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Mood Juice
Mood Juice
Mood Juice
Mood Juice
Mood Juice
Mood Juice
Mood Juice
Mood Juice
Mood Juice
Mood Juice
Mood Juice
Mood Juice


Health Benefits
  • Supports a stable, balanced mood and positive outlook
  • Assists in cultivating a feeling of well-being and happiness
  • Seasonal mood support as the days get shorter
  • Calms and nourishes the nervous system so that you stay balanced through life’s difficult moments
  • Great for postpartum moms (although cannot be used while breastfeeding)
  • Promotes neurotransmitter health
  • Brings sunshine to the dark days
  • Supports a balanced mood
  • Encourages a positive outlook
  • Promotes neurotransmitter health
  • Calms the nervous system
  • Sunshine for dark days
Mood Juice

One of the most troubling issues that many of us deal with is low mood, sadness, or feelings of despair.

While depression is a serious condition that usually requires a combination of therapy, medications, and/or lifestyle changes, it was important to me to create a blend that could be a part of your toolkit. Mood issues are something that hit very close to home with me, so I had a deep desire to serve my community in this way by creating Mood Juice.

There’s nothing more comforting than knowing you have a natural tool for the difficult days.

Mood Juice is designed with medicinal herbs that:

  1. provide instant calming and relief for nervousness, and
  2. build up in the system and are able to touch deeper mood troubles such as sadness and melancholy.

The specific plants included help to increase the production of GABA, a key neurotransmitter that works to reduce restlessness and promote an overall stress-relieving effect. Other key herbs, such as St. Johns Wort work with serotonin to help you maintain a stable and positive mood. This formula has been an important part of my own ‘herbal first aid kit’ that I’ve long used on myself and my loved ones.

By taking one full squeeze of the dropper bulb 2-3x a day, you will notice a calming and stabilizing effect. If taken consistently over the course of several weeks, deeper mood-boosting effects will take their course. Cannot be combined with SSRIs (anti-depressant drugs).

Want to learn more about Mood Juice? Read the Story Behind the Formula here!

The super herbs in our blend:

  1. St. John’s Wort – considered both an adaptogen and a trophorestorative to the entire nervous system, St. John’s Wort is used for a variety of disorders, including anxiety, nervous depression, and postnatal melancholy.* 
  2. Holy Basil – traditionally used in Ayurveda for low spirits, brain fog, anxiety, and mild depression, Holy Basil is an adaptogen that helps the body adapt to stress, increases oxygen intake, and promotes healthy energy levels. 
  3. Lemon Balm – recognized as a nerve rebuilder, this herb is a star in reducing anxiety, mild depression, nervousness, and panic attacks. 
  4. Skullcap – a highly safe and reliable mild sedative that helps with both insomnia and anxiety as well as rebuilding and restoring nerves thanks to its neurotrophorestorative qualities. 
  5. Kava Root – shown to be effective for the treatment of generalized anxiety as well as promising for depression and stress, Kava Root is extremely calming and comforting. 
  6. Motherwort – classified as a nervine herb, Motherwort helps ground you and improves mental clarity. It is often utilized for anxiety, including postpartum anxiety and melancholy often felt by new mothers.


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Full disclosure – I never take the time to write reviews, but this one was worth it. I have been taking mood juice since November (purchased on black friday!) and I was excited to give it a try and I got two bottles because why not? What an amazing and natural supplement – helps me to feel more inner peace and positivity than I have in a long time. If you’re contemplating, just do it…try it out because it’s worth it. Will always buy from Organic Olivia 🙂


I’m so grateful for this product! I don’t have anxiety or panic attacks much anymore, but the last 2 times they did occur, I took Mood Juice and within MINUTES, my breathing had calmed down. It may not work the same for everyone but when I need it, Mood Juice absolutely helps me feel better. Herbs are amazing 🙂


Just tried it for the first time today! Have loved taking pms flow and brain juice! They are amazing. Flow juice is out of stock I think 😫 It’s soo helpful for bad pms. Is mood juice supposed to make you sleepy? I felt like I could’ve taken a long nap 😴


Just tried it for the first time today! Have loved taking pms flow and brain juice! They are amazing. Flow juice is out of stock I think 😫 It’s soo helpful for bad pms. Is mood juice supposed to make you sleepy? I felt like I could’ve taken a long nap 😴

The Best Recipe

I love this thing! At this point I don’t even know if it boast my mood but it taste great! Let me tell you how to start your morning with some mood juice. boil some hot water, add lemon juice add apple cider and mood juice-sit and sip soo fucking slowly!!!! Ugh love this thing!


If you struggle with anxiety, depression, moodiness, or stress, this stuff is amazing. I have been on medication in the past for anxiety and depression and I have been meditating, exercising, and eating well to support my mental health for a while. I read the reviews and decided to try this product and within a few days, I felt so so calm and relaxed, I almost felt like I took anti- anxiety medication. It was so subtle but so helpful and over time this product has drastically improved my overall mood. I ran out for a few weeks and noticed some irritability and stress roll in, but when I’m using this product daily I find myself saying how happy I am, which wasn’t always a thing. This product is amazing and feels more sustainable and effective than some anti depressants I have taken in the past. Thank you Olivia!


I’ve been using mood juice weekly since it came out a few years ago. Its such a nice tool to add some joy into your days and I cannot recommend it enough.


I had been dealing with a lot of stress being a new single mom, I can’t start my day without this product. It helps me keep a level head handling daily stressors

Kaitlyn Miner

Mood Juice-WOW I noticed a huge difference after taking mood juice for only a week. Now a few weeks in and I feel AMAZING. I feel so positive and just happy. Mind you it’s the dead of winter and I’m in Northern Indiana. I typically suffer from seasonal depression, but haven’t really felt any, and I believe it’s due to mood juice. Will be buying more!!!


So, I really like this. It calms me down alot, it calms my mind down and it makes me feel happy. I didn’t even realize that it was the tincture doing this, and then it hit me, that it’s the only thing I changed to my regimen. If they continue with this formula and don’t change it, well, I think I may just be a lifetime customer. It is a bit pricey though, but other than that, well worth it


Between adrenal recovery & mood juice daily, my anxiety has lowered SO much. I’m really grateful for these formulas right now. 🥰

Lucy Guise

I suffer from anxiety, when I start to feel panicky I take a drop of Mood Juice on the tongue and before I can mentally process my panic has dissolved, such a weird feeling but truly magical. Mood Juice is an absolute holy grail and game changer for anxiety, I can not recommend this product more.


I take prescriptions for depression and anxiety and as the fall and winter approaches, I always find myself slipping into a bit of a grey mode. Mood Juice is fantastic. I have never felt as calm and even, dare I say, happier, when I take it. I should have gotten more – I’m so sad it’s sold out. Glad to know so many people are getting a little happiness in a bottle, though! Can’t wait til it’s back!!


this actually works. seriously.


I loved it👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻😘🥰

Jessica Mondragon

I was super skeptical about this purhcase as I am with most products that claim to help anxiety and sadness but I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and am planning to make another order soon! This stuff actually works and has been super helpful to my mental health! I feel myself in a much better place when taking the drops and it honestly has helped stabilize my mood. 10/10 recommend

Barbara Shola

I’m amazed that I’m sleeping through the night! This is the only item in my regimen that has changed! Thank you, Olivia!!


Life is crazy for us all right now, undoubtedly. In my personal life everything has been uprooted, and sometimes it hard to not feel defeated. Mood Juice has helped pull us through day by day, helped stabilize our moods, over all less mopey.


This stuff is the best!!!!! I ordered them last winter and it helped me get through the harsh Canadian winter without much blues. I’m buying this for my family this winter to help them as well. Thank you Olivia for this product.


I have struggled with the blues and light anxiety, especially through quarantine. I recently started following Olivia, and skeptically started Mood Juice in a desperate attempt to alleviate these quarantine blues… & it has worked!! I have a dose every AM after breakfast & have noticed a tremendous difference. Even when it wears off I can take another dose. Also it doesn’t taste bad!! Highly recommend this for anyone who may be feeling bluesy and not in a position to see a therapist <3


I have really noticed this product to help balance my moods, anxiety and irritability especially. . I recently ran out and it became abundantly clear to me that this product needs to be a staple in my pantry. I hope Olivia will make this in a larger bottle like ManeMagic, for those of us that find benefits from daily use.


