing I have ever done for myself. I have spent a lifetime *(37 years) of over-consuming sugar in mass quantities, mouth-kissing my dog, and really unaware of how many parasites we come in contact with every day. It was nothing short of an exorcism for me to remove most of the sugar from my diet to do this cleanse. There were some really tough days, and it wasn’t just the first few days. It took a couple of weeks.– but stick with it. I promise! The stuff my body has been able to eliminate from this ParaPro detox is unbelievable!!!! I have lost 7lbs, my skin is clearer, my mind is more rational than it has every BEEN! *— and I am a completely different person. I can think and process without agitation and anxiety. The process can be difficult —but the products and the end results are life-changing! TRUST!


Hi, I am a breast cancer survivor for 6 years, thank GOD I AM HEALED……I was feeling really bad for 2 weeks with poor digestion, bloating, tired, sleepy… just horrible. My niece told me about this product. Thank God I bought it….My digestion changed for good! Thank God for you Olivia!! I feel so happy :)))))


The main reason I decide to do this cleanse was for the promising effect I was hoping it would have on my mild but stubborn body acne. Unfortunately there was absolutely no difference in my skin during or after taking this cleanse. However I am glad I did it and cleaned out my body. I feel good!


I have been taking Para Pro for almost a month now, I have about 2 weeks to go. My husband and I both hit the ground running taking 2 capsules 3 times a day- We both had worms in our stools the SECOND DAY!! Mine were the full worm- possibly round worms? We have passed bits and pieces (gross sounding I know) pretty consistently every day so far!. We also had severe flu symptoms the first week or so. I do feel that taking such a high amount of strong herbs daily effected my menstrual cycle, while on the cleanse it was almost 3 weeks late, so I went down to 2 a day and my period came the next day. Also definitely saw really really good results around the time of the full moon, passing pieces of really big looking worms….I know my body to be extremely sensitive to herbs, foods, medications, caffeine, etc, so I think overall a lower daily dose is better for me. As far as amazing changes in my body, I haven’t seen much change honestly but this is my first parasite cleanse in about 4 years. I think i will need to repeat it for more results. I do think my mind is slightly less foggy and my sugar cravings are less though! Thanks Olivia for all of your amazing resources and information!!!


For about 4 years now, every time I eat, or even when I wake up in the morning I am instantly bloated. My doctor said I have IBS, I called that BS. I have been lactose intolerant since the day I was born, but never followed through. For 5 years, I completely cut out dairy. I felt better, but it didn’t help with the bloating. Some days my bowel movements are consistent, other times they’re not. I tried the elimination diet, sugar tests, KETO, paleo…. all helped a little, but nothing major. They helped me know what to avoid. I stopped eating certain fruits because of the high sugar content (sugar tests said Lactose and high-fructose were to avoid). Keto and paleo taught me that high carbohydrates and refined sugars were not good for cut. My sister introduced me to your instagram. I was motivated to try something to help. Para pro saved me. I decided to get off birth control pills and begin the parapro cleanse. I knew the pill was a factor in the bloating after reading your blogs and others. I decided to completely cleanse my body from hormones and use the parapro as a push. I did not really think it helped that much, until I was eating food and not feeling disgusting afterwards. It has been 1 week since my last dose of parapro and I feel f*ckin fantastic. I will be ordering the liver juice to give that extra push. I still feel minor bloating, but all in all, my clothes fit better AND I DO NOT NEED TO UNBUTTON MY JEANS AFTER EATING YYAAYYYY!! Olivia, you’re awesome. THANK YOU!!!! My sister is getting married in 3 weeks, and i feel so confident to wear the dress and not worry about being bloated after dinner!!


This product didn’t seem to do anything for me. I was most interested in trying the cleanse for acne on my forehead that I’ve been chasing ever since I went more green and clean in my skin care approximately 8 months ago. I started “slow” with the 2 doses per day and then upped to 3 doses when I felt that I wasn’t getting any effect from it. I didn’t see anything parasitic looking in my toilet, nor did my overall gut or skin health seem improved. Big let down.


