Microbiome Tea

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Microbiome Tea
Microbiome Tea
Microbiome Tea
Microbiome Tea


Health Benefits
  • An earthy, aromatic, deeply nourishing herbal tea based on our “immunitea” kitchen medicine recipe for immune health*
  • A blend of traditional kitchen medicine including herbs and spices that warm and support overall lung & upper respiratory health*
  • Based on years of tradition cross-referenced with scientific literature focusing on opportunistic microbiome imbalances*
  • Support to help you keep breathing easy*
  • Supports a healthy immune response at onset*
  • Maintains a healthy gut & lung microbiome*
  • Supports upper respiratory health*
  • An immune season essential*
Microbiome Tea

The Organic Olivia apothecary is stepping into the world of tea as a method of consuming nourishing herbal medicine, after the viral (no pun intended) success of our “immunitea” recipe with our insta community. What started out as kitchen medicine during a stressful time when herbs and supplements were hard to come by, soon turned into an immune system staple with batches being made year round for friends and family.

After receiving countless messages from people looking for an easier way to keep this mix on hand (other than hand-drying orange peels, which is cost effective but can get a little tedious!), we’ve decided to add this powerful dry mix to our line so that you can keep it on hand in your own herb closet, or gift it to friends and family.

The goal of this tea is to help keep you breathing easy and feeling well during immune season with a mix of damp-draining, heat-clearing herbs rich in phytochemicals and aromatics. These kitchen herbs are traditionally known to support healthy immune defenses and upper respiratory health, and have been brewed into tea for thousands of years.*

This formula was developed in 2020 as part of a three-piece care package for friends, family, and my community. It contains Ginger, Orange Peel, Rosemary, Cinnamon, and Clove based on literature focusing on opportunistic microbiome imbalances.

TO USE: Add 1 heaping teaspoon of tea to one cup of boiling water on the stove. Cover, lower heat, and gently simmer for 15-20 minutes. Strain and enjoy as is or sweeten with honey. Drink 2-3 cups per day.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Ginger Root, Orange Peel, Rosemary Leaf, Cinnamon Bark, Clove Bud. (Certified Organic By Oregon Tilth).


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Carol Jolon

This tea is amazing! I love the smell and the taste. It clears me right up when I drink it and it just makes me feel balanced overall. My brother got diagnosed with covid and this is one of the teas I’ve been giving him which I feel like has helped in his recovery. I’m almost done with my first bag and ordered 2 more because I never wanna be without this stuff! I can’t wait for Olivia’s tea line to come out bc if they’re anything like this one I’ll def be buying.


I love this tea 🙂 I bought it during the presale because I love Olivia and I love tea so I knew it was a perfect match. This teal works wonders on my airways, I have pretty severe asthma. I sadly ran out of my bag. But I followed the ingredients list on the back of the bag and dried out my own herbs and made this tea myself at home!

Jimenez Lorena

I would like to order this product. Microbiome tea.


PLEASE publish a recipe for this so we can make at home w kitchen medicine while it is out of stock!


This Tea is AMAZING!!!. My daughter and I had it and it did wonders for my sinus and made my tummy feel great. Especially since I suffer with gut issues. I highly recommend that you get this tea when it returns. I am already on the waiting list.

Melissa Calrow

This is part of my daily routine. This and zinc plus. Thank you for developing amazing products. I highly recommend!!


This tea is amazing!! I drink it as part of my morning routine and it makes me feel well and balanced. I bought a bag for my parents and they said that the tea has heightened their sense of smell. My dad has always had a poor sense of smell and he was able to smell things better just after 2 cups of tea. I can’t wait until this restocks!


Please let us buy in bulk like a huge quantity thanks

Sophia Ruiz

Seriously a MICROBIOME tea. Nothing makes my gut feel INSTANTLY balanced like Microbiome Tea! This stuff is magic and I will be ordering it by the kg (like everyone else) when it’s back in stock! Seriously, this is worth its weight in gold. Don’t skip out on this one!


This tea tastes delicious and smells amazing!!

Megan G.

I purchased this during the presale and now that I received it, I am already panicking about running out! AMAZING.

Robin Crabtree

My daughter recommended your defense bundle I ordered it and love this tea! I cannot wait to get more I’m on the wait list. It cleared my headache and stuffiness quickly. I have chronic asthma and I think this will become a favorite! Thank you for making such a product. I don’t like taking medications I would rather use more natural products for my health issues.


Smells and tastes delightful!!

Ashley short

I got this tea in the mail today , my first cup and I am in awe at how good this tastes ! This will definitely be a staple in my home when it comes back in stock!

Priscila Perez

I’m in heaven!! Everything about this tea is AMAZING. Already on the waitlist for more


Please add me to the wait list. Thank you!


Can’t wait for this!!!


THIS STUFF IS GOLD! I came down with covid & thankfully received this while sick. It definitely played a huge role in helping me feel better faster than I normally would have. The taste is phenomenal!! Easy to follow directions as well. The health benefits of this tea are amazing & I’m so happy to have it & will 100% repurchase.


It’s SO good. It smells amazing when you boil it, really like Christmas and I think it’s because of the cinnamon in it. I am a tea lover and I’ve made my bf and friends who do not like tea try this and they all said it’s “different” but in a good way and finished their teas!! I am kind of addicted to this lol. I drink it 5x a day and I really wish this came in a bigger bag… OLIVIAAAA MAKE THIS IN A BIGGER QUANTITY PLEASE.

Michellr Rodriguez

Its like Christmas in a cup. Perfect for winter blues & to fight off any nastiness brewing in our lungs.

Megan Rappe

Please add me to the waitlist

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