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ThyroPro is a warming, thyroid-focused adaptogen blend created to support you on a cellular level by nourishing and invigorating the underlying tissue state – formulated with revitalizing and moving herbs that help to address the often overlooked, lingering elements related to optimal thyroid health and cognitive function. Because our thyroid gland helps to regulate everything from metabolism to energy and cognition, thyroid hormones affect every major system in the body and play a role in how we feel each day. This includes the warmth of our hands and feet and even the way we’re able to stay sharp and think on our toes. In herbalism, we look at the overall ‘tissue state’ of the human, rather than just the health of a singular gland to help you feel your best. For someone who’s feeling mentally foggy and colder than most, we’d consider this a ‘cold’ and ‘stagnant’ tissue state, where aromatic, warming and moving herbs are indicated to support feelings of sluggishness. This comprehensive blend contains not only vitamins and minerals, which act as essential building blocks to nourish and support healthy thyroid function and conversion, but adaptogenic herbs as well which help combat barriers to optimal thyroid and metabolic health by warming the body, supporting circulation, and aiding the HPAT axis.*
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Dosage: 2 capsules daily with breakfast
1220mg per serving
Nut Free

Invigorate & optimize

The super herbs in our blend


Commiphora myrrha

A sacred herb traditionally reserved for ceremony and celebration, Myrrh is a sap-like resin with a fiery, invigorating effect on the blood; offering clearing and enlivening properties to cold and stagnant states.

The herbs within this blend are a combination of HPAT (hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal, thyroid) axis normalizing and regulating adaptogens that aid normal glandular function, "immune amphoterics," which are specialized adaptogens that maintain normal, balanced and stable immune function, as well as damp-dispersing aromatics and nootropics that help to address a damp, stagnant tissue state within the gut and mind. This formula also contains liver supports herbs such as Milk Thistle, which support the normal and healthy conversion of thyroid hormone in peripheral tissues such as the liver and kidneys.*

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About the


Made with thyroid-specific adaptogens

So often when we’re doing everything right but still not feeling our best, even the most optimal thyroid output may face barriers on a cellular level due to occasional stress. This is where thyroid-specific adaptogens can be helpful by modulating and normalizing the HPAT axis: taking a top down, root-cause approach to healthy thyroid function and vibrant energy levels.

This HPAT axis is quite literally our built-in “stress response system” and functions on a negative feedback loop, meaning all glands and organs involved are in constant communication to control and adjust their hormonal output. When dealing with occasional stress, your body aims to protect you from the harmful effects of exposure to excessive stress hormones like cortisol. To do this, your brain (the H part), can down-regulate the entire HPAT axis (including the T for thyroid) which can leave us feeling worn down and foggy.

Additionally, the enzyme 5'-deiodinase is responsible for our active thyroid hormone conversion process, and it can be limited by everything from stress and elevated cortisol to gut health and nutrient status.

Thyroid-loving adaptogens Eleuthero, Schisandra, and Ashwagandha assist those of us feeling depleted and worn out. These herbs were chosen for this blend as they each have a unique affinity for thyroid support by maintaining both normal thyroid hormone absorption and conversion.

These resilience-strengthening plants quite literally help us “adapt” to stressors more effectively, helping us to maintain normal and healthy energy, metabolism, drive, motivation, mood, and even body temperature regulation.

As we aid our HPAT axis and nervous system’s perception of stress all the way up in the brain, the rest of the feedback loop can continue functioning optimally.*

Warming herbs: invigorating support for a cold + stagnant ’tissue state’

In traditional herbalism, we focus on addressing the person with the imbalance, not the imbalance within the person. This means observing how the body is functioning as a whole system, with other areas of the body (like the gut and mind) being seen as crucial pieces of the puzzle in terms of the root factors that allow for healthy thyroid function.

When we see the whole body, we understand someone’s overall “tissue state” and energetics: whether they're experiencing “heat” with lots of tension, frustration, and perhaps a red/angry skin presentation, or “cold” with cold hands and feet, foggy thinking, occasional gas, bloating, and stagnant digestion. More than anything, bringing the tissue state into homeostasis by balancing the energetics is what we focus on when choosing individual adaptogenic, mood and cognitive supporting herbs.

In this blend we aim to support thyroid health with HPAT-loving adaptogens, as well as warm and balance the underlying “cold”, stagnant/damp presentation within the overall tissue state that leads to the often overlooked factors like low digestive fire and lack of clarity of thought. To warm things up and get things moving (or in our terms, disperse ‘dampness’ in the gut-mind axis), invigorating herbs like Myrrh and Bacopa are utilized to clear stagnation and support healthy mood, focus, and energy levels.

