Mane Magic (double-size 4oz)

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Mane Magic (double-size 4oz)
Mane Magic (double-size 4oz)
Mane Magic (double-size 4oz)
Mane Magic (double-size 4oz)
Mane Magic (double-size 4oz)
Mane Magic (double-size 4oz)
Mane Magic (double-size 4oz)
Mane Magic (double-size 4oz)


Health Benefits
  • A restorative tonic designed to feed and strengthen the hair follicles
  • Benefits hair, skin and nails by nourishing the blood and boosting circulation
  • Supports shine, strength, and luster for healthier, stronger hair
  • May improve hair growth and lessen shedding
  • Formulated specifically for “blood deficiency” in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Supports healthy hair and nails
  • Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Feeds the hair follicles
  • Aids blood circulation
Mane Magic (double-size 4oz)


Note: Mane Magic now comes in double-sized bottles at a total of 4oz per bottle. One bottle will last for 5-6 weeks.


When my hair began shedding at an accelerated rate, I tried everything under the sun to find relief.

I took every “hair growth” herb in the book, did stimulating scalp massages, downed biotin like it was my job, and even bought a $600 infrared cap that proved to be nothing more than a (very expensive) safety helmet. After kicking it across the room one night, I decided to explore the one thing I was forgetting… the system of medicine that got me interested in herbs in the first place: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Because so much of what I study in school is geared towards Western concepts and North American herbs, I was looking at “hair loss” and “hair growth” from a very modern and black-and-white perspective. Traditional Chinese Medicine on the other hand looks at patterns of disharmony, which allows you to connect your main symptom(s) to a group of other symptoms related to a specific “health pattern.”

Everything clicked when I realized that hair loss is related to a pattern called blood deficiency, which often comes with other hallmark indicators such as dry hair, dry skin, brittle nails, anemia, scanty periods, mental fatigue, and feeling easily startled. Not everyone will have all symptoms associated with blood deficiency as we all present differently based on lifestyle factors and constitution.

I decided to give Chinese medicine’s “blood building” herbs a shot with the help of my chemist who created a sample formula for me. I originally wanted to see if it would improve my scanty periods, as bleeding too little is a sign of imbalance just like bleeding too much is. After my first month on the formula, I had a far more complete period… but more importantly, my hair appeared to be shedding less and less.

It has now been almost 5 months and I’m amazed at how much better my hair looks and feels. Before it was getting very dry and brittle, especially on the ends, but now it’s much softer and shinier from top to bottom. It sort of feels like I watered a plant that was crying out for nourishment. The shedding has not completely stopped, but has improved and only continues to. We will always lose a certain amount of hair each day (50-100 strands is the norm) and I feel much closer to that “normal” range than I have in a long time. The most substantial difference I’ve noticed (which you guys have pointed out as well through my daily stories on Instagram) is the growth! It is much longer, shinier, and stronger.


According to TCM, the growth and development of healthy hair depends on proper functioning of the Kidney and Liver meridians. Their idea of the “Kidney” meridian is much different from the Western view of anatomy and refers to a whole system including the adrenals and reproductive system.

The Kidney “meridian” also includes the Kidney “Jing,” known as the inherited Qi we get from our parents that is akin to a bank account of money. When you’re born, all the figurative money or “Jing” you’ll ever have is in your account, which is why you must spend it wisely. Drugs, alcohol, stress, and late nights are examples of things that “cost” us extra Jing. Protecting your Kidney Jing protects your vitality, hair, teeth, bones, and longevity.

Their view of the “Liver” differs too, as it encompasses everything from the smooth flow and detoxification of hormones to “storing” blood for menstruation. It all comes full circle as the Liver meridian governs hair health and is supported energetically by Kidney Jing, which influences the growth of all body cells, including the hair.

Most importantly, blood from the Liver meridian nourishes the hair follicle and the hair itself is seen as an extension of blood. The most common causes of declining hair health, premature greying and hair loss in TCM are related to deficient and/or stagnant “Liver Blood” (that Blood Deficiency I mentioned) and Kidney Deficiency. This blend contains both “blood building” herbs and Liver/Kidney meridian strengthening herbs to create a balanced formula that tackles this pattern from all angles.

The primary herb we chose, Fo-Ti Root (also known as “He Shou Wu”) is a classic herb for blood building, invigorating hair growth, and supporting one’s natural hair color. In TCM, this herb is used to tonify the Liver and Kidney meridians, nourish the “Liver Blood” and protect Kidney Jing to support hair follicle strength and development. Other herbs used include White Peony, Dong Quai, Ligusticum and Rehmannia which promote the quality and circulation of blood. Dong Quai specifically invigorates blood flow, harmonizes the relationship between the Liver and Kidneys, and modulates hormones which may help with shedding related to hormone imbalance. There is also evidence that it may improve the absorption and storage of iron, which is important in cases of poor hair health due to iron deficiency or thyroid issues.

Overall, this formula targets the underlying pathological processes and patterns that cause hair follicles to be undernourished. Because everyone is different, results may vary from a reduction in hair fall to overall shinier, healthier hair. TCM believes that if it took you 6 months to get where you are, it will take at least that to get where you want to be as the body retraces and rebuilds. For this reason, Mane Magic is most effective if taken for two or more months.


This formula is suitable for both men and women. Women should discontinue use during their menstrual periods as this formula truly “moves the blood.” When you finish bleeding, you can start right back up again. Not to be used while pregnant or nursing.

HOW TO USE: Take 60 drops (approx. 2 full droppers) 2 times per day in water or juice. Take on an empty stomach (away from food by at least 20 minutes) for highest absorption.

All TCM herbs sourced for this formula are wild-crafted (harvested in their natural habitat free of pesticides), and are not sprayed or sulfur gassed. We test all raw material to ensure they are free of heavy metals, pesticides, and microbes.

