Adrenal Recovery Formula

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Adrenal Recovery Formula
Adrenal Recovery Formula
Adrenal Recovery Formula
Adrenal Recovery Formula
Adrenal Recovery Formula
Adrenal Recovery Formula
Adrenal Recovery Formula
Adrenal Recovery Formula


Health Benefits
  • A blend of strengthening, adaptogenic herbs for those who feel overworked or burnt out
  • Designed to address “adrenal fatigue” or HPA axis dysregulation
  • Increases resilience to stress in order to reestablish a sense of well-being and energy
  • Supports energy, sleep, and brain function by strengthening adrenal health
  • Strengthens poor immunity brought on by constant stress
  • Designed for adrenal fatigue
  • Packed with adaptogens
  • Rejuvenates energy
  • Combats stress
Adrenal Recovery Formula

Adrenal Recovery Formula is a blend that I started working on last year when I was faced with the fatigue and burnout that is all too common in our modern world: “adrenal fatigue” also known as HPA axis dysregulation. This is a deep, unrelenting fatigue that does not get better with sleep and makes one extremely sensitive to external and internal stressors. The slightest inconvenience feels like a massive burden as the body has been in “fight or flight” mode for far too long, exhausting its resources and resistance. Circadian rhythm is often disrupted as you have a hard time ‘shutting down’ or getting into parasympathetic relaxation mode which is required for restful sleep and recovery. Anxiety is extremely common as well, since emotions are on overdrive and cortisol is consistently high.

This balancing herbal formula is designed to bring life back to those who are overworked, overstressed, and find themselves feeling burnt-out most of the time. It is also helpful for those who haven’t “hit the wall” yet, but live fast-paced, high-stress lifestyles and want to avoid breakdown or burnout. (In this sense it’s wonderful for anyone with a competitive or demanding job to keep you sharp and alert even on long work days!)

Adrenal Recovery Formula increases the body’s resistance to physical, mental, and environmental stress and helps to defend against conditions brought on by a high-stress lifestyle. Formulated with highly adaptogenic herbs, each plant works synergistically to enable the body to respond more appropriately to stress without exaggerating the response. This prevents overstimulation and allows you to take on challenging tasks with greater ease and pleasure. Things don’t feel as “big” and overwhelming all the time – you can handle the unexpected because the body’s innate response is improving and getting stronger.

Adaptogenic herbs address adrenal and autonomic dysregulation, as well as any imbalance in the homeostatic functioning of the HPA axis. When the HPA axis is off and the body is consistently on high alert, anxiety, fatigue, cognitive impairment, suppressed immune function, inhibited digestion and slowed wound healing can all be a result. This blend aims to bring balance back to the system so that deep healing can occur. It’s not normal to feel tired and stressed out all the time, even in a society where that’s seen as “just a part of life.” You are designed to thrive, and this formula helps you do just that.

When taken daily, Adrenal Recovery Formula assists with normalizing stress hormone levels, decreasing over-reactions to stress, restoring energy and vitality, and improving mood and emotional well-being. You may experience a more level-headed, grounded state of being where you’re able to take on your to-do list without feeling powerless due to fatigue.

My goal with this formula was to give you back control of your life, your mood, and your power. When I needed them most, these plants were here for my recovery. Now it’s time for yours.

HOW TO USE: Take 1 capsule 1-3 times per day or as directed by your health care practitioner (for example, 2 capsules before breakfast and 1 before lunch). Best taken between meals for complete absorption.

Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Keep out of reach of children.

The super herbs in our blend:

  1. Eleuthero Root – Indicated for those with fatigue, physical weakness, compromised immunity or poor work capacity and concentration. Displays anti-stress activity and supports physical endurance.

  2. Ashwagandha Root – Used preventatively to avoid burnout and breakdown. Can also be used restoratively to help to strengthen those tho are already mentally or physically depleted. Builds the body’s intrinsic strength and stamina while reducing the acute response to stress.

  3. Schisandra Berry – Supports endurance and mental performance with its adaptogenic, tonifying effect.

  4. Cordyceps Mushroom – Traditionally used as a tonic to improve energy, endurance, stamina, appetite and sleep patterns.

  5. American Ginseng – Supports healthy mood and emotional wellbeing while reducing fatigue. Especially helpful for those who are feeling overworked and rundown. TCM indicates this herb for replenishing the vital essence and promoting blood circulation.

  6. Rhodiola Root – Increases resistance to stressors and protects the body in the face of high-stress situations.

  7. Red Chinese Ginseng – Warming, stimulating, energizing. When taken in the morning it increases daytime energy while also helping you feel tired in the evening.


