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Flow Balance
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Flow Balance
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Flow Balance


Health Benefits
  • Our PMS rescue formula supports a healthy flow month to month
  • Encourages healthy cycles
  • Aids in the support of monthly complaints
  • Supports hormone balance
  • PMS rescue
  • Contains regulating herbs
  • Aids smooth cycle
  • Supports hormone balance
Flow Balance

Flow Balance is our “PMS rescue” formula that supports overall hormone health and aids monthly complaints. It is a normalizing and balancing formula (which does not happen overnight), so this blend is designed to be used for 3+ months in order to effect a lasting change. Flow Balance is designed to be taken daily (rather than only for acute relief) to ensure a healthy flow month to month. Daily usage helps to slowly and gently support hormone balance.

Along with herbs such as Vitex and Dong Quai traditionally used for healthy hormones, Flow Balance contains Cramp Bark, Garrya Leaf and Wild Yam to aid smooth muscle during that time of the month. Oregon Grape Root is included for liver detoxification support, and Nettle Leaf aids with the balance of water in the body. Licorice Root is an adaptogen that supports us in times of stress. Flow Balance also supports a healthy mood each month, although like Natal Nourish, is not a magic bullet. Everyone is different and some may require more time with the formula than others. Please note that Licorice Root is contraindicated for those with hypertension.

If you’re planning to get pregnant, Flow Balance can be taken for several months to support overall balance, but should then be discontinued when you are ready to conceive (as it’s not suitable during pregnancy or breastfeeding). Once you discontinue and are TTC or pregnant, you can replace with Natal Nourish.

HOW TO USE (ADULTS): Take 1 full dropper (30 drops) under the tongue or in juice/water 1-3x per day or as directed by your health professional.

The super-herbs in our blend include:

  1. Chaste Tree Berries Leaf – supports hormone balance.
  2. Dong Quai – has a regulating, normalizing action and supports female hormone health. Supports uterine health and strength.
  3. Wild Yam – supports women’s reproductive health, often used by herbalists for cramping.
  4. Cramp Bark – support follicle health, rich in calcium and magnesium among other vitamins and minerals.
  5. Garrya Leaf – supports healthy muscle relaxation.
  6. Red Raspberry Leaf – tones and supports the uterus
  7. Licorice Root – drects and enhances the formula.
  8. Oregon Grape Root – liver support, indicated for healthy hormone balance.
  9. Nettle Leaf – provides micronutrients such as calcium and magnesium which are important for smooth, healthy cycles.

1. Is Flow Balance something you must take every single day?

Yes, Flow Balance is designed to be taken daily (rather than only for acute relief) in order to ensure a healthy flow month to month. Daily usage helps to slowly and gently support hormone balance.

2. Will Flow Balance help with postpartum hormones?

Yes, Flow Balance supports overall hormone balance which includes post-pregnancy. Note that it is not recommended during breastfeeding.

3. Is Flow Balance breastfeeding safe?

No, we do not suggest using Flow Balance while breastfeeding.

4. Will Flow Balance help with hormonal acne?

Yes, Flow Balance can be quite helpful if the underlying cause of your acne is related to hormone imbalance (chin/jaw/cheek acne is often indicative of this). Keep in mind there are other underlying causes of acne that may also be involved, which I cover in my YouTube video here.

5. Can you take Flow Balance in conjunction with the birth control pill?

Generally, the hormonal birth control pill is stronger and will override what the herbs want to do. If you plan to be on birth control long term it may be somewhat pointless as the BC is already mediating your hormones. However, if you’re trying to get off of birth control and want to regulate your cycle naturally, take Flow Balance 1-2 months before getting off and then for 3+ months more thereafter. Note that Flow Balance does not prevent pregnancy and is not a birth control substitute.

6. Can I take this for hormone balancing benefits even if my cycle is regular?

Yes, you can use Flow Balance even if your cycle is regular for additional hormone balance support (such as for acne, moodiness, etc).

7. I know Flow Balance is meant to help with painful or absent periods, but what about heavy periods and short cycles?

Yes, Flow Balance helps with both sides of the imbalance.

8. Would Flow Balance still be useful if you’re taking artificial (or even bioidentical) hormones?

To some degree Flow Balance could still be useful if you’re taking artificial hormones. However, this blend helps with how the body uptakes hormone (and helps with hormone receptors) in a natural way so it will generally help more with endogenous hormones.

9. Would Flow Balance help with PCOS?

Flow Balance can be supportive as it’s hormonally exacerbated, however we would like to create a PCOS-specific blend for the future./span>

10. Is Flow Balance safe when trying to conceive?

Flow Balance can be taken for several months to help balance hormones, but should then be discontinued when you are ready to conceive (as it’s not suitable during pregnancy or breastfeeding). Once you discontinue and are TTC or pregnant, you can replace with Natal Nourish.

11. Will Flow Balance help with anxiety during PMS?

Yes, Flow Balance can offer support if it’s hormonally mediated.

12. What would be the best protocol in terms of using Flow Balance to get off hormonal birth control?

Flow Balance can be used 1-2 months before getting off of birth control and then for 3+ months more thereafter. Note that Flow Balance does not prevent pregnancy.

13. Would Flow Balance help with endometriosis?

Flow Balance can be supportive as this is a hormonally mediated condition.

14. After 3+ months as hormones are improved, can you stop taking Flow Balance or will you need to do several months on several months off?

It depends. For some, 3-6 months is enough. For others, Flow Balance may need to be taken regularly. Other individuals may need to repeat in an on/off pattern like the one above. There are many mitigating factors, especially in terms of lifestyle and diet.

15. What age can women begin taking Flow Balance?

Women can take Flow Balance as soon as they have their menstrual cycle, and it can even be taken for acne issues if one is of cycle age.

16. Can Flow Balance help with ovarian cysts or fibroids?

Flow Balance can be supportive although everyone is different.

17. Can Flow Balance temporarily make acne worse?

It’s possible but not expected.

18. Can Flow Balance help with anemia?

No. Mane Magic would be more supportive in terms of anemia and iron absorption.

19. Are there any conditions contraindicated with the use of Flow Balance?

We don’t suggest taking Flow Balance if pregnant or breastfeeding.

20. Is Flow Balance helpful for pre-menopausal women? Peri-menopausal? Menopause?

The Flow Balance blend is for pre-menopausal and peri-menopausal women.

21. I have a normal period and would only need cramp relief, would this be a good option?

Yes, Flow Balance contains Cramp Bark and Garrya for this purpose.

22. Can Flow Balance help with menstrual headaches?

Yes, Flow Balance can be supportive if the headaches are hormonally mediated (i.e. if they’re cyclical and come around the same time each menstrual cycle).

23. If Vitex alone has made me break out in the past, will this be different since it’s a more balanced formulation?

We don’t imagine it would have same effect as the Flow Balance blend is balanced. I’m not a fan of using Vitex alone without a well-rounded formulation because it’s quite strong on it’s own.

24. Would this help regulate increased frequency of periods (i.e. 3 periods in 2 months?)

Yes, Flow Balance can be supportive and regulating.