  1. Fo-Ti Root – Also known as “Mr. He’s Black Hair,” this is one of the primary herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for hair loss and early graying. This warming tonic herb nourishes the “blood” and “Jing” (concepts of TCM that differ from conventional Western anatomy). Fo-Ti also tonifies the Liver and Kidney meridian, both of which are important for hair and nail health. 
  2. Rehmannia Root – A renowned longevity herb that has an affinity for the “kidney” meridian, more specifically by protecting “Jing” and the adrenals. This herb helps to target brittle or shedding hair brought on by stress. In contemporary herbalism, Rehmannia is known as a “trophorestorative” for the adrenals and is especially indicated in recovery from nervous system burnout. 
  3. Astragalus Root – A longevity herb with strengthening effects that increases “Qi” (energy, vitality) and helps protect the body from the consequences of stress and aging. In TCM, Astragalus root is also said to be a supreme blood tonic, meaning it has beneficial effects on the hematological systems of the body. Blood “feeds” (brings nutrients to) the hair, and hair is seen as an “extension of the blood.” 
  4. Dong Quai Root – This hormone balancing herb contains phytoestrogens that prevent hair fall by helping to prevent the accumulation of DHT on the scalp. DHT is the active form of testosterone and your body produces too much of it when you are under physical or emotional stress. 
  5. White Peony Root – One of my favorites, this Liver, Blood and Yin tonic helps to balance hormones and “build the blood.” Indicated for “deficient blood” patterns where one experiences fatigue, dizziness, pale skin or nails, brittle nails, brittle hair and anemia. 
  6. Safflower Flower – According to the American Botanical Council (ABC), safflower is among the best blood-promoting herbs in Chinese medicine that aids circulation and nourishes the blood. 
  7. Notopterygium Root – Indicated for dry/cracking skin, hair and nails. Helps “direct” the formula to the greater yang channels. 
  8. Chinese Salvia Root – A blood-moving/blood circulation herb that helps deliver nutrients and blood to the hair follicles. For hair growth, it is necessary that the hair follicles receive highly nourished and oxygenated blood. 
  9. Ligusticum – Yet another blood-moving herb that improves the absorption of nutrients by our hair follicles.

Q: Is Mane Magic suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

A: No, Mane Magic should not be taken while pregnant or breastfeeding. There are very limited clinical studies to determine safety regarding herbs taken by pregnant/nursing women for obvious ethical reasons. Our pregnancy-safe formulas include: Not Your Average Probiotic, Immune Shroom (as its 100% mushroom/food-based), Elderberry Syrup (it’s made of fruit), and HerbalTussin Syrup.

Q: The dosage says 60 drops. How many full droppers would this be?

A: 30 drops = approx. 1 full dropper (keeping in mind that the dropper naturally only fills 50-70% of the way which is considered “full”). 60 drops = approx. 2 full droppers.

Q: How long will a bottle of Mane Magic last?

A. 2 weeks, so you would require 2 bottles per month. Chinese herbs are relatively high dose. If you’ve ever been to an acupuncturist and taken a TCM formula via teapills, you know that you usually have to take 8 three times per day. Since this is liquid, you take 60 drops (approx. 2 full droppers) two times per day. Because of this, we will be offering a 2-pack and 4-pack discount when we restock the next batch so that you can always bundle and get enough to last at the best possible price.

Q: Is Mane Magic vegan & cruelty free?

A: Yes. Just herbs, no animal products, no animal testing, no gelatin!

Q: Why is it suggested to take Mane Magic on an empty stomach?

A: For maximum absorption. It’s easier for the body to process the liquid plant medicine when it’s not sitting on top of food. If you can’t do empty stomach, aim for 20 minutes before or after meals (away from food).

Q: Will Mane Magic help with androgenetic alopecia?

A: Androgenetic alopecia is more of a hormonal process where DHT is affecting the scalp. This formula does contain hormone modulating and balancing herbs that help with this from the inside out, but this can only do so much. If you’re aware that you have androgenetic alopecia specifically, or have hair loss related to PCOS, you may want to combine with a topical treatment via a combination of herbs that block DHT on the scalp directly. A product on Amazon called Amplixin serum is aloe-based and you spray on your scalp directly after showering. It contains herbs such as sage that help with DHT. Unfortunately there’s a few preservatives in this product so if you find a cleaner alternative that’s even better.

Q: Will Mane Magic help with autoimmune alopecia?

A: Autoimmune disorders of any kind require a comprehensive approach that involves treating and calming the immune system (and thus the overactive immune response). The AIP diet, also known as Autoimmune Paleo, is a wonderful way of eating to help with autoimmune-related hair loss. Work on diet and lifestyle (stress) first before adding Mane Magic to your toolbox. It is not a quick fix for longstanding issues.

Q: Is it okay to take if you just want luscious hair and don’t have shedding issues?

A: Yes! This formula is for supporting healthy, shiny, beautiful hair.

Q: How do you take Mane Magic? Under the tongue or in water/juice?

A: Mane Magic is alcohol-based and the herbs do not taste all that great, so I would definitely suggest masking the taste in a shot of juice or water. You get used to it over time but OJ helps!


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Purchased this while going through a time of increased shedding. Can’t say for sure if this stopped it or if it naturally passed but I can say 1 bottle in and I am shedding the least I ever have in my life. Ordering 2nd bottle, thanks Olivia!


