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Sleep Juice
Sleep Juice
Sleep Juice
Sleep Juice
Sleep Juice
Sleep Juice
Sleep Juice
Sleep Juice


Health Benefits
  • Supports deep, restful and restorative sleep
  • Helps you get to sleep and stay asleep throughout the night
  • Assists in relaxing the mind so you can fully wind down before bed
  • Combats the feeling of being “wired but tired”
  • Lessens racing or looping thoughts that keep us awake
  • Supports deep sleep
  • Assists with staying asleep
  • Promotes rest and relaxation
  • Aids looping thoughts
Sleep Juice

When our sleep suffers, our entire body suffers.

Maybe it seems like no matter what you do to prepare, the second your head hits the pillow your mind begins to race. Perhaps you’re too worried to get to sleep, or you’re “tired but wired” combing through the entire day’s events. If you’re like me, you may find that even if you can fall asleep without any trouble, you toss and turn all night — never getting that deep, restorative sleep our bodies so desperately need.

If any of this sounds familiar, I want you to know I’ve been there and have an effective sleep solution for you.

As someone who has gone through it all when it comes to sleep issues, I originally created this formula for myself specifically to combat sleepless and restless nights. This blend will help you fall asleep like it’s your job (and most importantly, will help you stay asleep too!)

Sleep Juice is specifically designed to help your body and mind relax, fall asleep easily, and stay asleep through the night. Several of the ingredients also reduce anxiousness to combat racing or looping thoughts.

By taking one full squeeze of the dropper one hour before bed, you will truly feel tired once again and get the most out of your sleep which, in turn, will help you get the most out of all the other beneficial things you do for your health!

Want to learn more about Sleep Juice? Read the Story Behind the Formula here!

The super herbs in our Sleep Juice blend:

  1. Valerian Root – a supreme relaxant that has a calming effect on the autonomic nervous system while opening up peripheral circulation for deep healing as you sleep. A healthy, non-toxic alternative, great for those who run circles of “what ifs” in their mind.

  2. Hops – used in Ayurveda for restlessness associated with nervous tension, and in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat poor sleep and digestion, Hops is a natural yet powerful sedative which calms the nervous system and increases both sleep quality and duration.

  3. Skullcap – a safe and reliable mild sedative that helps with both sleeplessness and nervousness as well as rebuilding and restoring nerves.

  4. Lemon Balm – also a nerve rebuilder, this herb is a star in reducing tension, nervousness, and panic. One of my favorites for giving you that deep sense of calm like a warm blanket over your body.

  5. Passionflower – one of the few herbs that assists with resetting your circadian rhythm, passionflower nourishes the adrenals and helps shut down a racing mind.

  6. California Poppy – a final addition to the blend, this herb helps with having to wake up and go to the bathroom several times a night.


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Been using this for a long time. My daughter told me about it. Been very happy with this it’s all-natural love it would recommend this to anyone.


Used it only twice but so far did the job. Great product!

Shauna Tobiasson

Sleep juice has made a difference for both me and my husband. When I don’t sleep well I can tell it’s my gut keeping me up not a million other things like in the past. I’m trying many of your other tinctures for guy healing and mood. I’ve been happy with all of them! Keep it up!


I purchased two bottles and it did nothing for me. I will still buy and purchase other items that did work for me but not this.

Heather coene

I started taking this sleep juice about a month ago because I was having trouble falling asleep. This does the trick, I fall asleep peacefully and stay asleep. The instructions say to take a full dropper, however, I reduced my intake to half a dropper. I found with the full dropper i was groggy when I woke up.

Hannah Lyon

I’ve been loving this sleep juice. I have bad sleep issues and this has helped me to fall asleep really easily and quickly. I’m really glad I decided to get this. I’m going to keep using it.


I really gave this stuff a shot and used it pretty much every night since buying it. I’ve used Valerian based products before and have had mixed experiences, and this seems to follow suit. At best, this stuff sort of lulled me into a relaxed, hypnagogic pre-sleep state (felt like the Kava had a lot to do with that). But I’ve taken two to three full droppers of this stuff and it still hasn’t helped me get a full night of deep sleep. I’ve found that while using this, I’ve been waking up mid-sleep way more than usual. Not sure what it is about this product, but I’ve gotta say I’m disappointed in it for sure.

Sydney C

This stuff really really works! I notice myself sleeping a lot better- for the past few years I have consistently tossed and turned every night, waking up constantly, and eyes popping open wide awake too soon, around 4,5,6 AM. When I remember To take sleep juice before bed, I can tell a noticeable difference in my sleep! I can tell it’s working because I even mistakenly took sleep juice early in the day with my other tinctures and I got sleepy. Really recommend!