25. Can this be taken during the days you actively have your period?


26. Can you take Flow Balance and Natal Nourish at the same time?

Yes. However, when you’re actively trying to conceive (rather than trying to balance hormones), discontinue Flow Balance and stick with Natal Nourish alone.

27. Can this be taken if you have a hormonal IUD?

We don’t suggest using Flow Balance with hormonal birth control such as an IUD as the hormones often override what the herbs are trying to do.

28. Will Flow Balance help with mood swings and emotional highs/lows around your cycle?

Yes, Flow Balance can be supportive for mood swings if hormonally mediated.

29. Can Flow Balance be taken with Mane Magic?

Yes it can be taken with Mane Magic.

30. Will hormones stay in a more balanced state after the 3+ months of use?

Yes, that’s our expectation. Depending on lifestyle factors, some may need to use it for longer or stay on it regularly.

31. Are there any herbs that would interact with Flow Balance?

No. However, we always ask that you talk to your practitioner when you’re using multiple tools as part of an overall protocol (whether pharmaceutical or herbal).

32. Is the grain alcohol gluten free?


33. Is there any need to take breaks on this formula due to the Vitex


34. Will Flow Balance help with estrogen dominance?

Yes, it can be helpful.

35. Can Flow Balance help with spotting before periods?

Yes, as this is generally hormonally mediated.

36. I cramp more during ovulation. Would Flow Balance help?

Yes, Flow Balance can help by way of supporting hormone balance.

37. Can Flow Balance help with fertility by way of improving hormone health?

Flow Balance can be supportive for this by regulating your cycle. Once you are trying to conceive/once you get pregnant, stop using Flow Balance and start using Natal Nourish.

38. Will Flow Balance help with libido/sex drive?

Yes, Flow Balance can be supportive if the libido changes are hormonally mediated.

39. Are there any possible side effects of Flow Balance? Any negative symptoms as hormones adjust?

In theory, Flow Balance can exacerbate the follicular (estrogen) or luteal (progesterone) phase, but we do not expect it.


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Dina Campbell

Without exaggeration, this product has truly changed my life! I’ve struggled with horrible PMS symptoms my whole life, to the point where the first day or two I would be throwing up and could barely get out of bed. I’ve been tested multiple times for endometriosis, but never diagnosed. Birth control helped when I was younger, but now that I’m done having children, I don’t want to go back on the pill because of the increased risk of blood clots and stroke. I started taking Flow Balance about a month ago. I bought 2 bottles because I was planning on it taking at least a few months to kick in. I got my period this month with NO PMS symptoms! I felt very slight cramping a few days before my period started. I wasn’t in pain or even uncomfortable, and normally my cramps are debilitating. I can’t recommend this product highly enough. To anyone who is on the fence, try it!! You won’t regret it.


Just wanted to reply to @Julie from her comment on February 26th. I also had a copper IUD and it threw my body into a horrible toxified state the year I had it. Your IUD definitely and most likely is causing a lot of your Cycle issues. I hope things have gotten much better for you! (Also, hope she sees this message) P.S. Organic Olivia’s supplements are the best!!!!


Just wanted to reply to @Julie from her comment on February 26th. I also had a copper IUD and it through my body into a horrible toxified state the year I had it. Your IUD definitely and most likely is causing a lot of your Cycle issues. I hope things have gotten much better for you! (Also, hope she sees this message) P.S. Organic Olivia’s supplements are the best!!!!


Of all the OO products this one might be the most effective one for me and that’s saying a lot!! When I run out for more than a month I notice more tender breasts and PMS symptoms all around. I totally got used to the taste and my body even craves this one the most out of all the formulas which is cool!


I took birth control for 4 years and finally got off it at the beginning of the year. After not getting my period for 3 months I decided to get a bottle of Flow Balance and after taking it consistently for about two weeks, I got my period!!! I literally cried tears of joy on the toilet. I have endometriosis + only one ovary so Flow Balance has become something I rely on because I need a lot of hormone help! Thank you Olivia & team! (:


I don’t want to speak too soon, but I am so excited that after just 3 days of taking this formula 3x/day my prolactin levels seem to have dropped!!! I had slightly elevated prolactin for more than 6 months that was causing nipple discharge (I am not pregnant nor have I ever had kids) and my doctors have given me no solutions to fix it other than “wait and see” or begin taking some pretty strong medication with side effects to bring it back down. I did some research and worked with a naturopath to learn that vitex can naturally lower prolactin, and I decided to give olivia’s formula a go since it’s balanced with other herbal support for hormone health that I thought would be useful. The high prolactin seemed to be messing with my other hormones and lowered my libido as well, so I’m hoping that will resolve in time, but as of today, no nipple discharge AT ALL – and I haven’t had a day go by in over 6 months where that has been the case. To say I am excited and relieved is an understatement. I’m excited to see what my period will look like after taking this for a longer time too – I have crazy bad PMS so let’s see! Thank you Olivia!!!


I have always struggled with painful periods (I believe it’s due to some of my genetics) But having sensitivity to the alcohol in the previous formulation of Flow Balance, I was so excited to find out that Olivia and co. had updated the formula to exclude any alcohol. After ordering and taking the tincture diligently with my others, I have just had my first painless period ever! I am thrilled. It’s easy to take, so helpful and I look forward to the day when Mane Magic is also updated. Love Olivia’s entire range!

Gabrielle B

Wow! I stopped taking the pill a month and a half ago after being on it for almost 4 years. I was anticipating moodiness, possibly waiting months for my natural period to return, and painful cramps and PMS when my period came back… but I got my period yesterday with absolutely NO symptoms. Sorry for TMI, but every time I use the bathroom and see that I’ve got red flow going on, it’s shocking to me because I have NO cramps- It feels like another normal day for me. NEVER IN MY LIFE have I not had cramps on days 1 & 2 of my period! NEVER. It’s unbelievable! All I did was take one dropper-full once a day (instead of the recommended 2-3) from the day I stopped the pill (trying to be frugal), and I have amazing results already. I’m just so glad I got my period back after only 1.5 months off the pill, so the fact that I can’t even tell I’m menstruating right now and feel amazing is just a completely unexpected bonus! I didn’t think having a 100% completely painless or discomfortless period was even physically possible!

Suzi Dye

I cannot say how thankful I am that this works. I normally am taking so much medication and cancelling my life for the first 2 days of my period, but I’ve taken this for 3 months, and it works after 3 months for me. Oh my stars. I had very minimal pain, and I have been able to be so active- no more intenseee cramps, crying a lot, breast tenderness, crazy back pain, blah blah. Yay!!

Brita Skrodelis

This stuff SAVED ME. I recently got off hormonal birth control and took this twice a day while eating only whole foods and cutting out caffeine and alcohol for 30 days. I experienced no withdrawal symptoms from the pill. My periods are shorter and less painful. Not sure if it was Flow Balance that did that or a combination of everything. Either way, it worked. I am now fully in tune with my cycle and its amazing. SIDE NOTE: The taste isnt the greatest at first but I got used to it. Taking it with a shot of water helps!!


