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Natal Nourish
Natal Nourish
Natal Nourish
Natal Nourish
Natal Nourish
Natal Nourish
Natal Nourish
Natal Nourish


Health Benefits
  • A nourishing, strengthening tonic for those trying to get pregnant or are already pregnant
  • Supports healthy fertility, pregnancy and delivery
  • Contains gentle, nutritive, mineral-rich herbs for micronutrient support
  • Can be taken before conception and throughout pregnancy
  • Aids uterine health
  • Nourishes and strengthens
  • Contains nutritive, mineral-rich herbs
  • Supports uterine health
  • Supports healthy fertility and pregnancy
Natal Nourish

Natal Nourish is a gentle, nutritive tonic formula that you can take while you’re trying to get pregnant as well as all throughout your pregnancy. The nourishing herbs in this formula provide vitamins and minerals that support both a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Fertility is something that’s been on my radar more and more as I think about starting my own family. While Natal Nourish isn’t designed to be a magic bullet, I’m honored to release this strengthening formula that tones and supports uterine health in order to aid the body in its preparation needs.

Red Raspberry Leaf is a traditional uterine tonic used by herbalists around the world to support reproductive health and tone. Nettle Leaf is one of the most nourishing plants we have available to us, and supports kidney and adrenal health in those who are feeling depleted. Yellow Dock root facilities healthy nutrient absorption from the food we eat, and Red Clover Blossoms support follicle health.

In general, Natal Nourish can be taken for about three months before you begin trying to conceive, although this varies greatly by person. It can of course be taken longer in preparation (i.e. 1 year) as this is designed for nutritive purposes.

Natal Nourish is safe for breastfeeding as well and can be continued post-pregnancy. For all other questions, see our FAQ tab above.

HOW TO USE (ADULTS): Take 1 full dropper (30 drops) under the tongue or in juice/water 2x per day or as directed by your health professional.

The super-herbs in our blend include:

  1. Nettle Leaf – nettles are one of the most nourishing plants we have available to us, used traditionally for those who are feeling depleted or deficient. Strengthens the kidneys and adrenal glands and contains vital micronutrients. 
  2. Yellow Dock Root – a nutritive herb that supports absorption of nutrients from food (such as iron) in the small intestine. 
  3. Red Raspberry Leaf – tones and strengthens the uterus in order to support a healthy pregnancy and delivery. 
  4. Red Clover Blossoms – support follicle health, rich in calcium and magnesium among other vitamins and minerals.

1. How does Natal Nourish support fertility?

Natal Nourish is nutritive and tonifying to the uterus. Nettle Leaf strengthens the kidneys and adrenal glands, which is excellent for those who have been dependent on coffee and/or stressed for long periods of time. Yellow dock root helps with absorption of nutrients from food. Red raspberry leaf strengthens the uterus, and red clover blossoms enhance raspberry leaf’s effects. Red clover blossoms also help follicles to prepare for ovulation, and are rich in calcium and magnesium.

2. Are there any medications you should avoid taking while on Natal Nourish?

Not based on our research.

4. Is it true that raspberry leaf can cause contractions and should not be taken all throughout pregnancy?

While Red Raspberry Leaf is a uterine tonic, it should not cause contractions. Our official reference is the AHPA’s Botanical Safety Handbook, which is the authoritative book on herbs and pregnancy. Red Raspberry Leaf is listed as safe throughout pregnancy, supported by positive clinical trials. We use a moderate amount in our formula, and the constituents are mostly gentle, nutritious substances such as vitamins and minerals. For more information, see this study.

5. If I’m looking forward to getting pregnant in the future (1-2 years), should I start taking Natal Nourish now to increase my vitamin and mineral stores?

You can take Natal Nourish up to one year before wanting to get pregnant. Any longer (i.e. 2 years) is usually not necessary.

6. Can Natal Nourish be taken all throughout and after pregnancy while breast feeding?


7. Would Natal Nourish interfere with other prenatal vitamins I might be taking?


8. Does Natal Nourish replace traditional prenatal vitamins or should the be used along side of them?

No. Continue taking your prenatal vitamins while using Natal Nourish. These herbs do not contain enough folate to be considered a prenatal multivitamin. Natal Nourish mostly provides trace minerals and tonifies the uterus while strengthening the kidneys and adrenal glands.

9. Is Natal Nourish a good source a folate?

No. Continue taking your prenatal vitamins as a proper source of folate.

