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Liver Juice
Liver Juice
Liver Juice
Liver Juice
Liver Juice
Liver Juice
Liver Juice
Liver Juice
Liver Juice
Liver Juice


Health Benefits
  • Supports healthy liver detoxification in those who are feeling sluggish, overburdened or cannot detoxify properly
  • Supports the resolution of acne and other skin issues
  • Assists hormone balance by supporting pathways involved in hormone excretion
  • Supports the smooth flow of bile for optimal fat digestion
  • Aids in detoxification of environmental toxins
  • Supports a healthy response to stress by lessening anger and frustration
  • Supports healthy detoxification
  • Assists skin complaints
  • Aids hormone balance
  • Hangover support
Liver Juice

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, one of the most important puzzle pieces of overall health is the health of the liver.

Liver detoxification has become increasingly important in our modern world full of environmental chemicals, and the absolute best way to achieve this is to support your liver’s own pathways and functions with gentle and nutritive plant medicine.

If you are feeling sluggish, experiencing acne or skin and digestive issues, or dealing with hormone imbalance, one of the first things to consider is how well you are supporting your liver. By providing nutrients and cofactors to this vital organ, you help your liver in its quest to protect you by effectively eliminating toxins and excess hormones. This ensures the function and balance of your entire system.

Regularly taking herbs that support the work your elimination organs are already doing is the best way to “cleanse” the liver. Certain plant phytochemicals and nutrients were designed by nature to improve your both phase I & II of your liver’s detoxification pathways.

Liver Juice is designed to not only help reduce more acute symptoms, like acne, bloating and gas, but is excellent for long-term ailments as well such as hormone imbalance, liver inflammation and, elevated enzymes.

With detoxification-supporting ingredients, Liver Juice is an excellent tool to get your system eliminating all we’re exposed to on a daily basis so that you feel and function better. By taking one full squeeze of the dropper bulb 1-3x daily, you’ll feel clearer, lighter, and confident that you’re protecting your liver cells from both current and/or future damage.

Want to learn more about Liver Juice? Read the Story Behind the Formula here!

The super-herbs in our blend:

  1. Oregon Grape Root – a bitter and detoxifying herb that helps move stagnation within the liver and digestive tract; an excellent promoter of bile secretion.

  2. Milk Thistle Seed – a powerful liver cleanser that helps rebuild and protect liver cells as it removes toxins from the body. Also reduces free radical production and oxidative damage while inhibiting the binding of toxins to the liver.

  3. Burdock Root – an excellent herb for blood purification, bile excretion, and liver restoration. Also promotes blood circulation to the skin surface, which improves skin health.

  4. Dandelion Root – a natural diuretic which helps the liver eliminate toxins more efficiently, Dandelion root stimulates bile and relives liver congestion.

  5. Fresh Turmeric Root – a highly effective phase II detoxifier with powerful anti-inflammatory effects. Protects the liver from toxic compounds and reduces micro-inflammation in the gut.

  6. Bupleurum Root – helps with liver stagnation, difficulty digesting fats, bloating, and liver sluggishness.

  7. Beet Root – both a natural blood and liver cleanser, Beet Root helps the body detoxify heavy metals, environmental toxins, and and excess hormones.

  8. Red Root – recognized as one of the most highly valued ingredients in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Red Root clears away dead cellular tissue and stimulates circulation.

1. Can I take Liver Juice while on the ParaPro Formula? Yes, you can take liver juice while on the parasite cleanse! Liver support can be extremely helpful in order to minimize die-off symptoms and discomfort. Alternatively, you can also take liver juice before your cleanse to prepare your body’s detox pathways. This may be a good option for you if you experience several of the symptoms of a sluggish liver in your daily life: *nausea or burping after meals *recurring bloating/gas *an inability to tolerate fatty/fried food *hormone imbalance *recurring headaches, especially before your menstrual cycle OR *skin problems such as acne or psoriasis In this case, you can take one round (one bottle) of liver juice beforebeginning the cleanse to ensure that liver detox pathways are functioning optimally before the body embarks on tackling parasites and pathogens (since that’s a big load on your elimination organs). If you feel great on Liver Juice and find it helpful for the symptoms above, you can choose to continue taking another bottle while you take ParaPro Formula to minimize die-off reactions. 2. Is this considered a liver detox? While this can be taken for a set period of time as “liver cleanse” or liver reboot, that is not the most accurate way to describe how the herbs in this blend encourage and support liver detoxification. Regularly taking herbs that support the work your liver is already doing is the best way to “cleanse” the liver. Certain plant phytochemicals and nutrients are required for both phase I & II of your liver’s detoxification pathways, so we’ve included supportive herbs for both phases within this formula. 3. How can I combine this with your other tinctures? Liver Juice can be combined with any of our other tinctures. While some tinctures are specific to certain times of the day (i.e. Brain Juice is taken in the morning to wake you up and help you feel alert, Sleep Juice is taken before bed to encourage deep rest), Liver Juice is not time-specific. Most people take one full squeeze of the dropper 2-3x per day (upon waking, mid-day and again in the evening).


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Sara Christensen

I have honestly never written a review on a product before but this product has brought so much good into my life I feel that it is necessary to post this…. Long story short- I went off of birth control about 3 years ago after being on it for almost 6 years. I remained off the pill for about two years and during this time I really suffered from post birth control symptoms (acne, irregular periods, hair loss, you name it). I tried everything… diet, medications, certain herbs- nothing was working. So unfortunately, I ended up going back on the pill since my Dr. kept insisting I should. I was on the pill again for about a year and a half and a month ago I decided that I am finally done and this time around I was going to try Organic Olivia’s liver juice, flow balance, and probiotic to try and help regulate my body. My main goal was to get my period back naturally and to get it back the very next month (since my previous time transitioning off took 3 months ). WELL…. I AM CONVINCED NOW THAT THIS IS A MIRACLE PRODUCT. I ended up getting my period back and on a healthy 27 day cycle, one month after stopping birth control. My acne along my jawline and chin has been almost non-existent (except for a small few before my period started which is inevitable), my boobs aren’t sore at all, my cramps are pretty manageable, my gut health has been great, you name it! Give this product a little over 30 days of consistent use, as well as using it along side some of Olivia’s other products and you will see the amazing results.