This works so well for me! I don’t usually have trouble falling asleep, but I wake up throughout the night. When I take Sleep Juice, I get such a deep, restful sleep! Love it

Margarita Serna

Love this product so much! I wake up so easily throughout the night, wether it’s from noise I hear or my mind just won’t shut up or getting up to pee like twice, this stuff completely knocks you out, in a good way though! I haven’t woken up feeling drowsy or like I can’t go on with my day without a nap. It’s a must have if you toss and turn all night long! Nothing but love!!


I’m really sad to say this because I love Olivia’s mood juice but the sleep juice did absolutely nothing for me. I bought the bottle 3 times throughout the last 6 months to keep trying it and I tried taking this every which way possible. 1 drop 2, 3, hour before bed, two hours, made it with tea, took it straight, did it with water. And nothing..I wouldn’t feel the least bit tired. If anything I feel like it made me stay awake somehow. Sadly I don’t recommend this & won’t be purchasing again 🙁


HOLY CRAP! This stuff WORKS!! I went from getting maybe 6 hours of sleep a night to 8-10 and my Oura ring shows that I’m getting 2 hours of DEEP sleep a night now versus maybe an hour before. THIS. STUFF. WORKS!!!! I sleep through the whole night which I have NEVER done. *Be aware that this does contain Lemon Balm which inhibits TSH receptor binding, which causes decreased production of T3 and T4 in the thyroid gland. I started getting hypothyroid symptoms but just added a iodine supplement, eating Brazil nuts for selenium, and taking extra zinc. All important for a healthy *low* thyroid and I’ve been feeling better.

Yaneli Benitez Mata

I LOVE this! I have trouble with insomnia as well as staying asleep throughout the night. When I started taking this, I no longer was waking up at 3 am every night, and I wake up well rested! I actually take two drops an hour before I go to bed since I am such a night owl it truly is a struggle to fall asleep at night due to my inverted circadian rhythm. This puts me to sleep like a baby and within an hour, I am knocked out! I’ve been taking it for about a month now & it truly works–I cannot recommend enough!


Sleep Juice has been my saving grace. I purchased sleep juice for my husband, but after noticing that I was the one lacking sleep and waking up restless and tired, I started taking it every night. Within 2 days I noticed the difference, and after only 1 week, I was signing infinite praises about the product. It has now been 1 month since I have been taking sleep juice, and I cannot stop raving about how wonderful I feel every morning, even after working more than 9 hours in a day. Not only am I waking up before the alarm sounds off, I no longer linger in bed dreading my day. If you are having problems sleeping, getting adequate rest, waking up tired and sluggish, sleep juice will be your saving grace. I will say the following, as some have mentioned in the reviews, dreams are more vivid and lucid, which for me has been quite interesting, even if at times it is hard to believe I am dreaming. Overall, I am happy with the product and will continue to use it on a daily basis. Olivia, thank you for creating this magical sleep potion. <3


I was taking up to three benedryl a night to fall asleep and stay asleep. I couldn’t do this on work nights or if I had anything to do the next day at because of drowsiness so most nights I was screwed. I tried herbal teas, melatonin, essential oils and nutmeg without success. One dose of sleep juice helps me fall asleep quickly but I sometimes wake up a few hours later. A dose an hour before bed and a dose right before lets me fall asleep and stay asleep without grogginess in the morning. Add a dose of peace juice if you really want to relax. Since I am finally sleeping my mood, focus and energy has improved. I’m so happy I bought this.

tabbasum borkar

I love this! I don’t have much problem falling asleep, however, recently I began having disturbed sleep. Getting up slightly every hour or so. The first night I took this, I got up STRAIGHT in the morning without any disturbance throughout the night. Infact I was in the same position all night till morning. This stuff keeps you knocked out entirely! I am going to be a loyal customer to sleep juice!

Marina V

Ugh, I hate to post a bad review because I love the rest of the line but I can’t stand the smell of this tincture. I don’t know if I got a expired batch or if that’s how it’s supposed to smell like but it smells so bad and that’s coming from a Mom who changes stinky diapers all day long. I didn’t see a difference in sleep either, which brings me back and wonder if my tincture is expired.

Catherine Song

I love this tincture! It puts me to sleep right away and I don’t wake up until the morning. I also don’t feel sluggish or groggy when I wake up. I am so happy with this purchase!


