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Easy Go
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Easy Go


Health Benefits
  • Support for occasional constipation
  • Aids bowel regularity
  • Gentle enough for children and the elderly
  • Gentle yet effective
  • Soothing and nourishing
  • Alcohol-free
  • Safe for kids and adults
Easy Go

Easy Go is tasty liquid herbal formula that provides gentle support for minor, occasional constipation. Easy Go also helps with soothing abdominal discomfort due to sluggish bowels. Best combined with increasing fluid and fiber intake for a holistic approach.

In this blend, Marshmallow Root supports bowel regularity and soothes the digestive system while Licorice Root provides hydrating support for dry stool and difficulty. Yellow Dock Root gently encourages normal peristalsis, and Peppermint Spirits are included to ease gas and help this formula taste mild and minty.

Simply refer to the “dosage by weight” suggested use guide and add to your child’s water, smoothie or favorite juice. The taste is mildly sweet, herb-y, and easily masked. You can also dose directly under the tongue.

Also suitable for teens, adults, the elderly and anyone with a sensitive system.


  • For children 10-30 lbs, use 5-10 drops per serving.
    For 31-60 lbs, use 10-20 drops per serving.
    For 61-100+ lbs, use 20-30 drops per serving.
    Adults can use 1+ full dropper per serving.
    Take 1-3 servings per day or as directed by your health care practitioner.
    Can be taken in juice, water, or directly in the mouth.


  • Pregnancy/Breastfeeding
    Children under 1 year of age
    Use caution and ask your doctor if you’re an adult with high blood pressure or on high blood pressure medication (licorice root is contraindicated with this pre-existing condition)


  • Sweet, mild, raspberry, minty
    Formula may contain small amounts of herbal precipitate (small particles of plant matter) due to the preparation method involving whole herb extraction.
  • Marshmallow Root – supports bowel regularity and soothes the digestive system.
  • Licorice Root – hydrating support for dry stools.
  • Yellow Dock Root – supports normal peristalsis.
  • Peppermint Spirits – supportive for gas and digestion.

1. What is the ideal age range for this product?

This product is designed for children 1 year of age and older, however it’s always best to incorporate herbal/food supplements when a child is already eating solid foods rather than exclusively breastfeeding.


2. Can this formula be used on adults?



3. Is this gluten/dairy/corn/soy/nut free?



4. Does this need to be taken daily to see results for constipation? Or only when needed/when you notice your child is constipated?

This formula is considered a tonic, so it must be used consistently (over a period of several days, weeks or months depending on how chronic the issue is) in order to effect a longer term change. It is not an acute formula that will produce a dramatic bowel movement the next morning, but is rather gently moving, hydrating and nourishing to the bowels especially when stool is hard and dry. It *might* work same day for some, but is best for chronic situations. A more realistic expectation is regularity within a few days to a week. The Yellow Dock Root specifically gives a gentle peristalsis push, but has been described by my teachers (and echoed in my own experience) to be an herb that “regulates” peristalsis either way (over-active OR under-active peristalsis).


5. Can you back off on usage/dosage once the child is regular?

Yes, that the best approach is to slowly back off once bowel regularity normalizes. The goal is to not need it!


6. Can this be used daily for a child that has trouble going to the bathroom regularly?

Yes, this can be used daily and consistently over time. However as stated above, the goal is to eventually no longer need it (so couple this formula with increased hydration, some Oat Straw tea/infusions which I explain in my video here, and increased fiber & veggie diversity!)


7. Would this help with stomach discomfort and nausea?

Over time, this would of course help with discomfort due to constipation. However, it’s not designed for classic ‘tummy aches’ and nausea. For stomach discomfort or nausea that is specifically stress related, Super Soother would be a a better choice with its star ingredient of chamomile.


8. Is this good for adults too?

Absolutely. Adults can take 1-2 full droppers per serving. Note that due to the licorice root, this formula would be contraindicated for adults with high blood pressure.


9. Does this provide liver support as well?

Yes, but only as a secondary intent due to the Yellow Dock Root. This would be considered very mild liver support.