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Patricia Gonzalez Trujillo

Theres so much I want to say but I’m going to try to keep this short. Im a healthy 24 year old, never had any serious health concerns growing up aside from seasonal allergies and colds here and there. Never been to the hospital for anything major, never taken medication. I moved from Miami to Seattle, landed a good job, healthy relationships with family and friends and my boyfriend, just a privileged girl living her life and managing stress as best as I can. A couple of months after my move, I started having insane anxiety that turned into full blown physical panic attacks. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, I was losing 2-3 pounds a day (lost 30 pounds in 2 weeks), I couldn’t function in every day life. I saw doctor after doctor (conventional medicine) and they did a bunch of blood work- none of it came back abnormal. I was literally told by a doctor “there’s nothing wrong with you, you’re in perfect health, so you must be anxious and depressed.” LOL WHAT? So I decided to take matters into my own hands and went to see a Naturopathic Doctor. I brought her all my Organic Olivia products. Right off the bat, she told me she suspected I was suffering from Adrenal Fatigue. She ran some blood work and yup, I was in severe “adrenal overdrive.” We went through all of the products I have from Organic Olivia and my naturopath was completely impressed by the quality. She literally told me, “I was going to give you some herbs but you’re way ahead of me.” Ive been on “treatment” for Adrenal Overdrive for 3 months now. I take Adrenal Recovery, Mood Juice, Peace Juice, Digestive Juice, and a few others. Olivia has given me my life back. Within a WEEK of starting treatment, I went from having 3-5 panic attacks a day (2-3 hours long) to having 1-2 (30 minutes-1 hour). I also take Magnesium Glycinate, CBD oil, and a few other supplements- completely herbal. My doctor said I’ll have to take adrenal recovery for 6-9 months, depending on how my blood work comes back every 3 months. I take 3 capsules in the morning and I feel completely at ease throughout the day. When I don’t take my Adrenal Recovery on time, I start getting a bit angsty. Anyways, this stuff works, its powerful, and its non-invasive on the body. Im very sensitive to herbs/medicine in general but I swear by all of Olivia’s products. High quality and EFFECTIVE! A million thanks to Olivia and her team for making this happen. You have given me my life (and hope) back!


Adrenal Recovery has officially given me my life back. I used to carry on with my days dreaming and yearning for the “better days” to come back. Adrenal Recovery has allowed me to be grounded and MAKE better days. Adrenal Recovery has allowed me to be content with my current life and know better days are to come. I rationalize with myself better and I am able to say to myself now “IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL”, whereas minor inconveniences used to be the end of the world.


This product has been a game changer in my recovery. I had stage 3 Adrenal Fatigue and was told by my doc I was lucky it hadn’t turned into Addisons Disease. I’ve been taking this product for 2 months and the difference is huge. It’s reset my circadian rhythm, gives me enough energy throughout the day and has addressed my adrenal fatigue for sure. I haven’t retested my levels because the way my body feels is enough to know that this has made a huge difference in my recovery.


I want to start off by saying I have literally never left a review for any product before BUT I HAD TO FOR THIS! I had been feeling burnt out and tired for years. Never feeling fully rested and taking multiple naps a day whenever I could and so moody and irritable all the time. I have been taking this less than 1 week and have noticed massive change. I am sleeping better, waking up feeling rested, worked 6 days this week labor intensive job and came home and power cleaned my whole house without a thought!!! This is amazing I can’t wait to see how much better I feel after taking this for a few weeks!


This has been a blessing. It’s not sudden like caffeine high. Its quiet, and over time of taking it I have really noticed an enormous difference in my emotional health after many long years of coping with stress, anxiety and depression. Instead of a bandaid over immediate stresses, this really has gotten to the core to really help heal from a deeper level. I love this.

Mishel Hromoko

Love Organic Olivia products – especially Digestive Juice but unfortunately this did not help my Adrenals much. I have pretty severe adrenal fatigue and experience the classic symptoms of morning grogginess and evenings being wired. Constant hunger and thirst. Sensitive to any and all stress. I took these for 2 months and didn’t notice a difference.