Definitely recommend this for EVERYONE! This helps me so much daily. For me it helps me to focus on what I have to do without getting overwhelmed and doing nothing. I’m able to calmly work, be a mom of 2 with a clear calm mind. Love it!

Kris Pooran

I recently decided to give the mood juice a try after having wonderful results from OO’s other products. I noticed an instant change with my anxiety and mood upon using! Thank you Organic Olivia!

Kaelaunie Brown

This formula tastes sooooo good. I had this while I was doing a fast and my body craves it every morning. I usually slip into funks where it’s hard to bring myself back up but I feel like this product (and daily mindfulness about taking care of my body) improved my mood a ton. Love this product.


It’s the first time trying mood juice and it definitely puts me in a much calmer state of mind, I been struggling with anxiety and when I take mood juice it makes me feel much better.


This product tastes great but didn’t make a different for me.


I’ve dealt with extreme stress and anxiety since middle school. My social anxiety was so bad that I avoided people in order to not have to communicate with them. I also have a toddler and I’ve always felt my stress levels rocket whenever he throws tantrums or doesn’t listen. Anxiety meds were prescribed by my Dr., but I stopped taking them right away because I was getting the worst side effects. I have been taking mood juice for about a month now and I feel and see the difference. I feel like my mind isn’t a mess like it was before and my mood has definitely changed. Thank you for this!!


This mood juice is really a game changer. Helps significantly change your mood. I take it every morning and lasts throughout the day. Helps bring a posture approach to your day and REALLY helps for PMS. I will buy until she no longer makes it.


I have used this while weaning off my medicine! Thank you so much olivia❤️


I absolutely Love Mood Juice. I was able to notice the difference as soon as I started using it. The real test was to see if it worked around/during PMS which is when I’m my “moodiest”. Not only was I able to notice I was in a better mood, but so did my family who can always tell what time of the month it is when I’m PMSing . I am so pleased and happy with Olivia’s Mood Juice and will recommend and continue to purchase.


I SWEAR BY MOOD JUICE. Works instantly for me, usually only take once a day. Twice after a long stressful day of work. Always takes the edge off and puts my in a happier place!

Rebecca Wood

I absolutely love this product. It taste so good! I just ordered my second bottle.


My daughter has used Mood Juice for years to deal with chronic anxiety. I’ve never had issues dealing with stress or anxiety but over the past month or so I’ve felt overwhelmed and had a super quick temper. I saw the bottle and decided it give it a try. After 2 doses I could tell the difference in my anxiety level. I’ll definitely be using this and am ordering the Peace Juice. Thank you for organic and natural solutions.


My best friend got this for me because I have both depression and anxiety. I take medication to deal with both but I am always out of energy and tired. My moods can flip flop. I was so hesitant when first using this because you see so many people promote vitamins and products to help depression and it doesn’t work. So I didn’t know what to expect. I LOVE this product so much. Enough to leave a review which I never do. I take it 3x a day with liver juice, brain juice and mane magic with water or my tea. I am half way through the bottle and see such a difference in my mood and attitude. I can’t live without this now. I still have a bit of brain fog but just started taking brain juice so I hope that helps. But I HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone who suffers from mood swings, depression or anxiety! I even recommended it to my therapist for her patients.


Is the mood, peace and sleep juice safe to take while pregnant or nursing?

Jessica soto

I suffer from bipolar disorder depression and anxiety and i have atleast 2/3 episode daily and mood juice is definitely working great. After feeling an episode coming this tincture helped relax my heartbeat and i can feel my brain relaxing or calming down i was shocked this bottle is my savior now i run too mood juice to calm me down or when im feeling super super sad moody it brings a smile to my face just to know that i have something to help me next thing you know I totally forgot what i was sad anxious or mad about and just happy to be alive and able to enjoy life thank you oliva im so happy you made this and i will look for it always.

Regan Grelling

If you’re even slightly considering this product, just get it. You won’t regret it. I’m a mom to two rambunctious kids – one has autism – so even under best of certain circumstances, I have tough days, nevermind if we’re in the middle of a pandemic! This tincture seriously helps lift my spirits and calms my nerves at the same time. I can’t say enough great things about this product!

Ill be honest, I don’t love taking supplements but something just felt RIGHT about this one! First of all, I really love the taste. It’s sweet, herbal and mixes well with water and tea. Mood Juice has a subtle effect on me as I’m dealing with some pretty high anxiety. It gets me off to a good start and calms my mind each morning. I take it again in the afternoon and it has the same effect. Very mellowing! I also recently took this with me to a doctors appt. He was very impressed with the formula and encouraged me to stick with it! So I finished off my first bottle and I’m ordering another. 🙂 Highly recommend!

MaryBeth Seymour

I have always lived with some depression and anxiety. Mood juice has truly helped me to feel more stable and in control. It calms my mind and helps me to feel more focused and relaxed. I use this every day!

Emily Bouvier

I have always dealt with anger issues and a lot of mood disruption as I battled anxiety and depression. BUT THIS MOOD JUICE. My husband and I have better conversation, less confrontation and I just can’t love this stuff enough. Gets me out of a funk and I can actually think straight!


Mood Juice has already become a necessity for me in my every day life. I have only been using it for a month and when I realized I was getting low on it and remembered that I accidentally ordered two of them I was beyond thankful to find that second bottle! I read what other people were saying about it and I paired it with Brain Juice which I do recommend doing as well. It works like magic. My obsessive thoughts that I have basically have vanished and I’m so grateful for it.

Chloe Tebault

I love my mood juice and I swear by it. I see a serious positive increase in my mood and anxiety. I keep it with me at work and throughout my house. The taste isn’t too bad. I always recommend Organic Olivia to all of my friends and coworkers. I will continue to purchase! Thank you Olivia!!!!’


Product seems to do just fine. As I’ve been working on my emotional health/balance for quite some time now between running, limiting alcohol, quality sleep, and food consumption, this seem to play along well with the general narrative of what I’m trying to accomplish. I must say I do feel more emotionally steady all-in-all. It’s been almost a month now, and between adding this and brain juice to my tea in the morning I must say I do feel mentally healthy by all measures, though it’s hard to measure just how much of that steams from this specific product. I say purchase it and find out for yourself as I’m sure this works with everyone’s body & mind differently. I will purchase again. Thank you, Olivia.


Product seems to do just fine. As I’ve been working on my emotional health/balance for quite some time now between running, limiting alcohol, quality sleep, and food consumption, this seem play along well with the general narrative of what I’m trying to accomplish. I must say I do feel more emotionally steady all-in-all. It’s been almost a month now, and between adding this and brain juice to my tea in the morning I must say I do feel mentally healthy by all measures, though it’s hard to measure just how much of that steams from this specific product. I say purchase it and find out for yourself as I’m sure this works with everyone’s body & mind differently. I will purchase again. Thank you, Olivia.


I’ve been using Mood Juice for several weeks now and I love it! I wasn’t sure if it would work, but after time has passed, I can definitely say that I notice a difference. I’ve always struggled with anxiety and depression, and it got to a point where my anxiety was getting really bad. I live in NYC and taking the subway would give me panic attacks and it felt impossible to relax. After listening to Olivia’s podcast episode about why we’re so STRESSED, I felt like I needed to do more to change my daily life patterns so I could at least manage my anxiety and depression much better. I stopped drinking coffee and started drinking green tea every morning with Mood Juice!! I knew green tea would give me a little bit of caffeine but I knew it wouldn’t give me that “spirit enhancing” effect that coffee does. So I’ve been pairing Mood Juice with my tea! It’s been a great combo. Sometimes, I take Mood Juice 2-3x a day and sometimes, I take it only once. I listen to what my body and mind needs that day and it helps! I’m so glad I started taking it and I’m already looking forward to trying another product! Thanks Olivia! <3


My daughter has been taking this every night and says she feels so much better. She takes Zoloft and said this Mood Juice is helping so much we are going to try it solo this summer and see how it helps her anxiety.


My daughter has been taking this every night and says she feels so much better. She takes Zoloft and said this Mood Juice is helping so much we are going to try it solo this summer and see how it helps her anxiety.


I take prescription Adderall, and I tend to get irritable and emotional as the medication wears off. This product has been an incredible tool for me!! I started taking Mood Juice a few hours before my meds begin to wear off, and immediately noticed that my mood stayed stable and positive rather than taking a nosedive. I love using Mood Juice for that scenario, but I notice an enormous improvement in my mood any time I take it. It’s a staple in my medicine cabinet now! Thank you Olivia ❤️


Love the product ! I take it with my morning tea every day and I can tell the difference, don’t wanna be out of it gotta place another order very soon :)🤍

Lorena M.

