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Digestive Juice
Digestive Juice
Digestive Juice
Digestive Juice
Digestive Juice
Digestive Juice
Digestive Juice
Digestive Juice
Digestive Juice
Digestive Juice


Health Benefits
  • Fights indigestion, gas, and bloating before they even begin
  • Primes your body for seamless digestion by stimulating production of digestive enzymes, bile salts and stomach acid
  • Helps you fully break down and receive maximum nutrition from meals
  • Prevents that heavy, sluggish feeling after large meals or fatty foods
  • Calms cramps or pain when one experiences a negative response to gluten or dairy
  • Result in more regular bowel movements and smoother elimination
  • Revs up digestion
  • Encourages digestive enzyme release
  • Helps break down meals
  • Prevents discomfort and bloating
Digestive Juice

If I had to create only one tool for enhancing quality of life and overall health for the largest amount of people, it would be my go-to digestive blend. This blend tackles the root of countless symptoms by addressing the common complaint of indigestion that many people face today. Everything begins in the gut!

Nothing gets in the way of living life more than stomach troubles — especially due to the fact that eating is something we sort of have to do around three times a day. Nausea after meals, bloating, and/or gas are uncomfortable issues that many of us deal with on a daily basis.

With the help of herbal medicine, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Optimal digestion is everything. If you can’t absorb nutrients from your food, how are you going to use those nutrients to rebuild your cells and tissues?

Digestive Juice is a unique formula that was specifically designed to reduce common stomach issues, increase the efficiency of the entire digestive process, and prevent pain and discomfort such as bloating and gas. All of the herbs are considered tried and true traditional “bitters”, used for thousands of years as digestive aids.

When you use the convenient spray on your tongue 15 minutes before meals, your vagus nerve is stimulated, signaling the stomach to secrete the necessary digestive juices and enzymes ahead of time in order to prepare your body for smooth, seamless digestion. You can also use the spray during or after your meals in case you forget, or if any symptoms such as gas unexpectedly arise.

Want to learn more about Digestive Juice? Read the Story Behind the Formula here!

The super-herbs in our blend:

  1. Gentian Root – a traditional bitter with an affinity for the digestive system that settles the stomach both physically and emotionally. On an emotional level, it helps with “nerves,” butterflies, and indigestion due to upset and self-doubt. 
  2. Oregon Grape Root – an excellent promoter of bile secretion, which is necessary for the proper digestion of fats. Helps move stagnation within the digestive tract. 
  3. Dandelion Root – a gentle, soothing bitter that helps prevent constipation and promotes healthy liver detoxification. 
  4. Angelica Root – a bitter, warming and invigorating herb that is traditionally used to stimulate appetite, improve digestion, and reduce intestinal gas production. Also protects the digestive tract from harmful bacteria while increasing the production of stomach acid. 
  5. Peppermint Leaf – an aid for relieving indigestion, fullness, discomfort, and gas. 
  6. Orange Peel – traditionally used for the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, nervousness, insomnia, and gout. 
  7. Fennel Seed – a natural digestive aid and gas reliever, Fennel can be used for a variety of digestive problems including heartburn, intestinal gas and bloating. 
  8. Prickly Ash Bark– an excellent HCL stimulant that can also help improve circulation and fatigue post-meal. 
  9. Blue Flag Root – specifically used to treat indigestion, Blue Flag Root is a wonderful ally for nausea or sluggishness after a rich meal. 
  10. Licorice Root – soothes and protects the digestive tract to balance out other ingredients that prompt you to release stomach acid. 
  11. Ginger Root – stokes the digestive fire, improves circulation, and decreases nausea.

1. Can I use Digestive Juice while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Our herbal supplements are not meant to be taken while pregnant or breastfeeding.

2. If I have digestive problems, can I take this?

We always ask that you speak to your medical provider before introducing new supplements if you have a preexisting condition. However, Digestive Juice is designed to minimize the discomfort that is commonly felt when one experiences digestive problems. Taking Digestive Juice before meals helps to aid cramping, bloating, gas, and more.

3. When is the best time to take Digestive Juice? Always aim to take Digestive Juice 15 minutes before meals. This is when it’s most effective. If you forget, don’t worry – you can still take it directly before, during, or even after your meals. If you’re eating something particularly rich or heavy, you can take it twice, both before and after the meal. You can also take a few squirts at any point of the day for quick relief if you’re experiencing any sort of digestive discomfort, gas, or bloating. 4. Is Digestive Juice gluten free? Yes, Digestive Juice is gluten free.


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I have horrible chronic IBS and was really hoping this product would be a life changer for me, but unfortunately it hasn’t, so far at least. If I take before meals, especially when hungry, I either end up so nauseous or with horrible explosive diarrhea within 30 minutes of eating. However, if I wait until after eating / when I start to feel GI upset I do not experience the nausea/diarrhea, but I don’t really notice a huge improvement. Maybe just a slight decrease in cramping/bloat, but definitely does not notably alleviate the symptoms I experience. 3 stars because I’m not ready to quit it yet and will keep giving it a shot after large meals, definitely not trying it before meals anymore though. Just figured I’d share for the other sensitive tummy people out there! Also – tastes absolutely awful haha but that I can eventually get past if it starts helping my IBS symptoms. Will try to remember to post an updated review if I notice any benefits from future after meal use.


