Flow Balance

2 fl oz (59 ml)
Flow Balance is a balancing and regulating formula designed to optimize hormone health and support minor PMS symptoms. Each herb works together to encourage normal cycles, supporting hormone modulation and regulation for healthy hormone balance. As many women need more support during that time of the month, herbal allies like Vitex, Cramp. Bark, Raspberry Leaf, and Wild Yam help to maintain a state of wellbeing and vitality all throughout your cycle by supporting your reproductive wellness at a foundational level. While not an overnight magic bullet, this “PMS rescue” formula works hard over time to provide support that lasts.*
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Dosage: 1 full dropper 2-3x daily
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Hormone & PMS support*

The super herbs in our blend

Chaste Tree Berry

Vitex agnus-castus

This hormone modulating, cycle-supporting herb is primarily used to balance and regulate in the lens of reproductive health.*

Herb within this blend were chosen to support hormone health and balance from different angles. Some botanicals, including Chaste Tree Berry and Dong Quai Root are known as hormone modulators, and support healthy levels of progesterone and estrogen. Cramp Bark Garrya Leaf and Wild Yam Root support the relaxed and smooth distribution of blood during each cycle for maximum comfort during your flow, and Oregon Grape Root supports liver detoxification pathways for normal hormone excretion.*

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About the


Vitex: a balancing superstar

Chaste Tree Berry, also known as “Vitex,” has been shown to have hormone modulating properties thanks to its ability to support the HPO (hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian) axis. 

By helping to support balanced estrogen and progesterone levels from the top-down, Vitex helps to ease mild PMS symptoms pertaining to mood, cramping, breast tenderness, blemishes and more. In traditional herbalism, this herb is known as a “pituitary amphoteric” or an overall endocrine normalizer specific to sex hormone balance.*

Dong Quai for healthy hormones

Angelica Sinensis, or Dong Quai Root, helps maintain normal estrogen levels while nurturing healthy blood flow to help with a smooth flow each month. Traditionally, this herb is known to help relieve cramps and calm the “Shen” or spirit (which is related to how calm we feel and how well we sleep), since it is considered a “blood tonic” in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

In TCM, deficient ‘blood’ can disturb the heart meridian, contributing to cloudy thinking, a sense of overall tension, occasional restless sleep and a sense of nervousness. Many women can relate to this feeling before or during their monthly cycle, which is where Dong Quai supports from several different angles.*

Benefits & Uses

  • Supports healthy, balanced hormones
  • Helps ease minor symptoms to PMS
  • Aids a normal, positive mood during your menstrual cycle
  • Supports mild blemishes before and during your cycle related to hormone health
  • Assists mild cramps and smooth flow
  • Contains herbs known as hormone modulators or supporters, along with HPA axis regulating botanicals for a top-down approach*

Liver support is key

Proper liver function is essential to overall health as your liver helps remove waste products, metabolizes hormones, and aids in the elimination of environmental substances. The way the body metabolizes hormones is key, as normal and healthy liver detoxification helps us get rid of excess estrogen each month, which can contribute to minor PMS symptoms and discomfort. 

Oregon Grape Root is a key ingredient in our Flow Balance formulation, as it supports healthy liver detoxification pathways, normal bile flow, and healthy digestion of fats which are also required for hormone health.*

How to Use

Take 1 full squeeze of the dropper bulb (approx. 30 drops) 2-3x per day. Results are most noticable when taken for at least one month or ideally 3 months in order to effect a more lasting change.

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Pairs well with

Liver Juice

When you’re experiencing feelings of occasional sluggishness, mild blemishes, or want to support healthy hormone balance, one of the first things to consider is how well you’re supporting your liver’s detoxification pathways.*

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Pairs well with

Natal Nourish

Flow Balance and Natal Nourish are our hormone-loving herbal formulas, and each has its time and place. If you are just beginning with cycle support and looking to support healthy regularity, flow, and overall normal menstruation, Flow Balance is often the right place to start. However, if you’re looking to go a step further and support healthy fertility, once healthy hormone balance is maintained with Flow Balance, Natal Nourish may be a complementary fit as your next step.*

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The story
behind the formula

No one wants to deal with PMS symptoms each month, no matter how minor or mild. Our cycles shouldn’t be something we fear, but rather something we look forward to in order to learn about how our bodies are responding to our diet, habits, schedule, and demands that month — after all, menstruation is truly our fifth vital sign. Your period can tell you so much about the state of your body, and as an herbalist I want to make sure I’m supporting you in your quest for a healthy monthly report card.

Luckily, the plant kingdom has much to offer us in terms of hormone supporters, modulators, and normalizers (as well as relaxing herbs to make sure blood flow is smooth and comfortable). This is one of the formulas I was most excited to create, because I knew just how many women would benefit from this blend of herbal allies. I hope this formula helps you get more of your month back as it encourages you to embrace the power that comes with your cycle.*

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Chaste Tree Berry

Vitex agnus-castus

This hormone modulating, cycle-supporting herb is primarily used to balance and regulate in the lens of reproductive health.*

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Nettle Leaf

Urtica diotica

Nature’s filled with life lessons—like the importance of setting healthy boundaries. Nettle (stinging nettle) is an herb whose stem and leaves are covered with hollow stinging hairs, teaching us to ‘handle with care.’ This herb supports us on our most foundational level so that we may give to ourselves first, instead of pouring from an empty cup.*

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Glycyrrhiza glabra

Not to be confused with the common candy, Licorice Root is an immune-supporting, adaptogenic herb that happens to be naturally sweet on its own.*

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Oregon Grape Root

Berberis aquifolium

Closer to a tart berry than an actual grape, the Oregon grape (also known as holly-leaved barberry) is a bitter herb, historically harvested for its roots as a tool for digestive and microbiome health, liver support, and general well-being.*

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Cramp Bark

Viburnum opulus

Nature has an answer for everything—including Mother Nature’s very own monthly gift. Cramp bark is a shrub whose bark lives up to its name by supporting the smooth and seamless flow of our menstrual cycles.*

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Dong Quai

Angelica sinensis

Known as a harmonizing herb, Dong Quai is fittingly never used alone in herbal remedies. Rather, this plant harmonizes with others to strengthen and support their benefits, often assisting reproductive and hormone health.*

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