10. If your child is dealing with chronic constipation, would this help? Or should deeper issues be addressed?

While this formula does indeed work best for a chronic pattern of constipation, you of course must address the root causes such as stress, diet, lack of fiber/hydration, lack of exercise. Children, just like adults, need to be secreting enough digestive fluids in order to fully break down our foods AND have regular bowel movements… yet this doesn’t always happen properly when we’re in an overexcited/“sympathetic” nervous system state. Therefore, a “bitter tonic” before meals can also be helpful, such as a cup of chamomile or fennel tea (if kids will drink it). Taking 5-10 deep breaths together as a family before meals can also help your child get into parasympathetic “rest and digest mode”, which also supports “elimination” mode!


11. Would this pair well with magnesium?

Yes, that would be a supportive nutrient and is something you can also get from food (such as overnight infusions of Oat Straw which are great for kids due to the mineral content).


12. Would this help with hard/dry stool?



13. Will this help with loose stools?




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i am very upset that keep it moving is gone!! is there any chance it will come back!!?


There’s a few of us where I live are all so disappointed in the removal of keep it moving! This doesn’t work for us. 😢

Lexa Goetsch

I have an almost two year old with Down Syndrome who struggles with constipation due to low muscle tone. I’ve noticed he is more regular when he’s hydrated, active and regularly adjusted at the chiropractor, but even then I have needed to give him the occasional suppository to help him out. Found this and tried it during the Black Friday sale and I am really so impressed. Gets him right back on schedule every time. Thank you for making a product we can feel good about giving to our littles!


This stuff is amazing! My child has always struggled with her bowel movements, most of the time going once every 3-4 days. She now goes everyday! Thank you Olivia!!!!!


This tastes so good! I’m using it on my grown up self, and not only do I want to take it because I love the raspberry-minty flavor, it really seems to work.


One of my children has had chronic constipation for almost two years. It developed from a fear of toilet training and spiraled into encopresis. We were put on a daily regimen of miralax; and while it helped with a lot of issues, my child was not able to have any successful BMs off of it. I made the switch to giving my child this product, and it has worked wonderfully. My child’s BMs are normal looking (never the case on miralax) and soft. I am so thankful to find a natural solution!


My 2 year old has struggled with constipation all of her life. Since we’ve started taking Easy Go, she poops daily 🙌🏼 And she loves taking it!! After her dose she says MORE MAMA! Thank you Olivia for this product and all your others they have changed my life and started me on my own herbalism journey.


My 2 year old has struggled with constipation all of her life. Since we’ve started raking Easy Go, she poops daily 🙌🏼 And she loves taking it!! After her dose she says MORE MAMA! Thank you Olivia for this product and all your others they have changed my life and started me on my own herbalism journey.


This soothing blend is great for my digestive issues. I have used many licorice containing supplements, but none work quite as calmly and easily as this. No pain, just flow!


Works amazing not just for my son, but for myself as well (I suffer from IBS). Better than any pham. medicine I have used over the years.

Erika A.

Got this one for my 3 year old daughter, she’s not constantly constipated but there has been times where she can’t go #2, I have used this formula 3 times since I bought it and it has worked its magic on my little one ….. Thank You Olivia for the kids line, you are an amazing soul!!!


This is a lovely, soothing blend!


I love this product. My 2 year old has suffered from constipation on/off her whole life and sometimes she really struggles to go. We’ve been using this product for about 3 weeks and it really is working for us. I don’t give it every day but rather we give the correct amount of drops for her weight size if we notice she’s missed a day or two of going to the bathroom, or is having trouble going and she’ll go the same day/next day without fail. It’s so nice to have a go-to that works. We had tried magnesium, prune juice, cod liver oil – all which seemed to work sometimes but not others. Highly recommend this product!

Erin D

I purchased this for my son, since he suffers from acid reflux and constipation. I also tried it for my acid reflux as well. While it did not help soothe our acid reflux, it did help with the constipation aspect. It tastes amazing as well! Very easy to take right from the dropper, or mixed with juice.


I love this stuff! I bought this for myself because I tend to have a lot of stomach issues even with cutting a lot of foods out. This has been super helpful! I started taking it every day and it really helped me feel less constipated and now I take it maybe once or twice a week as needed. I also really love that the taste of this is really mild. It just tastes like peppermint which is perfect because I am extremely picky with how things taste. I would definitely recommend this for anyone with constipation issues, kid or adult! I wish I had it as a kid!

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