Absolute game changer- I was not expecting the drastic change in my sleep. The most productive and restful sleep I’ve had in so so long. I’ve been in a battle with my sleep recently and waking up feeling like I don’t want to get out of bed due to still feeling tired. After the first try of Sleep Juice, I woke up after 8 hours with no alarm at 6am rested and ready, HAPPY to take on the day. A complete overnight change. I am amazed!!


I ordered sleep juice because it became impossible for me to sleep through the whole night. I was waking up at least 3-5 times a night. I would wake up every morning restless and that resulted in being late to work consistently. However, this Sleep Juice is the best thing ever!!!!!!!!!!! Within minutes you FEEL your body going into relaxation mode and before you know it I am knocked out and don’t wake up til my alarm goes off. Ps. my boyfriend was having a hard time believing your products would work, I proved him wrong and he’s hooked. Just thank you Olivia! <3

“I think I’m finally getting deep sleep now…”. These are the words from my husband after taking Sleep Juice for the last two nights. My husband has struggled with sleeping since his time in the military (about 9 years ago) & for a while relied on Melatonin to sleep. Recently he stopped taking the melatonin and was unable to sleep due to ongoing thoughts, restlessness and when he did sleep he would wake up feeling tired due to not getting good sleep quality. This morning he told me he is even dreaming now. With Sleep Juice he is waking up feeling rested and ready for the day. I’m so glad I purchased this for him! Olivia, thank you.

Karen Moshe

Hi Carina, Thanks for your feedback! Everyone is different so we would advise altering the dosage a bit to suit your schedule. Perhaps try taking 1 serving 1 hour before bed and see how this affects your next day. -Team Organic Olivia


Be prepared that you will feel sleepy the next day too. It is very effective for sure. I took a quarter of the recommended amount. I felt sleepy in no time, and I got into a nice deep sleep that almost felt like I passed out. BUT it is also TOO EFFECTIVE, I remained sleepy the day after in the afternoon, and it really affected my productivity.


I have not gotten a full 8 hours of sleep in years, the first time taking this I slept through the night. I didn’t feel groggy in the morning like I would sometimes feel with other sleep aids. This product has been a game changer, I see a drastic difference in my skin (goodbye dark undereye circles) and a boost in productivity and mood! HIGHLY recommend!


This has helped me ween off of sleep/anxiety medication naturally and actually stay asleep all night. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!


I have literally tried everything before hearing about this amazing company and woman! I don’t have a problem falling asleep but I can never sleep for longer than 3 hours straight max. Not anymore, I am consistently getting 5-6 hours of uninterrupted sleep which has been a game changer for my productivity and mental health. This really has been my holy grail sleep product, along with the peace juice which I also use. LOVE IT!


This definitely helps me fall asleep. I was truly hoping it would prevent me from waking 3-4 hours later but I unfortunately I still find myself waking most days. However it is still better than going without!

Nicole Astuto

I have tried so many sleep aids over the past couple of months but nothing has worked like Sleep Juice. It’s amazing, I sleep through the night without waking up drowsy. I highly recommend this product to anyone who struggles with falling and staying asleep

Danielle H.

Sleep Juice is what I originally set out to purchase when Olivia first released her juices. I fell in love after the first use and here I am, months later, still using and loving it. I’ve always had trouble staying asleep at night and it wasn’t until Olivia mentioned in her blog that getting up to pee multiple times per night can mean that I’m not in a deep enough sleep. Since I started using Sleep Juice, I sleep through the night completely and wake up feeling like I actually got a good nights rest. Sleep is SO important and I never realized how important it was until I actually got a full nights rest. Thanks to Olivia and her team!


Sleeping has been a problem for me the past few years and after having good results with the now discontinued tea by Organic Olivia, I was so pumped to try the Sleep Juice. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I tried it every night for a week and a half and laid in bed wide awake for hours before going pick up a bottle of melatonin from Costco to see if anything would work. The melatonin knocked me out in 5 minutes so it was obvious the sleep juice just wasn’t right for me. Super disappointed this didn’t work because the quality and ingredients looked great!


I love sleep juice not only because it’s effective at helping me fall asleep and stay asleep, but also because I sleep so heavily! I feel so rejuvenated when I wake up. I try to get at least 7 hours of sleep but for the nights I don’t, this helps me get a deep, restful sleep even if it’s not a lot. I honestly have slept deeply every time that I’ve taken this so far! I don’t wake up until morning. This has been a life-changer!


