Brain Juice

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Brain Juice
Brain Juice
Brain Juice
Brain Juice
Brain Juice
Brain Juice
Brain Juice
Brain Juice


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Health Benefits
  • Increased mental and physical energy (can be taken before work/school tasks OR before a workout to energize both body and mind)
  • Improves brain fog and helps lessen fatigue
  • Assists cognitive health and performance
  • Supports focus, memory, and productivity
  • Instantly aids blood and oxygen flow to the brain
  • Supports mental & physical energy
  • Assists cognition and focus
  • Combats brain fog
  • Aids memory and productivity
Brain Juice

Brain health is more important than ever at a time when cognitive disorders are on the rise.

When my family was personally affected, I knew I had contribute my part (to those either actively suffering or looking for prevention) through my work as an herbalist.

Whether cognitive ailments run in your family and you’d like to get a head start on brain support, or you’re simply looking for a natural and effective tool you can use to increase memory, focus, and productivity, my newest blend Brain Juice is for you.

In Eastern Medicine, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure.

What makes our blend unique from other nootropics on the market is a focus on improving blood vessel health and circulation, so that the brain receives increased oxygen and nutrient delivery in the long term. This is how the magic of repair, restoration and prevention happens.

Brain Juice was designed specifically to improve cognition and memory, enhance peripheral circulation (the oxygen/nutrient delivery piece), and increase levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) – a vital component in improving neuroplasticity.

By taking one full squeeze of the dropper bulb two to three times a day as needed, you will feel a difference in both mental and physical energy. Brain Juice helps you be more productive as you have the focus and motivation you need to check off the tasks on your to-do list!

Due to the addition of Ginseng, Brain Juice is also an incredible assistant to any exercise regimen. Both exercise and the long-beloved root Ginseng increase levels of BDNF (which helps your brain and neurons grow). Together they are more powerful than either are alone, and Ginseng has the added benefit of helping you with the energy boost you need to complete your workouts in the first place.

The super-herbs in our blend include:

  1. Fresh Ginkgo Biloba Leaf – a widely used remedy for many disorders, this herb improves circulation and oxygen metabolism, increasing blood flow to the brain, improving the tone and elasticity of blood vessels, and preventing cellular damage due to free radicals.
  2. Gotu Kola – with a long history of brain-building, this herb translates to “god-mind” in the context of Ayurvedic medicine. This is considered a brain tonic that rejuvenates brain and nerve health over time through nourishment and repair. It strengthens memory, concentration and promotes longevity.
  3. Rosemary – this herb not only contains powerful terpenes that inhibit neuronal cell death, but also helps to prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter involved with memory that is particularly significant in the onset of cognitive disease.
  4. Red Ginseng (Asian) – not only increases BDNF, but also protects against decreased BDNF expression when we’re exposed to stress. Ginseng also improves both mental and physical energy, including endurance and athletic performance. Perfect for those who have physical fatigue along with brain fog.

1. How do you take Brain Juice?

Take 1 full squeeze of the dropper bulb (approximately 30 drops) 2-3 times per day as needed. Because this formula is energizing, I recommend that you take your doses in the morning or afternoon (unless you’re planning on pulling an all-nighter, that is!) You can put your dose in water or tea, or take it straight on the tongue if you enjoy the taste like me.

2. What will one experience once taking the Brain Juice?

Within minutes of consuming Brain Juice, many customers report feeling as though the ‘fog has cleared’ and they’re able to focus on the task at hand. You will feel energized, motivated to get work done, and sharper when it comes to word/memory recall.

3. How long till you see the effect of Brain Juice?

Brain Juice’s effects are felt shortly after consumption. Its long-term strengthening and protective effects on memory are felt over time as blood flow and blood vessel health is improved.

4. Can I take Brain Juice with other tinctures?

Yes! For example, many choose to take Brain Juice and Mood Juice together in the morning to start their day with focused energy and a positive outlook.

