Allergy Defense Tonic

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Allergy Defense Tonic
Allergy Defense Tonic
Allergy Defense Tonic
Allergy Defense Tonic
Allergy Defense Tonic
Allergy Defense Tonic
Allergy Defense Tonic
Allergy Defense Tonic


Health Benefits
  • A primary method of defense against seasonal and environmental allergies
  • Formulated with herbs that contain antihistamine, decongestant, and bronchio-dilating properties
  • Non-drowsy herbal relief that supports resistance to pollens before they even begin
  • Can be used as a preventative (2-4 weeks before allergy season) or as an acute remedy for active allergy symptoms
  • Lessens allergy symptoms
  • Non-drowsy relief
  • Supports liver clearance of histamine
  • Safe for kids
Allergy Defense Tonic

Hay Fever, also known as seasonal allergies, is an extremely common and disruptive condition that affects a whopping 1 in every 5 people.

If you’re one of those people who has to deal with them year after year, shutting the windows and missing days at work when you should be out enjoying the sun, I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be this way!

Allergies are not a sign that you’re just unlucky. Rather, they’re a sign that your body is prone to imbalance as the seasons change, with a heightened immune and allergic response that can be calmed and reduced with herbal medicine. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), part of this imbalance is rooted in “liver deficiency,” meaning the liver is overburdened and needs help detoxifying and excreting the sudden buildup of histamine.

Why? Because when allergens (such as pollen) come into contact with the body’s mast cells, these mast cells ‘degranulate’ or burst open, releasing a slew of itch-inducing histamine. The body is supposed to break down and detoxify histamines through your liver detox pathways. However, many other compounds use the same exact route to exit the body (for example medications, pesticides, hormones, heavy metals, etc!)

While OTC allergy drugs can temporarily suppress symptoms, plant medicine goes a step further to address the root cause. This preventative formula strengthens your resistance to pollens before the season even begins, and includes anti-histamine, decongestant, and liver-supporting herbs.

Allergy Defense Tonic works from the inside out to strengthen the defenses of those who have become depleted and deficient throughout the winter. It actively prevents and prepares your body for allergy season with the use of powerful tonic herbs that mediate inflammation and improve the allergic response. ADT supports liver detox and decreases the hypersensitive response of mucous membranes in the eyes, nose, throat and ears. Results can vary from a decrease in reactivity to complete relief.

HOW TO USE (PREVENTATIVE): Begin use 2-4 weeks before allergy season by taking 1 full squeeze of the dropper bulb (approx. 30 drops) 2-3 times per day. Continue throughout allergy season.

HOW TO USE (ACUTE SYMPTOMS): Take 2 full squeezes of the dropper (approx. 60 drops) 3-4 times per day.

HOW TO USE (KIDS): Begin use 2-4 weeks before allergy season by taking the weight-appropriate dose 2-3 times per day. For kids 10-30 lbs, one dose equals 5-10 drops. For kids 31-60 lbs, one dose equals 10-20 drops. For kids 61-100 lbs, one dose equals 20-30 drops. For kids 100 lbs and over, use adult dose of 30 drops.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Can be combined with Liver Juice and Adrenal Recovery Formula to address underlying liver deficiency and stress-induced histamine release. It is also recommended to consume small amounts of bee pollen (local to your area) and avoid dairy.

Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Safe for children; use weight guidelines for dosage.

The super herbs in our blend:

  1. Nettle Leaf – nettles are one of the most nourishing plants we have available to us, used traditionally as a spring tonic for those who have become depleted and deficient through the harsh winter. Nettle strengthens and supports the entire body with its ability to mediate inflammation and the allergic (histamine) response. The leaves specifically help to stabilize the mast cells that line the mucous membranes.
  2. Eyebright – the aerial parts of this tiny plant are considered both astringent and anti-inflammatory, as they decrease the hypersensitive response of the mucous membranes in the eyes, nose, throat, and ears.
  3. Ambrosia – Michael Moore writes in his book Medicinal Plants of the Pacific West that a standard infusion of ambrosia is helpful for head colds, allergies, and moderate histamine reactions.
  4. Yerba Santa Leaf – as the primary decongestant in this formula, the leaves of this herb help to liquify mucous in the lungs and facilitate expectoration. Yerba Santa also aids in upper respiratory tissue repair and slows down the production of excess mucus.
  5. Turmeric Root – according to TCM, allergies are a sign from the body that the liver is imbalanced, also known as “liver deficiency.” As the liver governs the eyes (and the season of Spring!), itchy red eyes that show up every Spring are a clear sign that the liver needs support. Strengthening the liver and supporting detoxification pathways is an important part of any holistic allergy protocol, which is where turmeric (a phase I & II liver detox supporter) shines.
  6. Lobelia – Lobelia is traditionally used to support healthy lung function and clear, easy breathing. Supportive for asthma (which is a form of an allergy, too!)