I’m three quarters through my first bottle and my body just loves the Liver Juice tincture. I already do a lot of things for my digestion and was skeptical that this would add any benefit. I’ve been exfoliating better, my face skin is brighter. I don’t know how to explain that I crave this specifically despite also being on Brain Juice, Mood Juice, Adrenal Recovery, and Mane Magic, with Peace Juice spray on hand. It’s easy to drink in water and can be morning or night because it doesn’t keep you up. Feeling so much better.


This stuff works. I was experiencing sluggishness, bloating, and digestive issues. These things were alleviated 90% when I incorporated Liver Juice and Digestive Juice into my rotation. These two worked so well together for my issues. Highly recommend. Give your liver some extra support.


I love liver juice!! It tastes so good! Since starting it, my face skin has never felt more clear and soft. I also noticed that I developed tiny bumps (like a small rash) on my rib cage and forearms for about a week. It has since gone away. Last thing I noticed was I had no pain during my last period. 🙂 Very happy.


Amazing! Helps with bloating and regularity and helped with balancing hormones


I LOVE the taste of liver juice! I feel like I want to take it all the time lol but I have seen an improvement in my skin, and I actually passed a few parasites (TMI) which Is crazy! I am definitely going to order more. Thank you so much Olivia for everything that you do, so appreciated ❤️❤️❤️

Brenda Goff

I’m so happy that I purchased this product. I don’t normally write reviews, but I have been following Olivia for a few years now and am amazed with the quality of the products. Along with other suggestions for supplements that Olivia has made, I decided to add in Liver Juice into my routine after deciding to go off birth control. I have struggled with hormonal acne for a long time and decided to follow a tight routine to balance my gut and skin as recommended by Olivia. I must say liver juice worked really well so far; while I was on vacation it truly helped keep me clear of any major breakouts. I highly recommend this product!


Amazing product!!!!! Thank you so much


Hi! Can liver juice be taken at the same time as other herbs/supplements or does it need to be taken separately (a few hours apart from other supplements). Thank you!


I’ve tried many things for my constipation and acne and this is the only thing that has helped my digestion! Although, i still have acne, i don’t get huge cystic ones anymore on my chin area even if i have a little bit of dairy ( i still try to limit my dairy intake) ! I will definitely bring this with me when I travel for travel constipation and in case i indulge in more fatty food/ sugary foods!

Natalya Anpilogov

I have been taking liver juice for about 10 days while I was doing a 5 day detox, I felt like it helped a lot while detoxing by eliminating toxins better. My period is usually pretty regular, but this time after the LJ, it was a few days late… I would like to think it is because of hormones change…I started taking it now again and see what happens next….


I can’t thank you enough for this FRICKIN’ MAGIC! Products like this are EXACTLY why I put my trust in herbalists and mother Earth medicine. I have had crippling periods ever since the start and mood swings pretty low. I was giving up dairy during my period and eating spinach for breakfast every morning to help. Taking Olivia’s Liver Juice throughout the month prepped my body for my period but still was in pain. No extreme cramps, change in blood color to a healthy, vibrant red, smoother flow, not dizzy, not in pain that makes me cry. THANK YOU! I went to HerbFest in Providence and recommended Organic Olivia to every class I went to. The best. 100% would recommend.

Jennifer Rodriguez

The liver juice has helped me in so many different ways, I’m very please with the results and have recommended the formula to all me friends. Thank you.


Liver Juice is now a staple in my daily routine! I started taking liver juice and the probiotic at the same time and they both have done wonders for my skin. I’ve struggled with acne for years and despite having a very good diet, I would still break out occasionally (especially when being less strict with my diet). I’ve been taking liver juice for a month and haven’t had one breakout! That’s never happened to me my entire life. I’ve even fallen off the wagon with my diet with it being summertime, but this tincture has allowed me to do that. I have so much more peace of mind knowing that if I eat some dairy/gluten/sugar etc., I won’t get a breakout. I used to get so stressed out when it came to eating (especially in social situations where food choices aren’t ideal), but now I don’t worry about it. Thank you so much for your amazing products Olivia! It has totally changed my self confidence.


I’ve been taking Liver Juice (along with Flow Balance) for about 10 days now, and am very pleased that, in the last week, my face has had minimal breakouts!! This is after MONTHS of continuous cystic breakouts on my face (chin/jaw area), despite getting acupuncture and taking occasional TCM herbs to assist with liver stagnation. Another benefit I’ve noticed, thus far, is a more regulated digestive system. I don’t know how to describe it other than I am more in tune with when I feel hungry/full, and overall feel like I’m more able to digest a wide variety of foods. Gas/bloating have reduced as a result. Lastly, this might sound crazy, but since taking LJ I’ve been able to process/detox some long-held emotions as well. I am not sure if my mind is more clear from the detox process, but I’m feeling more certain and clear on making decisions, ones that have been difficult to make and have resulted in a whole lot of stagnant mental energy. Excited to continue taking this and feeling lighter/better overall!


I am taking this and Main Magic and I definitely have clearer skin and less bloating. So far I am a fan!!

