Ear Be Clear Oil

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Ear Be Clear Oil
Ear Be Clear Oil
Ear Be Clear Oil
Ear Be Clear Oil
Ear Be Clear Oil
Ear Be Clear Oil
Ear Be Clear Oil
Ear Be Clear Oil


Health Benefits
  • Soothing topical ear oil
  • Gentle relief
  • Supports aches and discomfort
  • Infused with immunity-supporting herbs (garlic, coptis)
  • Supports immunity
  • Aides ache and congestion
  • Alcohol-free
  • For kids and adults
Ear Be Clear Oil

Ear Be Clear Oil is a pure herbal ear oil designed to soothe aches and discomfort while promoting circulation and relief. It contains a soothing mix of Arnica, Mullein, Coptis, and Garlic for maximum efficacy and immune support.

Coptis and Garlic get to the root of the ache while Mullein soothes. Arnica is the star ingredient in this formula that helps it to stand out from other ear oils, as it supports circulation to the affected area in order to aid both pressure and discomfort.

Suggested Use:

For external/ear use only rather than oral ingestion. Simply add 3-5 drops into affected ear. Repeat every 3 hours as needed. Best if oil is very gently warmed first, but do not burn ear. To safely and gently warm oil, place the closed tincture bottle in a cup of hot water. Test on wrist before applying to ear.

You may also saturate a cotton ball with Ear Be Clear Oil and gently rest the cotton ball in ear.

* Not for oral/internal ingestion.
* If ear is not better within 18-24 hours, seek medical guidance.
* Not to be used if your child has ear tubes or a ruptured ear drum.
* Do not use on broken skin.

Nutrition Tip: Avoid dairy during the acute window as it is one of the main foods that can contribute to fluid buildup and discomfort in the ear. This is also something to consider if ear issues are recurring.

  1. Coptis Root – immunity support.
  2. Mullein – soothing support for discomfort.
  3. Arnica – supports circulation to the congested area.
  4. Garlic – natural antimicrobial.

1. What is the ideal age range for this product?

This product is designed for children 1 year of age and older, however it’s always best to incorporate herbal/food supplements when a child is already eating solid foods rather than exclusively breastfeeding.


2. Can this formula be used on adults?



3. How should this product be used?

As your child is laying on their side, drop 3-5 drops directly into the ear OR saturate a cotton ball and place in ear. For added comfort, cover with a warm compress.


4. How long would this typically take to create a noticeable effect?

Ear Be Clear Oil is designed for acute relief and effects should be noticed within a day or so if not sooner. If ear is not better within 18-24 hours, seek medical guidance.

Nutrition Tip: Avoid dairy during the acute window as it is one of the main foods that can contribute to fluid buildup and discomfort in the ear. This is also something to consider if ear issues are recurring.


5. Are there any exceptions or contraindications for this product?

Do not ingest orally/internally. NOT to be used if your child has ear tubes or a ruptured ear drum. Do not use on broken skin.


6. What’s the shelf life?

Ear Be Clear Oil has a shelf life of 5 years.


7. Would this be helpful for excessive ear wax?

It may help loosen or break up the wax if the oil is warmed first.


8. Would this be helpful for allergies such as a dry, itchy inner ear (for both kids and adults)?

This formula is not overly anti-histamine focused (for that, work on regulating the allergic response internally via our Allergy Defense Tonic). However, it should soothe the itch somewhat as it’s a symptomatic helper.


9. How is the arnica added?

The arnica (and all herbs within this formula) are NOT isolated essential oils, but rather whole herb extracts that are gently and slowly cooked into oil over a period of 30 days, similar to how you’d make a bone broth or long decoction tea — just add a month or so! The arnica really makes this formulation stand out from other ear oils, as it moves congestion, blood, and interstitial fluids in order to aid both pressure and discomfort/pain.


10. Would this help with pain in ears when flying?

Yes, purely due to the arnica supporting congestion.


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My dad is 73 years old and he has had ears discomfort -constant noise on both ears- for over a year now. I bought this oil for him and he noticed a huge improvement after the first day of using this product. I couldn’t be happier!!