Possibly the worst thing I’ve ever tasted (haha) BUT I’m noticing a significant difference in my gut problems. From several times daily in keeled over abdominal pain to virtually nothing. I’ve been trying to take 3 sprays before full meals and I’m so happy I got this!!!


In 2016, I gave birth to my first baby and had my gallbladder out four weeks later. Four years of gut issues, leaky gut, and diarrhea followed. It’s exhausting to know that you’re going to have diarrhea basically every single day. After curing my leaky gut, I had some relief, but then had three more years of terrible gut issues. This is the only thing that has given me relief in four years. I now have regular, normal stools, and I can eat food without being scared or needing to literally be in my home.

Becky Baker

This stuff is fantastic! Both my husband and I noticed a huge difference after taking this consistently for a few days. I used to get painfully bloated after eating big meals and I’d get food comas pretty regularly, but I don’t experience either of those at all anymore. I read a lot of comments about the taste being crazy bitter, but to be honest it really wasn’t that bad and you get used to it after a week or so. I can’t recommend this stuff enough, such an amazing product to have! This, Liver Juice, and Peace Juice are holy grail products that I’ll buy for life.


I struggled with an eating disorder in my teenage and early adult years. My disordered eating habits REALLY ruined my digestive system. After having children and as an adult, I have struggled with cramps, bloating, you name it. Since the beginning of 2020 my adult acne began to flare up and I started to lose my hair. Since the beginning of December I have been using digestive juice 3 times a day with meals and occasionally I will also take digestive enzymes.. when I tell you my acne has DISAPPEARED .. wow. Just wow. Don’t hesitate to buy this product. I have only had positive results. I recently purchased parapro and the probiotic. I plan to take parapro after the holidays. Really, my issues stem from my gut, and I am SO grateful for this product. Currently buying a few more so I am never without. ♥️♥️♥️


This is an absolute must for me. I’ve used it for months and will not be without it. Perfect way to set yourself up for success before meals.

Hanna C.

I have definitely noticed a difference incorporating this into my daily routine! I absolutely love it! I eat GF/DF but every now and then I will have a cheat meal and this taking this beforehand definitely reduces the effects of gluten and dairy. I do not get bloated when using this and I can tell a difference when I forget to take it. I took it before a big Thanksgiving meal and I did not have any harsh bloating! I definitely recommend this!

Carol Jolon

I’m not going to lie, I was a tad bit skeptical when I first bought this. Mainly because I had never tried a digestive bitter. I’ve always used digestive enzymes with success, but kept hearing how much better bitters are..so I decided to give this a try. Wellllll..it works! Lol. The taste at first was something to get used to, but now I don’t mind it at all. It has helped immensely with my bloating. I’m one of those people who get super bloated after eating (my belly gets HUGE lol) Whenever I take this before my meals I don’t have any bloating what so ever. I don’t feel all groggy and heavy after eating either. My digestion feels remarkably better. Anyways, just bought my second bottle today. I’ll definitely be needing this on Thanksgiving! Lol


Holy grail !! Love this stuff. I have always had a lot of stomach issues and this truly is amazing stuff. Whenever I have a hearty meal or just feel like my meal hasn’t digested fully I spray this before if I remember and even after if I forget and I have no discomfort, no stomach pain. Super amazing! This combined with your probiotics daily have saved my stomach and my skin soo much !!! Thank you thank you !!!


I have had digestive issues my whole life (similar in symptoms to IBS-D, although I never received a formal diagnosis). I also suffer from frequent heartburn, and lately it seems to be triggered by eating almost anything. I have been popping tums and pepto like a daily vitamin (sometimes more often than that), and I know that they were just quick fixes for pain relief. When I started using Digestive Juice, I stopped having that heartburn almost instantly. I cannot emphasize enough how much I love this product. Please buy this if you have any digestive issues and you will not regret it!

Stephanie Warner

I love digestive juice! After learning the importance of digestive bitters while researching my digestive issues, I was sure to try them. At first I hated the taste, but it became second nature after awhile. Significantly helps me with regular digestion and also if I have a stomachache! Loved it and will order it again soon and try some new herbal products. Olivias podcast has been helping me learn about the herbs and motivated me to check out other products!


So I gave this to my bf when he went out to sushi and he got so mad because i didn’t warn him about the flavour that he swear he would never use this again. Fast forward some weeks ago he was so nauseous because of his lunch it was sitting on his stomach without he beeing able to digest it so he decided to use the digestive juice and half an hour later he was brand new and hungry. Now he is converted and just like me take it all the time. I just wish you would have the option to order with the taxes included because sometimes i have to go with other brands because it takes an eternity to get this, they stop it in the customs and charge me a bunch of money in taxes …


YO this stuff is bomb. works great with a quality probiotic especially, but if my digestion is having a slower day, i spray this stuff and i’ll have a great poop in like 10 minutes!


Loveeee this stuff..and the taste oh man how are your formulations so tolerable?!! It’s amazing. I know its tastes isn’t the greatest buuut compared to other brand’s digestive bitters this taste like candy 😅 not really but REALLY.


First of all, I really love this product. I was really skeptical about it due to my history with gut and digestion problems, but let me just say after consistent use I was really happy with the results. To me it tastes like prunes, which I don’t mind. But I am really glad that I found this and use it in conjunction with other products. I couldn’t be happier about how I feel.


I have been using Digestive Juice for about 9 months now. I have had low stomach acid and issues with digestion for a few years. This is the best digestive bitters formula I’ve found so far. My gut is still healing and this has been a key element in my recovery. Awesome product.