Maira E

This product is amazing! I purchased liver juice a couple of months ago. I don’t even take it as recommended (I’m totally not bragging about this btw, just trying to emphasize how despite how forgetful I am IT STILL WORKS) and I see a huge difference / improvement! Originally I told myself I would take it as directed, I tried to and I noticed my skin breaking out under my chin/ neck which is HORMONAL. After that my skin was doing soooo good. My periods improved so much! Fast fwd a couple of months and I neglected my little bottle (DUMMY I KNOW) and I told myself I would start again because I noticed my skin was just off. So I began taking it daily and once again a lot of breakouts on my chin/neck and when I got my period I was so surprised! No PMS at all lol. Man Olivia’s products are honestly amazing. Highly highly recommend this!!! Can’t wait to try more products!!! TY Olivia for making such amazing/affordable products! Xx


I am loving this liver juice! Hasn’t been a month yet but I can already feel a huge difference. Along with eating a whole lot better & taking this, my mood has completely changed. I’m not super irritated or stressed as much, I’ve been able to go regularly, I haven’t broken out with cystic acne since and I just feel more alive! Definitely getting some more when I run out!


I started taking Liver Juice but only when I remember to (mom brain lol) and I’m also using a heavy metal detox. It wasn’t until I started using Liver Juice that I noticed anything. I’m breastfeeding my 2 month old and this morning when I changed her diaper I saw a handful of parasites! I was shocked but not surprised because I know Olivia’s products work. I don’t really check my stools but I know if it’s working for my baby it’s definitely working for me!

Jacqueline Meikle

I love the Alergy defense tonic, Immune shroom,Adrenal Recovery, Digestive Juice, Brain Juice, and Elderberry Syrup. They all have great benefits. I have definitely seen improvements in my body. I can feel the difference. I’m feel more energized and focused, my heart burn has subsided as well. And I find myself becoming less sick. Wonderful Products! Thanks Olivia!👍🏼


I LOVE this liver juice tincture. I started taking it over a month ago and I have felt and seen a difference. I have seen fewer breakouts, more glowing skin, and I feel better all around. I have more energy and feel less sluggish and heavy. Plus, it actually has a good flavor and I sometimes just drink it in water. This is now a staple in my pantry!!


Buying my 4th round of Liver Juice! I love this stuff for multiple reasons. My skin is more clear, my hormones in check, taking it before meals (per Olivia’s request) is great for digestion and proper BM, and is a nice preventative and recovery tonic for a night of drinking.


I wasn’t sure what to expect with Liver Juice. But after taking it for a week, I got my period. I have endometriosis and usually take pain medication when I’m on my period. In high school, I always missed school for a day or two every month. When I worked out of the house, I’d take a sick day every single month because the pain was so bad. So, my period came last month without any signs, no sore boobs, I didn’t feel grumpy. I didn’t take any pain medicine!!! WHAT?!?! I still can’t believe it! I also take Mood Juice daily. I love your products so much! It amazes me how well they work! I want to hug you, Olivia!! Thank you SOOO much!!


I had high hopes for this juice. I’ve struggled with acne since my daughter’s birth. That’s almost 10 years now. Most likely a hormone issue. Nobody has been able to give a an answer. I’ve also struggled with trying to find the solution. I’ve tried many different things. Most treatments are temporary fixes. The birth control and vitex supplement I take has really helped. I still suffer with cystic acne that pops up in random spots on my face. After seeing all the reviews and noticing that a lot of the women had similar situations I was sure this would work. Unfortunately it has not worked it’s magic on me. It’s been a month now. I take it twice daily with the probiotic. I’ve yet to see any change. I gave it three stars, as I am still hopeful. I bought two bottles (that’s how convinced I was). I will return with an update when I finish the second bottle.

Lara Khosrovian

This + the Not Your Average Probiotic has saved me! I’ve been contemplating accutane for several years now (harsh acne medication) but I was determined to tackle my acne in a different way. I’m also taking L-lysine, another one of Olivia’s recommendations, and this combo has helped incredibly. My skin is almost entirely clear besides the occasional few and small pimples that do come up. But I am so happy, I’ll be recommending this product to everyone and anyone! Thank you Olivia!

Yaneli Benitez Mata

I have been taking this for about a month too, and I feel like it has helped me with my hormone imbalance as well as feeling less sluggish. I’ve been going through a lot of health issues these past half year and so I decided to try these to help improve the health of my liver since I know that is of paramount importance. I just love all your tinctures, they truly get to the root of the problem. I can’t thank you enough <3.


Loving Liver Juice! Seeing improvements in my acne. I purchase 2 at a time so to never run out!


I love this tincture so much. It’s definitely such a help with my skin; when I’m worried about having eaten something that was too sugary or processed, it just generally not what I would eat in 80% of my diet, liver juice supports my system and I find I get less pimples and my body feels more supported in general. Thank you so much!!


I bought liver juice to see if it would help the psoriasis on my legs as my naturopathic doctor told me psoriasis is caused by the liver. What had started as a small patch was now covering both legs from the knee down and only getting worse. After one bottle, my psoriasis was totally gone, and the mild acne around my chin and jaw has improved as well. Highly recommend for anyone with skin conditions and to help hormones! I will continue to order multiple bottles at a time to make sure I’m never without it!


Has helped me open up my liver detox pathway as I recover from mold exposure. Very helpful. Will definitely purchase again.


Liver juice is the only tincture that I buy three at a time every time I restock on Olivia’s products. It’s that good and beneficial!!! During the parasite cleanse it helped me not feel the symptoms too harshly and it has reallllly helped me with acne!!! I take it everyday 3 times a day. Love it!