Myrrh supports the gut microbiome, digestive health, normal and healthy thyroid conversion, as well as normal cholesterol levels, all while warming and invigorating a cold and stagnant state with its potent aromatic phytochemicals. Bacopa supports healthy circulation to the brain, as a brain and nerve tonic that helps to clear the mind and support cognition.*

Benefits & Uses

  • Supports healthy thyroid function
  • Maintains optimal metabolism
  • Assists cognitive function and mental clarity
  • Supports normal thyroid hormone conversion
  • Aids healthy energy levels
  • Contains thyroid-specific adaptogens
  • Utilizes “immune amphoterics” that support healthy immune balance
  • Formulated with essential co-factors like Zinc and Selenium*

Our favorite immune amphoteric, Schisandra

In the big picture of thyroid health, “immune amphoteric” adaptogens that help to maintain a calm and balanced immune response truly shine. In herbalism, Schisandra is known as an herb that “stabilizes and binds,” or as my teacher says, it helps to “tighten and astringe things that are leaky - whether that’s leaky thoughts or energy.” These astringent properties help to stabilize and bring together a scattered and unfocused mind when you can’t fully “form” the thoughts you’re aiming to express.

As a stabilizer and normalizer, Schisandra also supports us as a powerful immune amphoteric, helping to maintain normal and balanced immune function. Within the immune system, there are many different types of cells that require intricate balance. This is where immune amphoterics come in, as they help maintain healthy equilibrium between these different immune cells. Rather than pushing you one way or another, amphoterics support immune modulation by bringing the immune system into normal balance and homeostasis, no matter which side of the coin you’re on.

In a TCM lens, Schisandra is a “Kidney” meridian adaptogen, specifically nourishing to the Kidney Yang (our deep sense of warmth and vitality), balancing the cold/damp tissue state mentioned earlier. Schisandra’s unique broad-spectrum and complex blend of all five medicinal flavors (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, acrid) reflects its wide-ranging impact on the different organ systems of the body and is considered to benefit all five “yin” organs (Heart, Lung, Spleen, Liver, and Kidney).*

How to Use

Take 2 capsules in the morning after breakfast, or as directed by a medical professional.

Tip: Zinc supports stomach acid production, so always take with a meal or snack, rather than on an empty stomach.

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Immune Shroom

When traveling or feeling especially rundown, our immune health can take a hit right alongside with our energy levels. While supporting your HPAT axis with thyroid-specific adaptogens, mushrooms are a lovely complement to aid normal immune function during times of occasional stress, especially for those who are prone to swinging towards either side of the coin when life gets a little wild.*

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Not Your Average Probiotic

Removing barriers to optimal thyroid function means a special focus on the gut microbiome. While ThyroPro contains herbs that help to warm and disperse ‘damp stagnation’ within the gut and digestive system, Not Your Average Probiotic is a wonderful tool to bring in for optimal balance within the microbiome by ‘seeding’ and ‘feeding’ the good bugs that keep things moving.*

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The story
behind the formula

There’s nothing more frustrating than seemingly doing everything right (and being told that everything looks ‘normal’), only to feel anything but. There are often overlooked complaints that can linger beneath the surface when it comes to endocrine health and metabolism.

Because of the way adaptogens have deeply supported me over the years, I created this blend to serve as a warming, thyroid-specific adaptogen for those who need some help filling in the gaps and feeling truly revitalized and “normal” once again. There are so many things involved when it comes to maintaining healthy thyroid function: it’s not just about hormone production, but also about immune balance, active hormone conversion, cellular absorption (which can be affected by occasional stress) and even iron status and absorption. I wanted to create a blend that’s as comprehensive as possible, supporting each of these areas with herbal allies and micronutrients that help us function and feel as we were meant to.*

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Withania somnifera

Ashwagandha is a grounding Ayurvedic adaptogen and nervine that assists healthy thyroid and adrenal function, supports mental and physical stamina, and promotes a healthy response to occasional stress.*

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Eleutherococcus senticosus

A heavily studied adaptogen, Eleuthero is a root that helps restore balance when we’re feeling depleted. In other words—it’s sweet, sweet plant based relief for those feeling overworked or rundown.*

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Commiphora myrrha

A sacred herb traditionally reserved for ceremony and celebration, Myrrh is a sap-like resin with a fiery, invigorating effect on the blood; offering clearing and enlivening properties to cold and stagnant states.

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Bacopa monnieri

As a cognitive tonic that helps to clear excess ‘heat’ and stagnation in the mind, Bacopa is a traditional Ayurvedic herb indicated to support brain and glandular function, bringing order and clarity to one’s internal environment.

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Schisandra chinensis

As a harmonizing adaptogen and “immune amphoteric,” this beloved remedy supports the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal-thyroid (HPAT) axis while maintaining a normal and stable immune response.

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Milk Thistle

Silybum marianum

Milk Thistle is one of the only liver-supporting herbs that also supports kidney health. This plant is rich in a group of constituents called silymarins, which have been studied extensively within the scientific community.*

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