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COMMON TONGUE SIGNS EXPLAINED 👅 according to Traditional Chinese Medicine🌿  This is a continuation of yesterday’s post, since I got a lot of comments about tongue characteristics I didn’t get to talk about in detail (such as teeth marks on the sides). Here’s a list of some of the most common observations practitioners see:
✔️ Although the sides of the tongue mirror the liver/gallbladder meridian, teeth marks on the edges are actually a result of a ‘swollen’ tongue that is pressing into the teeth which leaves imprints over time.
✔️ In TCM, a swollen or puffy tongue indicates there is a deficiency in Qi (energy) - especially “spleen”/digestive Qi which helps you to metabolize and distribute fluids and nutrients from food & drinks.
✔️ You may experience symptoms such as fatigue/lack of energy, puffy or heavy limbs, bloating, sluggish bowel movements, & alternating constipation/diarrhea. ✔️ In Western terms, when I see “Qi deficiency” I immediately think of a B-vitamin deficiency and/or low thyroid hormone. If the tongue is pale, I would suggest an iron panel as well. A high quality methylated B-complex can be therapeutic here to improve energy and digestion. ✔️ HERBAL INDICATIONS: Warming herbs such as fennel, orange peel & mugwort can be blended into a warming “digestive bitter” tincture. Take 15 minutes before meals to stimulate gastric juices and support digestion, nutrient assimilation, and spleen Qi.
✔️ EAT MORE: sweet potato, soup, lightly cooked vegetables and easily digestible protein such as legumes and wild fish. DO NOT eat in front of the TV or while looking at your phone! Eat regular meals at the same time every day and don’t skip breakfast.
✔️ AVOID: raw, cold foods and iced beverages until digestion improves. Try cutting out wheat & dairy. NO SUGAR is key because the intense sweetness damages the spleen Qi further.
👇🏼👇🏼 2-4 CONTINUED BELOW 👇🏼👇🏼
We’ve been doing more work with tongue diagnosis in class, and I wanted to show you guys one of the most common patterns we see: a red tip signaling ‘heat’ rising to the heart.
This does NOT mean anything is “wrong” with you! It’s simply an observation of an imbalance within a certain organ system. When you notice signs like this on your tongue, you can use them as a guide to make simple food & lifestyle changes.
1️⃣ WHAT CAN YOUR TONGUE TELL YOU? - Tongue Diagnosis is one of the four pillars of examination in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and reveals to the practitioner a basic guide of where disharmony is present. 👅 First, you look at the overall “material” of the tongue: is it a healthy pink signaling proper blood flow? Is it pale, suggesting there may be an iron/B12 deficiency? Is it deep red or even purple, signaling trapped heat and stagnation? 👅 Then, you want to look at the coating: is there a healthy thin coating - just enough to moisten the tongue? Or is there a thick white or yellow moss? 👅 Next, we move onto the nature of the tongue: examining whether it’s swollen (with teeth imprints on the sides), cracked (hinting at a dry tissue state in the body), or shaking (this is something known as “wind”). 👅 Lastly, we would tie this all together by focusing on WHERE these different characteristics are seen. Since we know cracks represent a lack of moisture, if they’re in the “stomach/spleen” area we would focus on nourishing and rehydrating the gut with mucilaginous herbs like marshmallow root. We know redness represents trapped heat, so if it’s in the “heart” area we would focus on RELAXATION techniques & bitter herbs that clear heat to “cool” us down physically & emotionally.
❤️ This can manifest as irritability, restlessness, racing thoughts, insomnia, and anxiety.
❤️ CAUSES: Since “heat rises,” we need to look at WHERE the heat is rising from — and that’s usually the liver. We know that emotionally, the liver is the seat of anger, so oftentimes this is a sign of repressed anger and emotions moving up to the heart channel because they’re not being released.
I just posted a new blog post & it’s one of those long personal ones like my post after Jamaica on shame & attitudes surrounding sex. This one is called “HOW THE PHYSICAL CAN MIRROR THE EMOTIONAL: MY SCAR STORY” and it veers into lots of emotional/spiritual talk (like mentioning the heart chakra and energetic blockages). If that’s not your thing, skip this one… but if it is, click the link in my bio to read because I felt it was important to share.❤️
Here’s an excerpt from the post… 👇🏼
Do you ever think about how emotions can manifest physically in our bodies, whether consciously or subconsciously? Some manifestations are more obvious: stomach “butterflies” when you’re worried or excited, the urge to empty your bladder when you’re scared, or your blood pressure skyrocketing from anger. And yet other manifestations are much more subtle and complex… starving our bodies of nourishment when we hate what we see in the mirror, or abusing a damaging vice (such as drugs) when emotional pain becomes too much to bear.
When I was 16, I did something very strange to my body. 🔸
I was always the “good girl” - an overachiever who wanted to be PERFECT physically, academically, and any other “ly” I could control. I never wanted tattoos or even a second ear piercing. And yet one day, I woke up and asked someone to pierce my chest — exactly where you see the scar above.
NONE of my friends could understand why I wanted or did this. I certainly couldn’t figure it out myself. Now 8 years later, it finally makes sense… but we need to go back a bit further first.
When I was 14, I got into a relationship with an older boy who made me feel extremely special. I thought that feeling was love, but I now understand it was the highs & lows of a game called control. This person hated when I wore certain clothing (even just shorts) to school because “other guys would look at me.” And of course, I was HIS and only his to look at - a bond of ownership that a vulnerable girl with a chaotic home saw as a privilege… READ THE REST OF THE POST @ THE LINK IN MY BIO 👆🏼❤️
SWIPE👉🏼 THANK YOU @FATHEADFRANCES! 😭💘 Forget diamonds… MAGNESIUM is a girl’s best friend. 💎 And yes, I bedazzled my own magnesium kit just for the purpose of this pun. #Dedication ✨ While you’re waiting on the launch of our topical cramp relief salve (which is meant to provide women with a safe self-care tool for immediate relief), give our anti-stress magnesium kit a try to get to the ROOT of the problem. The link is in my bio! 👆🏼
According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, increasing magnesium is one effective way of treating menstrual cramps, as well as other types of menstrual-related pain including headaches and nausea. 🔥
👉🏼 Why? Because magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant! Proper levels are crucial for relaxing both blood vessels AND muscle tension/contractions (including painful menstrual cramping). 👉🏼 Magnesium controls the entry of calcium into each and every cell - this process happens every time a nerve cell fires. Without enough magnesium, too much calcium gets inside the cell resulting in cramping, blood vessel constriction, migraines and anxiety. (Magnesium is required for our muscles to relax, while calcium is needed for contraction).
👉🏼 Red blood cell magnesium is found to be lower in women who have PMS compared to those who don’t. The same was found in headache & migraine sufferers!
👉🏼 On top of all this, magnesium has major benefits for the edema, bloating, depression & mood swings that often accompany menstrual pain. Without going into too much detail, it helps regulate the HPA axis AND decreases something called ‘aldosterone’ which is a major cause of fluid retention.
✨TO USE MAGNESIUM AS A NATURAL THERAPY FOR CRAMPS: Take 350 mg daily for at least three days leading up to menstruation, continuing through your full cycle. For best results, take 100-300mg daily the rest of the month to replenish stores on a cellular level. ✔️350mg = 1 serving (2 tsp) of our CALM THE MIND magnesium tea, OR
✔️10 sprays of our CALM THE BODY magnesium spray 3x a day. I find it very helpful to spread out these 3 applications morning/noon/night, as a continual intake helps to consistently smooth tense muscle.❤️


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