10. Are the ingredients in Natal Nourish organic?

Yes, except for the Yellow Dock Root which is ethically wild-crafted. We test our wild-crafted (and even organic) herbs to be sure they’re free of pesticide residue.

11. Does the Red Clover in Natal Nourish cause risk for anyone who already suffers from estrogen dominance?

No, we haven’t seen that.

12. Is one bottle of Natal Nourish enough for the entire month?

If taken 2x/day it would last one month.

13. What benefits, if any, does Natal Nourish provide post pregnancy?

Post pregnancy, Natal Nourish supports shrinking of the uterus back to its normal size, and helps iron uptake for anemia/low energy support.

14. If I want to get off birth control will Natal Nourish make the transition easier?

Flow Balance is more suitable for this – see Flow Balance FAQ.

15. Does Natal Nourish help with nausea associated with pregnancy?

Not really. For nausea associated with pregnancy we suggest ginger.

16. Has Natal Nourish been tested to know for certain it is safe for pregnancy?

See the AHPA’s Botanical Safety Handbook as our official reference for all safety information regarding the herbs we use and pregnancy.

17. How long before trying to conceive should I start taking Natal Nourish?

It may take 1-3 months to do the trick but varies by person. You can take up to a year before you begin trying to conceive.

18. Can you take Natal Nourish even if you’re not trying to get pregnant?


19. Can Natal Nourish be taken while on birth control?


20. Is Natal Nourish vegan?


21. Can this be taken along side other fertility treatments?

There are no contraindications to taking Natal Nourish with fertility treatments. We always ask that you speak with your doctor first.

22. Is Natal Nourish safe to take after a miscarriage if I’m trying to conceive again?


23. Is Natal Nourish safe for moms who had to have C-sections as we have scar tissue on our uterus?


24. Can I take Natal Nourish if I’m anemic? Can Natal Nourish help me absorb iron if I’m anemic?

Yes, as Yellow Dock facilitates iron uptake in the ileum.


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I started taking natal nourish in feb/march. I had my IUD removed April 1 and according to my ultrasound i conceived on April 2!! When i was 20 i was told it would be very difficult to have children. I am now 12 weeks and have had very mild “bad” pregnancy symptoms (sometimes neausous but nothing horrid). The formula also tastes reaaaalllllly yummy. The glycerin base is a good hit for my sweet tooth hah!


I have always had incredibly painful periods leading me to think I have endometriosis. I started taking natal nourish about 3 weeks ago and my first period (2weeks later) was completely painless. I had normal cramps but nothing like I have experienced before. My body did not ache the way it typically does during my period and I definitely had more energy. I’m usually very sluggish during my period. I am certain I have this formula to thank. Thanks Olivia!

Jennifer A.

I started taking Natal Nourish exactly a month ago. It was the best decision I made! My flo this month is nothing like my previous ones. My previous ones would start with backache and then really bad cramps. This month was very different. The pain is a normal cramp here and there. I will definitely keep taking this and hopefully get some more good results soon! I highly recommend this! Don’t hesitate Nd think too much about getting. Go for it! Thank you so much Olivia!


This is definitely an authentic and amazing product! I love it! J


This is definitely an authentic and amazing product! I love it!


Could not love this product more! I started taking natal nourish in August after almost a year of taking Organic Olivia’s Flow Balance. My husband and I got married in September and we knew we wanted to try for kids right away. When I was low on my last bottle of flow balance I noticed it is not recommended for women who are trying to get pregnant. So I switched to Natal Nourish instead. On October 23rd we found out we were pregnant! After only one month of trying! I’m not sure how big of a role Natal Nourish played in our ability to conceive but my midwife feels very strongly that it’s contributing to the strength and tone of my uterus now — helping me to be as prepared for labor as possible! I’m officially 22 weeks pregnant and we just found of this past Saturday that we’re having a little girl! We’ve decided to name her Olivia! Total “coincidence”, or maybe not!

Colleen Heaney-Burcher

I started taking Natal Nourish in January to prepare my body for pregnancy. My first period after starting was one of the easiest, pain free cycles I’ve ever had. A very pleasant and welcome surprise 🙂 I’m excited to keep taking this and highly recommend


Hi Olivia! I found out that I was pregnant with my second at the beginning of the pandemic, and of course I wanted to ensure that this pregnancy would be as healthy as possible. I used your natal nourish throughout my entire pregnancy. I chose to have an unassisted birth in my home with my partner. The contractions were strong and steady throughout the whole process and my placenta came out completely intact! With my first, I didn’t experience such a powerful birth like this one and I wholeheartedly believe your Natal Nourish provided my body the nutrients to hold baby in two weeks longer. My birth, though almost 24hours, had a steady progression rate and everyone came out so healthy afterwards! Thank you!!


