Mighty Minerals

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Mighty Minerals
Mighty Minerals
Mighty Minerals
Mighty Minerals
Mighty Minerals
Mighty Minerals
Mighty Minerals
Mighty Minerals


Health Benefits
  • Rich in bioavailable minerals
  • Supports healthy cells and tissues
  • Nourishing “veggies in a bottle"
  • Great for picky eaters
  • Packed with plants
  • Alcohol-free
  • Suitable for kids and adults
Mighty Minerals

A plant based multi-mineral and nutrient formula for picky eaters and anyone who needs an extra boost.

This great-tasting blend is a bioavailable, herbal source of easily assimilated minerals, formulated to help build and nourish healthy tissues. Mighty Minerals provides children with trace minerals (and also a few key vitamins) thanks to calcium and magnesium-rich leaves and plants such as nettle, alfalfa and oatstraw. A healthy intake of minerals and nutritive plants supports general immune function, energy, vitality, and overall health.

Think of this formula as “veggies in a bottle” — just don’t tell your littles 😉 That’s why we named it Mighty Minerals, which makes taking your herbs a little more fun!

DOSAGE BY WEIGHT: *NOTE: This is the only formula from our kid’s line where a higher dose is both indicated and helpful (because this formula is purely nutritive and consumed for its mineral content). Think of this formula as liquid veggies.

  • For children 10-30lbs, use 5-10 drops per serving.
    For 31-60lbs, use 10-20 drops per serving.
    For 61-100lbs+, use 20-30 drops per serving.
    Adults can use 1-4 full droppers per serving.
    Take 1-3 servings per day or as directed by your health care practitioner.
    Can be taken in juice, water, or directly in the mouth.

NOT DESIGNED FOR: Children under 1 year of age

TASTE AND APPEARANCE: Sweet, mild, herb-y. Formula may contain small amounts of herbal precipitate (small particles of plant matter) due to the preparation method involving whole herb extraction.

  1. Acerola Cherry – rich in Vitamin C.
  2. Horsetail – rich in silica.
  3. Nettle Leaf – rich in calcium & magnesium.
  4. Alfalfa – multi-mineral, Vitamin K1.
  5. Oatstraw – rich in magnesium & iron.
  6. Rosehips – bioflavonoids / supports Vitamin C absorption.
  7. Red Clover – rich in calcium & potassium.
  8. Yellow Dock Root – supports iron absorption.

1. What is the ideal age range for this product?

This product is designed for children 1 year of age and older, however it’s always best to incorporate herbal/food supplements when a child is already eating solid foods rather than exclusively breastfeeding.


2. Can this formula be used on adults?

Yes. Adults can take 1-4 full droppers per dose as this is a nutritive formula.


3. Is this gluten/dairy/corn/soy/nut free?



4. Can or should this be used daily? Or would it be safer used occasionally?

Either daily or occasional use is fine as this is a nutritive supplement. A chronically picky eater who doesn’t get enough produce may be better off with daily support. A child or adult with “low mojo” can also do daily.

Otherwise, you can add to your child’s drinks and smoothies on an “as-needed basis” during occasional times when diet is poor or stress is high for an extra boost.


5. How long would it typically take for it to take/show an effect?

This can be variable. You may notice an immediate supportive boost in energy and well-being/clarity. Yet it also depends on how chronic a picky or poor diet has been in place, as this will of course will increase the time it takes for nutrients to be repleted.


6. Could this help my child gain weight?

While this formula provides nutrients (specifically minerals) and supports nutrient absorption, it does not contain calories, protein, or fat and therefore would not. In order to gain body weight/mass, one must also be increasing their intake of healthy, calorie-rich, protein-rich and nutrient-rich whole foods.


7. How beneficial would this be for an adult that doesn’t like taking vitamins?

It would be better than nothing, of course — but as the name implies this is more of a mineral supplement than a vitamin supplement and would not directly replace a “multivitamin.” Minerals are like co-factors that make our vitamins work better, and are equally important.


8. Is this product gluten free?

Yes. It is also free of common allergens such as nuts including peanuts.


9. Is the oatstraw specifically designated gluten free?

Yes, our oatstraw is gluten free.


10. Would this pair well with Natal Nourish for adult women/nutritional fertility support?



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I bought this for myself, and I think it gives me headaches. Any thoughts?? no allergies I know of. Do I need to take it with food. Maybe I already eat enough minerals. Not sure!?

Kayla Perrett

My 3-year old wakes up every morning and the first thing he asks me for is “MINERALS!”. Love Organic Olivia’s tinctures and excited my kid gets to be a part of taking them with me.

