Liver Juice

2 fl oz (59 ml)

Liver Juice is a blend of herbs that support the elimination of waste products through the body's detoxification pathways. Supporting your liver pathways can help with the appearance of healthy skin (think blemishes) as well as hormone balance and energy levels. Optimizing phase I & II detoxification pathways is essential to our overall well-being, so supporting the body in its natural processes can make a difference in the way that we feel each and every day.*

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Dosage: 1 full dropper bulb 2-3x daily
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Phase I & II support

The super herbs in our blend

Oregon Grape Root

Berberis aquifolium

Closer to a tart berry than an actual grape, the Oregon grape (also known as holly-leaved barberry) is a bitter herb, historically harvested for its roots as a tool for digestive and microbiome health, liver support, and general well-being.*

The herbs within this powerful blend have been intentionally combined to support each pathway, including Phase I (Burdock/Dandelion), Phase II (Turmeric/Milk Thistle), as well as what’s becoming known as Phase III, which requires gut microbiome and motility support (Oregon Grape/Beet Root).*

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About the


Back to basics: why the liver?

Today’s modern lifestyle exposes us to a variety of environmental pollutants that can affect everything from our skin to our energy levels. The job of the liver is to help us eliminate and neutralize the effects of these substances, all while metabolizing and detoxifying our very own hormones and byproducts of metabolism. 

If you are experiencing feelings of occasional sluggishness, occasional gas and bloating, or want to support healthy hormone balance, one of the first things to consider is how well you’re supporting your liver. Certain botanicals, especially roots, help to encourage healthy elimination through our phase I & II pathways, thus supporting this hard working organ.*

Demystifying “detox”

When it comes to the “how” of detoxification, we can think of the liver like a factory with two shifts. 

The first shift (Phase I) receives raw materials, processes them into more complex and often unfavorable substances, then sends them to the second shift (Phase II). Phase II typically increases the polarity and thus water solubility of these substances for easier clearance from the body, and therefore needs to be functioning optimally for normal detoxification to be completed. 

This is happening all day, every day. If the liver’s pathways become overwhelmed during their shift, whether due to occasional stress, environmental exposures, hormonal fluctuations, or even gut imbalances, this can affect how we feel and function. Liver Juice contains herbs like Dandelion and Burdock which support phase I, as well as Turmeric and Milk Thistle which help to maintain a healthy balance when it comes to phase II.*

Benefits & Uses

  • Gently supporting liver detoxification pathways may help with:
  • Improvement of mild blemishes
  • Healthy energy levels, mental clarity and metabolism
  • Digestive support, especially when it comes to occasional gas and bloating after consuming fats
  • Healthy bile flow and normal toxin metabolism*

Glowing skin from within

Used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Burdock Root supports healthy detoxification, especially as it relates to the skin. 

This nourishing, gently moving root is known in the herbal world as an “alterative,” meaning it encourages the smooth flow of elimination channels, supporting not only liver health but kidney and lymphatic health as well. Because the skin often takes on eliminatory functions, Burdock is a valuable tool for happier skin from the inside out.*

How to Use

Take 1 full squeeze of the dropper bulb (approx. 30 drops) 2-3x per day as needed in water, juice or hot water to make a tea. Best taken between meals.*

For general skin and detoxification support, Liver Juice can be used daily between meals. For hormone support or occasional blemishes that only come around hormone fluctuations, Liver Juice can be used 8-10 days before your cycle.

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Pairs well with

Mood Juice

For mood support leading up to your cycle, the pairing of Mood Juice and Liver Juice help support a normal, healthy attitude during hormonal fluctuations. This combination not only supports a positive outlook and emotional well-being, but also supports healthy hormones.*

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The story
behind the formula

When I sat down to create my "juice" formulas (a 6-piece collection of tinctures designed as a toolbox for daily life that can be rotated and used as needed), I wanted to cover each of the body’s most basic needs. While some of those needs are obvious and quite palpable (sleep and digestion support, for example), others lie beneath the surface and affect how we feel from a deeper, physiological level.

The health of our elimination pathways is not something we may directly see and feel each day. Yet the efficiency at which these pathways metabolize and eliminate the many substances we’re exposed to plays a role in our overall well-being and energy levels more than we realize. Liver Juice was created to provide botanical support for our key organ of detoxification, so that it can do what it was designed to with greater ease.*

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Oregon Grape Root

Berberis aquifolium

Closer to a tart berry than an actual grape, the Oregon grape (also known as holly-leaved barberry) is a bitter herb, historically harvested for its roots as a tool for digestive and microbiome health, liver support, and general well-being.*

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Burdock Root

Articum lappa

Burdock is widely used not just as a healing herb, but as a tasty superfood, often included in soups. This herbal ally uniquely and gently supports not only the liver, but the lymphatic system too.*

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Bupleurum chinense

Bupleurum is a traditional liver-supporting herb that helps to ‘release the floodgates’ in the midst of stagnation that may be disrupting the free-flow of the body’s vital energy.*

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Milk Thistle

Silybum marianum

Milk Thistle is one of the only liver-supporting herbs that also supports kidney health. This plant is rich in a group of constituents called silymarins, which have been studied extensively within the scientific community.

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Taraxacum officinale

Too often dubbed a weed by society, Dandelion needs to get itself a better PR team. Despite its bad rap, Dandelion supports our detoxification pathways from its leaves to its roots.*

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