I have suffered from severe hair loss for 15 years, due to thyroid and adrenal issues… this is the ONLY supplement that has made a massive difference. I have gone from literally hundreds of fallouts each time I wash to only 5-10 strands per wash, really amazing… I was at my wits end so I am happy. I have told all my sisters about this and my friends who are having issues. Whatever is in this, it certainly targeted my deficiency. I hope it works as well for y’all!! 🙂

Okkkkkk so I’m mid second bottle of this stuff and I must say I am very impressed with Chinese medicine! I had a lot of hair loss due to a very stressful period in my life and also suffer from iron Deficiency quite often. Since taking this I have no had any iron problems at all.. my skin cleared up SO much and also even the tone of my skin color changed since the low iron was causing me to be super pale. I started noticing hair thickness towards the end of the first bottle and that’s when I decided to buy another one. Progress takes time be patient !!!! Took almost over a month in a half for me to notice the difference in my hair. But I can deffinitly notice it ! Multi purpose .. I love it. Thank you Olivia

Naslyn Baez

SUPER IMPRESSED! I’m at the end of my 2nd bottle… and let me tell you… Wow Wow Wow! I mean, I am just so happy with my hair growth. It’s longer and thicker. I normally have really thin hair and not a lot of it. This product has brought me so much joy. This product will be on order rotation for a long time. I’m ordering my 3rd bottle now and purchasing the 1st bottle for my sister. Thank you OLIVIA!


CAN’T STOP, WON’T STOP! … my hair growth, that is! or me taking this product! I just finished my 3rd 4oz bottle and my hair has grown 4+ inches (which is what I bought it for as I cut my long hair into a bob and still regret that every single day) but I also have a new hairline (sooo many baby hairs) and I didn’t even know I was receding on my hairline lol so that’s a plus. I also have quite a bit of new growth throughout my hair (2-3 inch white hairs, as i am 29 and officially graying… but hey, at least it will be long!). This product also helped me get my period back faster than I anticipated so YAY!!! (this was a celebration for me). I have two more bottles on hand that I will be taking and will order more if I feel my hair could still use some help. Thank you so much for this (and every other) product Olivia!! Please never stop making this one!!! xoxo


I usually don’t take the time to leave reviews unless it’s something/someone who has truly inspired me. You have and I 100% believe in your products. I just reordered from you this morning as well, so that’s 5 stars right there. Now let me describe how much Mane Magic has helped me so far…. With only taking it in the mornings (not the full dosage directions) I have grown hair, an entire corner and it’s filling in in the front. It’s thicker as well. It has balanced my hormones enough that I have gotten my period early instead of late monthly, but even better than that…….it has diminished the psychotic symptoms that come an entire week before my period that really affect my life every month (pmdd). I can’t thank you enough Olivia. You’re the first person whose products I believe in for the first time in my life, and I’m a huge skeptic! I’ve spread your word to my fam & friends. I’m glad your parents are doing better, ive been following all of your stories and was praying for your dad.


I”ve been using this for two months and definitely experienced very reduced shedding. I also see new hair growth on the hairline – because I have a shorter haircut with layering it’s hard to actually see new hair growth throughout. I’m re-ordering given the improvement

This stuff really is magical! I haven’t been taking it even a month now and I’ve noticed significantly less shedding, about half of what it was. My husband even commented on how much less hair he’s found around the house and asked what I was doing differently. The only things I have changed were adding this and Organic Olivia’s probiotic capsules into my daily routine. I’ve been struggling with a lot of hair shedding from hormone problems the last few years and finding something that works this quickly is a god send. You have a customer for life! Please never discontinue this product.


I am loving this product so far. Can’t wait to see what happens after I keep taking it for many months..


I love the taste of basically all the tinctures I’ve tried from Organic Olivia; this one is a little harder to swallow but doable in water or juice. Anyway, I was shedding like crazy due to having experienced a MAJOR health scare… so I turned to her products and I’m SO GRATEFUL. After only about a week and a half, I had an early menstrual cycle (which I knew could happen based on Olivia’s story for the formulation) and it was a vibrant one! (Yay!!!!!) I know some reviewers complained about that, but honestly not a big deal for me- a possible short term side effect for fuller hair, healthier blood, and better cycles! So after restarting I’ve been on this for about 2.5 weeks and noticed significantly less shedding. I feel hopeful and no longer cry after brushing my hair or washing it. I take this with adrenal fatigue now, and I feel like this is a magic combo for me. My hair is also much softer, nails are stronger, and I’m excited for my hair to finally start growing again! Thank you, Olivia for another exceptional product!


I have very little, thin, brittle hair. I bought the 40oz bottle and am basically finished and the only change I have noticed is that my hair will mostly shed less in the shower. That made me happy! That being said, it still sheds a lot when I brush it and I have yet to see my hair get any longer, or see new growth. 🙁 I want to believe this will work but feel a bit uncomfortable spending a lot on another bottle now. (Mood juice has helped me a lot and still not sure about Liver juice yet)


I have used 2 months worth of product and my hair is noticeably smoother, less tangles and knots, and much easier to manage. My hair is long – below my hips, and i definitely have less hairloss now


I ordered mane magic double size – after using it exactly that I had no change. It didn‘t helped me. stayed exactly the same. But what really helped me was para pro. not for hair loss but stomache.

Nadia K.

I’ve been taking Mane Magic for only 10 days! I’m not one to leave reviews, but I’m seriously blown away by this tincture. This is the first nature remedy I’ve tried and I was hesitant at first. I was honestly NOT expecting to see any major results, especially not so soon. However, my hair feels fuller/stronger and there is definitely less shedding when combing in the shower (due to curly hair). The biggest change I’ve noticed so far is how long my eyelashes have gotten – without using any false lashes or growth serums. Seriously impressed and so happy! I cannot wait to see additional changes with continued use. THANK YOU, OLIVIA!


I’ve been using Magic mane since Olivia first launched almost a year ago and I can’t even explain how amazing this product is. I would only take it once a day instead of 2 to last longer and noticed rapid hair growth. I now start taking it twice a day and not only is my hair getting thicker but longer! I’ve had extensions for a few years because I lost a lot of hair during my college years. Last time I had them in was in January right before Magic Mane was launched. I wanted to let my hair breathe a bit and grow but after Magic mane, I definitely don’t need extensions for thickness. My mom is my hair dresser and she keeps asking me what am I doing. I have tons of new growth. Now, I’m trying to grow it long. God bless you Olivia!!!