Olivia! Our dog has roundworms and we have all been feeling unwell. I’ve done this before and LOVE it. May I give to to my children ages 11 and 12? Thank you so much for your response.

Jamie Hall

I really wanted this to work but it was extremely constipating. My body just kind of stopped moving completely and I felt pretty awful. I followed all the instructions but I guess my body just didn’t react well.

Stephanie Mitchell

The Parapro Cleanse and liver juice have been healing and ultimately life changing. I am one who has tried it all, yet, to my dismay, continued to have a face covered in painful cystic breakouts. Every morning, a new bump. My skin hurt, my self confidence shot. For years. Thanks to daily celery juice, a plant based diet, and these two products and Olivia’s probiotic, along with L Lysine and Spirulina, as recommended, I have not had a cystic breakout since. My skin looks a little better every day. Please try this if you are feeling hopeless over your skin.

Celeste Johnson

It got rid of my parasites that my chiropractor said I had but it didn’t do anything else

Zoe Lavoie-Gouin

I started developing IBS symptoms 10 years ago and it took the doctors 2 years to give me the diagnostic of IBS. After that, even though I modified my diet extensively, I was still experiencing odd symptoms and living in fear of not having a toilet near-by in case of an emergency. For years doctors told me my symptoms were in my head and it was the result of my nervous disposition as a woman … Anyway I read everything on the internet, became an expert in nutrition and diagnosed myself with fructose malabsorption. Did some proper tests and it turned out I was right. I then adapted my diet again but I still had some symptoms and had to take anti-spasmodic quite often to live a normal life. I tried Parapro as a last resort because I had nothing to lose. 5 days into the cure and my everyday morning diarrhoea was gone. I did the entire cure with the probiotics from Olivia and it changed my condition completely. I still have intolerance to fructose but it has reduced significantly. I no longer have diarrhoea, can tolerate small amount of gluten and did not have one crisis or need to use an anti-spasmodic since. I waited 2 months after the end of the cure to write this review because I wanted to be sure the results were there to stay. I still take the probiotics daily to maintain my state but for me it has been life changing. I don’t feel stressed anymore about using public transports (no toilet) and I don’t have to fast because I can’t find anything I can eat. Thank you


What probiotic fo you recommend?


I used the Liver Juice prior to and during the Parapro Cleanse, and I had no issues with either. I believe the Liver Juice aided in lessening to eliminating the herxing effects from the parasite cleanse. I had no adverse issues with this product, unlike other cleanses I’ve tried in the past that were rough on my digestive system. These products, in addition to Olivia’s Probiotic, have been life changing for helping to detox my liver from exposure to environmental toxins last year. In addition, my severe eczema that surfaced a year ago has almost completely healed. I am so, so grateful for Olivia and her products! She is a pioneer in the holistic industry!

Danielle Hayes

Love this product. ❤❤❤

Melissa Reinauer

I am SO THANKFUL for this formula. I have never done anything like this before and let me tell you, I cannot wait to do it yearly. I ended up taking only 2 capsules one time a day and eventually worked up to 2 doses a day. My body was feeling rough for a few days and I broke out all over my back and forehead but I had a pretty toxic gut which I have always known. I’m also finished with the Parapro and my skin and digestion is amazing. It feels great to get these sucks out of my belly ! Thank you Olivia!

Melissa Sklepetas

I used this once and am getting it again soon. When I used it, I was desperate because I tried THREE other cleanses that did absolutely nothing (Hulda Clarke’s, humaworm, and something from young living). After two days I swear a nest came out and by the time the bottle was done my skin cleared up so much. This time I’m going to do an intense juice fast and buy two bottles of these bad boys to blast these suckers out once and for all – reason being acne is back a bit and I know I need to do it again !!! This is the only thing that’s worked !!!


