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Keep It Moving
Keep It Moving
Keep It Moving
Keep It Moving
Keep It Moving
Keep It Moving
Keep It Moving
Keep It Moving


Health Benefits
  • A gentle formula that encourages healthy bowel movements
  • Helps restore tone to weakened or sluggish bowels
  • Supports optimal digestion, assimilation, and elimination
  • Non-cramping and non-habit forming
  • Supports healthy elimination
  • Aids digestive fire
  • Assists detoxification
  • Great for traveling
Keep It Moving

While most of our product line is now geared towards making everyday life smoother and easier, we wanted to get back to our roots and create a companion product for the formula that started it all: our ParaPro Formula parasite cleanse.

Herbs not only increase our quality of life, but can truly help get to the root of any underlying dysfunction we’re experiencing, especially when it comes to gut health and digestion/elimination. We listened to your suggestions and came up with “Keep It Moving,” a formula that encourages healthy bowel movements and helps restore tone to weakened or sluggish bowels.

You can either use this formula with the ParaPro Formula to make elimination more efficient, or incorporate it into your daily life to address, correct and prevent the systemic imbalances that can lead to constipation in the first place. It’s suitable for anyone who is prone to sluggish bowels and is a wonderful tool for restoring normalcy while traveling.

Keep It Moving is formulated to be gentle, non-cramping, non-habit forming, and safe for daily use. Most will require one capsule before bed with a full glass of water, although heavier individuals may require 2 caps.

This is not a “heroic” formula, meaning it won’t create any sort of theatrical urgency when one is backed up. Rather, it promotes gentle peristalsis but does not weaken or create habituation. Cascara Sagrada, which is the primary “mover” in this blend is offset by other herbs that address why one is constipated or sluggish in the first place. Cascara also promotes the healthy secretion of digestive enzymes in the upper GI tract which secondarily (rather than manually) prompts peristalsis.

The “balancing” herbs that offset the “moving” herbs include Triphala (which is an Ayurvedic strengthening tonic for the bowels), Yellow Dock Root (which naturally stimulates bile and aids in the absorption of fat and nutrients from food), digestive bitters Oregon Grape Root and Gentian Root (to support liver function and enzyme production), Licorice Root (to hydrate dry stools while soothing the GI tract), and Ginger Root (to increase digestive fire and promote proper transit time of food).

HOW TO USE: Take 1 capsule in the evening with a full glass of water. Some may require 2 capsules depending on weight. Safe for daily use.

Not to be used while pregnant or nursing. Always check with your doctor first if you have colitis, IBD, IBS, Crohn’s, or any other digestive disorder. Consult with your doctor if you are on any medications.

The super herbs in our blend:

  • Cascara Sagrada – A predictable bowel-moving herb that increases peristalsis and supports softer stools.

  • Yellow Dock Root – Stimulates bile production and is often used as a digestive bitter for those with poor digestion. Increasing bile output naturally supports peristalsis. Aids in the absorption of nutrients from food.

  • Triphala Fruit Complex – A combination of three fruits used in Ayurveda for thousands of years as a bowel tonic and whole body rejuvenator. This particular combination balances the system by enhancing digestion, drawing stagnant waste out of the intestines, and gently encouraging healthy and complete elimination.

  • Oregon Grape Root & Gentian Root – Bitters that stimulate the liver to produce bile and liver enzymes. They essentially support liver function and are indicated for those with constitutional deficiency patterns in the liver and digestive system.

  • Licorice Root – Helps hydrate and soften dry stools and acts as a mild laxative. Licorice is soothing to the digestive tract and is known for supporting the healing of the gut lining.

  • Ginger Root – Supports the production of digestive enzymes and speeds up the sluggish transit time of food. It essentially increases the “digestive fire.” Ginger also helps reduce gas and can help prevent and alleviate nausea.

Q: Does Keep it Moving have to be taken with ParaPro?

A: Absolutely not! We wanted to have this as an option for those who are doing ParaPro and are prone to sluggish bowels, but in no way do they have to be taken together. If you simply need some help with constipation/elimination and regulating your bowel movements, this is a great gentle formula to get things moving. You can also bring it with you while traveling to restore normalcy.

Q: Is Keep it Moving safe for pregnancy or breastfeeding?

A: Not to be used during pregnancy. Consult your doctor first if you are breastfeeding.