If you have trouble getting to sleep, sleep juice is a must have. I use it on the nights where my mind just isn’t ready to call it a night. Within 15 minutes of using this product, my eyes are heavy. I get deep restful sleep and wake up refreshed. Will repurchase .

Whitney Vesterfelt

I purchased this product because I was desperate for some sleep. I had a lot of pain that was keeping me up at night. This tincture is very helpful at relaxing me and helping me sleep. I don’t use it every night but it is very helpful and affective when I take it. I recommended it to a friend dealing with cancer and she has found it so helpful for her. I love that. Be warned, it’s got a funk to it but for some reason I like it. Haha.

Anita Polanco

Sleep juice is so effective, I’m still shocked that it works for me. I have a bad habit of staying up late & my mind running at full speed. But sleep juice just knocks me right out & I have the best sleep. I also get more vivid dreams which is awesome !! It’s been helping me regulate my sleep patterns as well. Thank you Olivia !!


I ordered this in hopes that it would help my 4yr old stop waking up multiple times a night. I was giving her melatonin but I know that isn’t good for long periods of time. I took a chance and ordered Sleep Juice. The first time, I gave it to her straight and she didn’t like it but she slept allllll night long! I then just started putting it in her milk about 2 hours before bed. We (husband, 4yr old and I) all needed this miracle worker! She has slept through the night since day 1 and that’s been about 4 weeks now. I am now taking it too just to calm my mind and keep me asleep. THANK YOU OLIVIA!!!

Madeline Caban

I have been taking Aleve PM for years because the Melatonin pills I would buy did not work. I having trouble sleeping at night. As soon as I lay my head on the pillow I start to think about my day and my to-do list. With the sleep juice I take it 1 hour before bedtime and I LOVE it! I fall asleep quickly, I don’t look at the clock at all during the night, and if I get up to use the restroom I fall right back to sleep. I can’t thank you enough, Olivia! You are amazing! My next purchase will be the ParaPro for my gut!


Sleep issues is something I have stuggled with as a baby. Even then my mom would have to drive my around in a car for an hour just to TRY and get me to go to sleep. I didn’t take much naps as a baby and growing up , I just never took naps as my brain would never let me just sleep properly. The issue isn’t really falling asleep for me; it’s staying asleep. I have to get up to use the bathroom atleast 2-4x, during the night and either take an hour to go back to bed or just stay up because my body won’t let me go back into sleep mode. It’s rare I take a product ONE time and am sold. I have taken it more times since this review but wow after one use , I knew I found the answer to help me achieve a full nights rest. That’s exactly what happened my first time taking sleep juice; within 20 minutes of taking it , I would start to feel very relaxed and my body wanted to lay down. I got a full 8 hours of sleep. I did get up to use the bathroom just one time and was able to fall back to sleep RIGHT after. I could not believe it. I don’t take it every night but the nights I know I have to get up earlier for work and have longer days , it makes me feel SO much better waking up in the mornings now.

Cynthia H

This stuff knocks me out! I would describe the feeling of it like taking a melatonin or a benadry. I usually fall into a very deep sleep. I dont know if anyone has ever been under anesthesia but its that feeling where one minute you’re awake and the next it’s the next morning and you wonder what the heck happened.


I work midnights and have a horrible sleep schedule but this juice helps me so much! I put it in my tea and I’m able to sleep peacefully for hours!

Carla Bradley

Sleep Juice is a AMAZING! As someone who has suffered with insomnia since I was a teenager; sleep juice has changed my life. No more waking up in the middle the night. I don’t know who I love more Sleep Juice or Olivia for making it. I will be a customer for life.


I purchased this for my mother who always struggled with a deep sleep, she wakes up multiple timed during the night. she has tried many alternatives, however the first night she took sleep juice she slept through the whole night for the first time in years. she couldn’t stop talking about how amazing her sleep was the next day! highly recommend this!!!!!


I have had trouble falling asleep for as most of my life and if woken it can be hard for me to fall back to sleep. Years ago I took prescription medications for sleep, these medicines have tereible side effects and are very hard to stop taking. I was pleasantly surprised the first time I used sleep juice. I missed the 30 mins prior and took 2 dropers together right as I went to bed. The sleep juice has been wonderful to help me shut my brain off and fall asleep. It does not create a drugged feeling but a relaxing feeling. I slept excellent that night and all the nights I have used it with complete alertness the next day. I love this product and have order several to make sure I do not run out!