I really liked this product. I took this to combat bloating, loose bowels and acne. It significantly helped with bloating. I felt amazing. It seemed to help a little with acne but I still get a little bit during certain times of my cycle. I did have some Herx reactions (headaches, which I don’t usually have). Didn’t help with bowels though… Maybe consider using a binder to take with this to help flush the toxins? I do get additional supplements from my muscle response tester and the amount she said I needed was cut in half since taking this!


I really love it,I can feel big difference in my body,I recommend it to my whole family,best body cleaner!!!


I really love it,I can feel big difference in my body,best body cleaner!!


I would highly recommend taking a binder with this, I did experience Herx reactions for several days and the binder helped me to pass them. I did have to discontinue use before finishing the entire bottle because I was getting some stomach pain – but I can’t 100% say it’s from this as I am taking other supplements. However, once I started taking a probiotic, the stomach pain went away completely. I do look forward to restarting and finishing the bottle completely. I’ve previously taken Dr Jess’s Microbiome Master and I have to admit I do like that one a little better just because I didn’t have stomach pain or NEED to take a probiotic with it. My main goal from this was to clear up my acne and I can say it has helped.


I have been suffering with digestive issue all my life, they got from bad to worse end of 2016. I have been searching for answers since then with no hope in sight. I tried so many different things some helped some but not enough. I saw Parapro about a year ago and kept thinking I will give it a try someday, well that day came a few weeks ago when I ordered and received the product. My digestive system is better then it has been in a long time. I want to shout it of the mountains. Whoever you are that is reading this, do yourself a big favor and give this a try, you will not regret it. The only bad part is living with the fear that next time I need more it will becout of stock.


Best Parasite Cleanse I did so far! You have the best ingredients you need for a parasite cleanse in one product which is perfect, so you don’t have to take a lot of supplements at one time. I saw some parasites in my stool. Also my digestive issues (gas) got better, but only when I eat the right diet.


Papapro changed my life!! I promise you it’s so beneficial in so many ways. I came down with some type of stomach bug that I’m thinking came from not so clean utensils at a restaurant. I was in such pain for about a week and some change until I brought up to my mom that we should reach out to Organic Olivia. She just so happened to have a pop up the next day so we went and she saved a parapro just for me and when I tell you I took two of those gems and my stomach pain vanished within an hour. I was able to attend a whole show and everything! I will be supporting her FOREVER. I’m so happy I didn’t cave in and go to the doctors and took a more natural route. Thank you so much Organic Olivia!


I love the this so much! I’m no longer bloated and I’ve felt so much more energized after taking this cleanse. I am pretty sure I even saw parasites in my stool a few times. I never knew about the importance of parasite cleansing until finding Olivia and her products! I will definitely buying it at least once a year and my boyfriend even wants to try it! Thank you so much for providing me with an easy and comfortable way to parasite cleanse, truly life changing.


Its amazing , its change my life . I was having cystic acne on my face and back from last four years. I tried every thing tropical and internal . But nothing worked , done so many treatments on my face to get rid of acne but always get dissappointed. Finally I got rid of it now . Thanks to Organic Olivia . Love this product 💗

Jessica Jensen

Parapro is what helped me feel comfortable, finally, after eating! I would always get gas and bloating to such a degree, I would be incredibly uncomfortable and appear pregnant. So that’s GONE, and my hormonal acne has cleared up, and I eat appropriate portions and get full on them. I definitely saw parasites passed in my BMs!!! My only struggle was staying away from sugar, wheat, and alcohol since I did the cleanse over the holidays. I’m not sure how that effected my progress, but obviously it still worked regardless of my lack of 100% clean eating. THANK YOU OLIVIA from the rooftops!