I bought this back in November before a trip. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve got food poisoning on trips or just anywhere. I also had recently started eating red meat and poultry after being on a pescatarian diet for 3 years and I would suffer from acid reflex and heart burn after almost every meal I’d eat. I took this on my trip and enjoyed all my meals with no heart burn or anything. I no longer have to take tums or pepto and I had been taking those almost every other day before finding this. I try to tell people how great this stuff is and my experience with it. I’m just barley ordering another bottle now….. also you’ll get over the taste, it’s really not unbearable lol Thanks Olivia! <3


Like everyone else says, the taste is pretty shocking the first few times. HOWEVER, I have actually come to crave and enjoy the taste. It’s pretty satisfying to let it sit on/under the tongue. You’re mouth instantly starts watering and I feel like it’s getting to work!


Amazing! You can feel the difference after the first use I bought it for my boyfriend and he’s thanked me several times in just a few days of using it. I have used his maybe a handful of times and feel like my digestion is so smooth when I do no heartburn or gas amazing I tell you!

Victoria M

I have tried everything to prevent and/or treat my INSANELY PAINFUL gas cramps. This is the first product that has given me 100% relief. I have not had any gas cramps since starting this. I am not perfect about taking it before meals, I usually take it after I eat and still get the benefits. There have been countless days and nights I’ve had to harbor a big cramp for 12+ hours with no relief in sight. I can’t thank you enough for giving me the dependeple prevention and relief I’ve been seeking.


My holy grail product (well, tied with liver juice)!!! I take this with me everywhere. I notice a huge difference when I eat heavy meals without using this before hand. Significantly less bloating and digestion issues. You get used to the taste after a few uses. GET THIS ITEM!!


My 10 year old ate food that made him sick to his stomach. Literally within 20 minutes of eating he was throwing up . When he felt he was done throwing up a gave him a few sprays and even tho he wasnt crazy about the taste within 30-45 minutes he was feeling so much better. Within the hour he said his stomach was no longer hurting and didnt have any nausea. Thank you a million times for this AMAZING JUICE!!! ❤️❤️❤️


My boyfriend has suffered from severe constipation and chronic stomach pains/bloating for over a month now. I heard Olivia talk about Digestive Juice on a podcast and ordered it for him. This bitters completely changed his body within the first week of use. He is taking regular bowel movements and has experience 0 bloating since taking it. This has seriously been his savior, I can’t thank you enough Olivia!


I honestly can’t say enough good things about Organic Olivia’s Digestive Juice. With skin issues, I’ve tried so many things over the years but this is something special!! Between this and her probiotics I feel like I’m getting more balanced and my life back. I’ve followed Olivia and appreciated her information for some time but have spent so much money on things I didn’t want to take that leap but when I finally did I couldn’t be happier and these are key supplements that I will not live my life without!!!!


Kinda surprised they reached out for a review so soon after I started using it just a few weeks ago. I’m sure this sort of thing takes time, for the gut to backtrack and heal. But as of this moment I’ve noticed absolutely zero change in feeling bloated and gassy after eating.


I recently took a Viome gut test and found out I am not digesting my proteins well and food in general. This digestive juice along with enzymes leaves me with no bloat after every meal!!! I love it and it will keep being a part of every meal I eat.


I recently took a Viome but test and found out I am not digesting my proteins and food in general well! This digestive juice along with enzymes leaves me with no bloat after every meal!!! I love it and it will keep being a part of every meal I eat.

Laci Ulrich

Literally my favorite digestive supplement for eating!

Paige Mallory

I love all of the OO products I’ve tried (and everything Olivia does), but this is my #1 must-have. Digestive Juice works like magic for my gut and helps me feel more grounded in my body. I have Peace Juice on hand but now I find myself reaching for this instead. It gives me instant relief from any and all tummy troubles, every time. Thank you, Olivia!

jelena ilic

I just want to be truly honest here. I have purchased this product as well as the liver cleanse and Brain boost tincture. I have loved and have been able to drink it on a daily base, except the Digestive Juice. I have such a hard time taking it and getting it down. It is super bitter. I get the purpose of the plants, but I just can’t seem to take it at each meal which beats the purpose of the product itself. I truly would like to like it, but right now, it is just sitting in my cabinet. 🙁


I love love love digestive juice. I use this all the time. I took it with me on a month long trip to India and I swear it helped me fight off any stomach-issues!! I didn’t get sick once (still counting my blessings!). Not only do I use this before a meal (when I remember) but I often take this when I feel like I have indigestion after eating and it helps sooth my stomach. I actually really enjoy the taste. And I can share that even if you don’t like the taste, it does get easier!! I lovingly forced my boyfriend to use it, and his first few sprays he acted like I had poisoned him but after a few days he was a pro and now even claims he doesn’t mind the taste!


I bought this product after trying a few of Olivia’s products and loving them! I started taking the Digestive Juice in the morning because that seems to be when I have the most issues with digestion. It has been a GAME CHANGER! No bloating, gas, or stomach pain! I missed it one day and didn’t think it would matter but it did! I absolutely love this product and won’t go without it now!

Momma S.

A lot of people are saying they forget to take this before a meal. I keep mine near all my spices so I will see it while I’m cooking and it reminds me to take it before I eat. Just a tip that has helped me.

Momma S.