Christina Arenas

My picky 6 year old daughter loves her “vitamins” She actually reminds me to give it to her! The taste is not too bad either. It’s herby and sweet. I just give her a little drink of water or juice. It does not have a lingering after taste.

Estibalis Wallace

I purchased this for my 2 year old and my 8 year old daughters and they love it! I’m so happy of the outcome of the mighty mineral and now my girls look forward everyday on taking there mineral they hooked! They have change so much there sleeping habits and even the way they eat. We love it!


I LOVE THIS STUFF. It has helped so much for both my son and I. He is 3 and he ASKS for his minerals. They’ve helped him sleep better, and for me they’ve helped with scalp healthy (I’ve always had outrageous dandruff and a dry, flaky scalp), and with my anxiety. I can’t wait for this to be back in stock!


What does this taste like ?? I have the flow tincture and its harsh to get down ? Can anyone give insight on that ?

Ranya Kapellakis

My kids (4 & 7) enjoy taking this. I was concerned that they’d reject it based on the taste but they actually enjoy taking it. Thank you for creating Mighty Minerals! It gives me peace of mind knowing that my picky eaters are getting a good dose of nourishment.

Regan Grelling

I love giving this to my son who has autism and sensory issues … getting him to eat healthy foods can be challenging so I love sneaking this in his diet to help him where he might be lacking nutritionally. I take it too now and OMG the energy we both get from it is crazy! Also, the timing might be coincidental but I don’t think it is: his speech has improved since we started him on this supplement! I am so impressed with this product and will definitely re-order!


Love this for days when my toddlers are eating well to supplement their diet. The only problem I have is they love having it and ask for it constantly and I have to tell them it’s only for sometimes lol


I have two boys and they love their mighty minerals because in their words “It makes us mighty, mamma!!” My two year old is a picky eater but I’ve noticed a difference in their immunity since we started the MM.


So excited I found this product for my picky 3 year old! I’ve been looking for a good veggie supplement and this is by far the best one I’ve found. It tastes really good too so he has no problem taking it either.


I purchased these for my 2 and 5 year olds. They eat a diverse diet but the transition to a Minnesota winter was leaving them depleted. They have been taking the minerals before bed for two weeks and the color has come back to their cheeks and it has helped them to stay healthy through a time when they have traditionally come down with something. They both look forward to taking them, they have them with a little bit of water and if I forget they remind me. Thank you Olivia for crafting AMAZING products for our children.


I purchased Mighty Minerals for my 2 year old who was having very mild autism symptoms. Intuitively I felt this was something he was missing in his diet. After taking the recommended dose for 2 days the symptoms completely STOPPED. Prior to this these symptoms went on for around 3 months!!!!! This is a HIGH recommendation for everyone with children!!! Especially anyone trying to assist their child’s health without poisoning them with medication!


My 2 year old daughter and I are going through a particularly rough transition in our lives, and it’s so comforting to have this in my arsenal of “goodies” to make sure she—and sometimes I, are getting the extra nutrients we need. Almost every evening she asks for “ahh ahh” and tilts her head back, even when I forget. I got started with mane magic and can’t wait to explore more products. Thank you Olivia!

Tahirah Muhammad

I initially purchased this for my 5 year old daughter though she’s not a picky eater (most of the time) she does enjoy an unhealthy diet in my absance and sometimes it can take her tad bit longer to eat up her greens. So adding Mighty Minerals to her diet reassures this health concious mama! It puts me at ease to know she’s started her day off well and I’m giving her the much needed extra boost. 🙂 At first she was not so keen on the taste but it has grown on her and looks forward to it every morning and if I forget she will certainly remind me, pheww! She takes it straight! I have noticed she appears more calm and relaxed after taking it thus tempted me to also try it and now we are both loving it as part of our morning routine!

Erika A.

I got this for my 3 year old daughter, she’s not necessarily a picky eater but there’s days that she doesn’t eat as much as others so I want to make sure she gets in some minerals… I’ve tried it before and the taste is great, my daughter doesn’t mind it at all, I give it to her straight from the bottle and she usually asks for more lol, this is liquid gold and so glad for her to be getting her minerals!!!! Couldn’t thank you enough Olivia for the kids line, you are truly AMAZING 😘😘!!!


I have two toddlers who are not big fans of veggies at the moment. We’ve been (including myself haha) taking Mighty minerals for about 2 weeks now and I feel like my mood shifts to this sort of lightness and I get a little spike of energy/motivation to do my morning walks again! I haven’t had any energy to do my walks in months and I honestly believe this formula has given my body that push to get it back to doing what it wants to do!! And the kids love it. I love all the organic olivia products, but the new kids line has blown me away! I can’t wait to try the rest of this line!