I have had trouble falling asleep for as most of my life and if woken it can be hard for me to fall back to sleep. Years ago I took prescription medications for sleep, these medicines have tereible side effects and are very hard to stop taking. I was pleasantly surprised the first time I used sleep juice. I missed the 30 mins prior and took 2 droppers together right as I went to bed. The sleep juice has been wonderful to help me shut my brain off and fall asleep. It does not create a drugged feeling but a relaxing feeling. I slept excellent that night and all the nights I have used it with complete alertness the next day. I love this product and have order several to make sure I do not run out!


I originally bought this for my mom, as she experiences chronic sleep insomnia, averaging around three to four hours a night. I was very hopeful and optimistic that this could help her. But alas, she just finished the bottle with no progress – sleep experiencing restless nights of sleep. I took the formula for a couple nights and experienced some restful sleep, though I am a self-proclaimed deep sleeper as it is. Will continue to have faith in Olivia’s products, but this one just didn’t do the trick, unfortunately. 🙁

Patricia Gonzalez

I have definitely noticed a difference in my sleep on the days that I take Sleep Juice vs. when I don’t. I don’t take sleep juice every day because I use daily exercise + cannabis for sleeping purposes. Anyways, some times I can’t sleep because I either ate something with sugar late at night (sugar rushes) or because I’m just wired from being on my computer/phone all day. I know in the tincture instructions it says to put 1 full dropper and another an hour later (optional). I’m very sensitive to herbs so I usually just do half a dropper and then another half within the hour. I saw on Olivia’s reviews, a woman tracked her sleep using an app. So I did the same thing. Whenever I take Sleep Juice, I usually enter deep sleep several times a night (for longer periods). When I don’t take Sleep Juice, some nights I don’t even enter deep sleep. This product has made a difference so big that it is noticeable. Also, I gave it to my boyfriend without telling him anything and he was all like, “wow I slept so good last night.” Hahahaha I love this stuff


I love Sleep Juice!! My boyfriend and I work different shifts, and he is usually up at 4-5 am to go to work when I usually get up around 7. The sleep juice has really and truly helped me sleep more deeply, soundly and I rarely wake up when he is getting ready for work now! I feel like I have been having way more vivid dreams (or at least remembering them) and I feel well rested when I wake up in the morning. Even my boyfriend will ask to use it from time to time when he needs help getting to sleep or just wants a better night of sleep in general. Thank you Olivia!


Sleep juice has given me the most peaceful sleep! Within 30 minutes my mind and body feels relaxed and I sleep so well! Love it!


I love Sleep Juice! It makes me feel so relaxed and ready for bed. I don’t get up during the night as often as I used to. Sleep Juice also doesn’t make me feel groggy in the morning. And of course, I love the natural ingredients. Highly recommend this product!


I am able to fall asleep very quickly, but I do not normally ever get good quality sleep. I am in bed for more than 8 hours but I feel like I get about half that of actual sleep. I was following the launch of these juice tinctures SO ready to try out the Sleep Juice. The first couple of nights I took it, I woke up before my alarm and earlier than usual feeling refreshed! It was amazing. Now I take it as I feel needed if I want to get really good sleep. It doesn’t taste great, but I am able to take it straight and just immediately follow with a drink of water. I have already bought a back up bottle! Thank you Olivia.


i bought sleep juice for my mom. she just turned 50 and has been going through menopause for quite a while now. one of the changes happening to her body is she is having a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. she has tried everything without success so i bought her sleep juice. it has worked for her about 70% of the time. she takes it exactly as directed every night. it doesn’t make her drowsy or sleepy, but once she is asleep it helps her stay asleep the majority of the time. every now and then it doesn’t work. we aren’t sure why, but we know her hormones are going crazy right now. we are going to keep exploring olivia’s options to help with her hormones as well as her sleep


All of these reviews are spot on, this completely changed my sleeping routine and I am so grateful for it and for Olivia. I have used marijuana to sleep for about 6 years every night and I recently wanted to quit but was very nervous about tossing and turning all night…. nope, I’ve slept AMAZING every single night due to this! Bringing it on my upcoming vacation with me and just having it with me already makes me feel so much better and less anxious about if I’ll be able to sleep good or not. Thank you again Olivia!

Jessica Gentry

Honestly, this is brilliant! I actually sleep pretty well and am affected most by any light in the room, traveling, and full moons (could be the brightness?). So I wanted to have this on hand for emergencies. However, I take it every night and here’s why…I have THE deepest most brilliant sleep. It is sincerely amazing. One hour of sleep on this feels like my old three hours of sleep. I’m in love with this. It’s bitter and has a rather gross smell (I’m not hating, I like that there’s nothing artificial in there) I’m just sharing for those worried. Just put it in water and drink quickly. So wonderful. I’m so grateful and excited to try some of her other products.