Lexi Johnston

I’m not even sure where I should start..I’m only about 3 weeks into this cleanse and it’s already changed my life. I don’t even know if I can put into words what this product has done for me inside and out! My skin is glowing, my stomach isn’t bloated 24/7, I’m eating healthy and regularly(twice a day which is huge for me) but the biggest change is the mental clarity it has given me! I didn’t realize how real brain fog can be. You almost forget it’s a parasite cleanse because it makes you feel so alive! Soo the parasite part.. i did experience/am experiencing seeing the parasites come out in my stool but it’s not as horrible as it sounds. Its relieving in a weird way. I think this is the best purahcse I’ve made my whole life thank you so much Olivia!


I’m only 15 and I saw on the “How To Parasite Cleanse” that you have to be 18+ to take these. I was wondering if I could still take these but a lower dosage?


Love this product and am so excited to do it again here soon. I completed this October and it lasted me and my husband about 30 days. I personally was able to see a difference in my cravings ( they dropped dramatically) my tiredness ( didn’t have that urge to snooze for 5 more minutes), and overall just felt good on this parapro formula. My energy has increased, and i found a new love for foods that naturally help detox- I would have never tried them before if it weren’t for this Product. Thank you Olivia for continuing to search for natural solutions for all of us. I am so glad you are dedicated to helping people and I am so excited for your new products! Thank you, thankyou, thank you!!!


ParaPro has easily been one of the greatest creations I have ever purchased in my life thus far. Before taking ParaPro for the first time I hadn’t had a period in 8 months, and just days after taking the supplements it finally came!! I don’t believe in coincidences and I fully believe that I have ParaPro to thank for helping my body to get back in its natural alignment. Since then I have experienced a huge decrease in bloating, skin issues, acid reflux, mood swings, depression, and anxiety. This has truly helped my gut health and that in turn has had such a positive impact on the rest of my body, mind, and spirit. Such a great domino effect that I have witnessed! Thank you so much, Olivia!! Much love and light to you and your team!

Jessica Collier

Is ParaPro safe to take if you are on birth control pills? Or could it make birth control less effective?


Is the para pro safe for breast feeding mothers?


This stuff is amazing and it works! I had flu symptoms the first few days of taking it, but it was tolerable, afterwards I noticed a huge difference in how I felt, how I processed foods and my food cravings. I highly recommend this product it truly is amazing and it’s the first herbal product I’ve tried that’s worked so quickly on my system! 🥰🔥


I’m only halfway through my bottle so far, but I can already tell a difference in my bowel regularity and being able to tolerate more foods that I could not tolerate before! I am loving it!!

ParaPro is TRULY an amazing gift. I was suffering from a lot of weird thyroid issues and cystic acne that would not *relax* no matter what I did. I had been on birth control for far too long, and my body and hormones had gotten so out of wack that I was suffering from all kinds of wildness. My thyroid levels were way beyond average, and although this isn’t what this supplement is for, it did seem to have a positive affect on my thyroid levels and helps assist (or at least not hurt) in bringing me back to normal levels. It helped my body balance back out, and pretty much completely rid of my cystic acne! I still get breakouts, but not the deeps cysts that I was getting before. I was suffering from a bazar constant rash that I developed in Peru (which doctors said was nothing but which I was pretty positive was a parasite). At the end of doing this parasite cleanse, the rash flared up really bad for 3 days and then went away COMPLETELY. I haven’t had it since. I also noticed a big decrease in BLOATING. I felt so much release. I didn’t notice any of this until the last week and a half, so push through it. I did this last year, and will do another one again at the beginning of this year to cleanse out. Just like how we deworm our pets, I think we should deworm ourselves too. This product is wonderful and I recommend it to everyone.