I was on Spironolactone for over 2 years for severe cystic hormonal acne. If I missed more than 1 dose, my skin would suffer for the following week. I didn’t want to go to the gym anymore because I didn’t want to work out with makeup on but I also didn’t want to take my makeup off. I began the liver juice and when I missed a dose of my medication….my skin didn’t break out. So then I began taking my medication every other day…and eventually one day I just stopped, very organically, and my skin remained clear. (I was also juicing a couple times a week and cleaning up my diet to cut gluten and dairy) but the results were incredible. I’ve now been off of my prescription for over a month and my skin is smooth and glowing. I ran out of the liver juice and tried a different brand of liver detox tincture and started to see a couple new breakouts again. I just ordered 4 more bottles of Organic Olivia’s liver tincture to avoid running out again! I would recommend this to anyone struggling with acne. Love love love this product.


I used the Liver Juice prior to and during the Parapro Cleanse, and I had no issues with either. I believe the Liver Juice aided in lessening to eliminating the herxing effects from the parasite cleanse. These products, in addition to Olivia’s Probiotic, have been life changing for helping to detox my liver from exposure to environmental toxins last year. In addition, my severe eczema that surfaced a year ago has almost completely healed. I am so, so grateful for Olivia and her products! She is a pioneer in the holistic industry!


Seriously, if you are having acne problems buy this. I have spent so much money trying to clear my face the last year. I started on liver juice+ Olivia’s probiotic (which I only take a few times a week) a month and a half ago and I have no new pimples. NOT ONE. I have scarring which gets better every single day. And I’ve been trying to incorporate more celery juice in the morning. That’s honestly it, super simple. I have sent this to every single person I know with acne. Clear skin has changed my mood, it’s everything. Olivia, thank you! I’m so appreciative.

Shani J

AMAZING PRODUCT. I have never felt better and my skin looks amazing. Thank you for making such a great product and I will definitely continue to purchase!


I discovered Olivias instgram not too long ago and have since begin trying a multitude of her products.. liver juice has to be my absolute favorite so far! Since I was a kid I’ve dealt with chronic illness and a lot of hormonal issues which in turn caused other issues.. I really feel like this helps flush toxins out of my body.. my skin is more clear and is less effected by stress, my bowel movements seem more regular and my urine is less concentrated (I’m bad at drinking lots of water), and I overall just feel more balanced and less bloated.. totally reordering 2 more bottles when it’s restocked 💕

Kevini Scolari

IN LOVE! I haven’t been taking it for long, but I keep it in my purse and put a dropper full in my water throughout the day. It truly helps me drink more water. It’s flavorless too! I cannot wait to see what continued improvement it brings!


I’ve been taking Liver Juice for almost three weeks and I really do believe it to be helping clear my skin. I will say that within those three weeks, I’ve also given up caffeine and kept my diet in check by eating mostly plant-based foods and very little grains/sugar. In my experience battling acne, it takes effort in all areas of my life to really see a difference- eating right, sleeping well, exercise, and daily meditation are all channels for keeping my skin clear. So it’s hard to say that just Liver Juice alone is to thank for the changes I’ve seen, but my intuition tells me that it’s doing good things for my body and getting my hormones back on track. I usually take it twice a day with hot tea. I also really like this tincture because it’s alcohol free. I’m almost out of my first bottle and I will definitely be ordering a second once it’s back in stock. Thank you, Olivia, for your dedication to helping people regain their wellness!


i love all of the tinctures so much but this has helped me with PMS, mixed with mood juice it changes my negative moods completely. ready for a restock!!!

Lauren Murphy

I cannot wait for this to be back in stock. My Liver has always needed a little extra support and my go to has always been Olivia. A few years ago I had elevated Liver Enzymes. I went to GI specialists and did a bunch of tests, none of which had a conclusive answer so I took it upon myself to do her Parasite cleanse and my levels went down! When I saw Olivia start making Tinctures I jumped right on board! I am soo grateful for her products and the continuous natural support I can provide my liver using Olivia’s Liver Juice. Love love love Joined the WaitList!


I’ve used up two bottles of liver juice already. I typically take it in the morning with warm water. This has changed my life with cystic acne and pimples. I have tried so many things and nothing work like the liver juice. The redness on my chin too has reduced drastically.


I recently got off of my birth control pills to remove all synthetic ingredients from my lifestyle. I started taking Liver Juice at the same time. It has been a miracle juice, to say the least. I usually suffer from painful cramps and acne when not taking bcp. It seems Liver juice has helped regulate my hormones where I didn’t break out once since being off the pill. My cramps were non existent, which is weird, because even on the pill I would get a slight cramp here and there. Thank goodness for Liver Juice because this process probably would have been alot harder for me to stick with if these symptoms hadn’t subsided.


I honestly feel like liver juice has made a huge difference for my cystic acne than any other product I’ve tried. I noticed that I also am able to use the bathroom better. I can’t wait for more to be in stock. Thank you Olivia ! You’re awesome

Yesenia Alcantar

I wish I can writes in details on how this liver and Brian juice has changed my life soo much! It’s like magic. Thank you Organic Olivia!


Really loving the Liver juice. I’ve noticed my bloating has decreased and I don’t have that “heavy” feeling. Will definitely continue taking this!


I love Liver Juice! I feel like my skin is clearer and more glowing, and I love knowing I’m doing something natural to support my liver. I have a bunch of Olivia’s tinctures and they’re all amazing, but Liver Juice and Mood Juice are the ones I take every single day!


LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I started taking liver juice 1 month before quitting the birth control pill. I was so scared to get off the pill because of my hormonal acne, but Organic Olivia has given me the courage to finally quit the pill and I honestly feel great! It’s been 4 months now and my skin hasn’t broken out. I get the occasional pimples during my period but nothing crazy. I take the liver juice with a glass of water and mix it with some Apple Cider Vinegar every morning, along with her probiotics. I also noticed I don’t get bad cramps on my period anymore. Not sure if it’s the liver juice or just quitting the pill…But I believe in the magic of these products! You won’t regret buying!


