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Healthy Hormones

Formulas that work towards vibrant health and optimal hormone balance, for happy skin and happier cycles.

A collection of root-cause focused essentials:
Each blend works synergistically to help address a range of factors involved in optimal hormone balance, from encouraging healthy liver detoxification for the proper metabolism of hormones, to supporting gut health in order to prevent recirculation.

Liver Juice

Liver Juice is a blend of herbs that support the elimination of both waste products and excess hormones (such as estrogen) through the body's detoxification pathways. Utilize this blend to support your phase I & II liver pathways 8-10 days before your cycle in order to encourage optimal hormone metabolism and elimination, which can aid with everything from mood to pre-menstrual blemishes.


Flow Balance

A balancing and regulating formula designed to optimize hormone health and support PMS symptoms by encouraging a healthy balance between estrogen and progesterone. Herbal allies like Vitex, Cramp Bark, Raspberry Leaf, and Wild Yam work on a root-cause level to help modulate and balance hormones throughout your cycle. While not an overnight magic bullet, this daily “PMS rescue” formula works hard over time to provide support that lasts (and combines perfectly with Liver Juice as directed just before your cycle).


Not Your Average Probiotic

30 vegetarian capsules

Probiotics may seem like gut health heroes alone, yet they also play a major role in hormone processing and excretion within the gastrointestinal system. When probiotic populations are off, hormones like estrogen may end up recirculating and getting reabsorbed through the gut wall. However, when healthy populations of gut bacteria are supported with probiotic and prebiotics, beneficial flora regulates this process, allowing for the healthy and efficient elimination of hormones. Daily probiotics can make just as much of a difference for your cycle and hormones as they can for your gut health.


The Guardian Tea

The warming, moving herbs in The Guardian Tea make the perfect soother before and during your menstrual cycle, helping to gently move blood, Qi, and aid cramps. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the warming herbs within this blend are said to dispel ‘cold’ that can invade the reproductive system and contribute to stagnation – when you think of the word ‘cold,’ picture contraction, stiffness, and the body working harder to move and circulate blood, contributing to congestion, cramps and spasms. The ‘yang’ herbs within this tea help to ‘warm the womb,’ assisting congestion, blood and Qi in order to assist the body in moving through the cycle smoothly. We love drinking this tea a week before our cycles, and throughout menstruation for support.