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Odor, imbalance and discomfort be gone: meet the pink probiotic that works fast to boost vaginal and urinary tract health. It’s no secret that our vaginal flora is sensitive – and when it’s off, whether due to sexual activity, antibiotic use, travel or stress, you need a solution stat.

Made with clinically studied Cranberex™ for urinary relief and targeted probiotics that fight microbial invaders, this blend is designed to offset bacteria and yeast to help prevent recurring imbalance. Science-backed strains like Lactospore® help to replenish healthy Lactobacillus populations and restore an optimal pH, creating an environment that wards off not-so-friendly bugs that can contribute to issues like bacterial vaginosis, yeast imbalance, and UTIs. Our chosen strains naturally colonize the vaginal microbiome and urinary tract, and are even associated with optimal fertility and a healthier immune response.*

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Dosage: 2 capsules 1-3x daily
Nut Free
Gluten Free
Probiotics & Proanthocyanidins


The super fruit in our blend


Vaccinium macrocarpon

Two potent ingredients make this formula a stand-out for optimal vaginal and urinary health: Lactospore® and Cranberex™, both clinically studies for their benefits in maintaining bacterial balance. Lactospore® is a clinically studied strain of Bacillus coagulans, a spore-forming probiotic that helps to create an optimally acidic environment within the gut and vaginal microbiome, thus preventing the growth of pathogenic microbes. Cranberex™ is a 200x concentration of whole cranberries with a 15% PAC (red pigment) content that starts working within 6 hours of ingestion to fight urinary imbalance and discomfort.*

About the


The pink super-biotic for vaginal health

With so many different offenders, from yeast to bacteria to UTIs, it’s important to have a tool that provides relief for a wide range of triggers that can be behind discomfort, itching and more. While classic probiotics are great for the gut, the vagina and urinary tract require a highly unique set of good bugs to help resist colonization by pathogens that are specific to that area.

Lactobacilli are the most prevalent beneficial bacteria found in the vaginal microbiome, and act as a barrier to prevent imbalance when flourishing and abundant. Unfortunately, conditions like BV are characterized by a decrease in Lactobacillus and an increase of anaerobic bacteria (like Gardnerella and Prevotella), where not enough good bugs are present to prevent the adhesion of microbes within the vaginal tissue. Restoring populations of healthy flora that colonize the vaginal tract is essential to not only reducing, but preventing imbalance and discomfort in the long term.

By arming your microbiome with a daily dose of beneficial, vaginal tract-specific Lactobacillus strains, you’re getting multiple benefits:

✓ Lactobacillus can physically attach themselves to the mucous membranes of the vagina, taking up space that crowds out pathogenic invaders.

✓ Lactobacillus create an acidic pH within the vagina by producing lactic acid, keeping out infectious microbes that prefer an imbalanced pH.

✓ Lactobacillus strains produce yeast and bacteria-fighting factors such as bacteriocin, hydrogen peroxide, and EVs that inhibit the presence and biofilm formation of imbalance-inducing overgrowths.

With the addition of Lactospore®, a spore-forming probiotic that aids the growth and survival of fellow Lactobacillus strains, this blend becomes a complete solution for microbial balance. Lactospore® is a clinically studied strain of Bacillus coagulans, which helps to create an optimally acidic environment within the gut and vaginal microbiome, thus preventing the growth of pathogenic microbes. Lactospore® is particularly beneficial for womens health, especially related to bloating, vaginal health, urinary tract balance and mood.

In addition, LactoSpore® also produces Bacteriocins (antimicrobial compounds) that are inhibitory towards imbalance-inducing overgrowths in both the gut and vagina. These compounds, unique to its species, work like natural antibiotics that fight off pathogens and bad bacteria by inhibiting them from producing their toxins.*

Clinically studied Cranberex™ for urinary tract support

Cranberex™ is a clinically studied 200x concentration of whole cranberry fruit that supports urinary tract health and bacterial balance for an extra layer of protection.

With a guaranteed 15% content of the most therapeutically active molecules found in this super fruit, Cranberex™ is rich in red pigments that feed good bugs and fight microbial invaders (called proanthocyanidins or PACs).

These PACs are the bright-red compounds within cranberry that have made it the number one kitchen medicine for urinary and vaginal complaints for centuries and beyond. Researchers found that cranberries are the only red fruit with A-Type PACs, which specifically inhibit the adhesion of E.coli and other strains of bacteria to the walls of the urinary tract and beyond.*

✓ Highest concentration of bacteria-fighting PACs

✓ Fights urinary imbalance and discomfort

✓ Starts working within 6 hours of ingestion*

Benefits & Uses

- Boosts healthy vaginal bacteria

- Helps prevent recurring imbalance

- Encourages normal pH + odor

- Defends against unwanted bacteria and yeast

- Protects the urinary tract

- Supports healthy lubrication and fertility

- Aids discomfort and imbalance*

Happy vaginal flora = healthy fertility

Did you know that a healthy vaginal microbiome not only protects against harmful bacteria – but can support our fertility and sexual health too?

The vagina requires a unique set of probiotics for a strong microbiome: specifically, an abundance of Lactobacilli species that maintain stable, acidic pH levels in order to ward off dysbiosis. A vaginal flora with a reduced proportion of Lactobacilli increases susceptibility to infections such as yeast, BV and UTIs – as well as some that have been linked to serious health consequences that can even affect our fertility.

The combination of clinically studied strains and proanthocyanidin-packed cranberry extract provides a superior solution to those looking for long lasting relief from recurring vaginal and urinary discomfort, and sets you up for optimal microbial balance when TTC.*

How to Use

Suggested use: Take 2 capsules daily (1 in the AM, 1 in the PM) or as directed by your medical professional for optimal vaginal and urinary health.

Tip: Spacing them out this way helps ensure you’re getting a delivery of the active cranberry compounds every 12 hours, especially when dealing with acute discomfort.

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The story
behind the formula

After countless years of feedback from our community asking for a probiotic specifically for women that targets vaginal health, we’re thrilled to introduce our pink probiotic — thanks to the addition of the striking, therapeutic pigments found in cranberry fruit.

While vaginal microbiome strains are incredible on their own to restore balance in the face of bacteria and yeast, we knew our formula was complete when we started experimenting with the medicinal uses of the small but mighty cranberry (the original kitchen medicine!)

Known in traditional herbalism to support the urinary tract, we recently became enamored by the emerging science around what the red pigments (or PACs) can do for our gut and vaginal health, too. It turns out, these red pigments can act as a primary fuel source for the good bugs within *all* of your mucous membranes, such as bifidobacteria, akkermansia and beyond.

Cranberry juice became a kitchen medicine staple in our routines for maintaining gut health and energy, and eventually became a star ingredient in this long-awaited formula for vaginal and urinary health for those who want the benefits on the go.*

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Vaccinium macrocarpon

Packed to the brim with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, cranberry is one of the most potent superfoods in the world. The bright red fruits have been used for centuries to fight inflammation and protect against bacterial or viral infections, with a special affinity for the urinary system.

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