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Mood Lift

Formulas that keep you grounded and balanced, no matter what life brings.

If mood and brain health are your top priority, this bundle is for you.
Think of the collection below as the ultimate toolbox you can dose depending on your needs of the day. More consistent energy levels? Better focus? A chill button to stay calm during holiday madness? We’ve got you covered with a formula for every #mood.

Adrenal Recovery

90 Vegetarian Capsules

While the tinctures in this collection can be rotated for instant relief, think of Adrenal Recovery as your long-term insurance plan. Packed with adaptogens that ground and balance your nervous system on the deepest level, this daily blend can be taken right alongside your multivitamin. It strengthens your ability to handle stress with far greater ease, so that you may become less reactive to life’s never ending ups and downs. This is your core formula that supports the foundational pillars of health so that all other tools can work that much better.


Mood Juice

Mood Juice is your greatest tool for the darker days. Perfect for the season of social gatherings, this blend helps uplift your mood and encourages a brighter outlook so that you can show up as your best self even during times when you aren’t feeling 100%. Sometimes the holidays can be heavy, but you don’t have to stay down thanks to this harmonizing blend. The Mood Lift bundle was built around this star formula, so opt for Mood Juice when spirits are low or share with friends for a celebratory sensation. Also makes a wonderful gift for those who struggle with seasonal mood shifts as the days get shorter.


Peace Juice

Peace Juice is your instant chill button: a tincture you’ll always want to have on hand. With just a few sprays on the tongue, this warming tincture can melt away tension in a matter of seconds. This is truly a secret weapon,as you don’t realize how much you need this calming formula until the moment strikes (especially during the holidays when stress is high). Keep this blend in your purse or give the gift of peace to someone who can use a dose of relaxation.


The Open Heart Tea

Brew a cup of The Open Heart loose leaf tea blend to soften tension and gently lift your mood. This tea was formulated to soothe the nervous system, create a restful space for the spirit, and promote the processing of stagnant or ‘stuck’ emotions by moving blood and Qi in order to make room for perspective, vitality and joy. The Open Heart tea supports deeper connection — both with yourself and those you love. The blend is made with herbs that also support the physical heart, thus promoting healthy blood circulation, supporting occasional anxiousness, and maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system.