I`ve been struggeling with my period and hormonal acne for over a year. I used to start spotting around ovulation and all the way untill my period. Sometimes a pantyliner wasnt enough and I would have to use tampons. Most cycles I would bleed for up to 3 weeks. I believe this is what caused me to be very lightheaded every day, even by supplementing with iron. Apart from that my period has been regular. I used to get a couple black thick hairs on my chin too. My acne has been out of control and I would have no days without a new breakout. Can also mention I have acne on the lower part of my face, and an occational pimple or two on my shoulders. I am on a non hormonal copper IUD, so my acne shouldnt be affected by it. One of the side affects is more bleeding with the copper IUD and more cramps, but I didnt experience it getting any worse than it was prior to going on it. I went to my primary doctor and got my hormones checked, including my blood levels and they came back normal. I got so angry and discouraged, cause I knew and could feel something was wrong with my body. What I was experiencing was not normal. This past year has been stressfull for everyone and I dont know if I can blame my anxiety and depression on covid, my acne or the fact that I bleed for 3 weeks out of the month. I also have low energy. So when she said my tests came back normal, I was like you got to be kidding me… then you dont look good enough or take the wrong tests. Cause there is NO possible way thats right. I`ve been following Olivia for quite some time and I decided to give Flow Balance, Mane Magic and Liver juice a go even though I originally wanted the doctor to really find the root cause of my issues, before “self medicating”. But when they dont give a s*** I had to test it out and see if it did anything. I am currently on my 3rd month of taking those 3 together and I can proudly say my acne is almost gone. I get a pimple or two each month, but very small ones that goes away within a couple days. My skin is glowing believe it or not. Even though I am left with scarring, my skin is smooth and it havent been in years. My energy levels are highter, I am not as lightheaded anymore and I spot less and less. I hope within the next couple months the spotting will be gone before my period. I believed deep down I had an imbalance in my hormones and this just proved it. I am 23 and from Norway.

Mariem Salcedo

I started taking this product for 3 months now because of my irregular periods. I always suffered from painful cramps (those that don’t let you get up from the bed) and PMS really messing me up. My doctor insisted on putting me on BC to “regulate” my period but honestly I don’t want to take hormonal BC. Now my period has been regular for 2 months and I only had less painful cramps and only on the first day. I haven’t had crazy PMS and I can physically see it has helped me to regulate my hormones (less facial hair and no pimples).


I’ve been taking Flow Balance for a couple months now. I have PCOS and usually my period symptoms are off the charts terrible. This was the first month I didn’t have a-n-y PMS symptoms before my cycle. I’ve noticed consistency is key for the tincture to make a difference. I take mine twice a day in my tea with my other Organic Olivia tinctures. My doctor reassured me using the Liver Juice as well helps aid the effectiveness of Flow Balance. Love this product!


After trying all sorts of meds and many tests from my OB, it was determined that I was “just unlucky” with my heavy periods, crazy mood swings and intense lower back pain after my 2nd child. This product has done wonders for all those things! I’m no longer on an emotional rollercoaster and I don’t have the intense pain I once did. I’ve been out of it for 2 weeks and cried the other day because I can feel the emotions starting again. Please come back with this product, to say it’s been a life saver is an understatement.

Courtney Robertson

I started taking this product in early Dec 2020. My cycle has been off (2 periods/month due to the medication, Spironolactone) and that month I only had 1 period and now being toward the end of January, I’ve cont’d to bleed once/month. I’m seriously in awe. This product is a must!

Rupa Jethwa Eapen

Omg! This stuff is amazing!! I ran out and what a difference, ugh 🤦🏽‍♀️ It helps w irritability, headaches, and I think I my acne improved bic of it! I’m so sad it’s our of stock, because I don’t feel too great off of it. Will this come back in stock?


I have been using the tincture for 2 months now. It didn’t really work for me the first time around cause I’m guessing you have to take it for 2-3 months to feel the changes but the 2 month that’s when i felt the change . The second day of my period is always a nightmare and i was so blown away that my pain level was a 2 compared to a 10. The only problem i had was the taste of the tincture ,I wasn’t a huge fan so my boyfriend came up with this awesome idea to get the vege capsules and put the tincture in it so it would be manageable for me and let me tell you you can’t stop me from taking my tincture. I’m hoping after the 3rd month i have no pain 🙂 I’m running out of my tincture so please please come back in stock


Flow Balance is helping regulate my periods and relieving me of my typically severe cramps and mood swings that I experience when on my period. My periods had been getting further and further apart over the last year. I didn’t have a period any less than 45 days apart. When I finally went 65 days, I saw my MD who told me I was likely going through early menopause (I’m 32), ran a bunch of bloodwork, and told me I was fine and that she would recheck my hormone levels in a few months. Thanks for the help. I started taking Flow Balance almost 4 months ago. The first period I had after starting Flow Balance was 47 days after my last, but I noticed I experienced very minimal cramping. My next period was 27 days later and my third was 36 days. I’m so grateful to have found this product. The erratic nature of my periods and what this told me about the state of my hormones was starting to stress me out. I’m so encouraged to see the improvements this is making just a few months in.

Erika Vasquez

Okay so I have liver juice and it tastes amazing!!! Then I tasted this one and was like “eeeeek” not as tasty as liver juice. BUT let me tell you… I haven’t had my period in over 3 months and I have used this for 3 days and FINALLY I STARTED SPOTTING ! I mean I’m honestly in shock and so happy. I’m so thankful for Olivia ❤️

Jessica T.

I was at my wits’ end after having gone off of hormonal birth control and my cycle being completely out of wack. I’m talking unpredictable in timing (sometimes 35 days, sometimes 45-50 days) and flow, PMS symptoms changing each month, and then having my cycle disappear altogether after a month of particularly high stress. I was diagnosed with PCOS back in my early twenties, so these symptoms were just par for the course according to my doctor. I wasn’t ready to resort to “jumpstarting my period with hormones” every few months like my OBGYN suggested, so I read the reviews for Flow Balance and decided to give it a try. THIS. IS. MAGIC. I have been using FB for 2 months now along with Liver Juice and even with only using both 1x per day in the morning, my cycle has returned BOTH months, and at a healthy 30- days apart. My PMS symptoms have also regulated and the migraines I used to get around the time of my period are gone completely! I never thought I’d be so excited to talk about my period in an online product review, but Flow Balance has me completely jazzed and feeling normal again!


EXCEPTIONAL! My youngest daughter has been having very painful menstrual cramps. They start a week before her period and last several days into her period. Nothing alleviates her pain – nothing! She ends up doubled over on her bed, unable to play or eat much. It was heartbreaking to watch her suffer. Her big sister told me about Organic Olivia and after doing research on the site, I was sold. Let me tell you – not only did her menstrual pains minimize substantially within 12 hours, but within 24 hours they were gone! She managed to get through that menstruation with minimal discomfort. I was thrilled! But the shocker came the following month when her period snuck up on her without any pain whatsoever! She has been pain free ever since. Thank you Organic Olivia for this magical tincture!

Ella Rose Arnold

This works SO WELL! I usually have breast tenderness and am super moody/emotional 1-2 weeks before my period. I also usually have mild cramps and acne during my period. Flow Balance got rid of all of this!