I am just finishing my first bottle and already ordered two more. This (along with the other supplements I take and her ParaPro formula and digestive juice and Mood Juice) as revolutionized my life. I don’t want to speak TOO soon as I’m hoping to get through a full month with clear skin, but I got through ovulation for the FIRST TIME WITH NO HORMONAL ACNE CYSTS. I have been struggling with hormonal acne for literally 16 years and after trying everything, this is what has helped me. It even helped me get through a long trip to Vietnam where I ate totally different foods, wasn’t exercising except for walking, etc etc and I was very nervous about my skin and hormones. But thanks to Liver Juice, I think I am saved. I’m obsessed and want to cry with joy every time I think about it.


I’m on my second bottle of liver juice. I need this in my life forever! It helped out my skin and digestive problems(also take Not your average Probiotic)

Barbara Ruiz

I need a lifetime supply of this!!! Seriously!!! I love it. It helped me clear my skin from acne after I quit the bc pill. I feel so much better now. I can’t live without it. The only downside is that I ran out of it within a month, and as I’m writing this review it’s out of stock 🙁 whyyyyyyyy????! I can’t wait to have it in my life again.

Danielle H.

Liver juice quickly became my favorite juice out of them all. It tastes great but has also effected my health in so many positive ways! For starters, as many other reviewers say, my skin has done a complete 180. After I had my son, my skin went crazy (I attribute this to hormones). I’ve never struggled much with acne growing up so this was really out of left field for me. I had pimples all over my forehead, temples, and chin. My skin is 99% clear now except for the occasional monthly friend that pops up. Secondly, each month my period has come one day earlier than the next. It’s like my body is correcting its cycle. My period lasts a day or two longer now (which is good because my period was sometimes only 2 or 3 days long). Sorry if this is TMI but the blood looks a lot more vibrant than it has in years. I feel like I’m actually getting rid of old, stagnant blood now and it’s a really great feeling tbh. I also don’t experience PMS as badly as I used to. I still do a little bit but I’ve been a lot less angry and depressed. I used to start experiencing PMS 2 weeks before my cycle. Now it’s the day before and day of. I imagine this will just keep getting better and better. Lastly, I feel like I’m retaining a lot less water because of liver juice. I feel way less bloated every day and have lost a few pounds without changing my habits much. It’s almost as if my metabolism has sped up a bit… I’m not exactly sure but I love this stuff and will continue to use it.

Alyssa Deiss

I absolutely love this product! I stopped taking the birth control pill after being on it for 14 years. I was TERRIFIED of how my body would react to it. I bought the liver juice to support my body and liver through this transition. A little over a month later and I feel great!! My face didn’t break out during that time of the month and my body feels normal! I use it every morning with warm water and lemon (very mild taste). And I showed it to my acupuncturist and she approved! If you’re thinking of getting the liver juice, do it! You will not regret it.

Anthony Castillo

This is my favorite juice! I drink this mostly the next day after I had a couple of wines the night before and I don’t feel sluggish or get headaches like I normally do after I drink. Thanks Olivia!

Anthony Castillo

This is my favorite juice! I drink this mostly the next day after I had a couple of wines the night before and I don’t feel sluggish or get headaches like I normally do after I drink. Thanks Olivia !


Great product! It has helped me balance my hormones.

Jason Keller

I love it. Since losing my Mother last year and she being only 73 I have been really paying attention to my health. After decades of socially drinking and just eating whatever I have done a total 180 on health. I add this Liver Juice to a tea I drink in the morning now and the results seem pretty good. I suppose like some folks when you hear Liver, you might balk and say No. However, the taste is not bad. I mix it and do not notice it at all in my tea. While a bunch of lifestyle changes are goin on with me I am glad I stumbled upon Olivia and her products. Stick with what works is what I tell my kids and this works!

Liz Burdge

Great product! Will definitely purchase again. It has helped me balance my hormones as well as make my bowels more regular. Super excited to have found a plant based formula that works.

Mallory Elizabeth Oswald

This product makes me feel great. After having kids and going through the hormonal change, I noticed i was sluggish and stored more fat on my body. This magical juice has made me feel like the energetic person I once was. Also, i noticed my metabolism speeding up which is AMAZING! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


I had been dealing with hormonal imbalance during the second half of 2018, after a pretty stressful summer that made me lose my period for ~3 months. I was feeling sluggish and low energy constantly. My metabolism had slowed down and I had gained weight especially around my thighs/hip area (typical signs of an estrogen imbalance). I started using this about a month ago and it has definitely sped up the process of recovery/rebalance. My skin is clearing, I’ve lost weight and can feel my metabolism speeding up again since I have way more consistent energy levels and appetite. Thank you for this product!!


I LOVE liver juice!! After the first week and a half of using it I went and ordered another bottle so I wouldn’t have to go without once I ran out of the first. It’s helped clear my skin so much! I deal with PCOS and IBS and got off of hormonal birth control a few months back. My skin was so out of whack and it didn’t make what phase of my cycle I was in, I constantly had new acne popping up. I also use very clean, high quality skin care products so I knew it was not that. After about a week of using liver juice I really noticed my skin clearing up, and even now through different phases of my cycle it’s still looking amazing. Convinced it’s because of this. Love Olivia and all of her products I have tried so far!


I love liver juice! I can definitely attest to the feeling of more balanced hormones even after not even a month of taking this! These are great products and it is a blessing to have found them!