I bought this for myself ( I’m 31) since I’m really sensitive to everything and with my restricted diet, I miss out on a lot of minerals and nutrients. This has been an amazing addition to my daily routine! The taste is amazing! I also immediately get this burst of really smooth energy, like my body needed these minerals to function normally. I started with the lowest dose for myself, slowly upping the doses and I haven’t seen any issues with it and I’m crazy sensitive to everything in the world haha I love this line and the kids line has just made it easier for me to heal ❤️


I purchased Focus Friend, Super Soother & Mighty Minerals for my 3 year old daughter. My daughter is a picky eater and I’m always looking for ways to get more nutrients into her diet. We both enjoy taking this product. I’m thrilled to be getting more minerals into her diet with a product that I don’t have to hide because the taste is so mild and kid friendly. Customer service was great on launch weekend and answered my questions within minutes. Very happy with my first purchase from Organic Olivia!!


I love that this product can be used for adults too. I struggle with getting enough minerals in my diet so this being able to get a big dose of minerals from this is awesome. It gives me piece of mind because I’m the kind of person who stresses over my health and everything I put into my body. Knowing I’m getting this mineral support makes me feel so much calmer. Definitely glad I added this to my organic Olivia lineup 💙.


I brought Mighty Minerals for my 2 year old. She’s not a particular picky eater but I wanted to have something on hand for those times when she’s not eating super nutritious food and/or I feel like she needs a boost. She happily takes it straight, without mixing it in anything. And I’ve started taking it too!


Tastes great and is definitely the kiddos favorite to take! We do 1/2 dropper most days as an extra nutrient boost.

Jess Morgan

I ordered two bottles for my 7yr old daughter who is a bit of a picky eater, and isn’t a fan of past herbal medicine I’ve given her. I tried it first to gauge the flavor and was on the fence about whether or not she would like it but after her first taste, she wanted more! She runs to the kitchen every morning to take her minerals by herself, and said the taste is ‘totally awesome!’ So to say this is a win in our family is an understatement. I love knowing that even if she doesn’t eat all of her veggies, shes still getting the minerals she needs, and it makes me feel like I’m not failing and a mom, and the fact that she enjoys taking it is amazing. Thank you Olivia for the time and expertise you took in making a great product for our littles!


My children have only been on this formula for about a month so we haven’t noticed any huge changes but I feel so much better knowing they are getting the vitamins and minerals they need even if their diet is lacking. They also love the taste so it isn’t a fight to get them to take it. Thanks for another wonderful product, Olivia!

MaryAnn M.

I absolutely love this “multivitamin”. While we currently don’t have any kids in the house, the hubby and I have been testing this out for when we do (we get my stepson during the summer). It’s definitely sweet and coincidentally I’ve been taking this right before or after my workouts and I can tell you, the extra magnesium I get from this product really helps with the soreness. Also, probably not intentional, but sometimes I get a slight energy boost as well. Anyways, most Americans are deficient in magnesium, so it doesn’t hurt to supplement from this wonderful product that’s not another powder, pill, or capsule!


The Mighty Minerals tincture is, without question, the very best mineral formula available on the market. I have spent tons of money on previous multi-mineral supplements, which would indisputably result in horrific breakouts or an upset stomach. I’m not a big proponent of isolated supplements any longer and appreciate the synergistic herbal approach tremendously. I had taken heed from Olivia’s videos and posts about making herbal-infusion-teas at home, and found that process to be highly rewarding albeit time-consuming. When I’d learnt of her launching a tincture of this description in the kid’s line (despite me being an adult), I jumped at the opportunity to buy it and it DID NOT DISAPPOINT. Not only does it taste delicious (like honeyed cherries/berries when taken straight), not only does it provide for an instant energy boost, not only does it give me strength to go about my days, but it has not caused any issues with my skin or stomach and has, in fact, contributed to a “clearing” and “rebuilding” of practically everything, (unlike most supplements out there, and I cannot stress this enough). I feel overall better and undoubtedly credit that general sense of well-being to the Mighty Minerals. It’s as much a blood builder as it is an energy booster as it is a body balancer, and the list goes on. I have already purchased another and I’m not even through the first bottle yet. All of my friends and family have been made aware of this product, too! 🙂 If you’re a first-time customer at Organic Olivia, THIS ought to be your first purchase. Ironically enough, you MIGHT not like it — you WILL love it.

amanda mcdowell

just got this in yesterday and both of my kiddos (9 and 5) slurped it down in a glass of OJ unknowingly. I took it straight from the bottle and the taste was deliciously sweet. Definitely “herbal” to taste but nothing new in our house on that side of things. I bought this especially for the iron benefits in the oatstraw and yellow dock root. Thanks for creating such wonderful products!!

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