Jessie W

Y’all, I pick my ears bloody. I have very itchy ears, on top of having eczema in them! My sister bought this for her daughter and let me try it a few times and it really helped me! It felt weird putting in my ears but it was worth it. Finally buying my own today!


Another amazing product! I got this for my younger son who suffers from frequent ear infections, I used it recently and when we went back to the doctor a week later to check his ears again, he was amazed and said “it looks like he never even had an infection” Thank you Olivia for your passion and dedication to making such amazing products for us and our families!


The Organic Olivia brand has such a profound presence in our family! As a believer of all other OO tinctures it was only natural as mother to be ecstatic to purchase this ear oil for my son who has had frequent ear infections. His father also suffered from ear infections and they both began to use this oil when they felt aches, discomfort or pain in their ears. They found immediate relief after one night. This oil has also helped with diminishing any oncoming colds. This product is amazing, and I am constantly recommending it to our family and friends!


This ear oil has helped me so much. For the past couple of years I have had severe ringing in my ears as well as inner ear pain. The more my ears hurt the more it would trigger cluster headaches. I had been using olive oil in my ear but that didn’t seem to make too much of a difference. I have been using this for several months now almost every night and the ringing has significantly decreased and the pain is almost completely gone. Also whenever I get a cold it seems to start in my ears. Anytime my ears feel like I’m fighting something I do the ear oil twice a day and I believe it has helped me fight off a couple of colds. I am so thankful for such a wonderful helpful product!


Got this on a whim and my 15 month old got an ear infection recently. I was excited to test drive this ear oil! I liked it a lot, and definitely think it was soothing. Two teensy critiques though! 1) the dropper is hard to get only 1-2 drops out at a time, so I’m always doing my best not to overdo oil in her ears because since she’s younger, her dose is smaller. 2.) While soothing, I felt like it was not clearing it up as fast as fresh raw garlic oil does. I ended up taking a bit of the oil and adding fresh minced garlic to it to help with potency. It works great, and was super helpful!


My sister introduced me/ordered this product for my boys! I love that there is a kids line! I don’t like to give my boys medicine unless it’s really needed, so having organic products easily available eases this Mama’s mind! I can’t wait to try more products for them and myself! I will be definitely sharing these products with my friends and family.

Tahirah Muhammad

I purchased the kids bundle for my 5 year old daughter but this one was for myself. Last winter catching the horrible flu I was left with blocked/ painful ear and I tried homeopathy remedies and made my own garlic infused oil. To no avail I knew I had to purchase Ear be Clear from organic Olivia. So far every product I have tried from Organic Olivia has done me wonders and I knew I had to have this at home ready for any ear ache and discomfort! So far so good and hopefully it will continue to work even on those much needed days when no other remedy seemed to have workes. Also, great to have for the little ones who are more sensitive to pain and aches. Love this oil 😍

Tanya Slivkov

I originally ordered the Ear be Clear oil for myself. I had lots of ear pain and pressure because of my vertigo, I dropped a few drops in my ears at night and went to sleep, the next morning I woke up with no dizziness or ear pain! Now I have this oil for my kiddos in case of ear infections but now people with vertigo can try it as well! Thank you for all your great products Olivia!


My little one (22 months old) was feeling terrible – running a fever and super congested. He was not himself, very weak and whiny. Turned out he had a double ear infection. Immediately, I turned to this product and within 15 minutes my little one was bouncing around like new! This stuff is amazing and I will recommend it to EVERYONE I know! Thank you so much.


I am trying to post these reviews anonymously, but my name keeps showing up! Technology challenges :-/ So, rolling with it… if you’ve read reviews on the other kid products you’ll know I’m a big fan of the entire line. The ear oil is honestly the one I thought about the least because I’ve been locked in on Herb Pharm’s Mullein Garlic Oil for 10+ years (way pre-kids as ear oils are great for adults, too!). However, the addition of arnica to this ear oil significantly improves upon the standard formulation. I’m not sure I would splurge on a full price bottle just for myself when I can buy Herb Pharm wholesale, but the arnica makes it worth buying for my kiddos!

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