The Right Mind Tea

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When you’re in The Right Mind, you know it. Ideas flow and your communication is clear, from a centered perspective that lends itself to truth and integrity. You’re taking in the moment with presence instead of rushing through tasks, and each decision you make is decorated with a deep feeling of trust for the unfolding of your life. Feelings of ease and alignment come from being in the here and now (rather than worrying about the future or ruminating on the past) are unmistakable, and a sense of grounded calm leads the way. Although we’ve all been there before, getting into The Right Mind consistently is a practice that takes work, including nervous system regulation and strengthening tools — especially in the face of life’s daily stressors. Allow this soothing and centering tea blend to give you a moment of much needed pause, helping to calm your mind and spirit as you get back in touch with your highest self.*
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Dosage: 1 heaping teaspoon
Strength Per Batch:
2000mg per batch
Gluten Free
Nut Free

Your Highest Self

The super herbs in our blend

Holy Basil

Ocimum sanctum

One of Ayurveda’s most powerful and sacred herbs, Tulsi (“the incomparable one” in Hindu) is considered the “queen of herbs” due to its wide and diverse benefits for brain and nervous health.*

Herbs within this blend have been hand selected for their traditional usage in maintaining a calm, relaxed state and emotional well-being.* Some have been chosen for their long history as powerful, mind-clearing "nervines", whereas others, like Tulsi, are considered 'brain adaptogens' in for long term support.*

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About the


Made with grounding and centering nervines

Gotu Kola and Tulsi promote mindfulness and mental clarity, used for centuries as meditation aides that bring blood flow to the brain and help you access a centered state of mind. Chamomile and Catnip unwind hardened tension in both the mind and body, with a unique affinity for the knots that build up in a “nervous stomach”, which can so often prevent us from focusing or thinking clearly. 

These are herbs that help you unplug from the external cues and stressors your body is picking up and taking on from the outside world, and instead reconnect with the present moment here and now. Lastly, Skullcap and Lavender quiet the inner voice that tells us we’re not enough, so we can get in touch with the truer knowing within us that understands exactly who we are and what we’re here to do.

On an energetic level, these nervine herbs bring a gentle warmth that helps to dissolve the perfectionistic tension of the ego. They soften the constraints we place on ourselves, which all too often prevent us from engaging in the here and now with curiosity and devotion to the natural unfolding of life. 

This blend is designed to help you meet your higher self more quickly and easily each time, as you strengthen the muscle of being and observing rather than fixing or controlling. Allow these botanicals to help you ease into what is, so that you can step forward with ease into what is waiting for you.*

Mind-clearing aromatics: herbs that help you see

Aromatic plants by and large help to keep our minds sharp. When we’re not thinking clearly, addressing the root cause (whether that’s poor circulation or microbiome imbalances) is the surest way to get to the other side. Aromatics are  rich in refreshing, clearing and essentially ‘deodorizing’ plant oils that have the power to come in and clean up the ‘gunk’ in our minds and thought patterns. They help to support cognition, soothe and nourish the nervous system, aid in strengthening memory, and can help with mental, physical, or emotional exhaustion. 

True clarity of mind, heart, and vision for the life ahead of us comes when we commit to  the process of clearing stagnation and moving through what inevitably gets stuck in the physical. Only then are we able to experience true self-awareness: the ability to be honest about what we’re currently doing and what’s hurting vs. helping us, as well as deep perspective: the ability to see how far we’ve come and how rewarding it will be for us to keep pushing forward.

I’ve had a lot of “clinical pearls” stick with me from my years studying herbalism. Perhaps most potent was the time a teacher hammered home the importance of helping a client to clear their mind before giving them a hefty and overwhelming to-do list of lifestyle changes and actions to take. She explained that when the body or mind is “stuffy” (when one feels metaphorically stuck or congested), we do what we’d do with a stuffy room and get some “air freshener” stat. This is a combination of opening a window (bringing movement and circulation into the room) and cleaning with potent aromatics (think pine-sol) that sanitize the environment with a punch of clearing plant medicine. To do this, we bring in moving and circulating, aromatic herbs — essentially, clearing the body and mind.