Anna Louisa

I have endometriose, which cause terrible pain every menstruation. It went so far that I actually fainted and throw up because of the pain. First I want to give thumbs up, that the order went so fast which I didn’t expect as I live in Europe! I took the tincture for one month and It made my period so much lighter, less bleeding and took away the migraine and cramps I always used to have the 1st day of my period. I was in shock that it changed just after a few weeks. I was worried that I would have to spend a lot of money ordering every month to keep my period balanced. But now its actually gone almost 6 months and just now I start to feel some of my old symptoms again. So I will start to take it again. But definitely worth it!


This stuff is magic in a bottle! After being on the pill for seven years, I got off it and experienced the most painful periods of my life. I kept going to the doctor and getting told that it’s “normal” after being on the pill and it would eventually even itself out once my hormones adapted. I waited years and my period symptoms kept getting worse. I was tested for hormone imbalance and PCOS but doctors determined my hormones were in normal range. My periods cramps were so intense they’d keep me in bed for at least the first day of the cycle, I was nauseous, I would feel feverish, and I experienced cramps for about three weeks out of the month. My period was lasting 10-18 days on average. The very first cycle I had after starting flow balance was night and day better. I still had cramps, but only on the first day, and they weren’t bad enough to keep me in bed. Fast forward to now: I’ve just started my second bottle and I am amazed at how much better I feel! I haven’t had any cramps during the month and just experience a little bit of discomfort on the first day of my period. I have had three periods since starting flow balance, and they have all been 4-7 days long! I am so thankful to Olivia for creating this tincture and educating women on their hormones. We are not meant to suffer! Note that she recommends you stick with it for three bottles, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t see results right away. Balancing hormones takes time, but it is so worth it! Thank you Olivia!


I’ve only been taking this for a month but I feel like I noticed effects almost immediately, I started taking within a couple days of the end of my last period and first off lemme tell you (TMI warning!) my sex drive was thruuu the roof during ovulation like. wow. feelin my self! usually I get hormonal acne on my jawline and cheeks but this month – nothing! only one tiny blemish that immediately went away with a dab of sea buckthorn oil. Usually my boobs get really painful and tender a couple days before my period (along with mood swings, and just generally feeling ugly mentally and physically) but this month there was none of that ! I was actually nervous my period wasn’t coming (did I mention the mid-cycle sex lol) I got my period this morning, 32 days from the start of my last period – in the past my cycle has always been over 40 days and never regular. I don’t have nearly as much cramping as I usually have on day 1 and the flow seems to be less heavy. My mood is also sooo much better than it usually is at this point. Of note I have also been taking mane magic, liver juice and mood juice which seems to be a winning combo. I have a hard time with the taste of all tinctures but I’ve found the easiest way to get em down is mixed with a little orange juice and taken as a one ounce shot. I also take adrenal recovery but not everyday.


Even though I have had a very regular period for most of my life, I received Flow Balance and some other Organic Olivia products as a gift so I decided to make use of it. I figured at best it may have given me some relief with the occasional PMS symptoms I experience. I’m sad to report that after taking it for almost 3 months I haven’t experienced any positive changes with regards to PMS or my cycle In general. This product hasn’t done anything for me.


I was not completely sold but I kept on taking it because I trusted Olivia and her magic!!! I’ve had PCOS for a long time but only diagnosed within the last few years after coming off BC. My periods before BC were beyond painful … debilitating the first day or two… I am on my 3rd bottle of flow balance (almost done with it I think!) and I just got my period (25 day cycle… which immediately went from 50+ days to 30-33 days as soon as I started taking flow balance and mane magic)… and I am in awe right now. I don’t have a single cramp. Not one. I don’t remember the last time I got my period and didn’t feel like crying… especially the first day. I’m hoping this is how my periods will be forever. And also hoping cramps don’t kick in later in the day? Assuming I would’ve had them by now as I usually would. I will take my 4th bottle for good measure!!! Thank you!


I had menstrual cycles that ranged from 50 to 70 days, took Flowbalance and saw the effects from day one. Indeed, from the first day, I had uterine contractions and sore breasts, I knew it was working. I took Flowbalance twice a day and what a surprise I got when after 38 days I had my period. I continued and my period appeared after 34 days. I continue a third and fourth month to finish my second bottle and I think that will be enough. Thank you Olivia, this product has regularized my menstrual cycle. For women who have pain during their period, I advise them to drink raspberry leaf infusions three times a day during their cycles.


Alright y’all! I’m back with that good report. 1.5 months in I was bad at the product at myself at my body. It was my same old story throwing up nausea pelvis aching no getting up from bed. GOOD NEW, 2.5 months in and I hady first somewhat normal period in months. Pain was manageable . No throwing up. I was able to actually eat food, and be a human. A human who was mostly in bed but not crying and with way more manageable pain and smoother flow. I’m also taking magnesium, b12, and vitamin d as well as three servings of green tea or matcha a day to support my hormones…but I give credit to this flow balance. I was at the bottom but I’m rising. And thankful because I was desperate when I wrote my last post and something delivered this last month. Let’s see what’s in store for the next episode of me and my flow.

Cecilia Dosi

It doesn’t do anything! Didn’t see any changes


I love this formula. I have traditionally used acupuncture to address migraines that arise prior to the period. As a result of the recent world events, I could not partake in acupuncture. I decided to try this formula to address PMS issues. It is truly a miracle product – I have had not one migraine prior to my period or cramps during the period. It took 3 months for it truly kick in. It works for me and hope it works for you!


I really wanted to love this, but unfortunately I haven’t seen much of a difference. I was taking another herbal formula before this, and this seems lackluster by comparison. I have PCOS and irregular periods, and my periods have still been irregular taking this and also my cramps seem to be as bad as ever. I’ll update if things change (I hope they will), but kind of disappointed given the great reviews.

Georjenna Gatto

Okay I’m shook. I went off birth control back in October after being on it for 10 years from being diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 16. From then on, my cycle was between 45-47 days with awful PMS symptoms (bloating, irritability, CRAMPS, etc.). I also think I was so used to the fake pill period that a real period was hell. So- I bought 3 bottles of Flow Balance because Olivia recommends using for 3 months. I have only finished one bottle and my cycle went down to 36 days and I had the best period of my life. Manageable cramps, almost no bloating, etc. I am so thankful- thank you Olivia!!


I have been taking it for a month and a half three times a day and am laying in bed debilitated by cramps. I know it says up to three months for any regularity, I’m just honestly disappointed and not even sure where to turn anymore. And if it’s worth to buy more product as many people said it worked quick for them so if it’s not making any difference now for me then I’m not sure why to bother. Still have intense cramps pelvic pains throwing up constant nausea ..

Jennifer McCabe

I adore Organic Olivia but unfortunately, this exacerbated my symptoms. After two months of taking this religiously, a day before my period had the worst cramps of my entire life. I almost passed out from the pain, was sweating and panting for about two hours in pain. I also experienced midcycle spotting which hasn’t occurred since my early 20s. My period WAS slightly shorter than average but just a word of caution to ladies experimenting.