Lovee this. Purchasing again.


I cannot say enough about this product. I use it in my water every morning and I have noticed my anxiety and mood lifted over the past couple months using this fairly consistently. It has taken me from spiraling, to managing my anxiety like I’ve never before and all without meds! So grateful for this product and will continue to buy.

Tessa Odom

I’ve gone through my first bottle of mood juice and I just ordered 2 more. I’m recently off of anti-depressants after 10 years! I take this morning/night for mood maintenance. I trust OO quality and want to keep it up to avoid a downward spiral. It’s also delicious and find myself really looking forward to my dose.

Corey Chadbourne

I just started taking Mood Juice in conjunction with Brain Juice, Liver Juice, Adrenal Recovery, and NYA Probiotic. This is my second time taking this combo and same as the last time the results are instant. I didn’t know where (under brain or mood) to leave the review because you can literally feel each one working immediately. My mood has improved literally after the first dose. I am way less edgy and moody. Also my brain fog is GONE. It has felt like I was under water with white noise and that has completely lifted. I am blown away with your products. The quality and effectiveness is something I have literally only found with your products. Thank you. ❤️


I’ve been using mood juice for 3 weeks now and I feel such a difference in my mood! Can’t wait to re-order!


WOW THIS STUFF WORKS. My husband has struggled with anxiety and depression for years but he has never wanted to take anything for it. In November, his depression was the worst I had ever seen in him. I didn’t given him a choice and ordered this, plus peace juice, and forced him to take it. By day 1, he said he felt much more relaxed and could breath a bit easier. By day 3, the constant pressure in his chest was gone. He is a changed person!! We just started month two and no stopping now. He has been the most calm, happy, and energetic person while going through one of the most stressful period of our life: buying our first home and renovating it ourselves (yes we are crazy). Olivia, I don’t know how to thank you for helping my husband and countless others by creating this product. I’m a huge fan of everything you do and will be a lifetime customer. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


I’ve used Mood Juice a couple of times a week for the past month or so, and it’s been pretty great. I’d describe it as a sort of pick-me-up; within the hour it just makes me a bit perkier, little happier. When I felt I was in a bad mood and I took this (mixed in my water), I did feel like it gave my brain a pep talk and then I just felt …better. I don’t know how to describe it otherwise. But I do recommend.


Was very skeptical that a small product like this can actually alter somebody’s mood into becoming a better mood but I was pleasantly surprised after using it just the first time how I felt a big relief. My husband says it makes him sleepy but I haven’t felt that myself personally


I don’t understand how this works at alll. I mean I read and do understand, but still I can’t believe it. I honestly had my doubts even though I love Olivia and have been reading her material for years. I just could not believe that something could help me after so many failed attempts. I could not get my mind to switch everything into something negative. I’ve had terrible anxiety induced chest pain and on and off depression since the age of 14. I’ve only been taking for 3 days and I could not believe the instant relief I felt. NO CHEST PAIN for 3 days now. A lot less negative self thoughts and just an amazing calmness. I almost felt like it was too good of a feeling and was thinking of taking less drops. It’s only been 3 days… it’s definitely just going to take some getting used to feeling so good after so many years of not. I’m in awe. Thank you Olivia! I’m excited for life now. My only regret is not trying sooner. If you’re reading this and aren’t sure.. just try!!! Will be starting brain juice this week and I’m soooo excited. Thank you!!!!!


After many experiences with having mood juice , I can say that this really does change your mood. I had a few instances this year where I was having some really bad family hardships and was finding myself frowning and having anxiety when I shouldn’t. Without even realizing , within an hour of taking mood juice , I feel this sense of “calming” over me. As if a light switch flicked and my mood literally worked up to feel happier. It’s amazing what he powers of herbs and the knowledge Olivia has to bring these products to light in the world.


I would 100% recommend Mood Juice to anyone feeling down. Over the years anytime I’ve been depressed or anxious and gone to the doctors the immediate suggestion is “Here! Take this pill!!” No pill has ever worked for me. Earlier this year I noticed myself sinking into a pretty dark depression and figured I would give Mood Juice a try. It was EVERYTHING! One of the coolest things I found about it was that I could take it for a while, notice a huge improvement in my mood and then I could stop and not sink right back into a depression. It was the perfect reset, I am a huge advocate for Olivia’s Probiotics and they did change my world but Mood Juice blew my mind. Olivia, YOU GO GIRL!! For creating this and all your other formulas, I haven’t tried them all yet but my trust in you, your brand and quality is as high as it gets!!

Hannah Patrick

Mood juice has been an absolute life saver for me! I make sure I take a dropper every single morning to start my day off right! I have found that it is exceptionally helpful when I feel my depression acting up or if I need a little extra boost of confidence. Seriously I cannot go a day without taking my mood juice!


I started taking Liver Juice and Mood Juice at the same time, which was roughly two weeks ago. I don’t even know where to begin—I can’t tell which tincture has eliminated what or if it’s the two of them working together, but they’ve completely changed my life. Around 2015, I developed anxiety, which has only gotten worse as time has gone by. Within that, I started having extreme digestive issues and a lot of discomfort around where my liver is. I had every test under the sun done to me, and everything came back that I was “fine.” My general practitioner suggested that it was psychosomatic and that I should see a therapist, which in fairness, did help, but it did not eliminate the issue. I’ve recently been to an Eastern medicine clinic, and he immediately identified my liver as a source of discomfort without me telling him, which was the push I needed to finally buy Liver Juice. My debilitating anxiety—and the feeling that I would soon need to be on medication for it—are what pushed me to buy Mood Juice. As soon as I got both, I started taking them together in a small glass of water every morning when I first wake up, and I immediately felt a difference. My liver discomfort has almost completely gone away, my anxiety levels are at an all-time low (I had bought Peace Juice, too, just in case, but have not even had to open it yet), my digestion (previously always bloated, indigestion, diarrhea, etc) has improved leaps and bounds, and my skin is clearing up. I AM IN DISBELIEF. These two products have fully blown me away, and I will always have on these in my daily routine for the rest of my life. Olivia, please never stop making these! You are my hero. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


These products are a life changer! I just order my second bottle of mood juice and liver juice. I have noticed the difference in my stress level. Going to school, working and having home renovation is being a lot of pressure lately, and this juice helps me to keep me calm and balanced. Thank you, Olivia!


These products are a life changer! I just order my second bottle of mood juice and liver juice. I have noticed the difference in my stress level. Going to school, working and having home renovation is being a lot of pressure lately, and this juice helps me to keep me calm and balanced. Thank you, Olivia!

Brenda Torres

I want to hug everyone in sight when I take mood juice. If I feel the slightest negative thought or catch a bad vibe I take mood juice and instantly feel my perspective and attitude improve.


This is the real deal! I love Organic Olivia because her products are affordable and they WORK. Let me tell you this mood juice can turn a b**** into a sweetheart haha. But all jokes aside, I love this stuff. It minimizes my stress, anxiety, and just helps me see the brighter side of things before I get pissed off. I definitely feel more balanced.

tahirah shamsiddeen

This is the first time in AGES I have taken a supplement and seen a result. Quality has really gone down in that industry it seems. But not with this! My mood ranges between stable and a deep happy. A happy that I can pause and feel. It’s not a fleeting feeling by any means. I take this every day and sometimes every 2 days. My period is 3 days away and I have ZERO PMS mood swings!!! Took about a week to really feel the change. AMAZING product!!

Rebecca R

I have been using Mood Juice for 6 months on a daily basis and it has been TRANSFORMATIVE. I am a law student and under a lot of stress. My reaction to MJ is IMMEDIATE and elevates my mood instantaneously. It helps with my general chronic fatigue- a true life saver.