Is it weird that I love the taste of this bitter spray? I have a perpetually sour stomach and this is the only thing that has helped me to not feel sour or nauseous all the time. I keep one in my purse, one in my car, and one in my kitchen. I use almost all of Organic Olivia’s products but this one I’ve ordered over and over and over. I can’t live without it.


I have used Digestive Juice for about a month now and it has helped my bloating tremendously. I used to take digestive enzymes but I love how this stimulates my own enzymes rather than supplementing more. This definitely works!


Now that I’m finished with my first bottle, I can 100% say that Digestive Juice works WONDERS! First of all, OO tinctures are my favorite because they are in a glycerin base and not alcohol. These bitters make SUCH a difference in how I feel after meals. I used to suffer from belching after everything I ate, and as long as I take a few sprays before meals, I am good to go!

Emily Bouvier

I forget to use this a lot of the time but when I do I definitely notice a difference! I got it for the help of absorbing nutrients but I really notice less discomfort and bloating when I use this!


Relieves heartburn in a matter of minutes.


Love it!

Carmen Dager

I love this Digestive juice! Like every it g Olivia makes its amazing. Suffer from Gad a bloat after meals. This has really helped and I even feel it helps me have more energy because I don’t feel sluggish after a meal. I’ve been use Using along side the her probiotics for a month now and I’m hooked for life!

Julianna Hunter

I love digestive juice! The first couple times using it, it was really bitter, but now I hardly notice the bitterness. I notice the difference after I eat a meal! No bloating and upset stomach!

Tiana Wrightnour

I have many of Olivia’s products. She’s the real deal and I can trust her formulas because I see the passion and work she puts into EVERY formula she makes. I was never regular with my bowels before digestive juice. Since I’ve started taking it I am having a normal bowel movement every day. 12/10 recommend Thank you for

Sarah Keller

I started taking this because my anxiety has been giving me digestive issues. So along with a prayer and deep breaths I have found digestive juice helps with gut disruption and actually with my acne as well!

Stacy Terrell

Long time GERD suffer that has weaned off of antacids by using papaya enzymes after I eat problem foods. Using the digestive enzymes before I eat has really helped me with not having any heartburn or upset stomach. I also haven’t had to reach for any papaya enzymes. This is a really great tool for folks with stomach issues.


My only concern is it’s so sweet. I try to stay away from sugar and sweeteners. I do like that it’s a spray as opposed to drops like most digestive bitters.

Denise Conrado

For a long time, I wanted to purchase this formula because I have been experiencing gas and bloating for too long now. I fully understand that every dis-ease begins in the gut and have tried to heal my gut issues – that resulted into AI. I finally took the leap and received this item when I felt my worst. After about a week of consistent use, I swear I no longer felt bloated and my gas practically disappeared. It felt better to eat most foods now and I actually started to gain my appetite back (loss of appetite was due to my medications). I feel lighter when I take this and can tolerate most foods I eat, I don’t even crave the salty & sweet foods as often anymore. This stuff works!


I absolutely LOVE this bitters formula. To me, it’s not too bitter, but I definitely have a palate that likes these flavors. Digestive wise it works very well for those needing a little boost to their eating routine. It’s incredible to travel with as well. I’ve tried many many bitters, but nothing quite like this. I crave it!!!


I LOVE this juice! I take it once in the morning. I let it sit on my tongue for about 10 seconds, then swallow. It really gets the digestion going. Highly recommend! Read some previous comments about the taste, I must say, I enjoy the taste.


This product has been a life savor for me. I was not producing enough stomach acid to break down my food so I started taking hydrochloric acid pills for when I ate high protein meals. I started hearing about the benefits of taking bitters so I found OO digestive juice product and started taking the digestive juice and HCL pills together and shortly after, I no longer even needed the HCL because my body is now producing HCL again! Yay! BUT I also did have to cut out gluten, grains, and dairy because I have become intolerant to them. But, even after doing that I was still having to take the HCL but not anymore thanks to digestive juice.


Is there any way to combat this hideous flavor so I can actually try to use this? I’ve taken some pretty rough stuff but this takes the cake and I can’t imagine ever being hungry after tasting this before each meal.


I’ve been using digestive juice for a few weeks now. I will not go anywhere without this! I believe it has helped with my bloating/stomach discomfort. My boyfriend told me I looked smaller the other day. I also think that it’s helping me make better food choices, the bitters quickly enable me to get back on track after a binge eating weekend. Brb, I actually need to reorder this amazing product!


Not gonna lie to yall. It tastes disgusting especially at first. I feel like it gets less disgusting as I use it more. But holy crap it works. I’ve always had terrible digestion and bloating after my larger meal of the day. I take the 6 sprays of this beforehand and no more bloating or painful digestion.


I’ll admit I don’t remember to take it before every meal like I wish I did, but still I am here giving it 5 stars because there are certain foods I know I need to take this before and IT WORKS. For example, cauliflower and lentils have always given me terrible gas, but I love them both and just dealt with it. This has fixed that problem and brought so much relief! So glad I decided to give it a try.


IF you can get past the taste without vomiting, then this may work for you. It is rough!!!! I have noticed just the slightest difference from this… not sure its worth the price.


I bought this product a few months ago, tried it a few times but it went back in my cabinet because I kept forgetting to use the spray prior to eating. During the holidays, I ate foods I normally wouldn’t including gluten and sweets which has caused me to have so much cramping and bloating so I decided to pull this out of the cabinet and try it again. I’ve been taking Digestive Juice daily over the past 3 weeks and I have noticed that although my diet has not returned to 100% clean, I am no longer reeling over in pain from stomach cramping and no bloat! In fact, my stomach has been flat and my digestion has improved significantly. I carry this in my purse to make sure I have it on me at all times, even when I’m at work so I remember to take it prior to eating. This product is amazing!!!


