Mane Magic (back in stock 5/9)

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Mane Magic (back in stock 5/9)
Mane Magic (back in stock 5/9)
Mane Magic (back in stock 5/9)
Mane Magic (back in stock 5/9)
Mane Magic (back in stock 5/9)
Mane Magic (back in stock 5/9)
Mane Magic (back in stock 5/9)
Mane Magic (back in stock 5/9)


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Health Benefits
  • A restorative tonic designed to feed and strengthen the hair follicles
  • Benefits hair, skin and nails by nourishing the blood and boosting circulation
  • Supports shine, strength, and luster for healthier, stronger hair
  • May improve hair growth and lessen shedding
  • Formulated specifically for “blood deficiency” in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Supports healthy hair and nails
  • Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Feeds the hair follicles
  • Aids blood circulation
Mane Magic (back in stock 5/9)

When my hair began shedding at an accelerated rate, I tried everything under the sun to find relief.

I took every “hair growth” herb in the book, did stimulating scalp massages, downed biotin like it was my job, and even bought a $600 infrared cap that proved to be nothing more than a (very expensive) safety helmet. After kicking it across the room one night, I decided to explore the one thing I was forgetting… the system of medicine that got me interested in herbs in the first place: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Because so much of what I study in school is geared towards Western concepts and North American herbs, I was looking at “hair loss” and “hair growth” from a very modern and black-and-white perspective. Traditional Chinese Medicine on the other hand looks at patterns of disharmony, which allows you to connect your main symptom(s) to a group of other symptoms related to a specific “health pattern.”

Everything clicked when I realized that hair loss is related to a pattern called blood deficiency, which often comes with other hallmark indicators such as dry hair, dry skin, brittle nails, anemia, scanty periods, mental fatigue, and feeling easily startled. Not everyone will have all symptoms associated with blood deficiency as we all present differently based on lifestyle factors and constitution.

I decided to give Chinese medicine’s “blood building” herbs a shot with the help of my chemist who created a sample formula for me. I originally wanted to see if it would improve my scanty periods, as bleeding too little is a sign of imbalance just like bleeding too much is. After my first month on the formula, I had a far more complete period… but more importantly, my hair appeared to be shedding less and less.

It has now been almost 5 months and I’m amazed at how much better my hair looks and feels. Before it was getting very dry and brittle, especially on the ends, but now it’s much softer and shinier from top to bottom. It sort of feels like I watered a plant that was crying out for nourishment. The shedding has not completely stopped, but has improved and only continues to. We will always lose a certain amount of hair each day (50-100 strands is the norm) and I feel much closer to that “normal” range than I have in a long time. The most substantial difference I’ve noticed (which you guys have pointed out as well through my daily stories on Instagram) is the growth! It is much longer, shinier, and stronger.


According to TCM, the growth and development of healthy hair depends on proper functioning of the Kidney and Liver meridians. Their idea of the “Kidney” meridian is much different from the Western view of anatomy and refers to a whole system including the adrenals and reproductive system.

The Kidney “meridian” also includes the Kidney “Jing,” known as the inherited Qi we get from our parents that is akin to a bank account of money. When you’re born, all the figurative money or “Jing” you’ll ever have is in your account, which is why you must spend it wisely. Drugs, alcohol, stress, and late nights are examples of things that “cost” us extra Jing. Protecting your Kidney Jing protects your vitality, hair, teeth, bones, and longevity.

Their view of the “Liver” differs too, as it encompasses everything from the smooth flow and detoxification of hormones to “storing” blood for menstruation. It all comes full circle as the Liver meridian governs hair health and is supported energetically by Kidney Jing, which influences the growth of all body cells, including the hair.

Most importantly, blood from the Liver meridian nourishes the hair follicle and the hair itself is seen as an extension of blood. The most common causes of declining hair health, premature greying and hair loss in TCM are related to deficient and/or stagnant “Liver Blood” (that Blood Deficiency I mentioned) and Kidney Deficiency. This blend contains both “blood building” herbs and Liver/Kidney meridian strengthening herbs to create a balanced formula that tackles this pattern from all angles.

The primary herb we chose, Fo-Ti Root (also known as “He Shou Wu”) is a classic herb for blood building, invigorating hair growth, and supporting one’s natural hair color. In TCM, this herb is used to tonify the Liver and Kidney meridians, nourish the “Liver Blood” and protect Kidney Jing to support hair follicle strength and development. Other herbs used include White Peony, Dong Quai, Ligusticum and Rehmannia which promote the quality and circulation of blood. Dong Quai specifically invigorates blood flow, harmonizes the relationship between the Liver and Kidneys, and modulates hormones which may help with shedding related to hormone imbalance. There is also evidence that it may improve the absorption and storage of iron, which is important in cases of poor hair health due to iron deficiency or thyroid issues.