I got pregnant last March/April and started taking Natal Nourish a couple months into my pregnancy. I had a pretty easy labor and delivery in December 2020 and I’m certain this may have had a part in that! I continued taking it after delivery because I read that it also helps to bring the uterus back to normal size. It tastes delicious, btw!


highly highly recommend. My husband and I started to conceive in August. I started taking this supplement in September and conceived in October! I have continued to take this throughout my pregnancy (along with other supplements) and have not had any horrible symptoms. This is a God sent!


Thank you Olivia! This helped hubby and I conceive a beautiful healthy baby after using this formula for 2 months! I plan to continue to take it starting week 36 of pregnancy ( currently 30 weeks pregnant) to help prevent hemorrhaging during labor as platelets are low and I know this formula helps me absorb nutrients better and I’m eating all the platelet rich foods! Thank you kindly!


As soon as I started taking this, my boobs just felt full of purpose! 6 weeks and a positive pregnancy test later, and I think I owe this product a good review. For the record, tastes like Raspberry Iced Tea & Molasses (in a good way!)


When I was younger I use to get really painful periods so much that I went to the doctors and they told me I needed surgery for endometriosis! After the surgery my periods were so much better hardly any pain compared to before! but I always thought I couldn’t get pregnant so my sister told me about organic Olivia and how her probiotics were really good so I gave them a try and loved them! I started to look at her other products and came across natal nourish and decided to give it a try after reading all the reviews. I started taking it about one month ago and started to notice almost immediately my breast started to grow well turns out I’m pregnant! Literally in the first month of taking this I feel like God put this product in my path! Thank you Olivia for making high quality products!!

Kayla Pena

THANK YOU Olivia! This stuff is amazing! My husband and I have been trying to conceive for a few months. Thought I would give this formula a try and less than 4 weeks after starting, I’m pregnant!


I started taking this after about 5 months of trying to conceive and got pregnant within the first month of using this. My pregnancy has been a breeze so far as well which is a bit surprising to me as I have notoriously horrible periods. I just feel more in balance hormonally when taking this.

Gail anaekwe

I was watching YouTube and I saw someone referred you as a good herbalist. I am trying to conceive for the past eight years I did IVF & IUI nothing help. The doctor said it’s unknown infertility. So I’m trying to seek help with organic natural herb. What do you recommend for someone that have fibroids and endometriosis , that trying to get pregnant ?

Miya Bryant

Great product! Actually trastes really good by the time you finish the bottle lol. Haven’t started to TTC but period cramps are way easier to deal with.

Genna Wise

I’ve recently turned 40 yrs old. My partner and I have been trying to get pregnant for the last 6 months so I decided to try Natal Nourish. I’ve almost finished my second bottle and have noticed that the chronic pain I usually experience during my periods have decreased dramatically and breasts have gone up half a cup size which has been a wonderful side-effect! I‘m now a small C cup. I’ve just ordered 4 more bottles :o)

Janae DeRush

I really wanted to love this! Taste wise, it’s awesome. Benefit wise? I’m not so sure. I had two bottles that I went through and didn’t notice any difference in ovulation/fertility help. I do have PCOS so I’m not sure this is a factor, but my guess is most likely. I was pregnant when I first started taking this product and ultimately had a miscarriage. I did continue to take it while I waited to miscarry naturally, and if anything, I think maybe it helped nourish my uterus and restore it back to health after such trauma. But otherwise, I really didn’t notice a difference since I have not conceived since I miscarried in February. I might try it again but I’m still a little nervous since I took it and then miscarried (not saying it caused it at all, just not so sure it helped either) but I also love the ingredients in it, and fully believe in red raspberry leaf as I drank that religiously when I became pregnant in 2018, and I carried to term then. We’ll see! Thanks Olivia.