I have struggled with IBS since my teen years and this really helps!! My stomach is calmer and almost feels warm and cosy!


Digestive juice has been so beneficial for me. I’ve been taking digestive bitters in combination with enzymes since having my gallbladder removed in 2016 due to chronic Lyme disease. Digestive juice has been a life saver for vasovagal episodes for me as well, which was an unexpected surprise that has been SO helpful. It is VERY bitter, but a little goes a long way. My bloating and pain following meals has significantly decreased, basically vanished. My boyfriend has utilized it for mild digestive upsets and is very impressed. I’ve been following and using your products for 5 years now and know that anything y’all make can only improve my quality of life. Thank you so much!

Cristal M.

This literally been a life changer and I’m glad I made the purchase to try this. It has helped me in better digesting meals and not getting bloated or making digesting food uncomfortable as I had felt before. Will definitely keep this on my daily routine and restock on it.


This is my go-to. I love it. it does everything it states it does. It has been a game changer, try it yourself to see its magic! Ive tried other bitters that r more local and went straight back to this digestive juice. I will be a customer for life.


This is my go-to. I love it. it does everything it states it does. I will be a customer for life.


I’ve been wanting to try Digestive Juice for the longest and I finally purchased it. I have to say this is one of the best products I’ve ever tried. There is one thing I notice that works for my body differently. I used it as instructed and then I used it right after I finished eating. I notice that Digestive Juice works better for me after I eat my meals and my food seems to digest better, I know that sounds weird but it works. I love Digestive Juice and I can’t imagine anything better.

Alice Alice

I love this before big meals! I get bloated easily and am currently healing leaky gut and food sensitivities, so this has been so wonderful to have in my toolkit. It absolutely does make me feel less bloated, and I really notice how amazing it works when I do end up cheating with a heavy meal that would normally blow me up like a balloon! Love love love and I want ALL of her products ASAP 😭❤️


Love this digestive juice! I take it before eating and don’t feel bloated! Amazing product!


Everyone needs this, I have purchased this several times and is the best bitter I have tired. It works so well, everyone would benefit from this product. When I take it I can hear my stomach grumbling and producing stomach acid a few minutes later and has helped with bloating, digesting food better, better bowl movements.. it is just a game changer. It has helped me be able to consume food again without worry of extreme bloat/ feelings Icky and feeling like a normal human again !!🤗😁👍🙏 I love this stuff!

Love it!!

I love this thing! Ive always had digestive issues and get bloated very easily. I started taking this a few weeks ago and even with all the holiday eating, my bloating has been incredibly decreased. Will definitely be trying this again.


I have struggled with stomach issues for the longest time. This juice has really helped! I would often feel bloated, stomach cramps, and and upset stomach but ever since I started taking this it has helped so much! The thing I need to work on is taking it regularly. I take it once a day but even then it has helped sooo much!! Definitely will be repurchasing!

Shauna Tobiasson

Love! I’m currently following SCD protocol to heal my gut and this juice has helped a ton with heartburn!! I’m hooked! I only wish these were a little more affordable so I could afford to get them all- in bulk, all the time. With that said, they are pretty reasonably priced and hope they stay that way. Thanks so much for providing us with healthy healing options!


Really loving digestive juice! Ive had digestive issues my whole life and wish I had found this sooner. The taste is something to get use to but you will in no time. I’m so happy I found this.


It’s an amazing product! Really works wonders and does everything it claims it will! I am very picky with my products and this is it for me. I’ve tried brain juice , mood juice and sleep juice and this is my favourite ! I’m giving it 4 starts instead of 5 because sometimes the “juice” itself was a little inconsistent with how sweet/bitter it was! Sometimes it came more bitter which is great but other times it would come more sweet. I definitely prefered it to be more bitter because I felt more of an effect than sweeter!


For the last few months I have had gut dysbiosis, I have been working hard to restore it with my diet, supplements, and this, DIGESTIVE JUICE. It has done wonders to restore my appetite (the day I started taking it, I started actually feeling hungry again) and although I don’t have proof, I know it is helping restore my gut. I am so grateful for this product, it really has helped prep my body before eating and made me more relaxed while eating. I would give this a 6 out of 5 if I could.


I made it all the way through PMS and my period without bloating or constipation for the first time in three years. I made it through PMS without feeling foggy minded due to malabsorption of nutrients because my stomach acid wasn’t properly regulated. My supplements are supporting me in the way they are supposed to be because I am properly absorbing nutrients now. All of this happened when I added Digestive Juice into my arsenal. It was such a small, simple thing to do, but these bitters truly made all the difference. Honestly, out of all of the absolutely gorgeous products Olivia offers, I have been most impacted by this one. Thank you so much, Olivia!


I’ve been using the digestive juice for about a month and love it!! It is the first bitter supplement I’ve tried and will be what I continue to use!


