What if I’m only having one bowel movement per day on the ParaPro Formula?

It’s best to have 2-3 bowel movements per day. If your bowels are not moving enough, it can often be attributed to a deficiency in magnesium or other mineral deficiency since our soil is so depleted. Read my article here about the epidemic of magnesium deficiency in our modern world.

First and foremost, make sure you’re eating enough foods rich in fiber, especially leafy greens which are packed with magnesium. Also be sure that you’re drinking warm to hot liquids throughout the day rather than cold or icy liquids. Cold drinks stagnate your intestines and liver, causing your body to tense up instead of releasing. Hot drinks emulsify the fats in your meals and prompt your liver to release bile which is a natural laxative. Drinking hot lemon water throughout the day can do more for bowel movements than one might think.

If these steps prove to be inadequate, taking a magnesium supplement in order to replenish your stores and relax your bowels can be quite helpful. My favorite is our own Calm The Mind, a tasty powder that makes a delicious warm tea! You can also add liquid ionic mineral drops to your water or juice. The brand I use is Concentrace. They are very bitter, so I usually put a big squirt into orange juice and gulp it down. This always gets my bowels moving – honestly, it usually works a bit TOO well!

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