I have been a fan of Olivia since my teenage years- searching YouTube for an acne cure. Now she has her own line and I had to try it out. With the help of an acupuncturist I was instructed to take Mane Magic as well as Flow Balance to get my hormones back in control and get my period more regular. My hair has stopped falling out by the handfuls. And with flow balance my period came on time! I had a 29 day cycle for the first time in forever. No painful cramps at all, and no clotting with a steady consistent flow. This is the most normal period I’ve had in probably 2 years. And I have only been taking both formulas for a month. I will continue to take both for another three months and have some in stock Incase I revert. Thank you.

Katherine Kenny

Im so grateful for this product. I have been told by so many doctors that the only answer to my periods was birth control. I finally decided to take my health into my own hands. Along with adjusting my diet (following woman code protocol) I have been using this tincture along with Natal Nourish to increase my reproductive health and balance my hormones. My periods are insanely better and more regular. Everything OO touches turns to gold. You cannot go wrong with these products especially paired with habits and practices that support their use.

Naeun Cha

I started taking this because of my IUD. I didn’t get my periods for the last 1.5 years out of 5 years on it. It also caused severe low libido and dryness, and I’m only 27! I decided to buy a bottle, and a month in, the dryness went away. Since October, I have been taking it religiously everyday, 2x a day to prep for my IUD removal. Fast forward, got it removed 02/29 and got my first real period 05/02. I’ve never had debilitating periods, but this has been one of the easiest periods. Not much bloating/cramping, no crazy mood swings/cravings. Just simply amazing. Thank you Olivia & O.O. Team❤️


Wow wow wow! I’m going to try to make this a long story short but I also want to share my experience with this amazing product. I suffer from very bad period cramps. When I was younger they used to be so bad that I would throw up, have to miss school, etc. I went on BC because I couldn’t stand it anymore. Fast forward to college, I really started to hate my BC and decided to go off the pill. My cramps were ok at first, but now (about 3 years later) they were really getting bad again. Nothing helped. I finally started to take this product consistently (twice a day everyday). I don’t like the taste so I pop a full dropper in veggie capsules. I also took liver juice starting on day 21 of my cycle to help get rid of excess estrogen as Olivia has previously recommended. My first cycle while taking this consistently actually lasted 35 days, which is a little longer than normal for me, but IMO that just told me that this was balancing my hormones for me. When I got my period, I had MILD cramps. Which is insane!!! I took an Aleve and cramps were gone. That never ever happens. Ever. I just completed my second cycle while taking this product, I forgot to take it some days bc this quarantine really threw my whole schedule off. I had cramps this period, a little worse than the last (I think this is bc my inconsistency with taking it this time around). But still not bad at all. Totally manageable. So overall, if you are consistent with taking this product it will work wonders!! I am still amazed. I’m hoping eventually this product will balance my hormones out and I won’t have to take it everyday but for now, everyday works for me.


I’ve never been one to leave reviews, but I was so impressed with this product that I had to. I was on Nexplanon for about 9 months when I decided to get off of it. I immediately started taking Flow Balance as soon as I had the implant removed. For about 2 months I took Flow Balance twice a day and by the second month I already had my regular menstrual cycle back. I thought it would take several months for my period to come back, but nope! I was amazed at how quick this worked for me as I’m sure it varies by person. I also experienced very little PMS, most notably less painful cramps. My flow was also significantly lighter – like significantly! It also only lasted 7 days! Typically my period lasts 7-10 days. I’m excited to see more positive improvements as I continue to take Flow Balance. I highly recommend this product. Thank you Olivia!!


I took this for several months as suggested and wasn’t sure if it was working (as I take many of her tinctures) so I took a break. I started noticing acne on the lower half of my face especially my jawline and cheeks and my PMS seemed pretty bad, so I decided to start taking it again and pay close attention to any changes this time. Now I notice a huge difference in my mood during my luteal phase (I don’t take birth control and track my cycle) PLUS my acne issue is significantly less during that time as well. Maybe one or two vs all along my jaw and cheeks. So happy 🙂 Give it a try and make sure to write a journal to track changes.

Yuri Rosa

This has changed my experience with my period so much. Before it would come, I’d experience extremely painful nipple sensitivity and mood changes that would really scare me. I’d turn into a completely different person. After 30 days of this (maybe sooner?), I had zero pain in my nipples, no sensitivity, and my mood was not even close to aggressive as it used to be. It is important to be consistent with this, though, and not skip many doses.


This tincture has been a life changer!! I was put on birth control when I was 14 for really heavy periods and terrible cramps. I’ve been on it for 12 years. After finding more about the pill I decided I wanted to come off of it but wanted to try to avoid the side effects. I started taking this in December and finished my last pack of pills the first week of January. I’ve been taking this along with supplementing with b complex and magnesium and liver juice. I just finished my first period off the pill and it’s honestly been such a pleasure. Very minimal cramping and a moderate flow. I’m still getting that hormonal acne but I’m positive if I keep up this regimen and support my liver in getting out that excess estrogen, it’ll resolve itself. The only thing I disliked about the tincture is the taste, it’s pretty gross but I find it tolerable if I mix it with a bit of water and take it like a shot.

Linda Ivette Ramirez

Absolutely love this formula! I’ve been taking it for about two months now and I pair it with the liver juice and truly love how it makes me feel. The reason for why I love it is that I feel like it grounds me, but I also feel like it’s helped my periods become more regular.


I was recently diagnosed with PCOS (Hormone imbalance) & my gyno went straight to prescribing birth control to help aka mask my symptoms but I was more focused on getting to the root of the issue. I struggled with irregular/absent periods & my “normal” cycle was about 42 days prior to starting flow balance. 3 months in to using it, my periods have regulated & my most recent cycle was 32 days. I never thought I’d be so happy for more frequent periods!!! Breast tenderness is pretty intense, but for me, it’s very much worth it & recommend olivias herbs to everyone!

Stephanie Matus

My daughter had severe cramps before using this. She no longer suffers. I am so happy for this product and wish they had it when I was younger.


I am ECSTATIC. This tincture has changed my life and I am so appreciative that Olivia took the time to create this formula. For as long as I’ve been getting my period, I will have 1-2 days where I have waves of completely debilitating cramps with cold sweating/shaking, throwing up, almost blacking out from the pain, and not so pleasant bowel movements – often all at the same time. I’ve missed school and work more times than I can count. I’ve tried probably every single birth control on the market looking for relief to no avail (or the ones that kind of helped made me feel horrible mentally – and physically in other ways). I’ve been to so many doctors that have all told me its normal to experience some of these symptoms, no it was not endo, etc etc. I believed it and just accepted that this is the way my life is going to be, and I started to plan my life around my period because I knew I would be incapacitated for a day or so during my cycle. Honestly I was 100% skeptical about an herbal tincture helping with something like this but figured it wouldn’t hurt to try. I’ve been taking it every night for 4 months and I have not experienced these insane cramps or ANY of the symptoms above ONCE. The only time I experienced very very mild cramps (and that was it!) was when I was out of state and forgot to bring the tincture with me! Yes, the taste is very bitter but I put the droplets in a few ounces of water and knock it back almost like a shot and then drink a glass of plain water – it’s not bad at all that way. If you are on the fence, go for it and buy this! I really hope this helps other women who have given up hope like I did, because this tincture has literally given me back control over my life and body.