5. If I were to take other tinctures as well, how to take them throughout the day?

The full set of Juice tinctures is designed to support you at different times of the day (or at different points in your life) depending on your specific needs. They’re like an “herbal first aid kit” that you can reach for when you need some help in a specific area. For example, Brain Juice is energizing, so you would want to use it in the morning/afternoon to help with work and energy. Sleep Juice on the other hand is calming, so it would be taken 1 hour before bed (and again at bedtime) to help you get ready for deep rest. Digestive Juice is specific for digestion, so you’d use it before meals (especially heavy ones) to support proper digestion and decrease gas/bloating. Mood Juice strengthens and nourishes your system over time to enhance mood and positive outlook, so it should be taken daily (especially in the winter months when seasonal blues are common). Many choose to take their Mood and Brain juice together in morning and afternoon doses. Peace Juice is for instant relief of anxiety, so you may not need it every single day; I personally keep one at home and one in my purse so I can use them in a pinch when I’m having a particularly stressful day. Liver Juice, like Mood Juice, supports your system over time (by enhancing liver detoxification) so this can either be taken daily (for example with your mood/brain dose) or for a specific period of the month (for example days 21-28 of your cycle to help with hormone balance).

6. What other supplements would you suggest with Brain Juice?

I love the combination of Mood and Brain Juice as mood juice also contains a nootropic (holy basil) that complements the Brain Juice formula. With this combo, you’ll feel more productive AND more positive about the tasks at hand! We’ve also had customers combine Peace and Brain Juice for job interviews and public speaking so they feel sharp yet calm and collected.



Diana Bailon

love this product! As an RN I have the energy to get through my 12 hr shift and keeps me focused.


Love love love this tincture! I’ve recently went to school and have the hardest time getting myself to focus. After I take a drop of brain juice, I feel clearer and ready to focus with no weird crash. Although not intended, I’ve also found the brain juice helps when I have mild headaches. I don’t like taking traditional ibuprofens and once I took the brain juice and felt all cleared up. Aside from school task, on off days I’ll take a drop just to get my day started. To say the least, there’s a lot this brain juice can aide you in. Love Olivia for making this! Having a holistic clean approach to every task has been such a blessing.


Over the past couple of years, I have experienced a ton of brain fog and memory loss due to chronic stress/sleep/diet/lifestyle habits. I stumbled across Organic Olivia one day on IG thanks Danaisabellaaa! I have never looked back since! I couldn’t believe when on my first try with the Brain Juice how quickly I felt it’s magic working. I felt so ready for my day, I was alert and clear-minded, I was focused and ready and I didn’t even have anything to do that day lol but just the fact that I felt actually awake and had so much energy with a drop of some herbs really made me change the way I think about life and the way we eat and when we sleep and even going to the doctor and taking whatever meds they throw at you is not a thing for me anymore. I have a passion now to look for the wonderful alternative that the land provides to us and I see now how consumed the health industry is with pharmaceuticals. My wife finally jumped on board and tried the Brain Juice one day before work and she fell in love with the amount of energy and clear headed space she had she ended up taking 5 flights of stairs instead of an elevator Lol!! Thank you, Olivia! I love all of your products and I am working to purchase them and follow your articles for other herb/food healing goodness! Many blessing to you and your team for doing such an amazing job!


Olivia thank you so much for your dedication to your brand and the pureness behind the brand. This product has helped me so much. I love the taste as well. Thanks for my clarity. I can’t wait to try your new items and other items

Patricia Marie Wilson

Olivia, Just wanted to let you know how much I love the brain juce,liver juice and digestive and my daughter just recently bought me the sleep and mood !! I cannot find one complaint with any of the tinctures they all are amazing!! The brain juice had definately given me the ability to focus and I love taking it before the gym also❤❤ keep them coming….


All of these products are amazing!


I LOVE the Brain Juice! It’s a nice addition to my day and it gives me the added focus I need before I head into work. I notice less daydreaming and I’m able to accomplish more tasks without being as forgetful as I normally am 😉 I would recommend this to anyone looking for an easy pick-me-up for your brain!


