Sleep Juice

2 fl oz (59 ml)

Sleep Juice is formulated to help you get the sleep you need. This calming herbal tincture is designed to encourage the body to prepare for a good night’s rest, because sleep is one of most productive ways to rejuvenate and restore. When our days are packed and our minds are restless, sleep may not come as easily as we’d like — especially for those prone to feeling “wired but tired.” This blend supports both the body and mind to promote a deep sense of mental and physical relaxation so you can dream big and wake up feeling refreshed.*

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Dosage: 1 full dropper before bed
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Super-powered snooze*

The super herbs in our blend


Passiflora incarnata

A calming, soothing, grounding herb, passionflower is medicine for the soul. Its winding tendrils represent its ability to support us in the midst of looping thoughts.*

Herbs within this blend have been carefully selected because of their historic use as “nervines”. In the herbal world, this term refers to plants that support the nervous system in order to promote a deep sense of peace and calm. Certain herbs, like Hops and Skullcap may help with feelings of tension and restlessness that can trouble the mind at bedtime with looping thoughts. Others, like Valerian Root and Passionflower support your circadian rhythm, helping to signal the natural transition between day and night.*

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About the


Tossing and turning? Herbs have your back.*

Sleep Juice is your secret weapon for the nights when you feel occasionally frustrated with your sleep. Sometimes, when we’re worn out and need rest the most it can evade us, which is why it’s so valuable to have an herbal ally on hand in our home apothecary. 

This formula contains a blend of calming, nourishing, and balancing herbs that help you achieve the rest you need to recover from the compounding demands of daily life. Take one dose an hour before bed to help you wind down, then another at bedtime to support a natural transition to sleep.*

Benefits & Uses

  • Fosters a deep sense of relaxation to help you truly “wind down”
  • Supports the onset of sleep as well as sleep quality
  • Helps to moderate the effects of occasional stress
  • Promotes a healthy circadian rhythm*

Passionflower’s Signature

In the practice of herbalism, we look for something called the “doctrine of signatures” when getting to know an herb. This is a traditional concept where plants are said to communicate with us using their expression, color, appearance, and resemblance to clue us in to their therapeutic potential. 

With its swirling, circular tendrils, it’s no wonder that the specific indication for Passionflower is looping thoughts or “circular thinking” — the habits that can occasionally keep us up at night. We took care to include herbs that support both the body and mind when it comes to the multifactorial barriers that keep us from a good night’s rest.*

Class of Herbs: Nervines

As an herbalist, I turn to the “nervine” class of herbs in the plant kingdom when occasional stress and tension arise in my own life. I’ve been able to rely on these herbs time and time again to support my nervous system and help get me back in touch with that deep feeling of peace and calm.*

How to Use

To begin winding down, take 1 full squeeze of the dropper bulb (approx. 30 drops) one hour before bed in water, juice or hot water to make a tea. If needed, take another full squeeze of the dropper again at bedtime.

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The story
behind the formula

When I sat down to create my "juice" formulas (a collection of 6 tinctures designed as a toolbox for daily life that can be rotated and used as needed), I wanted to cover the most basic needs that set us up for successful and productive days. Those pillars include everything from healthy digestion and circulation, all the way to deeply restful sleep. When your sleep is off, so is your day, because sleeping is one of the most natural ways to facilitate what the body does best — heal and recover. 

Sleep Juice is an herbal ally that you can turn to on the nights where your mind won’t stop racing and sleep feels far away. While herbs will never be a “magic bullet” or instant fix, this gentle blend of nervines is here to support you in winding down and finding a state of calm so that you can melt the tension of the day away.*

Olivia\'s Signature

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Passiflora incarnata

A calming, soothing, grounding herb, passionflower is medicine for the soul. Its winding tendrils represent its ability to support us in the midst of looping thoughts.*

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Our herbs are what we call 'Wildly Clean,' meaning we use a blend of organic and biodynamically cultivated herbs, along with wildcrafted herbs that grow untouched in their natural habitat. Learn more about our quality <here.>


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