Olivia is a sorceress …. I’ve been taking this product twice a day for two cycles now . They have gone from 27 to 31 days and this cycle in particular I have had NO CRAMPS. NONE. Since I was 11 I have had cramps that mimic labor and radiate to my knees..twelve years of labor cramps . I don’t even know how to describe how I am feeling, other than total relief and gratefulness . Another wonder to note is my cycle usually lasts on average 7-8 days. This month , THREE. I don’t know what this sorcery is , but I’ll continue to support this brand for all my family’s needs .


In my teens I start taking birth control pills to help with terrible acne I had on my back. This summer after 6ish years of being on the pill, I went off the pill and BAM – acne back instantly. I started researching natural solutions to balancing hormones and found Organic Olivia. I have been taking Flow Balance for only 6 weeks and have already noticed a huge improvement in my acne and absolutely no side effects! It feels SO GOOD to know that I’m helping my body with natural plant-based science instead of pumping it full of chemicals. THANK YOU O ❤️


I was without a period for the last 1 year + 9 months, starting when I got the Morena IUD. I got the IUD out at the beginning of September 2019, and in mid November I decided to try Flow Balance to see if it could help me get my hormones in order and my period back. I’m about half a bottle in (I’ve been taking it 2-3x/day) and it’s back! Very happy with this formula. Will continue to take for a few months until I know my period is regular. Thanks Olivia!

Rebecca Salazar

Let me just tell you, WOW!!! I have been taking this tincture for about three months now once a day in the mornings and my first period on it was significantly shorter normally they last 7-8 days and I’m in excruciating pain the first two or three days to the point where I have to take 3-4 ibuprofen every couple of hours to not pass out from cramps. My first period was two days shorter and the super awful cramps last just one day the next period was similar but this most recent one was honestly life changing. I had barely any cramps And didn’t need to take anyyythingg for pain relief and it only lasted four days I was in tears from being so happy because my periods have been this painful and long since I was 14 and thought it would never get better without birth control.


I’ve been following Olivia for years, but this was the first tincture I’ve ordered from her. I’m blown away. As I realize most women do, I struggle with very heavy bleeding and cramps. In the past year I’ve been ADAMANT about figuring out the root cause, and truly fixing it. Years of birth control to reverse, I made changes to routine, sleep, diet, etc prior to starting this product. Since I started taking this tincture I’ve seen vast changes in my body — beyond what the sleep and diet and other factors had done. I love it. I feel like PMS put a cage around my life that this tincture freed me fun — I don’t know how else to explain it. The taste is strong and bitter, but I love it. I put some in my water bottle and sip it all day long when on my period and it seriously helps my MOOD and CRAMPS so much. I can’t wait to see how much better I get with another 2-3 months on this product. It truly helps ease the cramping and I’ve been loving the uplifted spirit I’ve had during my PMS and MS days! I’ve also noticed increase libido ❤️ LOVE YOU OLIVIA!!


This tincture gave me the worst breast soreness I have ever experienced in my life! Plus, I also started bleeding lightly mid-cycle which has NEVER happened to me before. Started taking this twice a day, as instructed on the bottle, on 3 September and began feeling breast tenderness within a couple of days during my follicular phase – this is very abnormal for me, as I, and most women, only experience PMS during the luteal phase. Then about a week later, I started getting spotting, which again, has NEVER happened to me before so it was extremely upsetting. I stopped taking it by 16 September and eventually the spotting stopped after yoni steaming. I emailed organic olivia over a week ago sharing my experience and concerns and unfortunately have not heard back which is even more disappointing. Previously I heard back from them within 2 days. Ultimately, I would not recommend this product, just not worth the money at all.


I was desperate for relief from agonizing cramps, as in stay home from work and doubled over. Let me tell you…. stick with this for at least 3 months. Zero pain!!!!! I am so grateful and so happy to be pain free. Thank you thank you thank you!! 💌

Jessie Diaz

So I’ve been having painful periods because of a fibroid pushing on the lining of my uterus. I would experience the heaviest periods and cramps I’ve ever had in my life. I’ve been taking Flow Balance once a day (the taste is so horrible so I couldn’t stomach more than once a day). One month went by and nothing happened. Month two went by and I noticed my cramps felt better but my bleeding was still pretty heavy. I up the dosage to 2/per day ( I just sucked it up and decided not to be a baby about it) and OMG my 3rd month my bleeding went back to how it used to be, less clots and less cramping!!!! I am supposed to have fibroid removal surgery but I have a feeling this formula decreased my fibroid based on the changes I’ve been feeling. I have an ultrasound next month to check and see and will update! SUCH AN AMAZING PRODUCT!

Erin McNeely

Not what I expected and I couldn’t be happier 🙂 I’ve been using flow balance for 2 months now and after a week of taking it I notified my acne was gone. Literally not in sight. I always have had acne in the same area, my cheeks! I’ve tried different skin care and I also have a very clean anti inflammatory diet. I decided to try this product to see if it would help with my cramping. It has decreased the amount of painful cramps I get, but the biggest effect I can see is that my acne is gone. I even stopped taking it to see if it was the formula or something else helping my acne and as soon as I stopped, 3 days later I had pimples coming up on my cheeks. This product has balanced whatever was out of whack causing me to break out. I would also say that longer use equals more effective results. I also notice I’m not as mood on or before my cycle !

Jess T

olivia knows what the hell shes doing! I’ve used her products before and after seeing rave reviews for mane magic and flow balance- I decided to try em out. I’ve had irregular long cycles since going off birth control 2 years ago. I’ve been working with an amazing naturopath who’s helped me with many issues but this is the trickiest and longest issue to fix. after trying many different herbs with her, I tried olivia’s mane magic and flow balance for 2 months and just got my period like clock work on the 28th day of my cycle!!!! I usually don’t get it till the 60th day. amazing

Stephanie Garcia

Thank you thank you thank you! I have regular menstruation cycles (31-32 days) They usually lasted anywhere from 6-8 days. My PMS symptoms were absolutely horrible. I would have severe nausea, that would lead to me throwing up. I would get diarrhea for 2-3 days. My period was also very slow. I would have dark brown blood the first two days. I had the worst, most excruciating cramps. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve missed work, school, and events because of my period. I was very consistent with the first bottle of FlowBalance. I would take it twice a day, everyday. My period that month was a lot less crampy, NO vomit and NO diarrhea. With the second bottle, I wasn’t as consistent. I would take it twice a day, sometimes only once, and sometimes I wouldn’t take it for days. HUGE MISTAKE. My second period consisted of heavy cramping and nausea. However, no diarrhea and no vomit. I’m on my third bottle now, I’ve been super consistent. I’m on day one of my cycle and I feel amazing! I have not experience any pms symptoms at all. My periods FLOW better now, I no longer have dark brown blood in the beginning of my cycle and my cycles are now 5-6 days. I take Flowbalance and liver juice simultaneously. I’d like to say that consistency is key with these products. I can not put into words how grateful I am for Olivia and every single person on the OrganicOlivia team. Flowbalance is absolutely life changing!


I started using this in May, was very excited and happy with the results but got lazy and skipped a couple of weeks. BIG MISTAKE! My cramps and pains came back and my mood was terrible. These things were not an issue as soon as I started using flow balance again. So that means I’ll stick with it this time. Thank you Olivia for creating this. Not only did the pain/cramps disappear, but my period is shorter, pretty regular and I feel like myself during my menstruation.