Okay this has been one of my lifesavers! I used to have this thick wavy hair, and it started to thin out as I got older and was diagnosed with PCOS… gotta love the hair loss side effect! Nothing I tried worked, and I came to terms with the fact that I’d just have to deal with thin hair… but I can wholeheartedly say that after taking this product for 4 months, I have soooo much regrowth! I probably look like some crazy baby bird with all these baby hairs but I can’t describe how happy I was to see my thin spots starting to thicken out! (you really do have to put in the time for results like this! It’s so worth it!) thank you for quality products that make a difference!!

Karla Palumbo

So thankful for this amazing herbal supplement! It has helped with extreme postpartum hair loss and shedding! I was feeling extremely insecure when my beautiful pregnancy hair all went on my floor and hands, especially when it was wet! 4 weeks using the supplement I notice so much improvement and the extreme shedding finally stopped! Even my hair dresser noticed a difference 🙂 trust the process and be patient and it will work its magic! Also I was forgetting to take the second dose in the afternoon so I contact customer service and asked them if I could just take the 120 drops all at once and they said that was fine! Thank you Olivia for saving me xoxo


I’ve used one round of this product so far. In the first month I got my period for the first time after five months without one. Success! And the severe dandruff and itchiness have definitely lessened. I’m excited to continue using this product to see the hair growth results after stress has left me with significant thinning. Also thank you to the customer service department who sent me another bottle after USPS lost and lied about my package. I love this product and company and definitely recommend!


I’ve only been taking Mane Magic for around 5 weeks (along with liver juice) and the baby hairs around my hairline are noticeably thicker – I was starting to feel insecure about my hairline when I wore hairbands and now it looks great. Very happy with this product! One note to add is that it made my period a few days early, not necessarily a bad thing but an interesting side-effect.


I’ve only been taking this for a week now. And my hair feels so much softer!! I had a surgery almost 2 years ago, and since then my hair has been super dry. I am so glad I finally gave this a try, better late than never. Thanks Olivia!! <3


I started to shed hair sometime in 2018 cause of stress due to my job. Everyday i would come home and be to scared to comb my own hair because i didn’t want to see how much hair came out of the brush. I tried everything under the sun and you name it. One thing is for sure that every since i started taking magic mane around September of 2019. I have to shed hair and my hair growth has been increasing. My hair dresser one day told me where did all this hair come from. I told her I about magic mane and I have told everyone about this product. Thank you Olivia for creating this product such a game changer.

Robin Borys

I normally don’t take the time to write reviews but after using this formula for the past 5 weeks, I can’t even believe it. At 54 years old I have never had a problem with hair loss. However, a few months ago I began noticing dramatic thinning throughout my whole scalp, especially around the crown area. I thought it was odd but just chalked it up to the aging process and possibly overuse of styling products & tools. But in October It was becoming super noticeable, even my hairdresser could see a difference. I’ve been following Olivia for a while now and have had good experiences with some of her other products like Brain Juice & Sleep Juice, (both awesome!) so I thought I’d give Mane Magic a try. I have to say I was skeptical at first but I was consistent with using the product twice a day as recommended and omg I am already noticing thickening & regrowth! I even went back to my hairdresser and asked if she could see any new hair coming in – she said yes! Confirmed! I am beyond thrilled … thank you Olivia for all you do! I can’t wait to see where your endeavors take you next 🙂


I had terrible hair loss after switching birth control pills a year ago, and started using Mane Magic after stopping the pill altogether. Unfortunately I haven’t seen any decrease in shedding or new growth yet after 3 months, but I’m attributing that to the fact that telogen effluvium post-pill is hard to avoid. I have gotten my period each month though, which I think this product helped with!! I plan to keep using it to hopefully boost new growth as my cycle regulates! I do believe in these products and everyone’s hair loss cause and experience is super individualized.


Unfortunately I can’t attest to whether or not this works because I couldn’t get past the taste. I took it for a couple days before I returned it because I just couldn’t stomach it. Given, I am picky about how things taste but I dont think even the most adventurous eater would enjoy this. It’s too bad the taste is so intense because I’ve heard it works really well!


I bought this as well as liver juice and brain juice with a lot of hope in this. My hair started falling out more after i started using this . – i mean i never had this much hair fall. i cant say this will happen to everyone but i do think this review needs to be said – will not repurchase.


I bought this as well as liver juice and brain juice with a lot of hope in this. My hair started falling out more after i started using this . – i mean i never had this much hair fall. i cant say this will happen to everyone but i do think this review needs to be said – will not repurchase.


First, I must applaud their fantastic customer service! I had issues with delivery and they were so helpful, so nice and was able to help me resolve the issue. Love love love! Now I’ve been taking Mane Magic along with the Liver Juice for about 3 weeks and I’ve noticed a difference in the overall texture of my hair. My dry, frizzy ends are no longer and my nails have shown major improvement and crazy length! (My nails never grow much). The taste is a bit strong for me, but I can manage. I love how it’s making me feel and look and can’t wait to see the results once I’ve finished the bottle! Love these products so much!!


Very upset that mane magic did not work for me. Since starting it I’ve broken out badly and my cheeks have become red, but I stuck with it for 3 months hoping for my hair to grow back but still no results. I was hoping it would work for me because the hair on my scalp is thinning and my hair part is widening. I don’t know what else to try after this.. 🙁


I’ve been on MM for 10 days along with the liver juice and I already notice less shedding and growth with my baby hairs! Love this stuff. I’ll post an update and before/after photo of my hair when I finish the bottle. Definitely will be ordering more.


I had a small bold spot and by the end of my 2nd bottle it is gone, I have new baby hairs that fully cover the spot. Thank you Olivia, all your products are amazing! I also use liver juice, the not your average probiotic, and I used the Parapro.