The Right Mind contains a blend of aromatic nervines like Tulsi and Lavender that bring a calm sense of clarity to our thoughts and nervous systems. As aromatics positively affect the brain and emotional health, they help to bring about that sense of perspective that leads to deep change and realization, which allows us to take more aligned action in our lives. They do this by helping to reduce stress so that we may think more rationally and honestly from a grounded place, and can help to calm looping thoughts in order to create more compassionate mental patterns – which is where radical self-honesty can happen safely and gently in order to bring about a true transformation of our actions.*

Benefits & Uses

  • Promotes mental clarity and physical relaxation
  • Supports healthy mood and motivation
  • Aids our attunement to creative inspiration 
  • Encourages a focused sense of calm
  • Non-sedating nervous system support
  • Supports brain and neurotransmitter health
  • Stress support for life's daily challenges
  • Helps facilitate a ritual that creates more space to process, meditate, dream, and integrate your innermost knowing and desires*

When & How to Use

Brew a cup of this centering blend whenever you need to get into the right state of mind or see things from a higher perspective. Use before meditation, when thoughts are looping, when you need a mid-day cup of something soothing but not sedating to quiet the chatter and help you zone in on what’s important. 

Think of this as a mix of the best of Brain, Peace, and Mood Juice, in a loose leaf tea form – warming to the soul, bringing grounded sunshine to the body, mind, and spirit. We love this blend for those looking to incorporate more nervous system support throughout the day in a way that helps them to be present and nourish their bodies through the power and ritual of tea; for the nurturer who wants to make sure they have a soothing cup of perspective-clearing nervines on hand when a friend needs to chat or a shoulder to cry on. 

Enjoy this blend in personal practice, before journaling or as you settle into a bath, or in community with someone you love to help you both slowdown and savor the moment.*

How to Use

Add 1 heaping teaspoon to a french press, looseleaf tea pot or mason jar and cover with hot, just-boiled water. Let the herbs steep for 10-15 minutes and strain. Enjoy as is or sweeten with a touch of honey. You may rebrew the same serving 2 times.

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Mood Juice

While The Right Mind tea provides a soothing dose of nervous system strengthening herbs that you can sip on all throughout the day to keep you calm and centered, Mood Juice ties everything together for those who need an extra dose of support by helping to brighten your outlook and perspective. Start your day with a dropper of Mood Juice to power your positivity and activate a sunny sense of motivation, then sip on The Right Mind to maintain that mood lift mid-day as you take a work break to ground. Each formula focuses on a slightly different blend of nervine herbs, which complement each other to work towards a common goal.*

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Pairs well with

Focus Juice (formerly Brain Juice)

For supercharged mood and focus support, and to awaken the mind as you uplift your spirit, we love the pairing of The Right Mind and Focus Juice. Focus Juice (formerly Brain Juice) jumpstarts energy and gets in the zone to tackle your to-do list with laser sharp focus -- promoting healthy circulation to the brain and a surge of vitality. The Right Mind provides nervous system support for emotional well-being and keeps your mind clear and grounded while the energy and inspiration is flowing. Allow Focus Juice to get you going in the morning, then keep The Right Mind in your thermos to sip throughout the day to keep you tuned into your zone of genius and inspiration.

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The story
behind the formula

This tea formula is one I’ve been working with since my herb school days. It started as a blend I called “highest self,” a mix of ego-dissolving nervines for my “pitta” dosha perfectionist nature. Nervines that helped me stop the mental chatter of expectation and get back to what truly matters: doing my best purely because I’m giving my all and attendance to the present moment.

As time went on, the blend evolved to include those aromatic, stagnation-dispersing herbs I love so much that help to clear my mind when thoughts and patterns get stuck. The combination has been one of my greatest allies ever since, with me through a difficult workday where I need to remember to slow down and let things flow, and a friend I lean on during tough emotional times to quite literally help me get back into my ‘right mind.’ This formula helps me think calmly and clearly, getting back to the deep trust I feel in my bones for myself, my intuition, and the unfolding of my path.*

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Holy Basil

Ocimum sanctum

One of Ayurveda’s most powerful and sacred herbs, Tulsi (“the incomparable one” in Hindu) is considered the “queen of herbs” due to its wide and diverse benefits for brain and nervous health.*

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Gotu Kola

Centella asiatica

A favorite leafy green of elephants in Sri Lanka (who are of course, known for their stellar memory), Gotu Kola is a powerful herb that supports brain health and cognition.*

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Matricaria recutita

Soothing and nourishing to the mind and body, chamomile is commonly our first exposure to the wonderful world of herbalism.*

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Nepata cataria

Like a cat with many lives, this playful yet soothing herb has more than one use case. The herb that makes cats go wild is actually a beautifully harmonizing, gentle herb for human health that supports digestion, mood, and a specific type of internalized tension that can’t always be put into words for the external world to understand.*

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