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I bought this for those times where I know I may need a little help in achieving a bowel movement, but this just doesn’t do it for me. I love OO’s other products, but this one could use a little refining I think.


I tried reaching out to Organic Olivia several times regarding this…This supplement contains Cascara Sagrada which is known to cause Melanosis coli…While this product worked for me and helped my constipation it caused my colon to turn black…There is a lot of research out there stating Cascara is not good to take every day, it dehydrates your colon and melanosis coli (black colon) is still being researched on whether or not it’s linked to colon cancer….I’d rather not take my chances. I stopped taking them as soon as I had my colonoscopy and was diagnosed.


Love this supplement, and how it’s safe for daily use. Great job, Olivia! This one is my favorite.


I love these!!! My whole family uses them as we are all prone to sluggish bowel movements. I know you’re supposed to go once a day or even twice a day but I was always the type to go every 3rd day. With the help of these I’m going regularly and my body thanks me and Olivia


Wow. I have been constipated my whole life due to a lot of antibiotics and family hx/hormones. As soon as I turned 13 my stomach issues were HORRIBLE I would go to the bathroom maybe 1x a week. I was afraid to eat for fear of how bad my stomach would hurt. Smooth move tea or laxatives were all that worked which was a disaster and not gentle whatsoever. Never stop making this!! Life changing. Note: I also eat paleo with a few exceptions and I did parapro before taking this formula! See parapro review.


I have to preface this review by saying that I love Organic Olivia’s Instagram for all her knowledge and research on nutrition and herbs and so this is strictly about this herbal supplement. I do not usually have any issues with constipation but always have something on hand when I don’t eat too healthy or when I travel because that is when I usually get backed up. However, the past supplements I have used which Olivia recommended back in the day before she started making her own supplements worked way better for me. I usually took two capsules before bedtime and would go immediately in the morning. However, with these capsules I basically don’t go at all and feel really uncomfortable. So I will most likely be going back to my usual capsules. I really wanted these to work because I love Olivia’s passion and dedication and want to support small business owners but unfortunately the herbs she uses may not be right for me.

Natale Puente

I’ve purchased so many pills in the past that were suppose to help with constipation and nothing worked . I didn’t think this pill would work either, but I was proved wrong. I took one pill and after 24 hours I had a great bowel movement. I take this only when I get backed up , and I love to know that I have this when I travel .

Natale Puente

I’ve purchased so many pills in the past that were suppose to help with constipation and nothing worked . I didn’t think this pill would work either, but I was proved wrong. I took one pill and after 24 hours I had a great bowel movement. I take this only when I get backed up , and I love to that I have this when I travel .


I’ve had warm prune juice with a Metamucil, colace and none of that worked. Last week Keep it Moving arrived for me since I had been 2 weeks backed up. The day after I took 3 pills, I had a movement finally!!! Since then I’ve continued using and I’ve had a bowel movement everyday. I’m so extremely thankful for this product because I was losing hope in products working. Thank you so much Olivia!! I definitely intend to keep this on hand at all times.

Anthony Castillo

I travel most of the time and hate when I get constipated. I’m majority of the time am bloated and feel like I can’t eat anything or enjoy it. But, I took these on my last trip and I was using the bathroom everyday! I felt great and didn’t feel bloated or full like I always do. Thank you Olivia for the advice on taking this while I travel! I loveeeee you!


I have been constipated my WHOLE LIFE (this is no exaggeration ). I did not know until college that I was supposed poop daily. Needless to say my system has been severely backed up. This supplement has been incredible. Within the first two days I noticed the difference in the quantity and quality of my poops. It has been a few weeks now and it has only gotten better. I am also currently on the parasite cleanse and this combination has been a godsend. A must have!


This product does exactly what it’s made to do and it works very well, to say the least. When I looked up the main ingredient cascara sagrada bark, however, I read from multiple sources that it shouldn’t be taken for more than a week or two at a time as it can cause dehydration and other issues! Maybe I should’ve assumed that it’s not for daily use in the first place as Organic Olivia’s products aren’t necessarily meant to be taken every single day and forever and ever. But I guess that’s why I like to look up the ingredients for myself. I really like that there is ginger and turmeric in it and love the idea of reaping their benefits on a daily basis but would hate to suffer adverse effects from too much cascara sagrade.

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