I absolutely love this product! I’ve been using it for a week and have already noticed the difference in how much the shedding has decreased as well as the growth on my baby hairs. I’m glad I finally gave it a shot. Can’t wait to see how much growth I’ll have in a month! Thank you Olivia! ❤️

It may have taken a few bottles, but I have finally noticed results and I could not be any happier! At first, it seemed like I wasn’t seeing anything happening, but I kept my trust in it and kept going with it. When I ordered my 3rd bottle, I ordered the Liver Juice with it and it made a huge difference! I am very happy with my current progress and I will continue to use the two together to further my results. Thank you for such a great products, Olivia!


THIS PRODUCT MADE MY HAIR FALL OUT BY YHE HANDFUL. I was not even going to bother leaving a review because I understand every BODY is different and that people work hard and yada yada…..however the “support” department was so fake, insensitive and unhelpful I just felt that maybe it is all fake and to let people know that it is a possibility that it can happen. I was 100% NOT satisfied with ANY of the products I purchased from this company. Funny thing is you probably wont see this review because they get people to write positive reviews in front of it and you cannot pull up the 1 and 2 star reviews……


I have been using Mane Magic for about one month now. I am very pleased with the results so far! My shedding has improved a lot!! I used to lose a lot of hair in the shower. Besides that, my hair would be all over the place- on and inside my clothes, on my furniture, in my car. It used to shed so bad between sheet washings around my pillow, it started to look gross really quickly. Now I lose substantially less hair in the shower. The best part has been no more annoying hair on my clothes and no more hair all in my bed! The texture of my hair has improved slightly as well, mostly with my baby hairs around my face. They are starting to grow and the texture is much less frizzy. I’m excited to see what the coming months are like! But even if this is most improvement I see, it is more than worth it! Thank you for another amazing product, Olivia!

Angela Tiberi

I ordered Mane Magic after trying Liver Juice and feeling like it really made a difference in my skin post-hormonal birth control. I have to say Mane Magic did not affect my hair right away, but it gave me more vitality than I’ve had in YEARS. After a month & a half, I started to notice a difference in the amount of shedding with my hair–but the main bonus to me was the vitality. I learned that this formula helps alleviate stagnant blood flow, which I think has been my issue for years! (i.e., why I would get varicose veins, fatigue, etc.) Anyway, I ran out of it a month ago and have started to notice my shedding come back, fatigue set-in and less feeling of vitality. Only difference in my life has been lack of this formula so I just ordered 2 more. Olivia says that eventually you don’t need it to maintain the benefits of it–but I only had it for a month and a half, so I will continue to purchase. I have had to rearrange my finances to afford this formula and that says something!


Mane Magic has helped my husband’s thinning hair and everyone has noticed! He has always had great thick hair, but in the last year it has started to thin out. We had tried vitamins and changing his diet, etc., but nothing has made a noticeable difference until Mane Magic. We were recently at a wedding and many of our family members and friends commented on his full head of hair and asked “What have you been doing?!”. Needless to say, he’s a believer! Will be ordering our second bottle soon. Thank you team Organic Olivia!


I have been using MM for a little over two months…wow! Biggest surprise for me is that my eyelashes and eyebrows that have been thinning for the last few years have started to thicken again! Thanks for another great product!

Amanda Haines

I have been using MM for a little over two months…wow! Biggest surprise for me is that my eyelashes and eyebrows that have been thinning for the last few years have started to thicken again! Thanks for another great product!


This product is amazing!! I can’t believe how much my hair has changed since taking it. I had small bald spots and I see small hairs growing now. Everyone keeps complementing how long and full my hair looks. I took it for two months. I will buy another bottle. I’m not kidding when I say this stuff works. This is my first Organic Olivia product that I purchase and am now tempted to try Liver juice. This is the real deal!!!! Great job Olivia and team!!!

Kristine Einang

This really IS a magic potion! My hair has never grown as fast as with this product! Thank you so so much Olivia, for AGAIN providing your tribe with the best from Mother Nature. We love you and appreciate you so much! If you guys want to see my before and after pics, I’ve posted a few on my Instagram @kristineeinang <3


I was really hoping this product would make my hair think and long. I have a normal period every single month and get it every 29 days no more no less. I started taking this formula and 3 days later I started bleeding light pink so it wasn’t my period. This blood lasted about 2-3 days and turned into a heavy period. I wasn’t supposed to be getting it for another week and a half. It was a lot heavier and lasted a lot longer than usual. Ever since then (about 3 cycles ago) my period cycle hasn’t been completely regular. I still get it every month but I just don’t know when I will be getting it. I love all of organic Olivia’s other products I have used in the past but I think if you have very healthy hormones and a normal blood flow to just double check before using this product.

Sara Holka

After trying Olivia’s probiotic and seeing great results, I new I had to try her mane magic. I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my hair since experiencing intense diffused shedding about a year ago, due to dying my hair multiple times, stress, and hormone imbalance. I lost almost half the hair on my head and it was very depressing. I have been on a healing journey since then and I’m happy to report I am in full recovery and the shedding completely stopped. But then about a month ago, I noticed increased shedding AGAIN… I was devastated. But then I read up on mane magic and also the liver juice, and decided to try them both. It’s only been two weeks and I can see a drastic difference in my hair health, shine, growth, and decreased shedding. I couldn’t be happier, and can’t wait to see how my hair will look 6 months from now with using this. Thank you Olivia!


First and foremost, I LOVE anything organic olivia. The sleep juice and liver juice have been incredible, but unfortunately, mane magic hasn’t done anything for me. I have used it religiously since it first launched in February, but nothing. I’ve had my thyroid, hormones, everything tested and my hair just keeps falling out like crazy. I was hoping mane magic would be my saving grace… However, I am going to continue to take it a bit longer in hopes that I am just a late bloomer and that my body is taking a bit longer to adjust for some reason. Fingers crossed.