It’s been two weeks I’ve been taking the mood juice everyday and i notice the difference, I’m less grumpy on daily basis and more calm. My husband started taking it with me as well and he’s getting less anxiety

Monica Griffin

I have waited a while to write this review but I would like to share my positive experience with Mood Juice. First off I purchased Mood Juice among other tinctures when they were first released even though I’m healthy and happy (most of the time) I was still highly interested in all Olivia’s products. The moment I started taking the mood juice I fell in love with its taste and I drink it every morning like tea. I feel drinking this every day has helped my work balance, mood, spirit and even helped me kick a few pounds. More recently I started giving Mood Juice to my 17 year old son who has always struggled with his emotions but the stresses of high school and social issues had him going down a dark path and on the verge of being diagnosed with depression. Then he got caught with a weed pen and I told him that wasn’t gonna help him in anyway and that if he wanted to get “high” he can get high off this Mood Juice. (I’m that parent sorry but sometimes you got to be blunt) Let me tell you he has been in the most amazing head space since taking this in June. No outbursts, hateful talk, self pitying, anything! I swear it has made the mood in our house so much better. Of course we all have some moments but again overall I think this has probably saved his life. And he loves taking it. I can’t wait to see if this will help when school starts back up in a few weeks but I’m sure it will and we will add peace Juice and brain Juice on top to make sure of it. Olivia is so amazing I share with everyone I know and I thank you for creating these products!


I’m on my 2nd bottle and am so appreciative of this formula. I’ve suffered from anxiety and depression for 8 years and have tried so many things without success. I think it took me longer than 2 weeks but I kept with it consistently and one day realized that the depression that usually hit before my period never came. I do notice the difference when I forget or don’t take it for a day or two. I’m so grateful for finding this!

Juliana Lara

I am truly happy that this product made a difference in my everyday life. I ran out about 2 weeks ago and decided to continue using this product for a bit longer. It would be awesome if this came in a bigger size. Thank you organic olivia!


I swear I’m the moodiest grumpiest person sometimes but whenever I feel that grumpy coming on, I take mood juice. Honestly I’m much more happy go lucky when I’m taking it. Every single time I know I’m going to socialize or see people that stress me, I take it and it works like a charm!


I’ve been on anti-depressants/anxiety for at least 7 years. About 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. For the past year, I’ve been trying to really get to know myself and fix some traits. I decided the best way to do that was to get off that medication so I could see, feel and understand the real me and what I was going through. It was really hard and I went really low. I came across Mood Juice, read the reviews, and placed my order. Best decision I’ve made. It really helps me stay in wise mind instead of only using my emotional mind. I’m able to process my emotions and act on them effectively and not be destructive. I’m extremely thankful. Mood Juice has saved my ass!!!!! It’s the best feeling actually being excited to live life and not dread it! Thankyou Olivia!

Scott Katler

This is a must try! I felt a surge of energy with Mood Juice. A coffee with two shots of espresso – kind of energy. Overall my mood was balanced all day long when taking this, no matter how much stress I was going through. I’ve been one week without it now, and can tell a huge difference! Will be re-purchasing soon.


AMAZING, BEST PRODUCT EVER. Now i am less irritable, more relax and calm. Thank you olivia


I’ve only been using this stuff for a few days now and I can feel a dramatic difference. I mix it in with my tea every morning and night. Just a dropper full! And I also take CBD oil in the morning. I think with using the two my anxiety and stress have decreased by ten fold. I finally have more patience, not as irritable, and can rationalize and think more clearly. This stuff is seriously the best!


OMG!! This is a must have for so many people, it literally gives you happy vibes. Does exactly what it says, boosts my mood and now I don’t feel so stressed out running around after my toddler. Tastes delicious too! our household LOOOVEESSS mood juice!!!!!!


OMG!! This is a must have for so many people, it literally gives you happy vibes. Does exactly what it says, boosts my mood and now I don’t feel so stressed out running around after my toddler. Tastes delicious too 😊 our household LOOOVEESSS mood juice!!!!!!


It helps me with my depersonalization that I experience with my depression and anxiety. It help me feel more normal and really enjoy my life without feeling in my head too much.


It helps me with my depersonalization that I experience with my depression and anxiety. It help me feel more normal and really enjoy my life without feeling in my head too much.


Just finished my first bottle of mood juice and I am SO ready to order a second. I feel like I have a much easier time controlling my emotions (especially during PMS!) when I’m taking this. I take it in the morning before work and I head out the door in a very level uplifted mood. Circumstances that arise at work or in my personal life that would generally stress me out seem not as intense. I feel as if my mind is calmer so I’m able to control my mood shifts more and not let stupid little things ruin my day. I *LOVE* this juice and will definitely become a Mood Juice regular.

Christie Simpson

I have tried a bunch of different things to try to elevate my mood on a daily basis . This by far has surpassed my expectations. As I told my friends it’s not like a light switch that goes off and all of the sudden your in a great mood , it’s subtle and even bad days don’t seem that bad . It’s a feeling of calm and peace that I feel. Would highly suggest it .

Yaneli Benitez Mata

LIFE CHANGER. ENERGIZER. JOY. GIDDY. HAPPINESS. This. Right. Here. Where to begin? This improves my mood, not only does it take away stress, depression, sadness, sleepiness, whatever it is that is keeping you down, but it can help you be less reliant on other “mood enhancers” like alcohol or THC. Mood Juice is there for you to give you that feeling of happiness and giddiness. This tincture has changed my life, as somebody who vapes THC everyday, this is slowly helping me to be less into that and more into this! I love THC for many reasons, but it does come with its “dumbing-down effects” which I have been experiencing more and more lately and as a result I want to lay off it. I’ve not quit, but I am not in need for it as much as I used to because this tincture right here. This LIT makes me feel like I am skipping above in the clouds, just joyous and in a great mood! I especially take this to work, since I work as a server and that can be quite stressful, and I feel great everyday at work. But don’t take it from me, which I already am a happy, hyper girl, most of the time, but the added happiness does not hurt! The moment I knew this formula is miraculous is when sister began to take it. She tends to be very moody at work since it is very stressful for her, and when I bought this for her to try, Oh my! She is so happy, and smiling at work all the time–she loves mood juice. She even says, “wow, who am i?! This is so not me!” This is a mood-booster. YOU WON’T REGRET IT! Mood Juice for life! Mood Juice, Brain Juice, and Sleep Juice. The three formulas I MUST have back stock of, I fear that when I run out, they will be out of stock so I always order extra–that’s how crazy I am for Olivia’s magic potions!! These are my babies and have changed my life.

Sara Valentin

The mood juice so far has been amazing! I have seen a drastic improvement in my mood swings. It helps to keep me feeling calmer throughout the day. Thank you, Organic Olivia! I just ordered the liver juice and will be ordering mane magic before it runs out!


I LOVE mood juice!! I actually notice a big difference in my happiness level when I take it. I’m currently at a stressful job that has drained me, and mood juice has really helped boost my mood! It also tastes great!


Mood Juice is great! I can tell such a huge difference when taking this. Less anxiety and an overall feeling of calm. Will always repurchase.

Linaida Ridderstaat

I’ve been ingesting the mood juice religiously for 2 weeks now and I’m in love! It keeps me centered and it’s great as a helping hand while preparing to meditate. My state of being is incredibly grateful for this product. Thank you for your loving products

angel L waddington

…this mood juice is awesome .I want to thank Olivia for making a great product that really works.No chemicals all natural.No pills for everyday challenges. Definitely going to order more when I finish this bottle.Also had coworker try it + now she has ordered her own mood juice.Thank you again Olivia…

Lisa Gold

Mood Juice has saved my life. I work in the operating room and it can be very stressful and it has taken a toll on me. I wasn’t able to leave work at work. I started taking Mood Juice in the AM before work and it has helped me focus and not become too overwhelmed. I also take it once I get home from work in the late afternoon so I can relax and focus on being at home and not at work. I was so stressed that I was also severely breaking out. With pairing Mood Juice with Liver Juice, my breakouts are practically gone. I cannot thank Olivia enough for this ! it is pure MAGIC!!!

Lisa Gold

This product is amazing. I take it once in the morning and once in the late afternoon. Helps me keep calm and relaxed throughout the day. I was so stressed before that I was breaking out, but since taking it, my acne has pretty much diminished. This stuff in incredible! Thank you Olivia!!


I have suffered from anxiety and depression for some time now and had found natural remedies to get out of my “near panic attacks” successfully. However, I was not being myself, I was simply neutral and blah. I decided to add the mood juice to my regimen to try and get my natural “pep in my step” feeling, and IT WORKED! I am beyond happy with this product and I have recommended it to every person I know who has suffered from anxiety and depression.

April R

Mood juice is my new BFF! She is there when I need her & never lets me down. If you ever have that dark cloud that comes and wants to rain on your parade, mood juice saves the day…every damn time! Within 10 mins of taking it, I can feel the could lift away and the sunshine breaks through! I’m on my second bottle and I rec. it to everyone! Thank you for making quality products Olivia!!!