Such a great product! I have suffered from digestive issues (IBS) and acne all my life. I recently went on vacation and was highly worried with how my digestion could act up, as it always does, when I travel. I gave digestive juice a try and it was a life saver!! I wasn’t bloated how I usually am, to the point that it’s extremely uncomfortable. I would spray digestive juice either before or after my meals and definitely noticed the difference. This product was great to travel with, easy to use, and it actually has a good taste (compared to other bitters). I highly recommend this product to use for traveling and regularly; I now just carry it in my purse for my meals. Thank you Olivia for your hard work in creating products for those of us battling these same health issues and providing us with hope!


Alright so I never write reviews for products I try and that is most likely because they have never worked for me but this digestive juice spray is the most amazing remedy I’ve ever experienced. I’ve dealt with extremely bad IBS symptoms for the last 9 years, I had to have my gallbladder removed as well, which didn’t resolve the digestive pain. For the most part I cannot eat a large meal, an unhealthy meal or even a spicy meal without having pain from acid reflux, bloating, or flatulence “build up”. Half the time I am running to the bathroom shortly after a meal, even if I have just eaten a healthy meal with fruit or vegetables. I’ve also had this constant feeling that I’m just not digesting my food. It always felt like it was just sitting there and not going through the processes that it should. Anyways, fast forward to finally ordering this digestive juice and using it on a pretty regular basis, I now have very, very minimal digestive issues which is UNREAL. I’m amazed by it. Who knew just a tad of a natural/herbal bitter spray could wake my stomach up just enough to prime itself for digestion. Thank you Olivia for creating these products and putting so much thought and time into them! You’re truly saving my life!

Scott Katler

Love, love, love – I wish I could rate it higher! I’ve had acid reflux for over ten years, and I’ve tried every pill, diet, or suggestion out there with no success. Within one week of taking this, I was able to completely stop using an OTC heartburn pill I’ve been on for five years. It’s such a great feeling to be off a medication, and to be using a product that I’m actually happy to put into my body. Words can’t fully describe what this means to me. Just ordered my second bottle, I can’t imagine ever being without this. Obsessed – thank you!


This product works for me. Definitely helping to reduce the bloating I use to have after eating.


Love this product! After dealing with constipation & bowel issues my whole life, integrating digestive juice consistently before every meal has helped to make my bowels regular! When I use the bitters, even after a heavy or carby meal, I am able to go to the bathroom with no issues, when before I would have been constipated for days. I have this product to thank. I truly believe in the power of herbs. Thank you, Olivia!


I love this product. I bought this product because after lunch I always felt discomfort in my stomach, like the food would just get stuck there for a while. The digestive juice has changed my life. I will definitely keep buying it.

Madeline Dwight

Ok I just want to start out by saying that at first I didn’t think this product was doing anything for me. I didn’t notice much difference after taking it for a couple weeks. However I continued to take it for another month and OMG. Around the second month I started noticing huge improvements!!! Before I took this no matter what I ate I would ALWAYS feel sick afterward almost as though it was harder for my body to be digesting food. I never felt energized from eating. It’s almost like that feeling you get when you drink a smoothie too fast and you feel really sick because it was a lot of liquid. Well after around 2 months of this stuff I no longer FELT SICK ever time I ate!! I could eat more and had energy! I just ran out of my last bottle about 5 days ago and I can tell a HUGE difference now when I don’t take it as I start to have those lethargic feelings every time I eat again. I can’t wait for my new bottle to get here!


I really feel this is working on helping my digestion. Great product!


Seriously, this is magic in a bottle. Since Inhave begin using this tonic a month ago, i have been able to taste more flavor in my food, break down my food better and overall feel better than I was feeling before. I will definitely continue to purchase your products. Thank you for creating magic and sharing it with the world!

Elysia Cerasuolo

I cant say enough great things about this! I don’t usually have digestive issues unless I’m eating poorly (especially gluten) If i know ill be eating poorly I use digestive juice and I have NO issues. Zero bloating, and zero digestive issues. HIGHLY recommend.


Honestly can’t believe how effective this is! I’ve been on a weight gain mission the last 2 months because I’m underweight, but whenever I increase my caloric intake I get IBS. From the FIRST day I took this product, my smelly farts and belly pain stopped. I don’t mean decreased, I mean COMPLETELY STOPPED. And I haven’t had a single IBS symptom ever since (been using this for over a month now)! I can’t thank Olivia enough, this is magical science!


I have been using this consistently for about a month now. The taste is HORRIBLE, but I believe that is the whole point. Bitter herbs stimulate the digestion. After a while, you get used to it. But I remember when I first bought it, I left it in the cabinet for a while after the first try, because it was so gross LOL!! No shade though Olivia, because it WORKS 🙂 I use it before meals. I also use it in between meals, if I can feel something “brewing”……..within 10 minutes I have BM!!! I’m almost out so I’ll need to order more soon 🙂


I have been using this consistently for about a month now. The taste is HORRIBLE, but I believe that is the whole point. Bitter herbs stimulate the digestion. After a while, you get used to it. But I remember when I first bought it, I left it in the cabinet for a while after the first try, because it was so gross LOL!! No shade though Olivia, because it WORKS 🙂 I use it before meals. I also use it in between meals, if I can feel something “brewing”……..within 10 minutes I have BM!!!


The ONLY way I could give this a better review is if it tasted better! Lol. It is truly a game changer. Has allowed me to not stress over ingredients as much when traveling and no more sleepy feeling after meals!


I’ve struggled with IBS and reflux most of my life. I was taking prescription medication for the reflux. But it had some side effects I was really hoping to avoid. I decided to try Olivia’s Digestive Juice and could not be happier! I take it before eating a meal that might bother me and have zero issues! Also, my reflux is GONE! I was even able to stop taking the medication!!! My husband uses it too and loves it! Now we want all of your products! Haha. Thank you, Olivia!!!