It’s relaxing to sip it before night time. I add my tincture to warm water. After I do my skin care, I’m quickly able to sleep after taking the sleep juice. I think a lot during bed times, or surf the net because I’m not relax enough to fall asleep. But this juice is wonderful! I also wake up not feeling groggy, which was my fear because I used to take melatonin.

Mel B

What can I say that hasn’t already been said about this miracle in a bottle? So, I don’t fall asleep immediately when I take it but when I do fall asleep I have the best sleep I’ve ever had and I actually wake up feeling rested. And when I take it in conjunction with brain juice I have the most vivid dreams and I actually remember my dreams and I haven’t been able to do that in a long time. It’s amazing. Thanks Olivia for all that you do.


I LOVE the sleep juice!!! it’s fantastic! Having a tight schedule between working full-time and studying full-time for an MBA program, I realized that my sleep paterns were off. I would toss and turn all night, I was so exhausted but for some reason I couldn’t sleep. I would have to wake up between 3-4 times at night to use the restroom to pee ( when I really didn’t need to go much). I tried Melatonin but becuase of the REM sleep it would just give me nightmares, heavy sleep, and I would wake up groggy. After reading about Olivia’s Sleep Juice I decided to try it. the first 2 days it took me a little while to fall asleep but once I fell asleep I had great sleep! From the 3rd day and on of using this product I BECAME HOOKED! I no longer wake up in the middle of the night (not even to pee), no more tossing and turning, no more feeling “wired but tired”, and I don’t wake up tired either! I love this stuff!! I’ve recommended it to all my friends and family! 🙂


This sleep juice is nothing short of the BEST!!! I’ve been giving it to my BF who has sleep issues and he is sleeping better and no restlessness. It helps wind him down at night to go to bed and he is sleeping better. He even asks me to put it in his drink before bed now. Olivia and her products are AMAZING .

Sabrina B

I was just about to buy another sleep juice when I realized it was out of stock! 🙁 but as I’m here reviewing, I have to say sleep juice works wonders. I’m always up at night unable to sleep and making continuous trips to the bathroom as if i had an overactive bladder and it decreases the amount of sleep I get. I could honestly say this has helped me sleep and knock out quickly, even though there are times where I fight my sleep because of being on my phone and I know I’m not alone on that. I noticed while taking it, I’m completely calm and less anxious which is what I never felt in the past with a supplement like melatonin. Can’t wait for this to be restocked to purchase it for myself and mother.

Sabrina B

I was just about to buy another sleep juice when I realized it was out of stock! 🙁 but as I’m here reviewing, I have to say sleep juice works wonders. I’m always up at night unable to sleep and making continuous trips to the bathroom to pee and it decreases the amount of sleep I get. I could honestly say this has helped me sleep and knock out quickly, even though there are times where I fight my sleep because of being on my phone and I know I’m not alone on that. I noticed while taking it, I’m completely calm and less anxious which is what I never felt in the past with a supplement like melatonin. Can’t wait for this to be restocked to purchase it for myself and mother.


I have been a fan of Olivia since the start of college which was four years ago! So I trust her. I bought Sleep Juice for my mom because she wakes up 3 to 4 times a night and sometimes cannot go back to sleep. My mom would sometimes take melatonin and it would not even help her. When I gave this to her she was skeptical at first yet she tried it for the first time. The next day, I asked her if the sleep juice helped her and she smiled and said yes. She was so happy that she only woke up once that night taking sleep juice before. I am glad that this helped my mom! Thank you Olivia!

Nitasha Isaac

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! After I gave birth, my husband and both had a hard time sleeping cause our son would wake up a lot for the first year. He’s 2 now and he’s been sleeping well for a while year BUT we haven’t cause I guess our bodies just got used to the irregular patterns. We tried Unisom and melatonin and they made us so dependent and groggy! THEN I found Olivia on IG and fell in love with her and had to try this. Best decision ever. We sleep so well and I’m so blessed that God made such awesome herbs and awesome people like Olivia who know how to use it!!!! Thanks so much Olivia