Lets start with I left my family 6 years ago back in my country and im here all by myself, all i do is work work work, very hard to make new friends and well very hard for relatives to visit… I started new professional challenges and with that the anxiety came, added to the depression of being away from everyone and everything I love I got to a point where I would sleep in the couch for weeks cause my bed was full with laundry to fold and etc etc A very good friend of mine recommended the mood juice and it is UNBELIEVABLE how this little drops help… My levels of anxiety and depression are very under control and if by any chance I think of something that causes anxiety the thought on its own just go away… I did took antidepressants a couple years ago but they made me feel like a zombie 🧟‍♀️ (No feelings at all) so i flushed them because hey I wanna feel just not overwhelm myself with crazy thoughts Do yourself a favor BUY THIS! Youll see


I work in the operating room at a hospital, pretty high stress most of the time, helps me relax and calm down during the day


I got off of anti depressants a few months ago after being on them for over a year. I was really terrified about not having that crutch but I really wanted my bod to be chemical free! I started taking mood juice after my final dose of Zoloft. Let me tell you, I’ve never felt better. I am relishing more in the joys and ups in my days and I can handle everything else that comes my way. It really helps keep me riding high despite having adrenal fatigue and other issues that can drag me down. Seriously Olivia, thank you so much. I love mood juice and now buy 4 bottles at a time because I cannot go without it. 🙂


I deal with EXTREME anxiety and mood swings. Since taking Mood Juice, my mood has been SO much better and when I feel myself getting overwhelmed or anxious, I take a dropper and immediately can handle whatever it is that’s causing a surge. Yesterday, for the first time since I purchased it, I didn’t take mood juice in the morning and boy could I tell! My husband even said to me, “you didn’t take your mood juice today, did you?” I guess it was a pretty rough day for him too 🙂 Thank you Olivia for creating such wonderful products! I’m a customer for life!


I really like this product and feel the diffeence when I use it


Hello Everyone! I been taking this product for a while and waited to make a review because I thought maybe it was just in my head. But, let me just tell you THE MOOD JUICE IS MAGIC! I love it, I really do love it and can’t leave without it, specially when I’m getting my period. Before and during my period my mood changes and I get a bit out of control but the mood juice always calms me down-it makes me a nicer person :). THANK YOU Olivia, I’m really happy and proud of you for creating all these amazing products. P.S. Olivia, you have impacted my life in a positive way, way before you made these products.

Marina V.

This has been by far my favorite tincture I ordered from this site. I have more patience with my toddler and I feel more calm throughout the day. I can not go without this one, for sure!


So I’ve been using mood juice all week and wow. I suffer from depression and ptsd. I’ve been experiencing an episode and major bout of depression for the past year; in and out of it, but mostly in. I was on hardcore meds that made me feel like a complete zombie and not myself at all so I weaned off of them last August and I’ve just been dealing ….. I feel a major shift in my mood when I take mood juice and I just want to say THANK YOU……I was so afraid I would just be a medicated mess for the rest of my life and so craved a natural way to help me. I can not wait to delve deeper into your products and finally heal my mind and body. ~Love~


Highly recommended this product! I wanted an all natural remedy for my anxiety! I take this morning and night then peace juice when needed. I can definitely tell a difference since taking this!! I already re ordered my second bottle! Thank you Olivia. Found you through Alicia Dimichele.


I can’t say enough about how amazing this product is! It has made such a difference in my overall stress level and demeanor. I notice that I’m much more relaxed and less stressed – incidents or situations that would have been a stressor for me in the past rarely affect me anymore. I’ve been taking Mood Juice for about 2 months now and noticed a shift around week 2-3. I also have the Peace Juice, but I haven’t had to use it in 3 weeks now. Highly recommend these products!


Best product Olivia makes! It helps me during hard times of stress or depression improve my room significantly. I didn’t expect a natural product to help me this much. Will buy again and again!

Tanya A Vazquez

my life is forever changed. After a series of moments of contrast and momentum I felt helpless , alone and low. This has made me feel lighter in a fundamental way. It’s been about a month and It has made me feel peaceful and aligned in situations where I would have otherwise crumbled. I’m in the service industry and an actor and the benefit to feeling cool in a vacuum of emotions and pressure is indespensible. Mood juice has made my feelings of stillness something I crave instead of squirm in. Im enjoying myself more in my body rather than trying to distract myself from my own living experience. I look forward to combining this with adrenal recovery and feeling balanced and grounded. I am so proud of you Olivia for moving torwards your passions and curiosity ; your work has made me feel like I can function fully in the world .


I’ve been taking mood juice for a few months now and find that I have a more stable attitude and can be more myself at work, particularly when things get hectic (as they inevitably do). I used to get so mad and worked up throughout the day and literally block other people out to get through, but finding I have a more positive demeanor towards how we can get through hectic times. It is actually a running joke now in my team in the lead up to a big project that I’ll need my mood juice, with another colleague wanting to try it out!


Mood juice has changed my life!!! I have been struggling with mild to severe depression since puberty really but especially since 2013. I was suicidal for a few months later that next year and I luckily pulled myself out of that. But after debating going on antidepressants (which I’m strongly against) suggested by my therapist, I decided to try mood juice as a like one last try type of thing. After taking it twice a day every day for a few months now, wow. It’s seriously night and day. My husband even told me he’s noticed that I carry myself totally different and I look so happy. I truly am the happiest I’ve ever been and am so thankful I found mood juice! Thank you Olivia for this product! Don’t ever stop making it! I will be a lifelong consumer!

Lisa Boone

I bought Mood Juice for my fiancé hoping that he would find some relief from the stresses of his work environment. Little did I know that he would be raving about it and requested that I order him two more bottles! He feels more energetic, positive, and focused. He used to heavily rely on cannabis as a way to de-stress and calm down but he was losing motivation. Mood Juice is always with him! He also couldn’t help but spread the word about your tincture with his colleagues and they are sold! I don’t use the Mood Juice as much as he does but I love your Mane Magic, Allergy Defense Tonic, ParaPro, and Probiotic. I’ve been following you for the past five years and I believe in you every step of the way. Thank you for empowering us!


I ordered Mood Juice along with the Brain Juice. The product tastes great, but I can’t say I’ve noticed any positive (or negative) effects at all. I will continue to take it and update if anything changes.


On my second bottle! I take mood + brain juice every morning before work and have a bottle of peace juice on my desk! Mood and brain juice help me power through groggy mornings and peace juice gives me calm and relieves my anxious jitters before leading meetings. I don’t think I can live without any of these ever again!


Mood juice is my favorite product that Olivia makes. Before ordering this product, I was a very grumpy gal and was taking out my frustration and anger on my family. (If you’re familiar with Ayurveda, I had a LOT of pitta energy–fiery and irritated!) But after taking this product every morning, I have become happier, calmer, and more patient. I’ve even picked up a new hobby and have also been keeping up with my exercise daily which hasn’t happened to me in years!! Seriously, little things don’t bother me anymore, and I can even express gratitude! Thank you so much Olivia, I haven’t felt this good in a long time. Life is bright again 🙂


I hate that I took this long to write a review but oh my gosh what an incredible product. Like grade A quality. Wow. Organic Olivia is thriving in everything she’s reaching to achieve. This Mood Juice here is a gem. I feel more awake, more active. But.. me personally I do suffer from periods of depression so when I am feeling low, I’ll take 1 dose and I’m good. I’ve been following Olivia since she was first selling jewelry on her website and to see her come up with products that she’s put so much hardwork and love into is so awesome. I will soon be buying the first aid kit🙏 and I just wanna end off by saying that, Olivia, you are doing amazing sweetie. Please continue to spread your knowledge and love all across because we deeply need and appreciate it 💜


I’m loving my juice!! Drinking it about one to two time a day depending but always first thing in the morning. Definitely feeling more of a pep in my step. I’ve also noticed I haven’t gotten ANY migraines since I started juicing! I’m not sure if it’s a direct correlation of taking mood juice but hey I’ll take it!

Bianca Sanchez

I love mood juice. I am a mom of 2 children, a social worker and currently getting my grad degree. My life is always so hectic and I can become extremely intense and mean when I feel over whelmed. Since I started using mood juice I am able to respond better and I feel happier. My husband always asks me “Did you take your mood juice today?” Haha! I also love the taste of it. I drink mine straight without any water!