Sarah Clarke

I love how this has significantly reduced my post-meal bloating!


Love this Digestive Juice! I feel so much better. My bloating (which is always) and acid reflux is under control! Praying it continues to help. Thank you

Lauren Padron

Do yourself a favor and grab digestive. I suffer from acid reflux and lately it’s been everything that has been giving me heartburn but since purchasing digestive juice I have not experienced any heart burn. My bowel movement has improved and I eat when I’m full, I no longer stuff myself. Crazy but I also have zero cravings for sugary or salty things. I will definitely be repurchasing.


Ok so I never usually leave reviews on things but oh my goodness I love this (and all other Organic Olivia products that I have) so much. This spritz definitely has a not so great taste, but the more I use it, the more I get used to it. The taste also is the small price to pay for such amazing results. I have struggled with gas and bloating for pretty much my whole adult life and this has been SO helpful for me. For someone who is #foreverbloated (even with a really healthy plant-based diet) this is a life saver and I highly recommend it! Thank you so much Olivia!


I don’t know who loves this formula more between my boyfriend and I. I use it to relieve bloating and uses it regularly for chronic acid reflux. Any stomach related issue we head straight to the kitchen pantry and grab the “digestive juice”. Thank you so much for making quality products! Highly recommend!

Idalia Robles

Looooove this Digestive Juice! I feel so much better. My acid reflux is under control! Olivia, you’re God sent!!


I was skeptical, but this juice is great! I don’t use it before every meal, instead I use it when I’m going to eat things that might cause gas or bloating. It works like a charm! No bloat, no gas. I love that it’s natural and prompting your body to do something it’s supposed to be doing. It’s really helped my digestion! I can’t wait to try the rest of the juices.


I want to start by saying it is rare that I leave a review for anything. I have read all the reviews below and just have to agree that this is a lifesaver. I have acid reflux and have had gastric ulcers in the past, SIBO, and IBS. Definitely the trifecta. I had found things that have helped here and there, but nothing to this level. I couldn’t be more thankful for this tincture and how much better I’ve felt since taking it. When I eat foods that used to make me bloated or gassy, I take this about 10 minutes before eating and I never feel uncomfortable. I really can’t rave about this enough, and if you’re on the fence about buying this… DO IT!


Digestive juice is a miracle worker for me. I have many food sensitivities and digestive issues that go along with an autoimmune disease. If I feel acid reflux coming on, I grab my digestive juice. If I ate or am going to eat something that I think my stomach won’t agree with, digestive juice it is. I use it almost daily and will be repurchasing it.


By far, my most favorite product! I feel lighter and more comfortable after eating my meals. It is worth every penny!


I love this natural solution to bloating/gas/digestive issues! I don’t always remember to take it prior to my meals but I still find it very helpful even after eating. When I do take it before a meal I do notice my digestion feels much stronger and I don’t get so bloated after I eat. I’ve been recommending it to my friends, family and clients!

Nicole A.

Love love love this product!! Dairy never sat well in my stomach and as a result i always experienced horrible bloating and gas. While I still try to stay away from dairy as much as possible, this product is heaven sent on days that I slip up and do have it!! No bloating or discomfort and as far as the bitter taste- you really do get used to it 🙂 thanks Olivia!!! Yet again another amazing product


This tincture is my BELOVED. For a long time I have struggled with bloating and gas after eating, no matter what I ate! This magical concoction significantly reduces those symptoms. My stomach is naturally flatter after using it for the past month and I am ecstatic. I was unsure of the taste at first but now I LOVE it and look forward to spritzing it! I truly noticed a difference in bowel movements as well – this stuff will actually ignite that “gotta go now” feeling even at night after dinner, which never happens for me!! Please never ever stop making this.

Sonia P

Wow! Digestive Juice has been amazing for me! Olivia, thank you!! I have battled for years with digestive issues and your tincture has helped me immensely. A bit TMI but I’m talking about constipation, diarrhea, pain during those, gastritis, acid reflux, terrible gas. I only state them because as someone looking for something to work you just want to make sure or see something that reinforces your hope. Ladies, gents … this is it! After being on countless meds, I’m so glad to have this natural solution and so much improvement in my quality of life. It’s so great to know it is treating the problem while naturally creating a better environment for my digestive system… aka not just a bandaid. The flavor… it’s an acquired taste, but like Olivia I reached the point where it was whatever to do my 6 sprays and go about my day. If you’re a newbie … try it!! Everything to gain and nothing to lose… bc you won’t lose your money… it’ll work!


This stuff is AMAZING. My mom LOVES the taste because she’s used to eating bitter foods, for me, it’s kind of strong but it’s kind of funny that way when I take it! It really does work. My brother was super gassy at the office one day and I couldn’t take it so I actually gave him some digestive juice and his gas stopped. I was astonished and he was too. So, there you have it. That’s my love story with Digestive juice. It works, the taste is potent which just makes me feel like it’s that much more effective AND it’s super easy to bring along with you everywhere. My mom keeps saying how it isn’t fair that I always have it and not her so when this restocks we’re getting some for the entire family lol! We do not regret this one bit!