Overall, this formula targets the underlying pathological processes and patterns that cause hair follicles to be undernourished. Because everyone is different, results may vary from a reduction in hair fall to overall shinier, healthier hair. TCM believes that if it took you 6 months to get where you are, it will take at least that to get where you want to be as the body retraces and rebuilds. For this reason, Mane Magic is most effective if taken for two or more months.


This formula is suitable for both men and women. Women should discontinue use during their menstrual periods as this formula truly “moves the blood.” When you finish bleeding, you can start right back up again. Not to be used while pregnant or nursing.

HOW TO USE: Take 60 drops (approx. 2 full droppers) 2 times per day in water or juice. Take on an empty stomach (away from food by at least 20 minutes) for highest absorption.

All TCM herbs sourced for this formula are wild-crafted (harvested in their natural habitat free of pesticides), and are not sprayed or sulfur gassed. We test all raw material to ensure they are free of heavy metals, pesticides, and microbes.

  1. Fo-Ti Root – Also known as “Mr. He’s Black Hair,” this is one of the primary herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for hair loss and early graying. This warming tonic herb nourishes the “blood” and “Jing” (concepts of TCM that differ from conventional Western anatomy). Fo-Ti also tonifies the Liver and Kidney meridian, both of which are important for hair and nail health.
  2. Rehmannia Root – A renowned longevity herb that has an affinity for the “kidney” meridian, more specifically by protecting “Jing” and the adrenals. This herb helps to target brittle or shedding hair brought on by stress. In contemporary herbalism, Rehmannia is known as a “trophorestorative” for the adrenals and is especially indicated in recovery from nervous system burnout.
  3. Astragalus Root – A longevity herb with strengthening effects that increases “Qi” (energy, vitality) and helps protect the body from the consequences of stress and aging. In TCM, Astragalus root is also said to be a supreme blood tonic, meaning it has beneficial effects on the hematological systems of the body. Blood “feeds” (brings nutrients to) the hair, and hair is seen as an “extension of the blood.”
  4. Dong Quai Root – This hormone balancing herb contains phytoestrogens that prevent hair fall by helping to prevent the accumulation of DHT on the scalp. DHT is the active form of testosterone and your body produces too much of it when you are under physical or emotional stress.
  5. White Peony Root – One of my favorites, this Liver, Blood and Yin tonic helps to balance hormones and “build the blood.” Indicated for “deficient blood” patterns where one experiences fatigue, dizziness, pale skin or nails, brittle nails, brittle hair and anemia.
  6. Safflower Flower – According to the American Botanical Council (ABC), safflower is among the best blood-promoting herbs in Chinese medicine that aids circulation and nourishes the blood.
  7. Notopterygium Root – Indicated for dry/cracking skin, hair and nails. Helps “direct” the formula to the greater yang channels.
  8. Chinese Salvia Root – A blood-moving/blood circulation herb that helps deliver nutrients and blood to the hair follicles. For hair growth, it is necessary that the hair follicles receive highly nourished and oxygenated blood.
  9. Ligusticum – Yet another blood-moving herb that improves the absorption of nutrients by our hair follicles.

Q: Is Mane Magic suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

A: No, Mane Magic should not be taken while pregnant or breastfeeding. There are very limited clinical studies to determine safety regarding herbs taken by pregnant/nursing women for obvious ethical reasons. Our pregnancy-safe formulas include: Not Your Average Probiotic, Immune Shroom (as its 100% mushroom/food-based), Elderberry Syrup (it’s made of fruit), and HerbalTussin Syrup.

Q: The dosage says 60 drops. How many full droppers would this be?

A: 30 drops = approx. 1 full dropper (keeping in mind that the dropper naturally only fills 50-70% of the way which is considered “full”). 60 drops = approx. 2 full droppers.

Q: How long will a bottle of Mane Magic last?

A. 2 weeks, so you would require 2 bottles per month. Chinese herbs are relatively high dose. If you’ve ever been to an acupuncturist and taken a TCM formula via teapills, you know that you usually have to take 8 three times per day. Since this is liquid, you take 60 drops (approx. 2 full droppers) two times per day. Because of this, we will be offering a 2-pack and 4-pack discount when we restock the next batch so that you can always bundle and get enough to last at the best possible price.