Katelyn Nguyen

I don’t really leave reviews, but this product changed my life. I feel like work and life in general had really affected me and I was feeling like I was in a black hole. I let other people’s mood affect my mood and felt responsible for their mood which in turns went down spiral. I felt sorry for myself and haven’t felt like myself in years. With taking mood juice, I notice I actually strike up conversations more at work and feeling like myself more. I walk around feeling like a majestic unicorn that leave track of sprinkles instead of walking around with a black cloud over my head. I feel good, I feel myself, I joke more, I laugh more. I’m so glad I discovered Olivia’s products. Thank you so much Olivia!


Absolutely can’t live without it. Haven’t seen a day I can’t get through since I started taking this. If I have a bad encounter/argument with someone and it is giving me anxiety or stress I take a double dose and feel better in literal minutes. This has changed my life. My family and I are hooked.


best. product. EVER!!! i also bought a bottle for my friend and she loves it too. can’t wait for a restock!!


Loving it!! Seriously works


Love Mood Juice! I really have noticed a difference in my overall mood and when dealing with stressful situations. I usually get annoyed with people who are in a naturally good mood around me…but this has allowed me to join them rather than want to stab them in the eye!


I absolutely love this! It has changed my life for the better. It helps me in the mornings which have been the hardest for me. It has completely changed my life and it helps me get through my days! Love it!!!!


Mood juice takes about 4 to 5 days to kick in as in the case for me and my co-worker who introduced me to Organic Olivia. Once it kicked in my mood had definitely improved. I am such an anxious person and this juice has definitely helped with my nervous system. The other day at work everyone seemed so grumpy except me. But what convinced me was when I was on my cycle and yet I still liked my husband LOL. My poor husband is usually my target when I am PMSing. I am sure he is happy that I am on Mood Juice.


Amazing!! Will definitely purchase again and explore other products. I had been so stressed with work and life in general that I wasn’t sleeping well. This helped my overall mood within days and I only used 1 day in the morning. I’d give 10 stars if I could.

Simone McMahon

This has changed my life. Plain and simple. THANK YOU OLIVIA!


This product is a life changer. I am usually very depressed in the morning. I set my alarm take this and then 1/2 hr later I wake up and feel like I can take on the day. It helps me so much I can’t imagine not having it. Thank you Olivia for this amazing Mood Juice!!


Wow. Mood Juice has totally changed my anxiety and my long days at work. Like other people have said, I’ve noticed that when something bothers me or annoys me, I can recognize that it annoys me but it seems separate from how I actually feel, which is energized and happy. Seeing as I’m a high school teacher and many things annoy me (ha!), this is revolutionary. I’ve noticed I enjoy my students more and my anxiety is greatly reduced. I took it recently to help with how tough 35 hours of travel to Vietnam would be and it hardly ruffled me at all because of the amazing Mood Juice. LOVE this product.


I suffer from major anxiety and depression. However, I’ve always felt uncomfortable with the idea of taking pharmaceutical medications. No matter how bad my mental health would get, I just always had a feeling that I should stay natural with whatever tools I use to take the edge off. I came across mood juice, as I’ve been a huge follower of Olivia for years. IT HAS BEEN AMAZING! I feel energetic yet super calm in how I react to things. Even my boyfriend has noticed a difference. This is after about a month of use. It is literally changing my life!


I may just be a tad obsessed with Olivia’s tintures. I’ve been taking brain juice and mood juice together every morning for a little over a month and I find myself more focused, calm, and less stressed. Soo thankful for these!

MaryAnn Lentz

I started this, the liver juice, and CBD oil all at the same time, so I was a little nervous to see if I would notice any difference, utilizing all these tools. I noticed just within a few days, that my longer work days didn’t seem too terrible, but let. me. tell. you. Last week, my ONLY day off of the week, my water heater broke, my first day of my cycle started, AND I got a speeding ticket all in the same day. Before, I would’ve crawled in my bed & hid under the covers for a week, but I went about my day, just as normal! The fact that I didn’t have a meltdown that day really shows the amazing wonders of a mood juice + CBD oil combo can do!


What I’ve noticed about using Mood Juice is that it takes the edge off for me. I am very anxious and quickly get myself worked up. But with Mood Juice, I’ve noticed that I’m not so quick to freak out! It gives me the ability to take a deep breath, and take a step back. I’m also generally in a better mood! I feel like Mood Juice will continue to be good for my well being. Thank you.


Love this mood juice. I have been taking it for almost 3 weeks and seriously cannot go without it!!! I definitely will order more when I’m out. I missed one day and everyone at worked asked what was wrong with me that day and it must have showed ! Love this and I actually like the taste. Thank you again !

Alejandra Ramirez

I HAVE to leave a review for this. This tincture has honestly changed my entire outlook on life lol I recently went through a very bad breakup and I suffer from bad depression so I spent my entire days sleeping. I wouldn’t even shower or leave my bed. I received my tinctures (Brain & Liver too) March 5th & started taking them 3x/daily to get myself started and now 2 weeks later I am out every single day being productive and energetic. I am full of life & i speak to absolutely anybody!!! My friends have noticed such a huge difference in my mood and overall happiness level. These tinctures and everything Olivia makes is life changing. I am seriously ordering 4 of everything right now lol


I love Olivia’s tinctures becuase you can feel the effects from the first use! This instantly regulated my mood. I struggle with anxiety, depression, and sensitivity/overly empathetic. From day one of use I felt more calm, centered, and just normal! When life throws me curves balls I feel like I respond with a normal stress response versus getting overly emotional. I then saw the biggest change when I added the brain juice with the mood juice because the brain juice then help with my focus and mindfulness. Mindful = less stress/anxiety. Olivia, your products have helped me so much! Thank you for being so thoughtful in your creations! You have changed my life.


I bought mood juice after seeing Olivia’s story on instagram how it helps with brain fog and lack of motivation. as a daily Cannabis user (over 10+years) I would wake up feeling drain and low energy not looking forward to the day ahead of me, &not motivation at all. I noticed an immediately difference in the first day. My intention purchasing mood juice was to cut back the use/ stop relying on Cannabis. I have now stopped all together (with the help of mood juice my craving/ feeling as though I need it is gone) and I see a huge difference in my mood& have been more motivated and productive. Thank you for this wonderful product Olivia it truly works wonders and I will be purchasing more! I am looking forward to trying out other products. I would recommend this to all- if you are looking to cut back on Cannabis or just to uplift your mood. This product is amazing!


Mood juice is absolutely life changing! It has helped me reduce cravings to smoke marijuana, as well as keep me in a good and positive mood all day. I just placed an order for my second bottle and will be trying out peace juice as well. Very excited!!!!! Thank you Olivia for such amazing and quality products.

Mallory Elizabeth Oswald

Mood Juice is my daily savior. I feel like nothing gets in my way when I take it. Things that would normally bother me just don’t when I take mood juice and when I don’t take it I can tell I am just blah and not as upbeat as I normally am when I take it. I am naturally an optimistic person but after having kids I noticed that stress and anxiety effected me differently. Mood Juice absolutely helps with my new every day “stressers”…they dont seem like “stressers” anymore.


Mood juice is a life saver for me. I noticed the difference the moment I started to actually cook for myself. I’m not a big fan of cooking, but mood juice gives me motivation & a extra push at work as well. I work with patients all day, & it gives me anxiety at times. But mood juice helps me with that & keeps me in a chipper mood on long days. I’m just so happy I found this product & I’m never letting go. Thank you so much !


Olivia….. I can sleep! Now that my hormones are all balanced (thanks to liver juice and hormone master) I started working on my social anxiety, manic episodes, insomnia. And mood juice has me sleeping through the night! I am also more focused, less manic. I can get through a study session without wanting to put my eyes out. You’re an angel. Keep creating and I promise to always hype you up ❤️


This Mood Juice has completely changed my life and I can’t thank Olivia enough for it. I suffer from both postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety and I’ve felt like I hit a wall on doing better. A mutual friend suggested that I try out Mood Juice because of her much it’s helped her. Within days, my energy levels shifted completely. I have more patience and handle my day-to-day tasks with a lot more ease. My relationship took a turn for the better and I’ve been more pleasant and we seem just enjoy each other’s company more. I don’t feel as stressed and my mood doesn’t seem to experience those rollercoaster-like shifts anymore — even when I miss a day or two. I also just order Brain Juice, as I work a very demanding full time job, have a young child and run a blog which can cause me to feel overwhelmed and lose focus. Excited to try this combo. Thank you Olivia for all that you do!