I was having irregular mentrual cycles and i knew my hormones were out of whack possibly because of stress from work. So I started taking this juice regularly 2x a day. I noticed that it started to help with my regular constipation as i became more regular and it put my menstrual cycle back on track. Once i finished i restocked on this bad boy. I dont foresee myself ever stopping this product 🙂


I wanted to wait about a full month or more to write my review on this AMAZING product. I already have fairly clewr skin and am fortunate to not suffer from acne besides the occasional pimple here and there. However , this has made my skin even more insanely clear than it already has been. When it came to be that time of the month when I do get a couple pimples , we’ll having this have me ZERO pimples this time around. I also notice by the evening I am not as bloated as I sometimes am during the day. I notice I have more energy as well as it’s helping move some toxins out of my liver to give me more energy. This def has become a staple in my daily routine.

alexandra cole

This product is AMAZING. I have suffered extreme scalp psoriasis for years and was in a very dark place because of it. I have desperately searched for answers outside of Western meds (steriods, etc) but nothing ever worked. I was at the point of nearly giving in when I found information on the connection between Liver health and scalp psoriasis. When I found out about Olivia’s Liver Juice, my intuition told me that I needed to try it. Literally, within 1 week of taking it twice a day my scalp began to clear dramatically. I wasn’t itchy anymore and the flaking had greatly decreased. Within 2 weeks my scalp psoriasis was almost completely gone. Now, after more than a month, I do not have any sign of psoriasis AT ALL. I have not felt my scalp without bumps and itchiness in YEARS. To say I am so grateful for this product is an understatement. Thank you, Olivia!!


This almost completely cleared my skin, but seriously helped so so so so much. When I did the parapro formals again combined with this, again my skin was almost but EVEN MORE completely clear. Then I started drinking green tea every day and my skin is COMPLETELY clear, and I haven’t had that consistently since I was 12. I take this stuff before bed after a meal with a lot of oil because I know it’ll help my liver break down those fats, but I normally take it in the morning.


If you have any doubts about liver juice, don’t! It is legit. I take liver juice mixed with mood juice everyday. If you add it to just hot water, it tastes like an herbal tea. Normally the week before my period, I cry uncontrollably, I hate myself, and I break out in cystic acne. While taking liver and mood juice, my skin is clear, my insides feel good, and I am as happy as I can be! When I told my boyfriend I start my period next week he couldn’t believe it because normally i’m a wreck! haha But now I am just myself 🙂 what a relief. Thank you Olivia!


I LOVE my Liver Juice! Since starting this product I notice my acne has calmed done so much around my jaw line and my black heads I’ve always had around my nose are significantly reduced. My BM’s have increased & that’s amazing because I’ve had stomach issues for years. I definitely feel like my liver needed this!

Tahirah Muhammad

I love this tincture. I have seen a huge difference with my digestion, mood and energy since I have started taking it and I also take Brain juice and mood juice along side and it has been the best deicion and investment I have made for my health. I have recommended my friends to follow organicolivia on insta to see all the knowledge she shares with her followers and how great her tinctures are. I can’t wait for the next set of products and to buy more of liver juice before I run out of it. My acne has disappeared and I will be making sure my friends buy this as they suffer with acne. Am super happy to have a product like this on the market!!!


Hello, i’m french so please excuse my mistakes. So, since i was a teenager i was suffering of acne, big spots under the skin… My doctors gave me hormonal treatments for few years and after that decided to give me the hormonal birthcontrol pills. That got rif of my acne for like 2 or 3 years but i had a lot of secondary effects,i was sick in the morning or during the night in the first week of ingesting the pill, i was always tired, changing mood, sometimes feeling sad, and no libido (like i’m sure my grandma had more than me!!). I tried 3 different pills all supposed to get rid of the acne.Some of them did, some of them gave me even more spots. When it occured to me that all my symptoms where maybe because of the pills, i talked to the doctor, he said that it wasnt because of the pill. I then decided to stop the pill and got the IUD. After thats it was like my hormones gone crazy. And my acne was very bad. I tried a lot of things, changing my food, no more sugar no more milk, going to the accupuncture… But nothing. I was about to start the roaccutane treatment but i was scared of it’s impact on the body. While i was searching for reviews about it i found Olivia’s videos on youtube. So i decided it would be my last shot and 3 months ago i started the parapro formula. I had good results on my skin and on my sleep but after a while without it i had a big break on my face. I tried the liver juice (starting during christmas) and my skin is now so so much better!!! it’s just the beginning so i’m gona get going and i’m gonna do the second round of the parapro formula. Olivia’s formulas changed a lot of things for me. A big thank you to Olivia and all the team!! Best. Camille


I am 24 and have been suffering from hormonal acne for the past couple of years. After not really having bad acne as a teen this was very frustrating. I was spending a lot of money trying different skin care brands looking for something that would help. I also would try to cut out dairy and would last about a week or two barely noticing a difference. At the beginning of December, I started taking Not Your Average Probiotic and one dropper of the Liver Juice every day. I am about one month into this routine and my skin is almost completely clear. I haven’t seen it look this clear in years. I am so thankful for these products and I can’t wait for Liver Juice to come back in stock!


As with everything, I LOVE THIS. It is my favorite tincture. I actually love the taste and also that it is yellow because you can see that the turmeric is really potent inside! My acne has gotten better since taking it (amongst other things that I do so it’s hard to say if this is what is helping). I also give this to my dad who has sarcoidosis and is overweight and has a pretty toxic body! He likes the taste also so that’s a plus. I really feel like this juice helps my liver so as always I’m a total fan! Highly recommend it to anyone, also highly recommend sharing it with your parents!! Haha


Hello! has it any effect on the use of birth control pill?


So I had to leave a review because this has truly been the only product that has helped me and gotten rid of my acne completely. I got severe acne after getting of the pill and it never went away. Even though I went to the doctors for help and got my hormones checked they always told me they were fine but I knew I had a hormonal imbalance due to my acne and using the pill. FINALLY I can say I am completely clear and my skin is back to how it used to be before I initially broke out and obviously I still avoid foods like dairy, sugar ect. Thank you Olivia for your product I am forever grateful!


