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Flow Balance
Flow Balance
Flow Balance
Flow Balance
Flow Balance
Flow Balance
Flow Balance
Flow Balance


Health Benefits
  • Our PMS rescue formula supports a healthy flow month to month
  • Encourages healthy cycles
  • Aids in the support of monthly complaints
  • Supports hormone balance
  • PMS rescue
  • Contains regulating herbs
  • Aids smooth cycle
  • Supports hormone balance
Flow Balance

Flow Balance is our “PMS rescue” formula that supports overall hormone health and aids monthly complaints. It is a normalizing and balancing formula (which does not happen overnight), so this blend is designed to be used for 3+ months in order to effect a lasting change. Flow Balance is designed to be taken daily (rather than only for acute relief) to ensure a healthy flow month to month. Daily usage helps to slowly and gently support hormone balance.

Along with herbs such as Vitex and Dong Quai traditionally used for healthy hormones, Flow Balance contains Cramp Bark, Garrya Leaf and Wild Yam to aid smooth muscle during that time of the month. Oregon Grape Root is included for liver detoxification support, and Nettle Leaf aids with the balance of water in the body. Flow Balance also supports a healthy mood each month, although like Natal Nourish, is not a magic bullet. Everyone is different and some may require more time with the formula than others.

If you’re planning to get pregnant, Flow Balance can be taken for several months to support overall balance, but should then be discontinued when you are ready to conceive (as it’s not suitable during pregnancy or breastfeeding). Once you discontinue and are TTC or pregnant, you can replace with Natal Nourish.

HOW TO USE (ADULTS): Take 1 full dropper (30 drops) under the tongue or in juice/water 1-3x per day or as directed by your health professional.

The super-herbs in our blend include:

  1. Chaste Tree Berries Leaf – supports hormone balance.

  2. Dong Quai – has a regulating, normalizing action and supports female hormone health. Supports uterine health and strength.

  3. Wild Yam – supports women’s reproductive health, often used by herbalists for cramping.

  4. Cramp Bark – support follicle health, rich in calcium and magnesium among other vitamins and minerals.

  5. Garrya Leaf – supports healthy muscle relaxation.

  6. Red Raspberry Leaf – tones and supports the uterus

  7. Licorice Root – drects and enhances the formula.

  8. Oregon Grape Root – liver support, indicated for healthy hormone balance.

  9. Nettle Leaf – provides micronutrients such as calcium and magnesium which are important for smooth, healthy cycles.

1. Is Flow Balance something you must take every single day?

Yes, Flow Balance is designed to be taken daily (rather than only for acute relief) in order to ensure a healthy flow month to month. Daily usage helps to slowly and gently support hormone balance.

2. Will Flow Balance help with postpartum hormones?

Yes, Flow Balance supports overall hormone balance which includes post-pregnancy. Note that it is not recommended during breastfeeding.

3. Is Flow Balance breastfeeding safe?

No, we do not suggest using Flow Balance while breastfeeding.

4. Will Flow Balance help with hormonal acne?

Yes, Flow Balance can be quite helpful if the underlying cause of your acne is related to hormone imbalance (chin/jaw/cheek acne is often indicative of this). Keep in mind there are other underlying causes of acne that may also be involved, which I cover in my YouTube video here.

5. Can you take Flow Balance in conjunction with the birth control pill?

Generally, the hormonal birth control pill is stronger and will override what the herbs want to do. If you plan to be on birth control long term it may be somewhat pointless as the BC is already mediating your hormones. However, if you’re trying to get off of birth control and want to regulate your cycle naturally, take Flow Balance 1-2 months before getting off and then for 3+ months more thereafter. Note that Flow Balance does not prevent pregnancy and is not a birth control substitute.

6. Can I take this for hormone balancing benefits even if my cycle is regular?

Yes, you can use Flow Balance even if your cycle is regular for additional hormone balance support (such as for acne, moodiness, etc).

7. I know Flow Balance is meant to help with painful or absent periods, but what about heavy periods and short cycles?

Yes, Flow Balance helps with both sides of the imbalance.

8. Would Flow Balance still be useful if you’re taking artificial (or even bioidentical) hormones?

To some degree Flow Balance could still be useful if you’re taking artificial hormones. However, this blend helps with how the body uptakes hormone (and helps with hormone receptors) in a natural way so it will generally help more with endogenous hormones.

9. Would Flow Balance help with PCOS?

Flow Balance can be supportive as it’s hormonally exacerbated, however we would like to create a PCOS-specific blend for the future./span>

10. Is Flow Balance safe when trying to conceive?

Flow Balance can be taken for several months to help balance hormones, but should then be discontinued when you are ready to conceive (as it’s not suitable during pregnancy or breastfeeding). Once you discontinue and are TTC or pregnant, you can replace with Natal Nourish.

11. Will Flow Balance help with anxiety during PMS?

Yes, Flow Balance can offer support if it’s hormonally mediated.