I’m taking natal nourish in conjunction with flow balance and am blown away with how quickly these 2 tinctures were able to kickstart my cycle! Started taking the products July 8th and by july 15th had already started my first cycle since October of last year😭😭 not to mention, I even got my first positive ovulation test since 2017😫😫😫😫 Eternally grateful for these products and Olivia for spreading her light 🌠 hoping this will be my breakthrough in conceiving naturally 💝🙏

Julissa Marie

I just wanted to say thank you so much for creating flow balance!!! I have suffered from irregular cycles since my cycle started as a teen. I was on BC last year and that helped, but I hate taking pills so once it was over, I never went back on. I got my cycle for about 3 months with no meds, then it stopped. Last cycle I had was in March. I started Flow Balance in the beginning of May and took it 2x a day, as recommended, for like 6 days straight. Then I fell off for about 3 days, and started It again. So in total I only took it for about 8-9 doses/days and every time I would feel slight cramps. In the beginning of June, it finally came!! It was insane to me that with just about a month of taking the product, I got my period! My cycle wasn’t long either, and wasn’t too heavy. I’ve followed you for YEARS since before you had a whole line of products, starting with Immune Shroom and have been a firm believer in you ever since! Thank you so so much for all you do to help us all get in better health. You’re amazing!!!!

Jillian G

I have had very, very irregular periods for about 8 years, since I got off the pill. I have been taking Flow Balance twice a day for about a week, and I’m so surprised! This is the first time since Aug/Sept 2018 that I have had a period 2 months in a row. And on top of that, my second one started within 3 days to an exact month of my last one. I also can tell my emotional PMS was not nearly as bad (I’m pretty sure I have PMDD). I wish Flow Balance came in gallon size. I’m trying to get my hormones in order because my husband and I have been unsuccessful in our 2yrs of not, not trying to get pregnant. :Fingers Crossed: I can use Natal Nourish at some point! Thank you Olivia!

Daniela Diaz

I love flow balance. Since I got my first period I was always I. Horrible pain and I always felt sick and just gross. I have been taking flow balance for 2 months and my period this time was seamless. I had no pain what so ever my flow was easy and not blah. This is the beat product out their for any one suffering from horrible periods.


Hi Olivia and team, flow balance is working wonders for my period. I no longer have extremely bad cramps. I no longer need ibuprofen. I been taking it for a month now. Even my flow is different in a good way. My period is even becoming more regular. Thank you so much Olivia for this product and continuing to provide natural solutions.

Crystal B

Where do I begin talking about my period? It’s irregular, I get moody, extremely hormonal and I also get EXCRUCIATING cramps. My cramps are so intense that sometimes I have to call off work and other times I’ve thrown up from the pain! It feels like I’m going through labor every month (I have a 7 year old). My period lasts about 4 days and it’s nothing but pain all throughout those days, and sometimes even prior to it. It’s nothing but crying when my period comes (because of the pain) I HATE IT. I’ve considered getting pregnant again just so I won’t get a period. I’ve tried everything, even acupuncture. The only thing the doctors offered me was birth control, which I never took because I was not comfortable taking. Ibuprofen is about the only thing that calms my pain. I take ibuprofen every couple hours to keep my pain down. I didn’t wanna keep taking ibuprofen every month, so I bought Flow Balance 3 weeks before my period. Sadly, I still had cramps and still called off work. I wasn’t as moody and tired though. I’m still taking it daily and I hope it alleviates my cramping eventually. 😢🤞🏻


Dear Olivia, I got my first period when I was 11 years old (I’m currently 27) and every single month since that day my period has been excruciating. I’ve missed school, had to call off of work, missed parties, events, unable to walk or speak because of how bad the pain has been throughout the years. My grandma has had to wake me up with alcohol under the nose because I’ve passed out from the pain. I’ve been taking prescribed 800mg ibuprofen for the past couple of years every month for days. I’ve even wished menopause on myself just so that I don’t have to deal with my period anymore. Lol ANYWAY, enter your Flow Balance formula that I’ve been taking for three weeks. I got my period today and not to be dramatic or anything but IT’S A FREKEAN MIRACLE!! I actually got scared because I felt nothing. Just blood. I CAN’T believe this actually works. You’ve changed my life forever and I simply can’t thank you enough. Please, please, please don’t you ever doubt yourself and your work. You’re God sent. ❤️

Alexis Ravis

Hey Olivia! It’s been about a month and a half that my girlfriend has been using products such as mood juice and flow balance and I can honestly say I have never before been more convinced of the benefits of organically including essential nutrients in your every day diet as I am now. My girlfriend has always been relatively healthy (opts for organics, keeps up with vitamins, etc.) but as much as I love her, she has always had quite an attitude on her! 🙂 However lately she has actually been apologizing in the moment before going off the deep end! I think the greatest of all is she got her period yesterday (usually an anxiously anticipated event) and there was no attitude at all. Aside from the clear benefits on my end, she has also mentioned feeling less irritable lately and that she has hardly experienced any cramps when she is usually in agony on her 1st-2nd day. Anyways, thank you for doing your research so well that results like these are easily accessible to the rest of us. I (a person who doesn’t even take daily vitamins as I should) am now also looking forward to trying your products. -Sincerely, A very pleased significant other.


I’m a fan of the Organic Olivia supplements, between my husband and I we use 6-7 regularly now but we are all bio -individual and this product is a miss for me personally. I was waiting for it to come out and so hopeful it would help with my painful moon cycles. Began taking this three weeks ago. Got my period about a week later and instead of lasting the normal 4 days it was around 8. I’ve been steadily losing weight the past six months I had gained due to my chronic illness, recently about 8-10 lbs a month and since I started taking it despite my best efforts my weight loss ground to a complete halt. Around the same time I started to lose hair around my hairline and top of my head which was pretty alarming, it was thinning rapidly. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what was going on. Finally a light bulb went on the other day *this* was the only change I have made supplement wise or nutritionally or environmentally in the last month. I researched all the ingredients and as it turns out, chaste berry also known as vitex can cause both weight gain and hair loss. I post this not to be negative about the product, I think for a lot of women it’s probably a good one, but as a warning to just watch for any side effects in case anyone else is experiencing what I did. Herbs can be very powerful. I hope that by discontinuing this product my hair will start to regrow and weight loss will get back on track. I’m going to continue to take my liver juice and work with my functional med doctor to get a Dutch test to work on my hormones in a more controlled setting.


Just purchased this a week or so ago and have only taken it a handful of times. My periods are usually regular however I do get some hefty cramps the first day or 2, and pretty raging mood swings. I got my period today and started feeling the cramps coming on so I took a dropperful of the tincture and my cramps went away almost immediately! I’m very impressed. I will say I’m pretty used to “herbaly” tasting supplements, and this one is potent and even has me making a face when I take it..whew!! However I think it’s worth it and I’m excited to see how it will help long term. Thank you so much Olivia!!