Olivia, I am so grateful to be alive at the same time as you are. You have such wonderful gifts that you have brought forth into this reality, and I am so thankful that I am able to receive your creations, one such as the Liver Juice, because it has made such a positive difference in my life. Thank you so much for all of the effort, love, dedication, and passion that you put into your business. You have helped me and so many others!

Alison Bankston

This is probably the first time I am SEEING the beneficial results a product claims to provide on its selling page. I struggled with acne and hormonal issues since high school and I am now in my mid-twenties… let’s just say it’s about time those are no longer issues for me!!! I do occasionally enjoy a drink every now and then and over the years my body has changed its’ tolerance for how much it takes to get a hangover. I take this before and after a few drinks and I’ve really never felt better after drinking. While I’m sure this is not Olivia’s way of condoning drinking alcohol heavily, this is a great way to counter the effects of overdoing it and getting carried away. Thank you, Olivia! I am enjoying the fruits of your labor immensely.


Thank you Olivia for crafting this incredible product! I can’t wait for it to come back in stock, it has helped me tremendously in so many ways! THANK YOU!!

Jasamyne J

I combine liver juice with Dr. Jess’s hormone master and they have changed everything! Not only do I have more energy, I am more regular, my hormonal acne is gone, PMS is at an all time low, and my PCOS seems controlled. I can actually tolerate the taste without mixing it so usually I squirt one dropper full under my tongue and wash it down with some water. Big shout out to Olivia for keeping me off the rx drugs and making functional medicine possible ❤️


Liver Juice has been magic for me. I was having issues with acne and hormonal imbalances. After taking liver juice consistently for a couple weeks + staying hydrated, my acne cleared up. I am so excited to try all the other tinctures. Olivia, you are amazing for dedicating your time and knowledge to improve people’s health and quality of life. I will continue to use this and spread the word. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


So I am sadly at the bottom of my first bottle of liver juice, and I thought this would be a perfect time to share my experience using this product. I have suffered with cystic acne since I was in my young teens. The past three years have been the worse because I would have a new cyst on my chin atleast once a week. I tried everything. The dermatologist put me on antibiotics, on a high blood pressure medication ( it has been found to help with acne?) , and tons of topical medication. None of these helped and I felt so hopeless. I started researching why am I constantly breaking out on my chin area. I tried changing my diet, changing my makeup, etc, and nothing. I received my liver juice last month & since I have started using it, have not had a new cystic friend. The ones I did have, are now flat. I have not seen my skin looks this great for this amount of time, since I don’t know when! If you suffer with hormonal acne, I 100% recommend. I am lowkey freaking out though, because I have a days worth left and the Liver Juice is out of stock until 1/26/18. Lesson learned: stock up on TWO bottles at a time.


As someone who has had digestions issue for so long and looking for relief this juice and the digestive juice are a God Send … i could tell a differnce within the day of taking these Amazing juices. I have been a proud supporter of organic olivia for years now and have had no regrets in any of her products.

Sabrina B

Like many on here, I have been following Olivia since her juice detox days and since then I’ve been questioning everything around me. This woman is amazing and is like superwoman, it’s incredible how she turned this dream of hers into a business and could help people more! Olivia’s tinctures have been great to me and I highly recommend each. Gift them or buy them for yourselves! I’m one not to take medication for ANYTHING and Peace juice has helped the anxiety I’ve gone through for years without medication although it takes more than 6 sprays for me. Mood juice when i go through those low days especially seasonal depression. Not to mention digestive and brain juice helping me with my IBS/sensitive stomach issues and the anxiousness that travels to my stomach area. Brain juice has been a godsend in terms of putting my mind in focus for studying and while at work, I don’t feel as brain fogged. Lastly, finally getting to liver juice, THIS STUFF WORKS. I have PCOS and I took it a week before I am due for my lady friend as she visits me irregularly and this time she came early and I noticed how detoxifying it was as let’s just say it was more than usual and I feel good and i can only imagine taking it for a longer period of time how it could help more. Olivia, I will forever be grateful for the time and effort you put into creating these miracle tinctures. Can’t wait for everything to be back in stock (currently trying to make everything last) and the new herbal products to come!


I love all of Olivia’s line but Liver Juice is definitely in my top 3. I, like most people, lead a busy lifestyle and tend to feel run-down a lot. I went through a 6 month period where I felt completely “off”. Poor sleep, inability to muster the strength to get up in the morning and overall poor mood. I felt like a shell of myself. When I consulted my doctor all she could say was, “Maybe you’re depressed.” and offered to write a prescription for anti-depressants. Since I’ve started taking Liver Juice and other products in Olivia’s line, my body feels more nourished overall and responds better to everyday stressors. I combine it with Brain Juice, Immune Shroom and a probiotic during the day and again at night with Sleep Juice. The difference has been night and day. It is extremely refreshing to find products that nourish the body and that are not prescription drugs meant to cover symptoms. I truly believe that these products actually heal you. I will continue to be a lifelong customer of Olivia’s products.

Cassidi Carrillo

I have been following Organic Olivia for about 4 years now and I am truly in awe of everything this woman speaks about, teaches us about and creates! I probably ask myself WWOD (What Would Olivia Do?) atleast 4 times a day lol from changing what I eat to an all out lifestyle change, she has inspired me in so many ways. Speaking directly about the liver juice tincture this stuff is amazing. I am by no means an expert, a chemist or an herbalist but things have changed since I started using this tincture. I took it to my Naturopath and in creating a game plan for my health she said without a doubt to take this 2 times daily. What would we do without Olivia helping us all improve our lives and to just live more aware. She is a breath of fresh air and I will never stop singing her praises! PS Currently crying in the corner because Liver Juice is out of stock until the end of January and I only have 1.5 bottles left.

