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Sleep Juice
Sleep Juice
Sleep Juice
Sleep Juice
Sleep Juice
Sleep Juice
Sleep Juice
Sleep Juice


Health Benefits
  • Supports deep, restful and restorative sleep
  • Helps you get to sleep and stay asleep throughout the night
  • Assists in relaxing the mind so you can fully wind down before bed
  • Combats the feeling of being “wired but tired”
  • Lessens racing or looping thoughts that keep us awake
  • Supports deep sleep
  • Assists with staying asleep
  • Promotes rest and relaxation
  • Aids looping thoughts
Sleep Juice

When our sleep suffers, our entire body suffers.

Maybe it seems like no matter what you do to prepare, the second your head hits the pillow your mind begins to race. Perhaps you’re too worried to get to sleep, or you’re “tired but wired” combing through the entire day’s events. If you’re like me, you may find that even if you can fall asleep without any trouble, you toss and turn all night — never getting that deep, restorative sleep our bodies so desperately need.

If any of this sounds familiar, I want you to know I’ve been there and have an effective sleep solution for you.

As someone who has gone through it all when it comes to sleep issues, I originally created this formula for myself specifically to combat sleepless and restless nights. This blend will help you fall asleep like it’s your job (and most importantly, will help you stay asleep too!)

Sleep Juice is specifically designed to help your body and mind relax, fall asleep easily, and stay asleep through the night. Several of the ingredients also reduce anxiousness to combat racing or looping thoughts.

By taking one full squeeze of the dropper one hour before bed, you will truly feel tired once again and get the most out of your sleep which, in turn, will help you get the most out of all the other beneficial things you do for your health!

Want to learn more about Sleep Juice? Read the Story Behind the Formula here!

The super herbs in our Sleep Juice blend:

  1. Valerian Root – a supreme relaxant that has a calming effect on the autonomic nervous system while opening up peripheral circulation for deep healing as you sleep. A healthy, non-toxic alternative, great for those who run circles of “what ifs” in their mind.
  2. Hops – used in Ayurveda for restlessness associated with nervous tension, and in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat poor sleep and digestion, Hops is a natural yet powerful sedative which calms the nervous system and increases both sleep quality and duration.
  3. Skullcap – a safe and reliable mild sedative that helps with both sleeplessness and nervousness as well as rebuilding and restoring nerves.
  4. Lemon Balm – also a nerve rebuilder, this herb is a star in reducing tension, nervousness, and panic. One of my favorites for giving you that deep sense of calm like a warm blanket over your body.
  5. Passionflower – one of the few herbs that assists with resetting your circadian rhythm, passionflower nourishes the adrenals and helps shut down a racing mind.
  6. California Poppy – a final addition to the blend, this herb helps with having to wake up and go to the bathroom several times a night.



Jordyn Fitzgerald

I take this right before bed almost every night and it has been helping me so much. The smell of it even calms me down. Thanks Olivia for making such great products!!


At the beginning of the year I started to experience almost daily challenges with my sleep, always waking between 1am and 3am regardless of when I went to bed. Since I started sleep juice last month, I have consistently slept through the night every night(finally!!) Sleep Juice is amazing.

Aisha Raffi

I struggle to sleep on a Sunday night, I think subconsciously am anxious about work the next day. When I take the sleep juice I get very tired and have a great sleep, I dont feel groggy in the morning and feel refreshed. Even the next day if i dont use it, I get sleepy. I love this product.

c chaos

i dose this sublingually. it works for me! thank you!


Before taking sleep juice I was getting up at least 3 times a night to use the restroom and always had a hard time falling asleep. Since taking it I rarely wake up to use the restroom and it typically helps me to fall asleep quickly


Since I can remember I would have a hard time staying asleep through the night . No matter what I did i was always up tossing and turning , and then waking up feeling so fatigued . I never wanted to go to a doctor for it because they would only prescribe me medication , and I don’t want to be dependent on something like that my entire life . Alas here we are with the sleep juice ! I have to say it’s a dream come true . I am getting the peaceful sleep my body deserves . I fall asleep and stay asleep . No more frequent urination through out the night . I wake up feeling well rested , and I feel like my hit the reset button for myself in many ways . This juice is a blessing . Thank you so much Olivia and your team !