Hey Olivia and Team! Thank you so much for creating such wonderful products. I am taking mane magic for 2 months now and simultaneously stopped using shampoo. My ends are splitting less, and of course, if gets fuller and longer. I overall feel more energized and started to do more exercises. But there is one thing that really blew my mind! I am not sure if I just make it up in my mind or it truly helps me with this particular issue. Since I am living in the forest, during spring, summer, autumn I have to deal with a lot of tics. I have noticed, when I am taking mane magic 3 weeks, I don’t get any of those. Then I pause for my period. After 3 days of not taking mane magic, tics start to like me again. IS THERE A POSSIBILITY THAT IT IS WORKING AGAINST TICS?


My absolute favorite tincture from Organic Olivia’s line! I have seen so many positive changes because of it. After just a month of taking the tincture daily I have noticed significantly less hair fallout- I took before & after pictures and wow! I have naturally wavy hair but when I left it natural my curls were limp and lifeless. After using Mane Magic, my hair is fuller, thicker, and my curls have bounce! I feel confident wearing my hair naturally in public now. I also suffered from very scanty periods. After using Mane Magic (and flow balance- not sure which one to thank, maybe both) but my menstrual flow has significantly increased and I feel normal again. Thank you Olivia!!!


This product is UNREAL. I’ll use it forever. My hair fell out loads due to mold poisoning. I was wearing head scarves to just hold it all in place. I couldn’t brush it, when I showered it would come out in clumps. Mainly around the front was where it fell out leaving patches. I’ve been using this product for 2 months. I have complete regrowth round the front where the patches were, an abundance of baby hair and the rest of my hair is long and luscious and thicker than ever before. Wearing scarves became a comfort blanket kinda thing and I haven’t worn one in 4 weeks now where for 6 months I wore one every day. Thank you Olivia. Amazing product, forever grateful.

Kelsey B

I’ve been “poo” free for 20 months and have loved it. I just recently hit a rough spot with shedding and breakage due to being in the sun/ocean a lot. I’m not willing to go back to loading my skin/scalp with toxins/products so I wanted to try something that would help from within. It’s been ten days and I already see new growth, I’m experiencing exponentially less shedding and breakage. My scalp and hair follicles just seem to be “awake” and thriving honestly. THANK YOU OLIVIA 💛


I am over the moon about mane magic!! The last 3 years my hair has been shedding like crazy. It started happening after I stopped my birth control. Mane Magic has brought my hair back from the dead!! My curl pattern from when I was in my 20’s is now back and I am happier, and more confident then ever! My fluffy ponytail whips side to side in spin class now and I love it!! Thank you Olivia!! Forever grateful


I am over the moon about mane magic!! The last 3 years my hair has been shedding like crazy. It started happening after I stopped my birth control. Mane Magic has brought my hair back from the dead!! My curl pattern from when I was in my 20’s is now back and I am happier, and more confident then ever! My fluffy ponytail whips side to side in spin class now and I love it!! Thank you Olivia!! Forever grateful


OLIVIA, YOU ARE INCREDIBLE! So I originally decided to purchase MM for the kidney/liver benefits. As somebody that goes to a Chinese Medicine Doctor for acupuncture and herbs to help my weak kidneys/adrenals, I thought MM was going to be another great way to strengthen my organs… I saw the hair benefits as just being extra! I’ve only been on MM for about a month, but ever since, my energy has been more sustained throughout the day, I had ZERO cramps/tender breasts with my last moon cycle (I’ve been dealing with those symptoms for years), and I feel more calm and collected. I have been taking MM for almost a month now, and my hair is fuller, thicker & longer. I was shocked to see results right away. The before and after pictures of my hair length/hair loss are incredible. You’ve got yourself another lifetime customer. Keep killing it, queen Olivia <3

Angelique D

This product is AMAZING! After almost two months of taking this product and being patient (it’s key w/ this formula), I can honestly say I’ve seen a big difference. I have course, curly and thick hair. When it comes to detangle day I would pull clumps of hair out my brush and look down at the floor to see broken hair everywhere. When I’d take my pony tail holder out I would also have a lot of little hairs come out with it. The past few days when I take my pony tail holder out, there was NO hair. I was so shocked that I had to double take because I’ve never not had hair come out. Today I did my detangle before wash and again, almost no hair on the brush. Not only has my shedding and breakage improved but hair is softer to the touch and has a shine to it. My hair products haven’t changed so I know it’s the Mane Magic! I am truly impressed and happy to have this product apart of my daily routine.


Buy this. Buy this forever if you can. I will never not be without any of Olivia’s tinctures but mainly because my skin and hair have tremendously changed for the better. I was on birth control for years due to ovarian cysts and my hair in the last 5 years was just destroyed and depleted of all nutrients, fried. Just horrible. It was getting better but then I got Mane Magic and my hair has tons of new growth, curls from my root again (yay!), so much volume and bounce, shine. It’s just amazing. I recommend this to everyone. I don’t even usually post reviews but this was soooo worth every cent.


I have been using MM for 3 months, and I have not noticed any changes 🙁 I take in the morning on an empty stomach, and at night before bed. I wonder if there is a more effective way of taking MM to get results. I do have a thyroid issue, so I am assuming it might take longer for my body to pick up this routine. I have about 4 bottles left, I have a lot of faith in OrganicOlivia, so I am not going to stop taking it. Hoping it will eventually kick start! hanging in here 🙂 I am giving it two stars as opposed to one because I have hope it will eventually start working…and I can come back with an update and give it the five stars!