12. What would be the best protocol in terms of using Flow Balance to get off hormonal birth control?

Flow Balance can be used 1-2 months before getting off of birth control and then for 3+ months more thereafter. Note that Flow Balance does not prevent pregnancy.

13. Would Flow Balance help with endometriosis?

Flow Balance can be supportive as this is a hormonally mediated condition.

14. After 3+ months as hormones are improved, can you stop taking Flow Balance or will you need to do several months on several months off?

It depends. For some, 3-6 months is enough. For others, Flow Balance may need to be taken regularly. Other individuals may need to repeat in an on/off pattern like the one above. There are many mitigating factors, especially in terms of lifestyle and diet.

15. What age can women begin taking Flow Balance?

Women can take Flow Balance as soon as they have their menstrual cycle, and it can even be taken for acne issues if one is of cycle age.

16. Can Flow Balance help with ovarian cysts or fibroids?

Flow Balance can be supportive although everyone is different.

17. Can Flow Balance temporarily make acne worse?

It’s possible but not expected.

18. Can Flow Balance help with anemia?

No. Mane Magic would be more supportive in terms of anemia and iron absorption.

19. Are there any conditions contraindicated with the use of Flow Balance?

We don’t suggest taking Flow Balance if pregnant or breastfeeding.

20. Is Flow Balance helpful for pre-menopausal women? Peri-menopausal? Menopause?

The Flow Balance blend is for pre-menopausal and peri-menopausal women.

21. I have a normal period and would only need cramp relief, would this be a good option?

Yes, Flow Balance contains Cramp Bark and Garrya for this purpose.

22. Can Flow Balance help with menstrual headaches?

Yes, Flow Balance can be supportive if the headaches are hormonally mediated (i.e. if they’re cyclical and come around the same time each menstrual cycle).

23. If Vitex alone has made me break out in the past, will this be different since it’s a more balanced formulation?

We don’t imagine it would have same effect as the Flow Balance blend is balanced. I’m not a fan of using Vitex alone without a well-rounded formulation because it’s quite strong on it’s own.

24. Would this help regulate increased frequency of periods (i.e. 3 periods in 2 months?)

Yes, Flow Balance can be supportive and regulating.

25. Can this be taken during the days you actively have your period?


26. Can you take Flow Balance and Natal Nourish at the same time?

Yes. However, when you’re actively trying to conceive (rather than trying to balance hormones), discontinue Flow Balance and stick with Natal Nourish alone.

27. Can this be taken if you have a hormonal IUD?

We don’t suggest using Flow Balance with hormonal birth control such as an IUD as the hormones often override what the herbs are trying to do.

28. Will Flow Balance help with mood swings and emotional highs/lows around your cycle?

Yes, Flow Balance can be supportive for mood swings if hormonally mediated.

29. Can Flow Balance be taken with Mane Magic?

Yes it can be taken with Mane Magic.

30. Will hormones stay in a more balanced state after the 3+ months of use?

Yes, that’s our expectation. Depending on lifestyle factors, some may need to use it for longer or stay on it regularly.

31. Are there any herbs that would interact with Flow Balance?

No. However, we always ask that you talk to your practitioner when you’re using multiple tools as part of an overall protocol (whether pharmaceutical or herbal).

32. Is the grain alcohol gluten free?


33. Is there any need to take breaks on this formula due to the Vitex


34. Will Flow Balance help with estrogen dominance?

Yes, it can be helpful.

35. Can Flow Balance help with spotting before periods?

Yes, as this is generally hormonally mediated.

36. I cramp more during ovulation. Would Flow Balance help?

Yes, Flow Balance can help by way of supporting hormone balance.

37. Can Flow Balance help with fertility by way of improving hormone health?

Flow Balance can be supportive for this by regulating your cycle. Once you are trying to conceive/once you get pregnant, stop using Flow Balance and start using Natal Nourish.

38. Will Flow Balance help with libido/sex drive?

Yes, Flow Balance can be supportive if the libido changes are hormonally mediated.

39. Are there any possible side effects of Flow Balance? Any negative symptoms as hormones adjust?

In theory, Flow Balance can exacerbate the follicular (estrogen) or luteal (progesterone) phase, but we do not expect it.


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I didn’t expect this product to work as quickly as it did. In fact, I know it’s not supposed to be a quick fix, but I don’t know if I can chalk this up simply to coincidence. My period cramps have been anywhere from a 6 to 8 on a scale of 10 throughout my life, and my cycles have always been a little longer than average, but still mostly regular. Since September last year, my cramps have reached a FULL blown 10. I’ve been spending the first day or two of my period every month nearly fainting and throwing up from the overwhelming intensity, with the pain radiating throughout my abdomen and entire lower back and down my legs – unable to comfortably sit, stand, lie down, or walk. I don’t know what caused this extreme shift; all I know is I’m sick of eating pain killers like they’re candy, and tired of being legitimately terrified at the thought of my upcoming cycles. To add to things, I ended up not getting my period at all this April – could have been due to a few different reasons (minus the chance of being pregnant), but still it was unusual. So, I started Flow Balance this past Saturday. My period came YESTERDAY. Minimal cramps, lighthearted mood, did four loads of laundry and helped unload groceries, aka this is my first period since September where I’ve been able to go about my day like a normal person. I’m beside myself. Coincidence or not, I know this product will only continue to help in the coming months. Olivia’s products have all been improving my health in immense ways, it’s hard to describe my experiences without absolutely gushing praise.