I came across this because of my vegan coworker and I was very skeptical but after I completed the cleanse it was definitely worth it. I didn’t have regular bowel movements but after taking this not only did I get regular bowel movements again it also reduced my junk food craving and I would eat smaller portions(so I’m no longer a big eater, I get full very quick). I did 3 capsules a day so that I can finish in 30 days versus 45 with taking 2 capsules. I lost weight, my stomach went down alot, no more bloating, it got rid of my conjunctivitis, No junk food or sweet cravings, regulated bowel movements, no more brain fog. I don’t suffer from acne so I can’t speak on that. It may have helped with my dry skin as well. Now the process alone is not hard but because I normally don’t eat healthy on a daily bases it was one heck of a challenge. Some days I was not consistent with taking the pills because I’m not a big eater and I only eat once or twice a day. But I managed to eat breakfast lunch and dinner, all healthy cuisines. Ladies you can do it just push through and trust the process. I didn’t expect it to get rid of my conjunctivitis and anal itching ( not the anal canal itself that split between your butt cheeks connecting to your anal is what would itch but it’s gone) I know it’s TMI but this might help someone else who is skeptical. 😊


what instructions! all i see on the bottle n take 2 capsules twice a day…im having 2nd thoughts taking it.. any help appreciated

Nicole P.

When I ordered Parapro, I wasn’t even really sure I needed it. I’ve been taking it consistently but I thought I wasn’t really noticing a difference or change. UNTIL…reading another review where she said her cravings had decreased! Holy cow my Ah-Ha moment!! I used to be a candy fiend, I’d have these mad sugar cravings right around bed time!! I hadn’t even noticed that my candy habit at night was GONE!! I love this product & plan to use it again later.


This formula worked wonders for me, and I saw results pretty quickly! I had a lot of issues with bloating, appetite, and discomfort but within the first couple of days it seriously reduced and by the end I felt great!

Sara Botero

I had been struggling with hormonal issues and some extra weight that I couldn’t get rid off…not even working out 6 days a week and eating super healthy. I felt bloated, had digestive issues and craved sweets all the time! With the Parapro Formula, I managed to get rid of the ugliest creepers, and that killed off my sugar cravings, helped me get back into my normal weight and made me feel so much better! Thank you Olivia for making this amazing product! 😉


For years I have struggled with acne and bloating. Nothing has worked, I still have acne and I’m always (I’m not exaggerating) bloated. I have a clean diet, avoid gluten and dairy products most of the time, I excercise regularly and meditate. Still this issues won’t go away. When I found out about parasites and Parapro I really thought this could be the solution to my problems. I live in Colombia and I ordered Parapro, even thought the product and delivery are expensive, because I was really hopeful. I’ve already finished the Parapro treatment and… nothing happened. During the treatment my acne got worse and then went back to the usual, and the bloating never went away. This didn’t work for me, I’m still have acne, I’m still bloated and desperate.

Stephen Chuang

I used to wake up many times at night due to stomach issues, as well as not able to get a deep sleep. I had bags under my eyes, and was slowly gaining weight. After Parapro I woke up much fewer times, was able to get a deeper sleep, and have even lost weight. I can’t say that I saw the worms come out, but didn’t really look. I’m a believer of the parasite cleanse. I took a capsule with each meal, and it seems to work best if I took it 15 min before the meal. Thx


Hey I’d love to buy your parapro formula, but somehow I am not able to add it to my card..

Portia Lightfoot

I just got my order in last week, but I’ve been following Olivia for years and I just adore her. I’ve been having issues with my digestive system for over a year now. Excessive bloating, extreme sugar cravings that I can’t explain and I can’t go to the bathroom without some type of probiotic assistance. This year I’ve decided to take charge of my health, and I ordered this because I trust Olivia. I’ve been only taking this for a few days, but I’m already noticing a difference. I will post an update once I finish the whole cleanse. I can’t wait to start feeling great again.