Flow Balance is the BEST herbal formula I have come across for my symptoms: persistent chin and jaw cystic acne regardless of what point of my cycle that I’m in, extreme lightheadedness the day before and day of my period, a very heavy flow with clotting, painful cramps and heightened anxiety at different stages of the month. I have been taking this tincture for 3 weeks and I am over the moon with my results. I have not had ONE cystic acne breakout or spot, which is unbelievable for me because I haven’t seen my skin this clear since I was 12. Now my skin texture is able to heal and improve. I also had the best period of my life! No lightheadedness the day before or day of my period, I had a smooth consistent flow (no clotting), felt calmer and had ZERO cramps! I wish this stuff came in a bigger bottle! 😄 I noticed that Dong Quai is in this formula, my herbalist tutor told me that Dong Quai is an excellent strengthening female herb and particularly very healing for those who have dealt with emotional trauma. Every herb in this formula has a special role and it shows what a wonderful and thoughtful herbalist Olivia is to have selected them. Thank you so much Olivia!!! ❤


I’m sure this product would work wonders with me but unfortunately due to the nasty taste it’s very hard to even mix with any drink.


Wow! I absolutely love this stuff. I no longer wake up with sweaty feet and hands. My acne on my jawline has chilled out a lot! I’m overall impressed with flow balance! I think this and liver juice has really changed my life in a positive way! Thank you Olivia!


I didn’t expect this product to work as quickly as it did. In fact, I know it’s not supposed to be a quick fix, but I don’t know if I can chalk this up simply to coincidence. My period cramps have been anywhere from a 6 to 8 on a scale of 10 throughout my life, and my cycles have always been a little longer than average, but still mostly regular. Since September last year, my cramps have reached a FULL blown 10. I’ve been spending the first day or two of my period every month nearly fainting and throwing up from the overwhelming intensity, with the pain radiating throughout my abdomen and entire lower back and down my legs – unable to comfortably sit, stand, lie down, or walk. I don’t know what caused this extreme shift; all I know is I’m sick of eating pain killers like they’re candy, and tired of being legitimately terrified at the thought of my upcoming cycles. To add to things, I ended up not getting my period at all this April – could have been due to a few different reasons (minus the chance of being pregnant), but still it was unusual. So, I started Flow Balance this past Saturday. My period came YESTERDAY. Minimal cramps, lighthearted mood, did four loads of laundry and helped unload groceries, aka this is my first period since September where I’ve been able to go about my day like a normal person. I’m beside myself. Coincidence or not, I know this product will only continue to help in the coming months. Olivia’s products have all been improving my health in immense ways, it’s hard to describe my experiences without absolutely gushing praise.


I bought this thinking it might help my skin. I don’t have bad cystic acne, but I do have very congested skin. Small raised bumps under the skin all around my mouth, especially on my chin and and starting to creep up onto my cheeks. I don’t eat dairy, caffeine or gluten and I maintain a very good skincare routine. I never knew the cause of these bumps and thought I would be stuck with them forever, until I tried Organic Olivia’s Flow Balance. I’ve only been taking this for about 2 weeks, but WOW, I can see the difference in my skin already. I haven’t had any new spots appear, and the bumps are diminishing progressively. I’ve never felt the skin around my mouth and chin this smooth before. Ever. I’ve been taking Liver Juice as well, and I do take pre and probiotics everyday, so that is definitely helping as well, but I didn’t really start seeing the difference until I’ve incorporate Flow Balance into my routine. It tastes nasty as hell, but the results are a million percent worth it and I will never be without this!! Besides the skin improving, I’ve noticed an improvement in my period as well. I used to have to lay curled up in a ball with a heating pad, crying in pain, while downing a bottle of Advil, but this time I didn’t even notice that I had even gotten my period. I’m usually bombarded with cramps right before it starts, but this time, nothing! I didn’t take any pain medications throughout my entire period. This is a game changer for me. Thank you Olivia for making this magical juice!! xo


I’ve been to numerous doctors in the past two years. Back in 2017 my periods started to be abnormal. I would go months without a period to month with a period. Then in 2018 my period started in June after not having it for 4 months. From June all the way to October I had my period. I was in and out of doctors appointments without any answers to what was going on. I met with 3 different doctors and all they could do was recommend me birth control. I refused the birth control and have been suffering through ever since. Then in February my OBGYN had me go in for a D&C because my endometrial lining was not shedding and my doctor was scared it would turn into something more severe. Since my D&C I have not had a period but I have all the systems like if I was on my period. The acne, lower abdomen pain, headaches, fatigue and so on. Since taking Flow Balance I have started to spot, my acne has cleared up, my lower abdomen pain has since gone away and my headaches are not as severe. I will continue to use this product in hopes it will help.


ok here’s the truth behind my desperate need for some assistance in the hormone balancing/PMS department – I’ve been struggling for years with irregular period! Years! And when I say irregular, I mean there have been years where I would only get my period 4-5 times. This improved over the past few years by a tiny bit , but I was still far from normal (my period was always unpredictable and months apart). I’ve been taking the liver juice and recently added the flow balance to my Olivia collection. Not sure which tincture to thank for the improvements I’m seeing (I have a feeling it was the combination of both) but for the first time in my life I have had a cycle that didn’t leave me exhausted and in excruciating pain! Until now, I did not know that being functional and not bedridden was possible at this time of the month! I’ve also made it through without a single painkiller – something I would not have been to do years ago. Thank you Olivia for bottling your knowledge and thank you for sharing them with the world! If my story sounds like something you have experienced I STRONGLY recommend this tincture – you’ll just have to get over the taste (it is my least favourite of all the tinctures in my collection). Despite the taste, strongly recommended!


I like what it’s supposed to do but so far the taste is just so strong I haven’t been able to take it more than 2 times , I think I may be returning.


Alright y’all. This product is actual magic and Olivia is an actual wizard. I suffer from PCOS and hypothyroidism. In an attempt to really heal those issues from the root causes, my ND and I made the decision that I should come off of birth control. I had been on the pill for 11 years. Every period for the last year has been beyond excruciating. I would leave work because the pain was so bad I couldn’t control my screaming. I would throw up from the pain, even pass out from the pain. As my ND explained to me, this is a hormonal imbalance issue, and I’ve been trying everything to correct it. No dairy, no sugar, no gluten, seed cycling, taking prenatal to replenish the nutrients I lost on BC, CBD oil to help the pain etc. When none of those things worked, my ND, who was now living in another state, suggested I go see a doctor. The OBGYN was traumatizing. Either I get back on BC, or I take copious amounts of ibuprofen to fix the pain. AKA bandaids. I was devastated, thought I’d have permanent damage to my kidneys after so much ibuprofen. Then FLOW BALANCE!!!! I received it and was excited to use it for a month and see where it took me. I used it for three days before getting my period. Mind you, the main emotion when my period approaches now is FEAR because the pain is that bad. After just three days of Flow Balance, my cramps were COMPLETELY TOLERABLE. I sat through a movie and slept through the night. I didn’t double over in pain. I could not believe it!!! If you are like me, and you have severe dysmenorrhea and no doctors can f***in help you, then do yourself a favor and get this product. I cannot WAIT to see the results in a month, three months, etc. Thank you, Olivia from the bottom of my heart! AH!!!!

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