Liver Juice

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Liver Juice
Liver Juice
Liver Juice
Liver Juice
Liver Juice
Liver Juice
Liver Juice
Liver Juice
Liver Juice
Liver Juice


Health Benefits
  • Supports healthy liver detoxification in those who are feeling sluggish, overburdened or cannot detoxify properly
  • Supports the resolution of acne and other skin issues
  • Assists hormone balance by supporting pathways involved in hormone excretion
  • Supports the smooth flow of bile for optimal fat digestion
  • Aids in detoxification of environmental toxins
  • Supports a healthy response to stress by lessening anger and frustration
  • Supports healthy detoxification
  • Assists skin complaints
  • Aids hormone balance
  • Hangover support
Liver Juice

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, one of the most important puzzle pieces of overall health is the health of the liver.

Liver detoxification has become increasingly important in our modern world full of environmental chemicals, and the absolute best way to achieve this is to support your liver’s own pathways and functions with gentle and nutritive plant medicine.

If you are feeling sluggish, experiencing acne or skin and digestive issues, or dealing with hormone imbalance, one of the first things to consider is how well you are supporting your liver. By providing nutrients and cofactors to this vital organ, you help your liver in its quest to protect you by effectively eliminating toxins and excess hormones. This ensures the function and balance of your entire system.

Regularly taking herbs that support the work your elimination organs are already doing is the best way to “cleanse” the liver. Certain plant phytochemicals and nutrients were designed by nature to improve your both phase I & II of your liver’s detoxification pathways.

Liver Juice is designed to not only help reduce more acute symptoms, like acne, bloating and gas, but is excellent for long-term ailments as well such as hormone imbalance, liver inflammation and, elevated enzymes.

With detoxification-supporting ingredients, Liver Juice is an excellent tool to get your system eliminating all we’re exposed to on a daily basis so that you feel and function better. By taking one full squeeze of the dropper bulb 1-3x daily, you’ll feel clearer, lighter, and confident that you’re protecting your liver cells from both current and/or future damage.

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The super-herbs in our blend:

  1. Oregon Grape Root – a bitter and detoxifying herb that helps move stagnation within the liver and digestive tract; an excellent promoter of bile secretion.
  2. Milk Thistle Seed – a powerful liver cleanser that helps rebuild and protect liver cells as it removes toxins from the body. Also reduces free radical production and oxidative damage while inhibiting the binding of toxins to the liver.
  3. Burdock Root – an excellent herb for blood purification, bile excretion, and liver restoration.
    Also promotes blood circulation to the skin surface, which improves skin health.
  4. Dandelion Root – a natural diuretic which helps the liver eliminate toxins more efficiently, Dandelion root stimulates bile and relives liver congestion.
  5. Fresh Turmeric Root – a highly effective phase II detoxifier with powerful anti-inflammatory effects. Protects the liver from toxic compounds and reduces micro-inflammation in the gut.
  6. Bupleurum Root – helps with liver stagnation, difficulty digesting fats, bloating, and liver sluggishness.
  7. Beet Root – both a natural blood and liver cleanser, Beet Root helps the body detoxify heavy metals, environmental toxins, and and excess hormones.
  8. Red Root – recognized as one of the most highly valued ingredients in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Red Root clears away dead cellular tissue and stimulates circulation.




A couple of weeks into using this every day I noticed my skin began to clear, especially around the chin area. I’ve liked it so far and am almost out so will definitely be ordering a new one because I’m sure there are even better long term results. It tastes really good too so taking it every morning is effortless. I’m also really looking forward to the upcoming hair formula!

Laura Hincapie

A couple of weeks into using this every day I noticed my skin began to clear, especially around the chin area. I’ve liked it so far and am almost out so will definitely be ordering a new one because I’m sure there are even better long term results. It tastes really good too so taking it every morning is effortless. I’m also really looking forward to the upcoming hair formula!