Jillian Hood

I recently starting following Olivia and have been learning so much from her. I’m a passionate dog mom who has always taken a holistic approach to my dogs lifestyle and finally decided i needed to take a look at my own lifestyle and make some changes. I first tried Liver Juice. The taste really complimented my favorite tea and i saw a difference in my skin with some other changes like make-up and my skin care routine. I am on my second purchase and plan to keep using it! Thanks Olivia!!

Devin Neff

I have had PCOS for about 7 years now. I am telling you…this stuff is amazing! My cystic acne (really just pimples as there are very few) is completely cleared up. And some of them I have had for a year! This juice will make you feel so much better; even after the first couple of days. My digestion is even better and my cravings aren’t so nuts. It even tastes kinda good–vegetable glycerin instead of alcohol- and it doesn’t affect any taste of juices or teas I have it in. I can’t wait until this stuff is back in stock!

Carly Anna

This has been a serious game changer in my digestive and hormone health. All of Olivia’s supplements have truly changed my life over the past few months since I discovered them.


A couple of weeks into using this every day I noticed my skin began to clear, especially around the chin area. I’ve liked it so far and am almost out so will definitely be ordering a new one because I’m sure there are even better long term results. It tastes really good too so taking it every morning is effortless. I’m also really looking forward to the upcoming hair formula!

Laura Hincapie

A couple of weeks into using this every day I noticed my skin began to clear, especially around the chin area. I’ve liked it so far and am almost out so will definitely be ordering a new one because I’m sure there are even better long term results. It tastes really good too so taking it every morning is effortless. I’m also really looking forward to the upcoming hair formula!


I bought this about 3 weeks ago and the biggest difference I noticed was that I did not get severely horrible menstrual cramps on the first day of my period. Usually, It would be so bad I would be stuck in the bathroom, nauseous and doubled over in pain for 1-2 days. I got minor cramps for one day and then the rest of my cycle was fine. Great formula Olivia : )


I just love all of Olivia’s products and what she stands for. I love the herbals and that they are safe and effective with no negative side effects. The liver juice is great, has helped my mood and libido tons! Absolutely love her probiotics also… they’re the best! I appreciate you and what you’re doing. Thank you so much!!


tastes good and I feel like it’s really been cleansing me out without any bad detox symptoms which I typically get when doing anything that’s cleansing!


Hi Olivia!! I purchased the liver juice last week because this year I decided to stop taking the hormonal birth control pill which brought back horrible cystic chin acne. I’ve been off of BC for 9 months now and I still battle with that lovely chin acne before my period (and little ones throughout the month) I started taking this last Wednesday and it’s cleared up my hormonal chin acne completely!!! (Even this past weekend I went out drinking – which I knew would not help my acne – but because of this amazing lil medicine I didn’t break out) This was the little boost I needed to address my hormonal acne – thank you so much for your loving and healing tinctures! 🧚🏽‍♀️


I’ve battled fairly severe postpartum acne since having my first baby. I’ve never had flawless skin, but in the past acne has stayed in my t-zone. After having my daughter I literally started getting acne all over my face, t-zone, cheeks (so bad), jaw, blackheads on my nose. I started taking Organic Olivia’s Liver Juice when she released her tinctures and OH MY GOODNESS! I have waayyyy less active breakouts, I’ve had 0 between my eyebrows since taking the tincture, mostly what I have left is a lot of healing and a lottttt is pigmentation (thanks, hormones). Listen, my skin is still not flawless but this is real life people, and my skin is healing! Forever grateful to Olivia for her products. She has so much integrity and actually cares, so much, about the product she’s putting out for the consumer!


First, I’d like to start with the unpopular opinion of “this is a hangover holy grail product.” It’s true. I pregame with this… and take another dose before bed and it. works. Highly recommend for this alone! On another note, I have an MTHFR gene mutation meaning I do not detox properly in multiple ways. I have added Liver Juice into my rotation to help get things moving for me! I’ve found that it’s helped with many of my detox symptoms, and I’m very thankful for it. I am literally never without Olivia’s tinctures!


Absolutely LOVE liver juice. I’m in my mid twenties and started experiencing cystic acne. I had convinced myself that it was due to a switch in birth control but after a few months I knew it couldn’t be just that alone. While I was taking the Parasite cleanse Olivia announced the launch of her tincture line and when reading up on the Liver juice especially, I was experiencing a lot of symptoms that this claimed to aid. Since adding this into my daily routine my acne has cleared up AMAZINGLY and I haven’t seen my face this clear in years. Taking this also helped with my daily fatigue and dark under eye circles. I highly recommend to anyone looking to age well internally and keeping their body strong long term.


I can not describe in words how quick this liver juice changed my life!!! I have noticed a huge change in my mood,, by weight, and my attitude! I seriously believe this is a miracle juice 🙌🏻 Olivia, I think you should change the name to that 😂 All jokes aside though, I highly highly recommend you include this in your daily routine! I feel so much better now and it literally took couple days to see the difference. Thank you Olivia for creating an AMAZING “miracle” juice! It’s amaxing. Thank you 🙏🏻


I purchased liver juice to help with my acne, and this has helped significantly with painful cysts. I used to wake up with a new cystic pimple nearly every day. Around week 3 of taking 2 full droppers in water before bed, I noticed I was no longer getting new cysts! I’m not sure that it helped with current acne, but it definitely prevented new cysts from forming under the skin. BONUS: this helps TREMENDOUSLY if you’ve had a few too many drinks. Drink it with plenty of water before bed and then again upon rising. No hangover! Also worth noting that it tastes really pleasant. Thank you Olivia for making a product that straight up WORKS!

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