I have loved taking this each morning upon waking up. It has given me a great little routine and really starts my day on a more positive and “smarter” note. I find myself very alert and more detail oriented when taking this. Especially when I am not feeling 100% like myself, taking this makes that much more of a difference! Great product and twitching that it’s out of stock. I just ran out of my bottle.

Amanda Liu

I’ve had trouble concentrating in the past and this has really helped me focus and keep my head clear for when I need to concentrate on my studies. I don’t drink coffee as I am extremely sensitive to caffeine and this is the perfect alternative!


I use this every single morning to get my juices flowing. My mind is constantly thinking of the next task while I’m still trying to accomplish the first one. I like to multi-task but I find the quality of my work suffers that way. “Brain Juice” helps to keep me focused on one task at a time & eventually I power through everything without sacrificing quality. Love this stuff 💜


I use this before every meal. I’ve suffered with IBS for years now & it has been a nightmare. I’ve found that just using this spray before meals makes digestion way less painful. It’s honestly been a Godsend 🙌🏼


I use this before every meal. I’ve suffered with IBS for years now & it has been a nightmare. I’ve found that just using this spray before meals makes digestion way less painful. It’s honestly been a Godsend 🙌🏼

Jordan Walker

Olivia’s team is so great, when my package went missing in the mail they went above and beyond helping me resolve the issue. When I got my order I tried the Brain juice and although the first couple of days I wasn’t sure if i could tell a real difference, by the 3rd day I did feel like my head was clear and I could instantly form my sentences and think of the words and names I am trying to come up with for once. With my stressful life and busy schedule I easily forget things and sometimes coffee just isn’t enough, I feel like Brian juice wakes me up in such a different way it wakes my brain up it gets me feeling confidently alert. I will keep buying this product as anyone could benefit from it and I feel like it has only improved my brains health and functionality, and I am definitely making sure my grandma tries this soon.


Brain Juice gives me such clarity through my day to day life and allows me to stay focused even on the hectic days. So thankful I found this tincture. Thank you Olivia for your work!


I feel so much more clarity with this tincture. I work from home which means constantly shuffling through multiple tabs on my computer for information in different places. After taking Brain Juice , I’ve cut down my work time going back and forth through tabs for information because I’m now able to actually REMEMBER things. I’m so thankful for this tincture!!

Anissa Navarro

WOW JUST WOW! I’ve been a huge fan of Olivia for some time but she out did herself with these tinctures. Before no matter what I ate, it caused some type of stomach issue. Bloating, gas, pain, or just that uncomfortable feeing were part of my daily life. I spray the digestive juice 10 minutes before eating like it recommendeds and after eating I HAVE NO SYMPTOMS! I feel so great, satisfied and not sluggish anymore. To test if it’s really doing the job for 3 days I stopped using it. Plain and simple I’ll never be doing that again but it showed me that this digestive juice is the real deal. The taste takes some getting used to but I can promise you the benefits are worth it. Im so in love and thankful to Olivia for this product!

Maya C

Olivia has taken her products to the next level (and the packaging is a huge eco conscious bonus) ! Olivia has always been committed to quality and efficacy and this line of products is no different. Brain juice is my go to in the mornings to boost my energy and focus for the ENTIRE DAY! I don’t handle caffeine well and brain juice does everything I want coffee to do for me and more without any of the jittery crashy side effects. I recommend this tincture to everyone I know.

Nicole Diaz

WOW. Brain juice brings so much clarity and energy to my mind. I suffer from really bad brain fog and slow thought processing. I’ve been taking brain juice before work but today I decided to pair it up with my CrossFit workout today. Usually I’d feel drained after the workout and take my time to start the day. But wow this burst of energy after the workout is so different and refreshing and amazing. I love this stuff paired with my workout!

Brittany Hewitt

I have been dealing with brain fog, dizziness, and no energy all year. I stopped going on walks and socializing. BUT after trying brain juice I felt so awake, clear in my head, and I am able to go on walks again, socialize and feel confident with myself again. I am also a student so it helps me focus when I need to study or work on assignments. This is the only product that has helped me so far and I will keep continuing to buy it as long as I can. I feel like I am in control of my life again. Thank you so much for making this.

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