I have been using MM for a month now, started 5/10. This tincture is amazing. My hair was coming out by the hand fulls, I was becoming depressed about it. Every time I combed it or even when I left it alone, my hair was constantly shedding. Within the first week I noticed less shedding. I wanted to wait at least a month before writing a review. Everyone needs to buy and take this tincture. I was losing hope before I started taking MM. My hair is growing, it’s shinier, my curls are popping, and definitely stronger. I am no longer nervous to comb my hair and I am gaining my confidence back with wearing my hair out especially in its natural curly state. I dilute it with water, take it with Spearmint tea or add it into my Yerba mate tea. I have also taken it straight. The taste does not bother me at all. Olivia, I am truly thankful and appreciative to you and your team for creating great products that actually work. I trust you and your products!! T Your customer service is exemplary. LIFETIME CUSTOMER!

Tatiana Giraldo

I’ve been using this product for about 4-5months now and my hair has never been better! I used to lose handfuls of hair in the shower and also when I brushed my hair, just overall my hair would shed like crazy! It took my about a good 3.5 months before i really started to notice a difference. Since I’ve been taking this product. My hair sheds dramatically less. My hair is overall healthier and I’ve also noticed new hair growth!


I started using this in the middle of March. I finished my first small bottle and repurchased several of the bigger ones. My hair is already an inch longer, and for the first time EVER not crazy thin. If I didn’t wash my hair every other day it would look like brittle straw, now it’s softer and shiny! Even the ends of my hair look health and are filled with split ends. I’ve even stopped wearing my hair extensions cause I don’t feel self conscious about the condition of my hair. It’s only been 2ish months but my hair is already at the longest point I could ever get it to physically grow ( which it was usually stringy looking disaster and start break off) I’m so happy with how much it’s improved and can’t wait to see how many more inches I can get my hair to grow! Also the shedding is barely happening and I’m so happy with my over all density! I also notice my skin has been way more clear, my complexion isn’t as red, dry and splotchy since using this! And I really don’t know if this is a bonus of this product but I haven’t been having any headaches. I usually suffer from them daily. Possible bonus of this?! Thank you for making a product that’s given me a boost in my self-esteem !!!


im not sure if it’s the mane magic or was the probiotics or the container liver juice.. but i’ve had acne since junior high i’m almost 30 nothing has ever worked for me like this.. i haven’t had a single breakout in weeks. i’m finally starting to feel somewhat confident without makeup after being so insecure about my skin my whole entire life. not to mention how fast my hair is growing and how healthy it looks, i’ve gotten so many compliments lately. thank you so much your products are changing my life and people around me because i can’t stop talking about them LOL

Melissa Mullin

So far i’ve been taking it for only a week and my hair feels thicker, as if im not losing as much. It’s staying put! lol. Look forward to how it’ll be at the end of the bottle.


I love my mane magic! Not only has my hair grown and is looking oh-so-good, but I’ve had periods with no cramping and without heavy flow. Olivia! Thank you for always putting out the best products. 💖

Rachel Bodkin

I absolutely love mane magic. I have been taking it since the second restock in March and have noticed a huge difference. I was dealing with amenoria for a few months prior to taking this and although my period came back as I gained weight and right before I started mane magic I have overall noticed great changes in my period. It’s MUCH more regular, coming ever 28 days as it used to come 28,29,30,31 days kinda whenever it felt like it. Now I am always on track and have a nice 4 days. The taste is not enjoyable but for what it does for my hair it’s worth the quick bitterness. I have recommended this product to SO so many friends, clients, customers, followers etc. Absolutely love the formula, thank you to Olivia and her team for everything they do ♥️


When my period came back 8 months after having my daughter, it was all out of wack. I was cramping for days before my period actually came and when it did I was spotting a darker red rather than the normal color. It has been this way for about 2 years now. I took two doses of this with the goal of less hair shedding in mind and in those TWO doses I started my period without days of cramping beforehand! No dark red/brownish spotting. I know Olivia said this product could be good for your menstrual cycle but I had no idea it would be like this!!! Next order for me is the Flow Balance. Thank you so much Olivia for these awesome products!


This product unfortunately made no difference for me. I have taken it as per instructions of the bottle and finished the bottle. Wondering if you will have to buy more of them to notice any results.


I love the approach of healing naturally with herbs. I believe in this approach over going to see a regular doctor. But I do want to say, if your hormones are sensitive just be aware that dong quai is in this product and it can effect your hormones (possibly in a good way or just effect them in general). From my personal experience, I have had an abnormal cycle since taking this. My period was delayed and when it finally came it lasted an abnormally long time. I went to a functional doctor to see about my cycle, and he said the dong quai could be what threw my cycle off. My hormones seemed fine before the product. I am not blaming the product, it could have been a mix of things. But just something to research or ask your naturopath before buying. I love organic Olivia! And this is not a slight to her or her company. Just hope this review helps someone!


Mane Magic has been the lifesaver I needed but couldn’t find ANYWHERE! I’ve been using Mane Magic since March-present, and OMG the growthhhh! Female alopecia runs in my family, I noticed how over the past year my headline was thinning especially on the sides and my peak. I started taking mane Magic in hopes that it would help, but wasn’t too sure. Fast forward to this pst weekend when I was receiving TONS of compliments on how shiny and full my hair was looking again! Looking at my before and after pictures have me shocked as to how much thicker my hair is and how little thinning is happening now. Cannot wait for the restock so I can stuck up and buy some for those in my family struggling with alopecia to see how it helps them! Thank you Olivia! This product, along with Mood Juice & Brain Juice have changed my life. THANK YOU!