Hassandra Terrell

Started the mood juice today omg I feel so good I was cleaning my apartment and started dancing and pop locking then I started crying but they were happy tears I love this product !!!!!


I loveeeee the Mood Juice! I am usually super moody and grumpy the week before my cycle and did not deal with it at all this time around. I’ve had more patience and have been overall more relaxed and happy and balanced. I’ve also struggled with anxiety and panic attacks in the past and this has helped me so much when I’ve felt stressed out. I am so happy I found this product!


The biggest thing I’ve noticed about using Mood Juice is that it takes the edge off for me. Let me explain: I can overreact to situations quickly and get myself worked up. But with Mood Juice, I’ve noticed that I’m not so quick to freak out! It gives me the ability to pause, take a deep breath, and take a step back. I’m also just generally in a better mood! I feel like Mood Juice helps me be the best version of myself.


This is my favorite product by Olivia! I take this daily!! This has helped me tremendously! I have anxiety and I believe this has made me feel more confident. It also helps on those long NJ winter days!


Mood Juice is another gem that I’ve been using on a daily basis for a week now. My 9-5 as a Bankruptcy Paralegal can get pretty stressful. I’ll be super stressed out, overwhelmed, lack of energy & my patience was low. Mood Juice has helped me immensely. I have more patience, I haven’t gotten stressed out- the huge part is when client are upset I just sit and listen & not take in their negative energy. I’m also more positive with myself, & patient with my life path. Thank you, Olivia & your team ♥️✨


I’ve struggled with anxiety and the subsequent bouts of depression for the last 3 years. The combo of brain juice and mood juice (2x day) have been game changers for me. It wasn’t until the second month I was using Olivia’s products that I really started noticing an overall mood change. I no longer have days with super high highs and low lows. My emotional state has been the most balanced it has been in the last 30 years of my life! I absolutely recommend these products and this company has gained a lifetime customer.

Samantha Payne

I can’t rave about this enough! Mood Juice is so amazing for those days where you wake up and just already feel like ugh!! I quickly go make my tea and a squeeze of the dropper into it and I already have a sense of controlling my emotions for the good. I have followed Olivia for a while now and I finally started buying her tinctures and really working on appreciating and caring for myself (huge step!). I bought Mood Juice knowing I was going to graduate in December and I would have a lull of not working as much or going to school while I figure out what I want to do for a career (perfect recipe for depression). Mood Juice helped me to find the positive side to life a bit easier. I started taking this off and on but within the last week or so I have been taking it daily, except yesterday, when I didn’t take it and noticed a HUGE difference. Noticing the difference is what led me to write this review and order another bottle and the entire set of tinctures while I was at it. Olivia, you have given so much of yourself and I can’t thank you enough. Your journey has led me to become more aware of my own journey and being more conscious of my vessel, my thoughts, my actions, my environment, the food I eat and even the possible mold growing in my house (going to buy a test because I found mold spores in my medicine cabinet last week like WHHHHAATTTTT??!!). You have truly become a positive inspiration in my life and I can’t thank you enough! I am so excited to start my parasite cleanse and try out the tinctures! Hair formula, I can’t waitttt!! Now to get my friends, family and boyfriend to jump on the train w me!


For the majority of my teenage years, I experienced extreme mood swings, cystic acne, and I would have occasional suicidal thoughts. I was diagnosed with P.M.D.D (premenstural dysphoric disorder) when i was 20 years old. It was a relief to learn that the problems I was experiencing were due to hormonal imbalance. My OBGYN put me on an anti depressant but I was determined to find ways to overcome my disorder without having to take pharmaceuticals. Through years of therapy and practicing mindfulness I was able to control some of this. But with mood juice mixed with liver juice, I feel like I have complete control. I take them both every morning with homemade ginger tea. Normally the week before my period I hate myself, I cry uncontrollably, and I break out in cysts. But with my juices, I am my usual happy, optimistic, self loving, self. I also take peace juice if I need a quick boost!

Bridgette Flores

I started taking this juice in November and it has been a LIFE SAVER. I started to experience, for the first time, back in July some mild depression/anxiety that related to a GI problem I was experiencing. I was desperate to try and find a HOLLISTIC solution. I don’t remember how/ or simply just fate but I found Organic Olivia on my Instagram page and started to read more and more into her story and her tinctures and I believed in her and ordered. I thank my lucky stars I did, because Mood juice has helped me SO much! I’m in a positive state of mind, and I feel GOOD! Also even my sexual drive was elevated (not sure if I am the only one). I believe in this product so much I have told friends and even bought my mother (who is 62 and has a temper/mood swings) this tincture and she told me she is running out and to order 2 more bottles! She has found her mood much better and positive! I can’t say enough of how grateful I am that Olivia has made this product because it truly has helped me and my mother and so many others. Thank you Olivia x3

Noemi Pujols

The brain juice and mood juice combo in my morning hot lemon water or peppermint tea is now part of my regular morning routine. This comes through every time I take it!! No side effects, no aftermath just knocking down to-do lists and feeling good. It’s the perfect boost to my every day without causing any harm! It’s a secret weapon!

Patricia Gonzalez

I LOVE MOOD JUICE. Out of all the tinctures Olivia made, this is the ONE I personally think had the most effect on me. It has CHANGED MY LIFE, no lie. I’m a moderately healthy person. In my 20’s, my diet is based around whole-organic foods, I exercise, don’t really take medicine or get sick often, teeth in great health, yada yada yada. I’m a very moody person (I have ways of working with it), and from time to time I feel like I have “sad periods of time,” example: I start crying for no reason, I get worked up over silly things, I can’t control my emotions, etc. Ever since I started taking Mood Juice, I would say that all of these behaviors have slowly started to diminished. I also work as a behavioral therapist with children and man, it DRAINS my energy. Whenever I take Mood Juice before work, I find it a bit easier to cope and I don’t feel as exhausted after my shifts. Also, I feel like my body is very sensitive to herbs, so I don’t usually take the tincture in high amounts. I put a couple of drops in my water bottle multiple times throughout the day (usually in between meals). I’ve been taking Mood Juice almost every day for over a month. The days that I don’t take it, I usually have emotional fits. This tincture is amazing. I hype it up in my IG all the time LOL I will buy again once its back in stock!!

Dana Gore

Mood Juice is an every day staple for me now. I can tell a big difference in my overall mood and anxiety. If I don’t take it for a few day, there is a noticeable difference in my mood. I take it with my hot tea usually 3 times a day, but at least once in the morning. I love it and willl buy again when it’s back in stock. Thank you Olivia! I look forward to future products.


These tinctures are life changers, just the boost I need before a long day at the office or as I raise my two vibrant little ones. I genuinely have felt a shift since I started taking them. My mom deals with thyroid issues and her mood fluctuates, but she has gladly taken them since I received them, because she also feels the difference. Which says a lot because my mom usually doesn’t take anything of this nature, lol (see what I did there.) Thank you Olivia and everyone that is behind your amazing products, you all are a God send.

Daniela Pacheco

I had been diagnosed with postpartum depression and was taking medication. The side effects of the medication were terrible and I asked my doctor if I could switch to something natureal and she told yes. I resarched a lot and decided to try mood juice from Olivia. Let me tell I feel like a completely different person. My energy levels are better and my mood swings are gone. I feel happier and more like myself again. Thank you so much Olivia for his magic potion.

Nicholle Cash

I am a mother of a lovely 10 month old baby, and I also work full time for a non profit that I adore. BUT, I get tired, and overwhelmed, and little triggers (like the dishes piling up in the sink) sometimes feel like the end of the world. Mood Juice has helped me regain balance and inhale the positive while exhaling the small stuff. My entire household is more at ease because I am less tense and able to relax a little easier. LOVE THIS STUFF!