This stuff is amazing! It’s super gentle, has amazing energy (I can tell a lot of love was put into making this formula) and it gets the job done (-; Highly recommend this, ESPECIALLY to anyone who’s new to parasite cleansing. 5 stars all the way <3


This formula is amazing! It has been the most beneficial purchase on my long journey of digestive issues. I ate healthy but over the years I had more and more issues with bloating and food sensitivities. I can’t express how much this cleanse has helped me. For the first week I had withdrawal symptoms but it was smooth sailing after that. I started to see dozens of things that looked like sesame seeds, which upon further research I found out were tapeworms!! There were plenty of worms and flukes as well. I could not believe the amount of parasites that came out! I have 1 more week left of the cleanse but to this point I have already lost 6lbs, my stomach is finally flat again! Not to mention my digestion has improved immensely, I can tell I am absorbing nutrients better. I no longer have sugar cravings (in fact, I’ve avoided it!). My energy levels are finally normal and my brain fog, that I didn’t even realize I had, cleared up. PLEASE do your body a favor and try this product, you won’t regret it. The wealth of information Olivia shares and the high quality ingredients of her products are worth every penny. Thank you so much Olivia.


This cleanse is Amazing! My partner and I both did it and we saw Incredible results. It crazy how you can have actual parasites in your body and be unaware because you over see the symptoms or mistake them for something else. Beware you will be pooping out parasites! So if you want to be cleansed this is the remedy for you!! Thank you Olivia for all your hard work.


The first time I tried the ParaPro formula was in 2016, when I discovered Organic Olivia. To be completely honestly I did not finish the entire cleanse in 2016. However, this summer (2018) I found myself experiencing unusual bloating, brain fog, back acne, and low levels of energy. I just didn’t feel like myself. I decided to take action and order the ParaPro formula for the second time. This time I read instructions carefully and I completed the cleanse in 30 days. I took 2 capsules before each meal 3x a day which was a total of 6 capsules. Let me just say that it only took a week in a half before I saw results. The bloating was gone and my stomach was as flat as a board. My brain fog disappeared and I felt like I can think again! The acne on my back cleared up completely and I had an excessive amount of energy- to the point that my body could not shut down and fall asleep at night. That was the only issue I experienced while taking the ParaPro formula. The most valuable thing I got out of this formula was getting myself back and feeling like my normal self again! The truth is that it WORKS! I know this is gross but I even took pictures of my stool while on the cleanse and sure enough those little suckers (parasites) were there! In my opinion, this ParaPro formula is KEY to cleanse the body and ensure well-being. You can eat the best organic food in the world but if you do not cleanse your body of the parasites the only thing receiving the nutrition would be them, not you! The reason is that these parasites take over our bodies. All in all, I strongly recommend the ParaPro formula, I guarantee you will not be disappointed with the results. ALSO, this is an honest review from a random person. I usually NEVER leave reviews on products EVER but this one deserves it!


Really great parasite cleanse!


Did you ship to Malaysia?


Hey! Why don’t you ship to Germany? Nothing like that product overhere. Would be very happy, if you do!


I used this and loved it I felt so good after doing it but do you do this once a yr or every 6 months, I will be getting another bottle for sure thanks..


Hi, I am interested in purchasing this product however I am not clear if I also need to buy the tinctures and the betonite clay you recommend on your blog?


I was very sceptic about doing a parasite cleanse, but the ingredients were natural and organic so I gave it a try. I wish I could say I have been consistent with this cleanse but I haven’t. Sometimes I forget to take pills and I didn’t get the right dose each day. On my first week of this cleanse I noticed some white sesame seed looking things inside my poop. I thought maybe was the quinoa I was eating with my salads. Then again those things appeared when I wasn’t eating anything close to resemble those things. I thought maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention to the salads I was eating and maybe somewhere were some sesame seeds. I did some googling and I found out those were some type of left overs of tapeworm…gross!!!! Im literally terrified of what might come out next from my body. I have felt super bloated for the past year, always having problems digesting and I thought maybe was gluten or that i developed some sort of intolerance towards something but never that I might have these terrifying creatures inside me. I am going to be consistent from now on , on this cleanse and see what else comes out of my body that I had no idea I had. I will update….