Q: Is Mane Magic vegan & cruelty free?

A: Yes. Just herbs, no animal products, no animal testing, no gelatin!

Q: Why is it suggested to take Mane Magic on an empty stomach?

A: For maximum absorption. It’s easier for the body to process the liquid plant medicine when it’s not sitting on top of food. If you can’t do empty stomach, aim for 20 minutes before or after meals (away from food).

Q: Will Mane Magic help with androgenetic alopecia?

A: Androgenetic alopecia is more of a hormonal process where DHT is affecting the scalp. This formula does contain hormone modulating and balancing herbs that help with this from the inside out, but this can only do so much. If you’re aware that you have androgenetic alopecia specifically, or have hair loss related to PCOS, you may want to combine with a topical treatment via a combination of herbs that block DHT on the scalp directly. A product on Amazon called Amplixin serum is aloe-based and you spray on your scalp directly after showering. It contains herbs such as sage that help with DHT. Unfortunately there’s a few preservatives in this product so if you find a cleaner alternative that’s even better.

Q: Will Mane Magic help with autoimmune alopecia?

A: Autoimmune disorders of any kind require a comprehensive approach that involves treating and calming the immune system (and thus the overactive immune response). The AIP diet, also known as Autoimmune Paleo, is a wonderful way of eating to help with autoimmune-related hair loss. Work on diet and lifestyle (stress) first before adding Mane Magic to your toolbox. It is not a quick fix for longstanding issues.

Q: Is it okay to take if you just want luscious hair and don’t have shedding issues?

A: Yes! This formula is for supporting healthy, shiny, beautiful hair.

Q: How do you take Mane Magic? Under the tongue or in water/juice?

A: Mane Magic is alcohol-based and the herbs do not taste all that great, so I would definitely suggest masking the taste in a shot of juice or water. You get used to it over time but OJ helps!


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I’m just finishing the first bottle I bought Feb 14 and I have definitely noticed less shedding which is what I bought it for. I started losing concerning amounts after stopping BC. Also try apple cider vinegar rinses along with it! My hair is feeling amazing.


This product is the real deal! I was struggling with extreme hair loss for months; this has not only greatly reduced shedding, but has also helped promote new hair growth!


When I first saw that you were formulating herbs for hair loss that actually WORKED I immediately got excited. I was able to get my hands on two bottles the first time you released it and let me just say that my hair has finally stopped falling out in handfuls and full on strands. I was suffering from hair loss and severe cystic acne due to hormonal imbalances from being on birth control. Your product has made a huge difference in the texture of my hair and of course the shedding. I thought this would never be something I could fix considering the fact I had tried many other herbs that didn’t seem to help… but you Olivia are a genius!! Thank you so much!

Jessica Morgan

I got my period back!!! I’ve been taking Mane Magic religiously since I got it, and for the first time since quiting birth control three years ago I finally had a real period! The blood moving herbs in this formula are amazing and I truly came believe how well its helping restore my body from the inside out! Oh and my hair is no longer falling out at an exponential rate! This product is beyond amazing and I am truly thankful for EVERYTHING that you do for all of us! I now have four bottles so I won’t be without!

Antonia Espinell

Awesome product. I am anticipating getting another one

Antonia Espinell

Awesome product


This worked incredibly quick for me!! My hair was in such bad shape I knew I’d be able to tell right away if this would help me. My hair was falling out by the handfuls I was beginning to be depressed about it. It lacked luster and shine and really just lost life to my hair. Almost immediately this started to strengthen my hair and my hair is falling out WAY less. I’m super careful w my hair I try not to wash often and use no heat. My hair is even so much more curly now and has life back into it!! I couldn’t be happier and can’t wait to see how much more it improves as I continue to take this!!! I want to tell everyone about this product. I almost lost hope but this truly helped me “get my hair back”!!! Thank you Olivia for making these amazing products!!!


I FINALLY have a normal period! For months I was having old, brown spotting during my “period” and it was becoming a little stressful. After taking Mane Magic for just a few weeks I finally got my familiar cycle back and I couldn’t be happier! It did lead to more pre-period breakouts, PMS, and the like but it is worth it to me to see my blood rebuilding and strengthening. Thank you, thank you!! I also have noticed thicker hair which is a nice bonus but not what I intended for 😉


I feel increased energy with taking this — something to do with blood circulation I believe! For hair, I feel like I’ve noticed growth & more strength .. I’ve used Olivia’s whole line practically and can say I trust her work and knowledge on selecting the right herbs 🙂

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