I’ve been following Olivia for quite a few years now. She’s passionate, educated, and a badass young entrepreneur who genuinely believes in the power of plants. ⁣ ⁣As a person who suffers from general anxiety and PTSD related to multiple home invasions, sleep has never -especially recently- been something that comes easily to me. I actually find myself getting anxious as soon as the sun sets, anticipating my impending sleeplessness.⁣ ⁣I saw that Olivia released a her line of tinctures, and after reading the reviews for Sleep Juice I thought I’d give it a shot. ⁣ Although I personally believe very strongly in the power of herbs, I’m cynical by nature. I didn’t think this stuff would work for someone who has as much difficulty with sleep as I do. Last night I tried two droppers full and fell asleep within 15 minutes of lying down…. I usually take at least an hour or two to fall asleep, and have to get up numerous times during the night to pee. I didn’t wake up a single time throughout the night and I actually woke up refreshed and not even the slightest bit groggy. This hasn’t happened for me in as long as I can remember. I am so, so grateful for the Earth and for those who take time to utilize its medicine for the betterment of humanity. ⁣⁣ Sleep is important and we all deserve it. I usually don’t plug products like this lol but my experience was so good I feel like I need to share.


Really works!!! I was desperate. I couldn’t get a good night sleep from the thoughts of work. I woke up multiple times at night and could not get a deep sleep, waking up ultimately exhausted. This tincture enabled me to get at least 7 hours of sleep continuously. Definitely recommend.

Angela Bieber

I’ve struggled with insomnia for years. I had trouble falling asleep; I’d lay in bed for hours, mind racing before falling asleep. Then once I did fall asleep I would be in such a light sleep that the littlest noise would wake me or I’d be up and down going to the restroom; then struggle to go back to sleep again. I tried everything natural I could find on the Internet, but nothing worked consistently. Until trying this sleep juice with the combination of herbs. I seriously can’t live without it! I fall asleep within 20 minutes of laying down and I stay asleep all night long! The best part is I finally feel rested in the morning when I wake up! It’s Amazing!! I’m like a whole new person! I’m cutrently doing a lot of derp cleansing (using Dr. Hulda Clark Herbs) and this helps me to actually sleep so that my body can properly detox and restore itself. Thank you Olivia for all that you do, sharing your knowledge and products with us! You are truly an angel. Many Blessings my dear!


Miss Olivia, the 6th year anniversary of my father’s passing is a few days away. Both my mom and I have had poor sleep since. To boot I inherited her overactive bladder and get up twice a night. YOUR SLEEP JUICE IS A GOD SEND!!! I felt it working its bladder magic the first night. The second night, I experienced hours of straight, solid, delicious sleep! To date, my mother and I, whom by the way, I no longer bump into in the hallway on our way to/from the bathroom during the night, are so happy and grateful for your marvelous product! Miss Olivia, Thank you for your passion, hard work and generosity. May you be Blessed, may your company thrive!


Miss Olivia, the 6th year anniversary of my father’s passing is a few days away. Both my mom and I have had poor sleep since. To boot I inherited her overactive bladder and get up twice a night. YOUR SLEEP JUICE IS A GOD SEND!!! I felt it working its bladder magic the first night. The second night, I experienced hours of straight, solid, delicious sleep! To date, my mother and I, whom by the way, I no longer bump into in the hallway on our way to/from the bathroom during the night, are so happy and grateful for your marvelous product! Miss Olivia, Thank you for your passion, hard work and generosity. May you be Blessed, may your company thrive.

Jordyn Fitzgerald

I take this right before bed almost every night and it has been helping me so much. The smell of it even calms me down. Thanks Olivia for making such great products!!


At the beginning of the year I started to experience almost daily challenges with my sleep, always waking between 1am and 3am regardless of when I went to bed. Since I started sleep juice last month, I have consistently slept through the night every night(finally!!) Sleep Juice is amazing.

Aisha Raffi

I struggle to sleep on a Sunday night, I think subconsciously am anxious about work the next day. When I take the sleep juice I get very tired and have a great sleep, I dont feel groggy in the morning and feel refreshed. Even the next day if i dont use it, I get sleepy. I love this product.

c chaos

i dose this sublingually. it works for me! thank you!


Before taking sleep juice I was getting up at least 3 times a night to use the restroom and always had a hard time falling asleep. Since taking it I rarely wake up to use the restroom and it typically helps me to fall asleep quickly


Since I can remember I would have a hard time staying asleep through the night . No matter what I did i was always up tossing and turning , and then waking up feeling so fatigued . I never wanted to go to a doctor for it because they would only prescribe me medication , and I don’t want to be dependent on something like that my entire life . Alas here we are with the sleep juice ! I have to say it’s a dream come true . I am getting the peaceful sleep my body deserves . I fall asleep and stay asleep . No more frequent urination through out the night . I wake up feeling well rested , and I feel like my hit the reset button for myself in many ways . This juice is a blessing . Thank you so much Olivia and your team !