Olivia, you are incredible! The ParaPro Forumla was amazing. I’ve been following OO for awhile now and I’ve always had eczema, food sensitives and craved sugar (even though I avoided it usually). I decided to give the parasite cleanse a go. I didn’t have any extreme die off symptoms (possibly because I’ve done a herbal cleanse before or because I didn’t have tons of parasites). I felt so rejuvenated after and during the cleanse. Any abdominal bloat after eating any types of foods was gone. I find myself less sensitive to foods that flare up my eczema. I didn’t take apart my bowel movements but I did peak. I don’t know what I passed but I do believe something came out over the cleanse. I even had a dream while on the cleanse about parasites leaving my body, which (to me) was amazing and convincing. I no longer crave sugar and my appetite isn’t as high as it use to be. I lost a couple lbs whether it be from the cleanse or my walking routine or a combination. Overall, I think my skin looks better, my stomach is flat and I feel happier and healthier. Thank you SOOOO much Olivia for your passion, intelligence, honesty/openness in all your posts and of course your hard work on developing this product. I’m going to do another cleanse at the end of summer and we all know where I’ll be getting it from : ). Xoxo #TeamOlivia


This has been my savior. My only regret was not getting it sooner when I first found Olivia’s youtube channel. I’m 25 and had (relatively) clear skin all my life until about a year ago. It started off in areas that weren’t uncommon for me to have random short-lived break-outs, like my forehead and chin. However, my skin suddenly started changing and became more oily, and my breakouts started to look out of the norm for me. I started getting large pussy pimples on my forehead that weren’t going away. I looked up so much stuff and changed my diet, adopted the Korean 10-step skincare routine, drank more water… I tried EVERYTHING. I was still suffering after 9 months of changing everything I could to become healthier in hopes to change me skin. And it had even spread to my cheeks! Where I had NEVER broken out before! My entire right cheek was in a frenzy (while my left cheek was fine) and it wasn’t having my phone on my face or sleeping on my side. The saddest part was, I even bought a cheaper liquid-form parasite cleanse after hearing about that possibility from Olivia, because I wasn’t sure the $70 was worth it at the time. But the $20 liquid parasite cleanse didn’t work for me. Finally, in May of this year (2017), I bought my first bottle, and the results were shocking to say the least. I’m now into my third bottle (I didn’t wait between… I’m still wondering if that it necessary?) because I hear that you need to cleanse for 60-90 days to get them all? With the cycles? If anyone can help me, I am not sure if I messed up by not waiting a couple weeks between bottles. I have been doing the 2 capsules, 3 times a day since the first week I started because my body can handle a lot of herbs pretty well, so each bottle only lasts me 30 days. Anyway, my skin has cleared up a lot, and now I am stuck with just the sad scars that will probably take months to fade, but is much more manageable than active breakouts. Thank you so much Olivia <3


I started my cleanse today but did not receive and Ebook guide. How long should I take the pills for?

Aimee Nunez

I had bought my bottle last year and had never been consistent with my doses until two weeks ago. At that point, I only had a week left of pills (three doses a day) so I decided to be consistent and do it right this time. Today I passed a spaghetti like long worm in my stool, which I believe is a roundworm, and I couldn’t believe it was still intact! And that was only a week of pills! I’m waiting until I get my birthday money next week to buy another bottle and actually get the dosage right from start to finish. So thankful for you Olivia ❤️

Jen Van Order

I’ve been taking the ParaPro formula for 3 weeks now, 2 pills, 3 times a day and I have not seen a single parasite in the toilet. I’m not sure if this is working for me. as I don’t feel any improvements in my symptoms. This was very expensive, I just wish it worked for me.


