The Open Heart Tea

2 oz (56g)
Brew a cup of The Open Heart loose leaf tea blend to soften tension and gently lift your mood. This tea was formulated to soothe the nervous system, create a restful space for the spirit, and promote the processing of stagnant or ‘stuck’ emotions by moving blood and Qi in order to make room for perspective, vitality and joy. The Open Heart tea supports deeper connection — both with yourself and those you love. The blend is made with herbs that also support the physical heart, thus promoting healthy blood circulation, supporting occasional anxiousness, and maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system.*
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Dosage: 1 heaping teaspoon
Strength Per Batch:
2000mg per batch
Nut Free
Gluten Free

Calming + connection

The super herbs in our blend


Rosa spp.

Not just stunning to look at, our beloved Rose imbues us with her beauty both internally and externally. Antioxidant-rich, soul-nourishing, and supportive to the mind and heart, roses have been used in traditional remedies for centuries to clear “heat,” open the heart, move Blood and Qi, and promote healthy emotional balance.*

The herbs within this blend are a mix of calming and relaxing "nervines" that soothe and unwind physical tension, as well as "Shen" tonics that reconnect us to our spirit.* In Chinese Medicine, the heart houses our Shen, which can be translated as our consciousness or soul. A healthy and grounded Shen governs our ability to lead from our heart’s true calling and purpose – to extend beyond the Self and form loving relationships with those around us.

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About the


Soothing, heart-focused herbs

“Like a warm hug from mom,” The Open Heart is formulated with one of our most nurturing friends: Motherwort. Known to strengthen and maintain cardiovascular health, this herb provides soothing emotional support for the “heart-mind” aka the spirit. Motherwort’s latin name, Leonurus cardiaca, translates to Lion’s Heart, and its tonic properties live up to its name. As this herb works to promote physical heart health during times of stress, it also assists with occasional anxiousness when one feels as though they’ve lost their courage or sense of vitality.*

Nicholas Culpepper, a famous English herbalist who lived during the 1600’s writes, “there is no better herb to take melancholy vapors from the heart, strengthen it and make a merry, cheerful, blythe soul than this herb.” He also classifies this plant ally as one of the prized “loosening medicines,” helping to relax those who tend to store their emotional tension physically and need a cooling herb to move stagnation in order to see a way through and brighten one’s perspective.*

Tonics for compassion and connection

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Heart meridian houses the “Shen,” which can be translated as “spirit” or “heart-mind.” When it seems like one is leading only with their head, rather than their heart and values — or when one is feeling lost, disconnected, or unsettled — it’s essential to nourish and ground the Shen with calming, heart strengthening herbs. Shen essentially means our consciousness: the way we think and thus take action towards our true heart’s calling and purpose, and our ability to be fully present and connect with ourselves and those we love.*

A healthy Shen can be seen in the ‘sparkle’ in our eyes. It’s the way we ‘light up’ when we’re with someone we care for or speaking about our passion, and our ability to make eye contact and connect far beyond words during a meaningful interaction. When the Shen is strong, we are able to extend beyond ourselves and form loving relationships with other humans, animals, and nature. We cannot separate the physical heart from the proverbial “Shen” or spirit that lives within our hearts; when the health of one suffers, so does the other.*

The Open Heart loose leaf tea contains a blend of Shen tonic herbs that support our ability to feel present and hold space for ourselves and others. Rose, Motherwort, and Hawthorn nourish a vibrant Shen, supporting grounded self-awareness, a sense of meaning and connection, the ability to be intimate with all life has to offer. Sit with a warm cup of this herbal tea and allow yourself to remember your true nature and grace.*

Benefits & Uses

  • Soothing and calming mood support
  • Facilitates relaxation, creating space for deeper connection
  • Supports a sense of self-compassion
  • Aids a busy mind by grounding looping thoughts
  • Promotes nervous system balance
  • Made with Shen tonics to nourish and uplift the spirit
  • Supports the healthy expression of emotions
  • Helps you slow down in order to savor meaningful moments*

How to Use

This tea can be utilized either alone (before self care, breathwork, journaling, meditation, winding down or facing the day with a calm sense of courage) -- or with others, in community (during girl’s night, before a date or intimate evening, to set the intention for a conversation or deep connection). Drink solo when you’re in need of sweet relief and emotional support for a frazzled nervous system; when tension comes up physically and energy needs to move.*

As emotions and experiences can be processed and released, you create more room for insight and joy. Brew a cup with someone you love, or when you’re surrounded by those who are special to you. Set an intention and connect to each other’s heart spaces to facilitate meaningful moments. Share a mug of this delicate blend to slow and ground in order to deepen presence, connection and togetherness.*

How to Use

For a quick brew, add 1 heaping teaspoon to a french press or mason jar and cover with hot, just-boiled water. Let the herbs steep for 15 minutes, strain, and enjoy. For a stronger flavor, add 1 heaping teaspoon of tea to one cup of boiling water on the stove. Cover, lower heat and gently simmer for 15 minutes. Strain and enjoy as is or sweeten with honey. You may rebrew the same serving 2-3 times.

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The story
behind the formula

This formula was born out of a series of profound experiences with rose tea, a simple but mighty herb that I underestimated for so long. After several girls nights and eventually date nights, having the same experience with rose over and over again: giddiness, an opening of my heart, a softening of my guard, more space for playfulness, presence and genuine curiosity towards others’ inner experiences… I finally understood the power of rose medicine.

After feeling profound effects and shifts in my life around my capacity to be with my own emotions and those I love, I created The Connection Collection: a series of herbal formulas I’ve used along the way to go towards that inner feeling of freedom that only comes from feeling the full spectrum of my true emotions, both the joy and the grief, sometimes all at once. I perfected my girl’s night rose tea with the addition of soothing nervines, and created intentional tinctures meant to be used in mocktails, before meals, or during self care rituals. Here’s to steeping in all the feelings, and showing up fully with the courage of a lion’s heart.

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Rosa spp

Not just stunning to look at, our beloved Rose imbues us with her beauty both internally and externally. Antioxidant-rich, soul-nourishing, and supportive to the mind and heart, roses have been used in traditional remedies for centuries to clear “heat,” open the heart, move Blood and Qi, and promote healthy emotional balance.*

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Cretaegus spp.

A tried and true heart tonic, Hawthorn benefits the cardiovascular system physically as well as the emotional heart-body. Gentle yet strengthening, this herb helps with a Heart meridian that is not properly “storing” our Shen or “spirit,” indicated for a wandering mind, a lack of direction, and restless sleep.*

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Leonurus cardiaca

“Like a big hug from mom,” Motherwort greets us as if the love of nature itself could be encompassed into an herb—warm, supportive, calming, and reliable. This cardiovascular supportive nervine helps to support emotional balance, all while aiding and maintaining physical heart health in the face of occasional stress.*

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