I was diagnosed with insomnia just about 4 years ago. I started out taking ambien, which knocked me out but the quality of my sleep was terrible. Not to mention how terrible it is for you. After a few months, I went to acupuncture where we treated my insomnia and switched me to melatonin. I have literally been taking some sort of sleep aid to fall asleep the last FOUR YEARS. I received Sleep Juice earlier last week. I was super excited to try, as I want to come off melatonin completely. Y’ALL, I WAS ABLE TO FALL ASLEEP NATURALLY FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOUR YEARS. I can’t thank you enough, Olivia!


I love this stuff, I was taking melatonin, and yes it did knock me out, but I would wake up feeling completely out of it, and like I needed more sleep. With the sleep juice, it calms me before bed, I sleep through the night, and wake up feeling like I never took anything!


I will not go to bed without my sleep juice!

Karen Moshe

Ever since I have been using Sleep Juice I have seen my mood improved and overall performance at work increase. A deep sleep really does wonders and my dreams are so vivid, I love this stuff.


I have never felt such a deeper sleep before! Sleep Juice puts you at such a resting, calm state before falling into a deep relaxing sleep. I never realized what a difference a good nights sleep can do to you. I’ve taken sleeping pills before and they’ve all made me feel exhausted the next day and sluggish. This product actually made me feel the opposite, when my alarm goes off I feel ready for the day. I don’t have that constant yearning for 5 more minutes. I LOVE THIS.


My mother suffers from horrendous insomnia due to thyroid issues. The sleepless nights were seriously disorienting her so I decided to purchase the sleep juice for her. The first night, she took a full bulb in water as instructed one hour before bed. She slept longer, but still not well. The next night I had her take the full bulb, no water one hour before bed and then another right at bedtime. The next morning, she was actually rested and told me that for the first time in a long time she only woke up twice but went right back to sleep and slept well. She has been taking it every night and happily reports that she has been sleeping and feels better throughout the day. Next step, liver and brain juice for her! I sleep well most of the time, but there are periods of times that I wake up a million times and wake up exhausted the next morning. I decided to try it myself and with just one bulb an hour before bed, I fall into a deep deep sleep and have vivid dreams. I wake up feeling super rested and am not tired throughout the day. I look forward to trying the other juices!!


Knocks me out! I decided to try this because I have a hard time resting my brain when I go to bed. Sometimes I will wake up in the middle of the night thinking about My TO DO list or things that happened the day before. I’ve been taking it every night for 2 weeks and it literally knocks me out when I’m tired, sometimes I need a second dose but for the most part it helps me feel well rested the next day. Love this!

Okay so I’ve been taking the sleep juice for about 5 days now… I wanted to make sure that what was happening was because of the sleep juice so I cut back on my cannabis intake, actually the main reason for my vaping is to be able to sleep but lately not even that was helping. Just to give you some back round this past year has been pretty crazy I lost my father to stage 4 T-cell lymphoma in less than 6 months. He was my rock but like many adults there are many things I should have done differently and my brain just none stop thinks about all the constant what ifs. Sleeping is something that’s become so foreign to me and my husband so this review is actually from the both of us who work 9-5 jobs and at night before bed we vape. I have even introduce CBD oil into my daily life but not even that was seemed to help. These past 5 days we cut back to see the results of your tinctures and can i just tell you that we truly appreciate you and what you have done we have been able to sleep all through the night. My husband was a chronic night bathroom user it WAS horrible, many days wake up at 5 and just lay awake because he would not be able to go back to sleep or as he says find sleep. I would on the other hand not be able to fall asleep with the constant racing thoughts and I just could not fall asleep so I would lay awake on my phone many nights. Now I can’t fall asleep in no time it just happens naturally and my thoughts aren’t racing or just all over the place. Sooo to conclude this I don’t think I can live with out sleep juice I’m a believer and like i said before I appreciate you so much because being able to wake up feeling rested and re-energized is truly the best thing specially when you have a 3 year old that you want to be able to keep up with. Olivia thank you thank you from the bottom of mine && my families heart!!!!!! Please continue bless us with your creations.❤️❤️❤️❤️

Melissa Diaz

It works sooooo good! I usually wake up 2-3 time per night and the past two nights i’ve taken a dropper full with hot water and slept two full nights!

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