I have never left a review on anything, but i feel this time it is so worth it. Ive been struggling to conceive for the past 4 years. I first got pregnant when I was 27. I miscarried due to a blighted ovum and had a d&c. After three more years of trying We decided to finally try IVF treatment. I got pregnant but unfortunately miscarried again due to the same blighted ovum situation and had another d&c on dic 2019. On january my hueband and I decidednto take a break and I decidednto buy natal nourish after reading some reviews and loving everything that Olivia does trusted it eas going to be a good product. I am at the beginning of my second bottle and just found out im pregnant!! Natural with no treatment!! I recommend it to anyone tying to conceive???????????? thanks olivia


I was on the pill for 15 years, I was diagnosed with Pcos & Endometriosis. I was told falling pregnant will be difficult for me. Just before my 29th birthday I got off the pill. My periods weren’t regular and I wasn’t ovulating. I bought the Natal nourish, and that next month I ovulated and fell pregnant. I am now 13 weeks and I am in shock everyday this happened. I truly believe it’s from Natal Nourish it really does work and I’m so grateful for Organic Olivia. With love all the way from Australia. Thank you xx


I used this formula before, during and even now after my pregnancy. I was having irregular periods before and then after starting this, I got pregnant! My pregnancy was so so smooth and I didn’t have any bothersome symptoms. My home birth went well and I gave birth to a very healthy baby boy! I am very thankful for this formula and plan to continue it!


Love the Natal Nourish from Organic Olivia! I started taking the Liver Juice about six months before trying to conceive and then taking Natal Nourish two months before trying. I had started having irregular periods and mid cycle spotting and they all cleared up! First time trying and my husband and I got pregnant right away. I’m now due in June and still going strong with Natal Nourish. Can’t wait to stock up on all the other good stuff OO has to offer once I’m not pregnant/breastfeeding!


I’ve actually never left a review on anything before, but I felt that I should pass along my experiences with this formula in case it helps any other women out there make a call on whether or not this formula is right for them. I first purchased Natal Nourish a while ago when my husband and I had started talking about trying for our first child. We weren’t thinking about trying any time SOON, but it was just something on the back of both of our minds, as I’m sure it is for many newlyweds in their late 20’s. My periods had been out of sorts for years, I got one every month, but it was by no means predictable. Even though we were at least a year or two away from actively trying to start a family, I knew I wanted to get a jump start on getting my hormones in check, and preparing my body for the herculean task of creating life. Being the hippy child that I am, I knew that I wanted to take a natural approach to prepping my body, so through my research I found this formula, with all the good herbs and ingredients I’d need to get that uterus in shape. I didn’t notice anything overnight, but by the end of my first bottle, I definitely started to notice that my periods were starting to become more regular, and less painful—figuring this was a good sign, I got a second bottle! I started becoming even more regular on my second bottle, until back in October I was missing my period all together. Worried that it was the formula’s fault, I stopped taking it…well, it wasn’t the formula’s fault, it was the growing baby in my belly’s fault! I’m currently five months pregnant, and am excited to keep taking this formula to continue strengthening my uterus for the daunting task of birthing the little guy. I can’t say with 100% certainty if this formula is the reason I became pregnant, what I can say is that I had my copper IUD taken out in October 2018, I started taking this product in June 2019, my second bottle in August 2019 and by October 2019 I became pregnant! Even though we had decided to wait until April 2020 to try, we’re so excited to be due in June and will keep taking this formula throughout my pregnancy as I’ve read that those herbs are just want you need to strengthen your uterine lining, so I’ll be sure to update if it helps me out with the birthing process at all!


After my first child was born 5 years ago, I’ve suffered from multiple miscarriages. Everything seems to be going good and then the pregnancy just ended by week 8. My last one was in July 2019. I’ve taken multiple other supplements from Olivia and LOVED them all, so I was excited and hopeful to try the new Natal Nourish to get my uterus in top shape. I started in August 2019. First pro: it’s delicious! Taken by itself or put in a tea, tastes like raspberries. Second pro: my period came back super fast and continued to be regular at 28 day cycle! Third pro: I swear, I had NO symptoms. No bloating or cramping or breast tenderness. It was amazing! Just poof, showed up on schedule and went away 4 days later. Fourth pro: I’m pregnant 🙂 currently 14 weeks and everything is going very well! Also, the baby will be a Leo which if that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is! (Pun intended) thank you so much Olivia for making high quality products.

Leslie Reyes

Just finished my bottle of natal nourish. After having a miscarriage I wanted something to help strengthen my uterus. I’m pregnant again and I’m certain it was Natal Nourish. Hoping this rainbow baby makes it through.

Jasmine G.