Yaneli Benitez Mata

ANOTHER LIFE CHANGING FORMULA! Okay, I absolutely adore Adrenal Recovery and I’ve only been using it for ONE month. I am not sure if it is something that can be taken year round or if it is only recommend for some time? But until I find the answer to that, holy cow. So I have been struggling with my health most of my life, such as lethargy, poor nutrition, high stress levels. But the past month, it’s really taken a toll on me where I cannot even get out of bed, my muscles and body is fatigued to its core and all I want to do is sleep. So I thought I would try this on the second week of April. Oh my god. I wake up early, like at seven am feeling refreshed, I am ready to be in bed earlier than usual ( I am a night owl, tend to sleep most morning), so this is definitely helping me get my circadian rhythm back to normal. I feel much more energized, and stronger. I do not feel the stress and burden I felt prior to last month. I am still struggling with those symptoms, of course, but just the difference in the past month is amazing. I cannot wait to see the continuation of this formula doing its magic. –Question though, can this be taken all year round, or should I only finish a container and wait for some months? Basically, is there a time frame this should be taken for to get optimal results, like mane magic or not? I LOVE THIS!

rafael lauture

I like this product, it gives me energy and keeps me cool, I can feel my stress going down whenever I take it

mikayla morrison

THIS FORMULA!!!!!! has been absolutely amazing- i never ever write reviews but i had to in hopes of helping someone who could be struggling the way i was. i was feeling exhausted, anxious, and discontent on a regular basis. i’ve been taking this for a little over two weeks and i feel like im starting to remember who i was before i was feeling that way. i enjoy my job again, my relationships with others and i feel like im actually able to relax mentally and not be so panicked all the time!! LOVE IT!!


Omg! Yes this is absolutely amazing! I’m just about done with my 1st bottle and the results are impressive. Less irritable for sure, much more patient at home and work. More energetic and calm. I was also having anxiety attacks and this overwhelming feeling often, all of that is GONE!!


Oh my goodness…. I began Adrenal Recovery in the beginning of April and since then I have gone through a very recent break up and I have been able to HANDLE it. Honestly, I have been so stress free and really just let it go and let it be. I’ve been able to process and handle situations in my life that used to break me down before. I feel so strong and I feel like I’m BACK. I’m not exhausted and dreadful anymore. This works guys!! Paired with a proper diet and ultimate self love… I really found the recipe to myself again. My passions are reignited, I’m just happy and confident in myself and in my future. For the first time I’m not worried, im just flowing and it feels amazing. Please try this if you’re feeling burnt out and exhausted.


I’ve been taking this for two weeks, and I notice a huge difference, mainly in my mood. I feel less irritable, have more energy, and even less road rage! I’ve also started working out much more after work because I feel less burned out and more energetic. I never write reviews, and I’m writing one for this stuff!


Holy moly is this stuff amazing! I had pituitary tumors when I was younger and as a long term side effect almost always have elevated cortisol and suffer the effects of adrenal fatigue constantly and I am very easily effected by extra stress.. I’m still on prescribed meds of course but this has been the best added aid I’ve ever used.. I’d normally sleep as long as I can which could go past 10/12hrs and still feel tired and if you were to ask my friends unless I work I’d never be up past noon lol.. now I find myself waking up early without an alarm 😮 and not feeling the urge to go back to sleep 🙌 would totally recommend to anyone


So I’m done with the bottle. I have to say I feel way better than I did couple months ago. I was in a depression that I finally was able to ween myself off the medication. I started taking this right after and I dont feel as sluggish. I have more energy. I feel more aware more focused.I also was taking Parapro at the same time so I dont know if that also has something to do with it. I highly recommend this. And will definitely buy another bottle in the next month. I see this as a lifelong vitamin. Super beneficial


I am not one to write reviews at all but I felt the need that this miracle worker is an exception! I can not say one negative thing about this formula. I have been taking it every day 3x- one before breakfast and two before lunch because that is when I need more energy and OH MY GOD Olivia is genius for creating this. My mood has changed drastically I feel I am always happy and have so much energy, even those around me have noticed. I used to be one to stay in bed until the afternoon on the weekends and come home from work and get right in bed but not anymore. I wake up before my alarm goes off in the morning, I’m excited to actually get up and start my day, my mood is so much more positive and I’m excited just about life. I go to sleep before 11 now (I never went to bed before 12 ever) and I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go. My job is mentally exhausting because I work with kids as a speech therapist, so I always feel burnt out and kind of just hit a wall with life. I highly recommended this for anyone who is feeling overworked and fatigued, a serious game changer in my book! Stocking up when it gets back in stock because I never want to run out of this stuff!


So I started taking this around 2 weeks ago and i felt a difference in a matter of days. I used to always go to the gym after work (for years) but after starting grad school (Fall 2017), I’ve found myself a lot more sluggish and just want to go home and lay in bed for hours (which is not doing my body any favors). In the last two weeks that I’ve taken the adrenal recovery formula, I’ve gone to the gym after work 8 TIMES. I actually feel energized even at 6 PM which hasnt happened in over a year. & Side note: i am sleeping sooo much better. Having like 3 dreams a night. AND naturally waking up before my alarm clock almost every day ! this is HUGE for me ( i am a chronic ‘snoozer’). So happy I bought this. (also, would like to note that I have been taking this with the ThyroPro which is amazing as well) 10/10 would recommend !

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