Dominique Morgan

I love this juice! When I first started taking it I was so discouraged because I couldn’t see immediate results, at this time I was using about 20 drops in my water but I’ve recently been adding the same amount to my morning tea and it’s made all the difference. I genuinely feel more optimistic and open to doing other things that could improve my mood. It’s such a relief because I was worried this product might not work. I do find that I need a little extra something in times of really high stress or depression but for the most part it keeps me from being in an overall state of depression. I’m really curious about how peace juice and brain juice would affect my mood and out look when combined with mood juice. Definitely going to reorder 🤗🤗🤗

Dominique Morgan

I love this juice! When I first started taking it I was so discouraged because I couldn’t see immediate results, at this time I was using about 20 drops in my water but I’ve recently been adding the same amount to my morning tea and it’s made all the difference. I genuinely feel more optimistic and open to doing other things that could improve my mood. It’s such a relief because I was worried this product might not work. I do find that I need a little extra something in times of really high stress or depression but for the most part it keeps me from being in an overall state of depression. I’m really curious about how peace juice and brain juice would affect my mood and out look when combined with mood juice. Definitely going to reorder 🤗🤗🤗


As soon as Olivia launched her tinctures I jumped on the brain, liver, sleep, and digestive juices because that was what I thought I would get the most use out of. Of course, we all know that those juices are the bomb too and I never want to live life without any of them…but! I felt especially compelled to write about the Mood Juice because 1. I didn’t think it was going to do much 2. I’ve taken St Johns Wart before and it didn’t do anything 3. I put off getting it for so long and now its one of my favorites! I am dealing with a lot of pressure at work right now and am in a situation that would *normally* send me into a stress cycle, yet, I feel incredibly calm, clear, and at peace. I am a hell of a lot more loving towards my husband and I laugh a LOT more than I used to because I used to get caught up on stupid things. I never thought I was “depressed” or even sad, but compared to how I feel now (with nothing else in my life really changing to account for how much better I feel) I feel like I must have been deficient somewhere! I am so grateful that these products exist and that I have an herbal “tool kit” that keeps me feeling my best. I use ALL the juices ALL day long and each has a near and dear place in my heart. I love the convenience of the travel kit and I recommend these products to EVERYONE. Seriously, everyone in my family got at least one tincture for Christmas 🙂 Thank you so much Olivia for always creating the best of the best!


I went through a breakup and this arrived the day after and I can honestly say that it has helped me exponentially. It also tastes WAY better than I was expecting! The only flavor I can taste is the holy basil, which I think tastes great! Love love love this stuff!


Great fun that I decided to order this! Makes a noticeable difference in my day. I can’t wait to try other products


I don’t remember which friend told me to follow Olivia on instagram but I am so grateful I did! I feel like I was born stressed out and for the past few years and especially the last few months I’ve been overly stressed, easily frustrated and dealing with a lot personally. As well as having a very rewarding yet emotionally difficult job working with cancer patients. Not to mention I am a mom of a beautiful, super energetic 3 year old. Around that time of the month, I feel like I am on the edge x1000! I was going through Olivia’s saved stories and saw mood juice and then looked at the reviews and decided to try it out! THIS STUFF IS AMAZING. The first time I tried it, I felt almost instant relief to the point where I thought it must’ve been psychological but I was so at ease, that I felt slightly high! I wasn’t yelling at my son as he did naked summersaults off the bed, and I felt like myself for the first time in years. I was handling situations better, more focused and just all around so much more grounded. I simply cannot be more grateful for Olivia and this product for being a step in getting myself and my life back to feeling, not so overwhelming all the time.


Olivia!!! You rock! I bought this mood juice for my moody husband but then quickly realized that maybe it would help my moody 12 year old. I give her 10 drops every morning and we are all so impressed with the results. She says she just feels better over all! My husbands moods have improved aswell. Thanx for caring for all of us !


I take this Mood Juice every morning (1 dropper full in a glass of water) and it has really helped to soothe as well as relax my mind which is amazing for anyone like myself who deals with depression or mood swings. Over time I’ve found that it gives me clarity, keeps me grounded, I’m more positive and it allows me to be in a state of wellness where I can practise other self care methods such as mindfullness or deep breathing with ease. If I’m having a particular stressful day I pair this up with Peace Juice and it works wonderfully for anxiety and depression! Also it tastes sweet (like juice) so it is very palatable!

Karen Moshe

This Mood Juice is a god sent. I didn’t realize how much of a difference it made until I forgot to take it one morning and realized how irritable and snappy I am. This Mood Juice really gives you the patience and peace of mind you need. I am the person I always wanted to be; kind, loving and patient. Life is good.


I suffer from anxiety and depression and my panic attacks and depressive episodes were mild and infrequent until recently, where I would be experiencing one or the other or both nearly every day and would be unable to get out of bed on weekends/evenings. Within a few hours from taking this the first time, I experienced complete relief. It was like breaking through a fog. My mood has been much more stable and steadily increasing every day I take this. I’m so grateful for these tinctures.

zeinab alliji

Amazing formula- I didn’t think I was mood troubles, but as soon as I started taking this I had so much energy than before.

Yahaira Lara

This little guy is amazing! I’m in a better mood because of it. It’s helped me calm down and I’m a lot happier than before.


I am a mother of 2 sons and 3 dogs. I’ve been struggling a lot with brain fog and depression lately. This Mood juice has been a godsend paired with Peace juice. The last 2 days the fog has cleared and I been in a much more upbeat happy mood. Thank you so much ! This is a great product!


I can not describe in words how quick this liver juice changed my life!!! I have noticed a huge change in my mood,, by weight, and my attitude! I seriously believe this is a miracle juice 🙌🏻 Olivia, I think you should change the name to that 😂 All jokes aside though, I highly highly recommend you include this in your daily routine! I feel so much better now and it literally took couple days to see the difference. Thank you Olivia for creating an AMAZING “miracle” juice! It’s amaxing. Thank you 🙏🏻


My WIFE was able to see a big difference in my mood so I guess that speaks for itself. Thank you olivia!


I AM SO GRATEFUL TO HAVE FOUND MOOD JUICE. Let me begin by saying, I have suffered from severe anxiety since childhood. I have given up on trying to find cures (as the ones I’ve found have only slightly worked for mild anxiety attacks). I tried Mood Juice, because a friend reccomended it and I thought, why not. I’ve been taking it for about two weeks and I’ve found my anxiety almost eliminated completely. I’ve also found my thought process to be much more positive, whereas before any minor inconvenience would set me off. Even when bad news or inconveniences come about, I’m able to reconcile with myself and see the positives and how could it have been worse. I’m forever grateful for Mood Juice. Never would I have thought I would be able to fight my anxiety and depression. I feel I’m now the one able to help others see the bright side of things. For anyone reading this, you can do this! There is so much light on the other side.


I am really happy with this product! Sadly I have experienced depression before and i work hard to overcome it every time it creeps back. But it started to come back more frequently and got harder to deal with. I am sooo happy that Organic Olivia released this product. I read that it can take up to two weeks to start showing efficacy. So I would take 1-3 doses every day. First of all, it doesn’t have a bad taste. I take it straight up but it also is nice mixed with water. Now I am about 3 weeks in and…. wow. Yes I still get some sadness, especially when some triggers are presented to me. Before mood juice, I would dwell for days. Now, the sadness is so brief and I am able to move on, even when I am presented with my biggest triggers! I absolutely plan to continue to take this product. I’ve recommend this product to my friends and family who can’t seem to get over a slump, just like I used to be. I feel powerful and in control, while before I felt like a victim to my depressive feelings. Thank you so much Olivia.


With Aunt Flo at my doorstep, I had been in a funk all day. When I got home my package had arrived and I immediately took mood juice on an empty stomach. With in about 15 minutes I could feel the anger melting off! Holy smokes if this can calm my rage, I bet it will do wonders for you! I’m also a twin mom and some days my sons are very “trying”, this is going with me everywhere!!!!!!


Thank you so much to you are your team for these amazing tinctures. The amount of knowledge you spread to us (freely) we don’t deserve you! I’m a mom of a 1 1/2 year old girl. They say that you don’t start feeling like yourself or body isn’t done healing for almost 5 years. These past few days I have felt more like myself than I have in 2 years. Mood Juice is breaking me out of my toxic routine of thoughts and just making me see more clear. I’m 27 years old and watching how young you are and what you have accomplished/accomplishing is giving me so much hope. Thank you!

Idys angel

I’ve been struggling with pretty severe anxiety since April. I have tried almost everything and the anxiety and panic attacks were still coming strong. You have totally changed my life with Peace juice & Mood juice and I cannot thank you enough.I was literally anxious all day everyday and just wanting to sleep it off- not good. Now I’m enjoying my family and sitting at the park watching my 4 year old practice soccer- anxiety free!

Allie Beach

Hi!! I am a mom of 2 boy (5yr and 3yr) this weekend we were stuck inside due to lots of rain… Mood Juice saved my mom guilt and helped me regroup so I didn’t lose my mind 😂 mom-ing isn’t always easy and I LOVE the mood juice!!! Will have on reorder

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