Kay Arteaga

LITERALLY THE BEST PRODUCT OUT HERE! I cannot express enough gratitude to Olivia for making this product. First off, I know this is for hair but I bought it mostly because I have been having a tough time with my monthly periods. I have tried everything that I could think of, I went to so many doctors and specialist and nothing helped. All of my doctors wanted to put me on birth control but didn’t actually know what was wrong with me. I have been such a dedicated follower of Olivias for years and knew she was coming out with Mane Magic and that it could possibly help my periods since it is a blood moving product. I cannot exaggerate this: when I got the product I took it the next morning and by the end of that night I had my period! I could not believe it. In order to be sure that it was the Mane Magic and not just a coincidence I continued to regularly take it until my next months period and guess what!? I got my period at a regular time frame! Before this, I didn’t have my period for 6 months. I cannot rave enough about this product and what it has done for me. Also, not only is it a miracle worker for my periods, it also is such a helper with my hair. I have naturally thick and curly hair which falls out constantly especially in the shower but it has made my hair stronger, shinier and I have less fallout than usual. This product is such a staple in my life right now and I cannot imagine life without it. I encourage people who are stagnant in their periods right now to grab a ton of these bottles and you will notice such a difference. I have told all my friends and family about it and they are also in love with it. Such an amazing product!


I have taken biotin, tried hair thinning shampoos, serums, and none seem to work as well as Magic Mane. The shedding lessened the first day I took it. Now that I’m almost done with the bottle, my hair has more volume and grew so much. IT WORKS! Can this go back in stock already?!


I’ve been taking this for two months and haven’t noticed much of a difference yet! and the taste is awful. tastes just like pure grain alcohol! I love all of Olivia’s products especially Liver Juice and Immune Shroom but still on the fence with this one!


I only bought one and I totally wish I bought two but I can’t wait until it’s stocked up! I didn’t have problems with my hair previous to taking it but my hair is straight and thin and yesterday my family noticed it looked more healthier and fuller! I’m really exciting to keep taking it once I buy more. 🙂 Definitely going to buy some for my grandma.


Taking twice a day, This significantly decreased the amount of shedding I was having. I love this product


Amazing product ! My hair looks healthy and shiny ! Thank you !


Girrrrrrl, you did it again. I was on birth control for years and hadn’t gotten my period in over a year. About two months ago I stopped taking bc hoping my period would come back but there was no sign of it. I started taking Mane Magic once in the morning and once at night TEN days ago and this morning I woke up with my period. I actually missed the feeling of cramps and having the excuse to eat ice cream (: Oh and the silky, shiny hair is an added bonus.


I bought Mane Magic because my hair over the past couple of months hasnt been the same. It was falling out significantly, it was dry, and just looked lifeless. As soon as Mane Magic came in I started taking it and in a week my hair looked so much more alive. It had bounce and my curls were actually curls instead of flat. I’m excied to see the results the longer I take it. Thank you Olivia!


I think this tinture is working wonders on my hair!! My baby hairs in the front are growing! It has been looking like bold spots but not anymore! I’ve been taking this regliously twice a day for a little over a month and looking forward to what else it will do for me. Thank you Olivia xoxo


Mane Magic has worked wonders for me! Before using this product, I was searching high and low for something that would help my hair stop from falling out in chunks. My hair was falling out so much that I started noticing minor baldness and was freaking out! I tried everything, but nothing worked. It’s been over 3 weeks now since using Mane Magic and my hair is barely falling out and I notice more baby hairs growing where my baldness started coming through. It’s also a lot softer, shinier and silkier. It’s changed my life forever! I would recommend this product to everyone!


I’m just finishing the first bottle I bought Feb 14 and I have definitely noticed less shedding which is what I bought it for. I started losing concerning amounts after stopping BC. Also try apple cider vinegar rinses along with it! My hair is feeling amazing.


This product is the real deal! I was struggling with extreme hair loss for months; this has not only greatly reduced shedding, but has also helped promote new hair growth!


When I first saw that you were formulating herbs for hair loss that actually WORKED I immediately got excited. I was able to get my hands on two bottles the first time you released it and let me just say that my hair has finally stopped falling out in handfuls and full on strands. I was suffering from hair loss and severe cystic acne due to hormonal imbalances from being on birth control. Your product has made a huge difference in the texture of my hair and of course the shedding. I thought this would never be something I could fix considering the fact I had tried many other herbs that didn’t seem to help… but you Olivia are a genius!! Thank you so much!

Jessica Morgan

I got my period back!!! I’ve been taking Mane Magic religiously since I got it, and for the first time since quiting birth control three years ago I finally had a real period! The blood moving herbs in this formula are amazing and I truly came believe how well its helping restore my body from the inside out! Oh and my hair is no longer falling out at an exponential rate! This product is beyond amazing and I am truly thankful for EVERYTHING that you do for all of us! I now have four bottles so I won’t be without!

Antonia Espinell

Awesome product. I am anticipating getting another one

Antonia Espinell

Awesome product


This worked incredibly quick for me!! My hair was in such bad shape I knew I’d be able to tell right away if this would help me. My hair was falling out by the handfuls I was beginning to be depressed about it. It lacked luster and shine and really just lost life to my hair. Almost immediately this started to strengthen my hair and my hair is falling out WAY less. I’m super careful w my hair I try not to wash often and use no heat. My hair is even so much more curly now and has life back into it!! I couldn’t be happier and can’t wait to see how much more it improves as I continue to take this!!! I want to tell everyone about this product. I almost lost hope but this truly helped me “get my hair back”!!! Thank you Olivia for making these amazing products!!!


I FINALLY have a normal period! For months I was having old, brown spotting during my “period” and it was becoming a little stressful. After taking Mane Magic for just a few weeks I finally got my familiar cycle back and I couldn’t be happier! It did lead to more pre-period breakouts, PMS, and the like but it is worth it to me to see my blood rebuilding and strengthening. Thank you, thank you!! I also have noticed thicker hair which is a nice bonus but not what I intended for 😉


I feel increased energy with taking this — something to do with blood circulation I believe! For hair, I feel like I’ve noticed growth & more strength .. I’ve used Olivia’s whole line practically and can say I trust her work and knowledge on selecting the right herbs 🙂

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