I’m 9 months pregnant. I purchased this supplement after 5 years of trying to conceive. I started taking it and I also used yoni detox Pearls. I got pregnant the next month. Since it took me so long to conceive I was nervous about Taking supplements so I stopped this and started again last week. So far the natal nourish is helping me soooooo much with my bowel movements. Since I’ve been pregnant I can go a couple days without a #2. Now I’m back to having to go daily. Also, hoping the Red Raspberry leaf tones up my uterus for a quick and safe labor. Thank you Olivia!!!

Jazmine Grace

Just finished my first bottle and definitely ordering more! Before taking Natal Nourish, I felt off and deficient in something. My hair was shedding and my skin didn’t have that “pregnancy glow”. I began taking Natal Nourish during my 7-8th month and I feel so much better. I feel like it also helped a circulation problem I’ve had, even before getting pregnant. It tastes sweet so I just squeeze directly onto my tongue and I’m good to go. Will definitely keep taking this postpartum as well!


After having a miscarriage, my cycle was all over the place. My period would come 15-20 days late, or skip a month all together (And for anyone trying to conceive, you know waiting even 2 weeks to get your period is agony enough!) After just a few weeks of taking Natal Nourish, my cycle regulated. I am hoping being regulated will help in fertility soon! Thank you Olivia!

Brooke K

I’ve struggled with irregular periods for years. I’ve gone up to a year without a period. Most recently it had been six months. I was taking Flow Balance but wasn’t having any luck. I read that some people doubled up on Flow Balance and Natal Nourish to get themselves regular again. In a last ditch effort I decided to give that a try before giving up. So glad that I did! Less than two weeks since combining the two, I got my period today for the first time since April (6 months ago). Thank you Olivia!! I love all of your products (I take liver juice and mane magic as well). I’m constantly recommending these products!

Karina Lopez

So I have been using Natal Nourish for the last month, and it has helped me sooooo much! I have endometriosis and I’m usually in pain most days. Well this time my period came and went and it was smooth! With just minor cramps instead of intense pain. I’m definitely keeping this supp as part of my nutrition regimen because it works. After surgeries and medication, sometimes you just need to love your body more and nourish it!


I’m taking natal nourish in conjunction with flow balance and am blown away with how quickly these 2 tinctures were able to kickstart my cycle! Started taking the products July 8th and by july 15th had already started my first cycle since October of last year😭😭 not to mention, I even got my first positive ovulation test since 2017😫😫😫😫 Eternally grateful for these products and Olivia for spreading her light 🌠 hoping this will be my breakthrough in conceiving naturally 💝🙏

Jackie J.

I was on birth control for the past 13 years and have been off for about a year now. A year ago I began having excruciating cramps/abdominal pain before during and up to a week after my period. My doctor says the years of birth control may have helped prevent the endometriosis from setting in. NSAIDs, warm compress, etc did nothing for me. I am also trying to conceive, its been so frustrating not knowing what is going on with my body. I started taking Natal Nourish 2 months ago and paired it with the Liver Juice and just last week, I had an accident at work and started my period. I had no idea it was coming because I had absolutely no pain for the first time in a year! Thank you Olivia! My body is finally starting to feel healthy.


I really like this product! I hate taking vitamins and having a liquid allows me to take it as I’m running out the door. I also feel much better about taking a liquid form prenatal as I know my body is actually absorbing the nutrients. I would say the taste is not for the weak of heart. It reminds me of a gingersnap gone wrong- sort of a molasses but it does NOT stick around and dissipates quickly. Please put this formula in a 4oz or 6oz bottle! Will be ordering two at a time otherwise and less packaging is ideal.


I’ve been taking natal nourish for a month now and I got my period today within a 28 day cycle! After coming off birth control my cycle was all over the place for almost two years and most recently averaging anywhere from 31-38 days. The only thing I did differently this month was this supplement. I gasped! I don’t think my cycle has been under 30 days since high school (I’m 30). I’m thinking about starting a family soon and will continue to take this during the process 🙂 Thanks Olivia!


I have been taking this formula for a month and a half and I think it’s helping with my cramps. I have Endometriosis, so I suffer from debilitating cramps. This past cycle, I noticed that my cramps weren’t as bad. My hopes with Natal Nourish is to conceive naturally. So, we’ll see!! I love it so far, it tastes good, slight taste of raspberry.


This is helping with my bowel movements so far, thus less bloating 🙂

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