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Stephanie Collins

Totally impressed, y’all. Let me start out by telling you I live in the Lowcountry. Y’all, we had a sheet of pollen on our cars and porches already. We not only have pounds of pollen with each sunny day, but we have Spanish moss everywhere. Do y’all know what’s in that stuff? Only the good Lord above does, but don’t touch it, okay? I started taking Olivia’s Allergy Defense Tonic about one week prior to the outpouring of love and affection from our friends, the flowers. Normally, I would have been blessed by this pollen by receiving itchy, watery, red eyes, itchy red nose, sneezy, snot, and an asinine amount of sinus pressure and headaches. Not this time. My husband was totally miserable and laughed and laughed when I got my tonic and started taking it immediately. So listen y’all, I feel amazing. Now take this tonic. Every day. Just do it. I have no sinus pressure, no headaches, nothing. I am in awe of this amazing tonic. Olivia, you have truly converted our whole neighborhood and extended family into believers of herbal remedies, because trust me, they heard about it. Hallelujah praise the Lord. Bless y’all. Thank you.


I don’t know where to begin. Olivia’s Allergy Defense Tonic has been life-changing to say the least. Last year, I had a series of health issues. It was one thing after another, the last of which was a very bad case of bronchitis I got from the school I work at. I had a relapse of asthma caused by the bronchitis. Up until that point, I had been asthma-free for about 5 years. Needless to say, I felt overwhelmed and defeated that it came back. I became reliant on an inhaler again for the first time in forever. I desperately tried supplements, home remedies, and various herbs to try and get rid of the asthma, to no avail. Last month I read about the Allergy Tonic and figured it couldn’t hurt anything so I purchased and gave it a try. I have had incredible results. My asthma is much less severe, I have used my inhaler once in the past month where I was using it multiple times a day before. This stuff is amazing. I have even used it for acute shortness of breath with results in about 5 minutes. I can’t believe it but it certainly is true! This morning I woke up with allergies (pollen count in GA is high right now) and I am feeling so much better by the evening. For anyone with allergies or asthma, I can’t recommend this product any more highly. At the very least add it to your regimen, it’s certainly not going to hurt anything. If you’re like me, you’ll be amazed and have to stock up on Allergy Defense, I am almost through my first bottle and have bought two more for fear that it might go out of stock. Thank you Olivia, for being passionate about helping others and giving me a solution that aligns with my personal beliefs.

Sam S.

So my sister told me about Olivia and her products and I said this sounds too good to be true! I have really bad allergies and allergic asthma and had tried every over the counter option there is. I was prescribed Montelukast which helped a little but triggered my depression so I finally said I’m going the organic way! I started using this and I’m never looking back! It helps my symptoms more than any over the counter drugs I’ve ever tried and no bad side effects! To all the non believers(like i was), yes there is healthier ways to go that actually work! I cant wait to try all of her other products. Olivia you are amazing!!

Mallory Elizabeth Oswald

If you have allergies or asthma YOU NEED THIS. I have struggled with asthma all my life and I purchased this when it came out hoping and praying (deep down knowing) it would help. A week into using this I feel amazing and my lungs are thanking me. I used my inhaler every single day and some days I’d search to find it because I needed it desperately. Since using this tonic I can tell you I don’t even know where my inhaler is…I literally do not need it anymore. I feel so free and amazing. I’m actually looking forward to spring knowing that I have this in my aresnal. I cannot tell you enough how much you need this! Thank you, Olivia!

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