I bought this thinking it might help my skin. I don’t have bad cystic acne, but I do have very congested skin. Small raised bumps under the skin all around my mouth, especially on my chin and and starting to creep up onto my cheeks. I don’t eat dairy, caffeine or gluten and I maintain a very good skincare routine. I never knew the cause of these bumps and thought I would be stuck with them forever, until I tried Organic Olivia’s Flow Balance. I’ve only been taking this for about 2 weeks, but WOW, I can see the difference in my skin already. I haven’t had any new spots appear, and the bumps are diminishing progressively. I’ve never felt the skin around my mouth and chin this smooth before. Ever. I’ve been taking Liver Juice as well, and I do take pre and probiotics everyday, so that is definitely helping as well, but I didn’t really start seeing the difference until I’ve incorporate Flow Balance into my routine. It tastes nasty as hell, but the results are a million percent worth it and I will never be without this!! Besides the skin improving, I’ve noticed an improvement in my period as well. I used to have to lay curled up in a ball with a heating pad, crying in pain, while downing a bottle of Advil, but this time I didn’t even notice that I had even gotten my period. I’m usually bombarded with cramps right before it starts, but this time, nothing! I didn’t take any pain medications throughout my entire period. This is a game changer for me. Thank you Olivia for making this magical juice!! xo


I’ve been to numerous doctors in the past two years. Back in 2017 my periods started to be abnormal. I would go months without a period to month with a period. Then in 2018 my period started in June after not having it for 4 months. From June all the way to October I had my period. I was in and out of doctors appointments without any answers to what was going on. I met with 3 different doctors and all they could do was recommend me birth control. I refused the birth control and have been suffering through ever since. Then in February my OBGYN had me go in for a D&C because my endometrial lining was not shedding and my doctor was scared it would turn into something more severe. Since my D&C I have not had a period but I have all the systems like if I was on my period. The acne, lower abdomen pain, headaches, fatigue and so on. Since taking Flow Balance I have started to spot, my acne has cleared up, my lower abdomen pain has since gone away and my headaches are not as severe. I will continue to use this product in hopes it will help.


ok here’s the truth behind my desperate need for some assistance in the hormone balancing/PMS department – I’ve been struggling for years with irregular period! Years! And when I say irregular, I mean there have been years where I would only get my period 4-5 times. This improved over the past few years by a tiny bit , but I was still far from normal (my period was always unpredictable and months apart). I’ve been taking the liver juice and recently added the flow balance to my Olivia collection. Not sure which tincture to thank for the improvements I’m seeing (I have a feeling it was the combination of both) but for the first time in my life I have had a cycle that didn’t leave me exhausted and in excruciating pain! Until now, I did not know that being functional and not bedridden was possible at this time of the month! I’ve also made it through without a single painkiller – something I would not have been to do years ago. Thank you Olivia for bottling your knowledge and thank you for sharing them with the world! If my story sounds like something you have experienced I STRONGLY recommend this tincture – you’ll just have to get over the taste (it is my least favourite of all the tinctures in my collection). Despite the taste, strongly recommended!


I like what it’s supposed to do but so far the taste is just so strong I haven’t been able to take it more than 2 times , I think I may be returning.


Alright y’all. This product is actual magic and Olivia is an actual wizard. I suffer from PCOS and hypothyroidism. In an attempt to really heal those issues from the root causes, my ND and I made the decision that I should come off of birth control. I had been on the pill for 11 years. Every period for the last year has been beyond excruciating. I would leave work because the pain was so bad I couldn’t control my screaming. I would throw up from the pain, even pass out from the pain. As my ND explained to me, this is a hormonal imbalance issue, and I’ve been trying everything to correct it. No dairy, no sugar, no gluten, seed cycling, taking prenatal to replenish the nutrients I lost on BC, CBD oil to help the pain etc. When none of those things worked, my ND, who was now living in another state, suggested I go see a doctor. The OBGYN was traumatizing. Either I get back on BC, or I take copious amounts of ibuprofen to fix the pain. AKA bandaids. I was devastated, thought I’d have permanent damage to my kidneys after so much ibuprofen. Then FLOW BALANCE!!!! I received it and was excited to use it for a month and see where it took me. I used it for three days before getting my period. Mind you, the main emotion when my period approaches now is FEAR because the pain is that bad. After just three days of Flow Balance, my cramps were COMPLETELY TOLERABLE. I sat through a movie and slept through the night. I didn’t double over in pain. I could not believe it!!! If you are like me, and you have severe dysmenorrhea and no doctors can f***in help you, then do yourself a favor and get this product. I cannot WAIT to see the results in a month, three months, etc. Thank you, Olivia from the bottom of my heart! AH!!!!

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