Natal Nourish

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Natal Nourish
Natal Nourish
Natal Nourish
Natal Nourish
Natal Nourish
Natal Nourish
Natal Nourish
Natal Nourish


Health Benefits
  • A nourishing, strengthening tonic for those trying to get pregnant or are already pregnant
  • Supports healthy fertility, pregnancy and delivery
  • Contains gentle, nutritive, mineral-rich herbs for micronutrient support
  • Can be taken before conception and throughout pregnancy
  • Aids uterine health
  • Nourishes and strengthens
  • Contains nutritive, mineral-rich herbs
  • Supports uterine health
  • Supports healthy fertility and pregnancy
Natal Nourish

Natal Nourish is a gentle, nutritive tonic formula that you can take while you’re trying to get pregnant as well as all throughout your pregnancy. The nourishing herbs in this formula provide vitamins and minerals that support both a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Fertility is something that’s been on my radar more and more as I think about starting my own family. While Natal Nourish isn’t designed to be a magic bullet, I’m honored to release this strengthening formula that tones and supports uterine health in order to aid the body in its preparation needs.

Red Raspberry Leaf is a traditional uterine tonic used by herbalists around the world to support reproductive health and tone. Nettle Leaf is one of the most nourishing plants we have available to us, and supports kidney and adrenal health in those who are feeling depleted. Yellow Dock root facilities healthy nutrient absorption from the food we eat, and Red Clover Blossoms support follicle health.

In general, Natal Nourish can be taken for about three months before you begin trying to conceive, although this varies greatly by person. It can of course be taken longer in preparation (i.e. 1 year) as this is designed for nutritive purposes.

Natal Nourish is safe for breastfeeding as well and can be continued post-pregnancy. For all other questions, see our FAQ tab above.

HOW TO USE (ADULTS): Take 1 full dropper (30 drops) under the tongue or in juice/water 2x per day or as directed by your health professional.

The super-herbs in our blend include:

  1. Nettle Leaf – nettles are one of the most nourishing plants we have available to us, used traditionally for those who are feeling depleted or deficient. Strengthens the kidneys and adrenal glands and contains vital micronutrients.

  2. Yellow Dock Root – a nutritive herb that supports absorption of nutrients from food (such as iron) in the small intestine.

  3. Red Raspberry Leaf – tones and strengthens the uterus in order to support a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

  4. Red Clover Blossoms – support follicle health, rich in calcium and magnesium among other vitamins and minerals.

1. How does Natal Nourish support fertility?

Natal Nourish is nutritive and tonifying to the uterus. Nettle Leaf strengthens the kidneys and adrenal glands, which is excellent for those who have been dependent on coffee and/or stressed for long periods of time. Yellow dock root helps with absorption of nutrients from food. Red raspberry leaf strengthens the uterus, and red clover blossoms enhance raspberry leaf’s effects. Red clover blossoms also help follicles to prepare for ovulation, and are rich in calcium and magnesium.

2. Are there any medications you should avoid taking while on Natal Nourish?

Not based on our research.

4. Is it true that raspberry leaf can cause contractions and should not be taken all throughout pregnancy?

While Red Raspberry Leaf is a uterine tonic, it should not cause contractions. Our official reference is the AHPA’s Botanical Safety Handbook, which is the authoritative book on herbs and pregnancy. Red Raspberry Leaf is listed as safe throughout pregnancy, supported by positive clinical trials. We use a moderate amount in our formula, and the constituents are mostly gentle, nutritious substances such as vitamins and minerals. For more information, see this study.

5. If I’m looking forward to getting pregnant in the future (1-2 years), should I start taking Natal Nourish now to increase my vitamin and mineral stores?

You can take Natal Nourish up to one year before wanting to get pregnant. Any longer (i.e. 2 years) is usually not necessary.

6. Can Natal Nourish be taken all throughout and after pregnancy while breast feeding?


7. Would Natal Nourish interfere with other prenatal vitamins I might be taking?


8. Does Natal Nourish replace traditional prenatal vitamins or should the be used along side of them?

No. Continue taking your prenatal vitamins while using Natal Nourish. These herbs do not contain enough folate to be considered a prenatal multivitamin. Natal Nourish mostly provides trace minerals and tonifies the uterus while strengthening the kidneys and adrenal glands.

9. Is Natal Nourish a good source a folate?

No. Continue taking your prenatal vitamins as a proper source of folate.

10. Are the ingredients in Natal Nourish organic?

Yes, except for the Yellow Dock Root which is ethically wild-crafted. We test our wild-crafted (and even organic) herbs to be sure they’re free of pesticide residue.

11. Does the Red Clover in Natal Nourish cause risk for anyone who already suffers from estrogen dominance?

No, we haven’t seen that.

12. Is one bottle of Natal Nourish enough for the entire month?

If taken 2x/day it would last one month.

13. What benefits, if any, does Natal Nourish provide post pregnancy?

Post pregnancy, Natal Nourish supports shrinking of the uterus back to its normal size, and helps iron uptake for anemia/low energy support.

14. If I want to get off birth control will Natal Nourish make the transition easier?

Flow Balance is more suitable for this – see Flow Balance FAQ.

15. Does Natal Nourish help with nausea associated with pregnancy?

Not really. For nausea associated with pregnancy we suggest ginger.

16. Has Natal Nourish been tested to know for certain it is safe for pregnancy?

See the AHPA’s Botanical Safety Handbook as our official reference for all safety information regarding the herbs we use and pregnancy.

17. How long before trying to conceive should I start taking Natal Nourish?

It may take 1-3 months to do the trick but varies by person. You can take up to a year before you begin trying to conceive.

18. Can you take Natal Nourish even if you’re not trying to get pregnant?


19. Can Natal Nourish be taken while on birth control?


20. Is Natal Nourish vegan?


21. Can this be taken along side other fertility treatments?

There are no contraindications to taking Natal Nourish with fertility treatments. We always ask that you speak with your doctor first.

22. Is Natal Nourish safe to take after a miscarriage if I’m trying to conceive again?


23. Is Natal Nourish safe for moms who had to have C-sections as we have scar tissue on our uterus?


24. Can I take Natal Nourish if I’m anemic? Can Natal Nourish help me absorb iron if I’m anemic?

Yes, as Yellow Dock facilitates iron uptake in the ileum.


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