I first started this cleanse about 2 years ago and I have done 4 since (that’s how good it is). I first began it due to having acne for years of my life, which has cleared up 98% just on completing the first cleanse. It also helped me alter my diet in the most beneficial way which has helped me lose weight along with making my metabolism faster. I can honestly say it has changed my life in such a positive way and I have learned so much along the journey that comes with it!! Xoxo thank you Olivia!


You DO have worms! I finally got the courage to look after 2.5 weeks on the cleanse. I cannot imagine how many more I would have seen if I looked sooner. It took me around 5 days to get used to the herbs, then it was smooth sailing. When looking, I used chop sticks and did some simple searching. I really cannot believe what I saw. I plan to wait the 2 weeks before starting the cleanse again, because I want to make sure I can get the adults out like Olivia did. The things I wish I did more on this cleanse was exercise more, eat more vegetables (salads, raw veggies) and sweat more. I had aloe vera and spurilina during this cleanse. The aloe for soothing my digestion and the spurilina to help eliminate heavy metals which Olivia talks about in conjunction with parasites. I did the “gentle cleansing” and took the 2 doses prior to lunch, and 2 doses prior to dinner. I did the cleanse for 45 days. I drank lemon water every morning, and stayed away from bread and sugar. My stomach got a lot flatter, and my digestion was crazy amazing. The bathroom visits were so easy and the healthiest I’ve ever had in my life. This product works. My friends cannot believe I actually had and saw worms. This product I will use for the rest of my life to do biannual cleanses and maintenance doses. Thank you for your magic and intelligence Olivia! I believe in your work.


Wow! Hubby and I noticed it was working after our very first dose. We have tried everything before trying this….nowhere near the results we are seeing now. Thank you for this amazing product. I am going to tell everybody I know about it.

Priscilla Arroyave

Omg this parasite cleanse has been the best thing I’ve ever done in my life!! I was suffering from fatigue, and constantly getting urinary tract infections which would go away with antibiotics but then return with avegence! It was a recurring cycle…I decided to buy these, I had nothing to lose, and started my regimen on the full moon, it was absolutely magical!!! You truly saved my life Olivia!! I don’t even know you but I feel so connected to you now because of what you did for me 🌙✨💫

Angela Guerreiro

The short version: A+ product! Great quality, clear instructions, and includes a free e-guidebook that was very helpful. The long version: As a Holistic Health Practitioner, I don’t take leaving reviews lightly. (I should probably also say upfront that I am not an affiliate of Organic Olivia, just a very satisfied customer!) After the birth of my son 2 years ago, I lost the baby weight and things were good for a few months. I then started experiencing rapid weight gain with no real reason why nor a solution that was helping as much as it should. Even at a healthy weight, I tend to carry extra in my middle, which I’ve always attributed to excess stress from my previous demanding corporate career. This was different – I had so many odd symptoms that didn’t seem connected – until I stumbled across Organic Olivia on Instagram and saw her posts, blogs, and videos on parasites. I fell down the rabbit hole of parasite research and became convinced that was my underlying condition. Of course I’ve heard about it, but I believed what many health practitioners believe – that parasites are more of an issue for those living in dirty conditions or 3rd world countries. That simply isn’t true. I started the cleanse slowly but saw evidence of parasites within a couple of days of taking it. But then…about 2 weeks into cleanse at full strength, I couldn’t believe what was in the toilet! It appeared my issue was flukes – liver and intestinal, and possibly blood flukes, too. One bathroom trip alone had so many that I stopped counting after 13 but there had to be at least 25 or more large flukes, dead, but completely intact. They were between the size of a penny and a quarter!!! From there I passed a few a day until the cleanse was complete. The cycle of a parasite is long and ongoing, so I plan to do another cleanse in a few weeks just to be safe. Alslo – belly size has reduced a lot, no more bloating even after a meal, and ZERO sugar cravings. I used to crave sugar like crazy. I avoided it because I know better, but I still craved it. That’s gone – no more late night hankering for sweets, nada. Olivia, I am impressed and thankful for your work! Thank you!!!

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