I bought this about 3 weeks ago and the biggest difference I noticed was that I did not get severely horrible menstrual cramps on the first day of my period. Usually, It would be so bad I would be stuck in the bathroom, nauseous and doubled over in pain for 1-2 days. I got minor cramps for one day and then the rest of my cycle was fine. Great formula Olivia : )


I just love all of Olivia’s products and what she stands for. I love the herbals and that they are safe and effective with no negative side effects. The liver juice is great, has helped my mood and libido tons! Absolutely love her probiotics also… they’re the best! I appreciate you and what you’re doing. Thank you so much!!


tastes good and I feel like it’s really been cleansing me out without any bad detox symptoms which I typically get when doing anything that’s cleansing!


Hi Olivia!! I purchased the liver juice last week because this year I decided to stop taking the hormonal birth control pill which brought back horrible cystic chin acne. I’ve been off of BC for 9 months now and I still battle with that lovely chin acne before my period (and little ones throughout the month) I started taking this last Wednesday and it’s cleared up my hormonal chin acne completely!!! (Even this past weekend I went out drinking – which I knew would not help my acne – but because of this amazing lil medicine I didn’t break out) This was the little boost I needed to address my hormonal acne – thank you so much for your loving and healing tinctures! 🧚🏽‍♀️


I’ve battled fairly severe postpartum acne since having my first baby. I’ve never had flawless skin, but in the past acne has stayed in my t-zone. After having my daughter I literally started getting acne all over my face, t-zone, cheeks (so bad), jaw, blackheads on my nose. I started taking Organic Olivia’s Liver Juice when she released her tinctures and OH MY GOODNESS! I have waayyyy less active breakouts, I’ve had 0 between my eyebrows since taking the tincture, mostly what I have left is a lot of healing and a lottttt is pigmentation (thanks, hormones). Listen, my skin is still not flawless but this is real life people, and my skin is healing! Forever grateful to Olivia for her products. She has so much integrity and actually cares, so much, about the product she’s putting out for the consumer!


First, I’d like to start with the unpopular opinion of “this is a hangover holy grail product.” It’s true. I pregame with this… and take another dose before bed and it. works. Highly recommend for this alone! On another note, I have an MTHFR gene mutation meaning I do not detox properly in multiple ways. I have added Liver Juice into my rotation to help get things moving for me! I’ve found that it’s helped with many of my detox symptoms, and I’m very thankful for it. I am literally never without Olivia’s tinctures!


Absolutely LOVE liver juice. I’m in my mid twenties and started experiencing cystic acne. I had convinced myself that it was due to a switch in birth control but after a few months I knew it couldn’t be just that alone. While I was taking the Parasite cleanse Olivia announced the launch of her tincture line and when reading up on the Liver juice especially, I was experiencing a lot of symptoms that this claimed to aid. Since adding this into my daily routine my acne has cleared up AMAZINGLY and I haven’t seen my face this clear in years. Taking this also helped with my daily fatigue and dark under eye circles. I highly recommend to anyone looking to age well internally and keeping their body strong long term.


I can not describe in words how quick this liver juice changed my life!!! I have noticed a huge change in my mood,, by weight, and my attitude! I seriously believe this is a miracle juice 🙌🏻 Olivia, I think you should change the name to that 😂 All jokes aside though, I highly highly recommend you include this in your daily routine! I feel so much better now and it literally took couple days to see the difference. Thank you Olivia for creating an AMAZING “miracle” juice! It’s amaxing. Thank you 🙏🏻


I purchased liver juice to help with my acne, and this has helped significantly with painful cysts. I used to wake up with a new cystic pimple nearly every day. Around week 3 of taking 2 full droppers in water before bed, I noticed I was no longer getting new cysts! I’m not sure that it helped with current acne, but it definitely prevented new cysts from forming under the skin. BONUS: this helps TREMENDOUSLY if you’ve had a few too many drinks. Drink it with plenty of water before bed and then again upon rising. No hangover! Also worth noting that it tastes really pleasant. Thank you Olivia for making a product that straight up WORKS!

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