I was diagnosed with insomnia just about 4 years ago. I started out taking ambien, which knocked me out but the quality of my sleep was terrible. Not to mention how terrible it is for you. After a few months, I went to acupuncture where we treated my insomnia and switched me to melatonin. I have literally been taking some sort of sleep aid to fall asleep the last FOUR YEARS. I received Sleep Juice earlier last week. I was super excited to try, as I want to come off melatonin completely. Y’ALL, I WAS ABLE TO FALL ASLEEP NATURALLY FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOUR YEARS. I can’t thank you enough, Olivia!


I love this stuff, I was taking melatonin, and yes it did knock me out, but I would wake up feeling completely out of it, and like I needed more sleep. With the sleep juice, it calms me before bed, I sleep through the night, and wake up feeling like I never took anything!


I will not go to bed without my sleep juice!

Karen Moshe

Ever since I have been using Sleep Juice I have seen my mood improved and overall performance at work increase. A deep sleep really does wonders and my dreams are so vivid, I love this stuff.


I have never felt such a deeper sleep before! Sleep Juice puts you at such a resting, calm state before falling into a deep relaxing sleep. I never realized what a difference a good nights sleep can do to you. I’ve taken sleeping pills before and they’ve all made me feel exhausted the next day and sluggish. This product actually made me feel the opposite, when my alarm goes off I feel ready for the day. I don’t have that constant yearning for 5 more minutes. I LOVE THIS.


My mother suffers from horrendous insomnia due to thyroid issues. The sleepless nights were seriously disorienting her so I decided to purchase the sleep juice for her. The first night, she took a full bulb in water as instructed one hour before bed. She slept longer, but still not well. The next night I had her take the full bulb, no water one hour before bed and then another right at bedtime. The next morning, she was actually rested and told me that for the first time in a long time she only woke up twice but went right back to sleep and slept well. She has been taking it every night and happily reports that she has been sleeping and feels better throughout the day. Next step, liver and brain juice for her! I sleep well most of the time, but there are periods of times that I wake up a million times and wake up exhausted the next morning. I decided to try it myself and with just one bulb an hour before bed, I fall into a deep deep sleep and have vivid dreams. I wake up feeling super rested and am not tired throughout the day. I look forward to trying the other juices!!


Knocks me out! I decided to try this because I have a hard time resting my brain when I go to bed. Sometimes I will wake up in the middle of the night thinking about My TO DO list or things that happened the day before. I’ve been taking it every night for 2 weeks and it literally knocks me out when I’m tired, sometimes I need a second dose but for the most part it helps me feel well rested the next day. Love this!

Okay so I’ve been taking the sleep juice for about 5 days now… I wanted to make sure that what was happening was because of the sleep juice so I cut back on my cannabis intake, actually the main reason for my vaping is to be able to sleep but lately not even that was helping. Just to give you some back round this past year has been pretty crazy I lost my father to stage 4 T-cell lymphoma in less than 6 months. He was my rock but like many adults there are many things I should have done differently and my brain just none stop thinks about all the constant what ifs. Sleeping is something that’s become so foreign to me and my husband so this review is actually from the both of us who work 9-5 jobs and at night before bed we vape. I have even introduce CBD oil into my daily life but not even that was seemed to help. These past 5 days we cut back to see the results of your tinctures and can i just tell you that we truly appreciate you and what you have done we have been able to sleep all through the night. My husband was a chronic night bathroom user it WAS horrible, many days wake up at 5 and just lay awake because he would not be able to go back to sleep or as he says find sleep. I would on the other hand not be able to fall asleep with the constant racing thoughts and I just could not fall asleep so I would lay awake on my phone many nights. Now I can’t fall asleep in no time it just happens naturally and my thoughts aren’t racing or just all over the place. Sooo to conclude this I don’t think I can live with out sleep juice I’m a believer and like i said before I appreciate you so much because being able to wake up feeling rested and re-energized is truly the best thing specially when you have a 3 year old that you want to be able to keep up with. Olivia thank you thank you from the bottom of mine && my families heart!!!!!! Please continue bless us with your creations.❤️❤️❤️❤️

Melissa Diaz

It works sooooo good! I usually wake up 2-3 time per night and the past two nights i’ve taken a dropper full with hot water and slept two full nights!

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