A LIFE SAVER during the holiday season when I tend to over eat. Who am I kidding, I over eat all the time and spraying this BEFORE my meals really helps avoid the bloat and gas I usually get with some foods. I sprayed this into everyone’s mouth in my family before Christmas Eve dinner. They thanked me later.


I went into a meal thinking, “wow this food is going to mess me up” but I used the digestive juice before eating all of it and felt AH-MAZING after. This stuff is some digestive magic and I’m so happy I bought it.


I love this stuff! I love all of Olivia’s products actually haha. This stuff tastes gross, but it’s actially growing on me! And most importantly it works! I’ve noticed a difference in my bloat after meals (saved me during the holidays!), my BMs and any gas issues. This stuff is awesome!

Christine K

This is the BEST! Definitely a must have for stomach issues. It tastes terrible, but it actually works. I joke about it tasting like poison (I don’t like dandelion) .

Jennifer A.

This digestive juice has worked wonders for myself and my fiancé. I have been struggling with newly onset Rosacea and have been trying to identify food triggers. Ever since taking digestive juice my flare ups have been minimal to none. My fiancé experiences stomach problems with heavy cream sauces and has finally been able to eat Alfredo with no side effects. My mom who struggles with gluten has also been using this and she is impressed. Thank you for this product, I will not be without again! The taste is pretty bad at first but the benefits outweighed the taste. The more I’ve used it, the more bearable is has been.


Digestive juice has been a lifesaver!! It really helps! I don’t burp or experience stomach discomfort during and after eating like I have in the past! I no longer feel tired after eating either which is huge for me! This product is a must! Thank you!


I’ve had chronic bloating for 5 years, every day. I’ve been on digestive enzymes and probiotics for years, which help, but I still have things like gluten that make me u uncomfortable if I have more than a small amount. Truth be told, I haven’t been taking digestive juice regularly as the intl. shipping is too much for me to pay on the reg so I’ve been somewhat sporadic with my doses – maybe taking once every second day. And to my astonishment, I feel much better than regular enzymes and probiotics have ever made me feel. For the first time, gluten isn’t a problem. Crazy!! Thank you Olivia


I’ve spent thousands of dollars trying to correct my digestive issues. I went vegan two years ago but nothing has helped as drastically as Digestive Juice. I’m no longer in discomfort or constantly bloating or gassy after eating. I have higher energy levels and I believe my mood has improved because my stomach discomfort caused even more stress. Amazing product. I took it for a week on it’s own and noticed a difference within a day but I believe that it is even better when paired with Olivia’s probiotic

Renee Winarski

The Digestive Juice is a beautifully balanced formula that works for my digestive system and helps alleviate my IBS. I encourage anyone to give it a try.


I have had digestive issues for years… I take this before i eat and i can feel it working … my stomach isnt all bloated after i eat … i know TMI but i can go to the bathroom after i eat … that is really painful and this really helps with constipation. I love this juice …

Carly Anna

I’ve tried literally every digestive enzyme on the market.. and none of them really made a difference like this one does. It helps your body create your OWN enzymes! I take it before every meal and I no longer have that full and bloated feeling after meals. Seriously has been a life saver for me and taken the anxiety out of eating. ❤️

Hope Norman

I am OBSESSED with the Digestive Juice! I have a variety of digestive issues, but one of the most frustrating is chronic heartburn. I took prescription medicine for years before realizing the extent to which it would damage my health. I got off and have been trying to find a solution since. I know this isn’t exactly how to use it, but if I feel indigestion/heartburn coming on at any point, before or after eating, I spray some of this, give it a few minutes, and the pain dissipates! It definitely is not the most pleasant tasting thing in the world – but 100% worth the few seconds to get such major relief. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


My stomach is so flat after using this before meals for just a few days. I knew I was bloated, but I didn’t realize how much. Excellent product!

Atiqa Raja

This stuff is AMAZING!!! I suffer from bloating quite a bit and this stuff takes care of it like a dream. This makes my stomach so happy that I can’t even explain it. I would recommend this product to everyone who has the slightest of stomach issues. This will have you feeling better in no time. I would stock up on this and never leave the house without it. This is like a magical potion for the stomach. This is the best way I could describe it. Olivia you are a phenomenal human being for looking out for all of us. Thank you so much. Looking forward to the hair tonic next 🙂

Aisha Raffi

Usually after I eat I feel so full and bloated. When I take the digestive juice before food I dont feel like that, I feel much better, love it.


This tincture is incredibly helpful for those of us with chronic bloat after eating. I have been tested for SIBO and do not have it, but I do have leaky gut and food sensitivities. I lack in digestive enzymes and this product has been a lifesaver. This has helped me be able to eat a meal I’d normally “fear” because of the reactions I knew that would be coming shortly after. Thank you for making this!!


Okay….I honestly feel like the hot sauce grandma with this stuff who says, “I put that sh*t on everything!” I really do! In fact, I went out to dinner with my family and forgot my secret weapon and was actually very sad I forgot it because I knew that I’d feel the meal later. Let me tell you, as soon as I got home I used it and it eased the heavy feeling in my gut. Now, I’m not dependent on this magical juice, I do usually have a cup of sage tea before a meal or a glass of hot water and lemon to get my digestive fire going, but digestive juice is a god send for me. I made the foolish decision to have my gall bladder removed when I was 19 because I thought there was no saving it being that the ejection fraction was so low. (Regret not trying any sort of cleanse first) My doctor disclosed to me that because I’m having my gall bladder removed I’m at an increased risk of developing colon cancer later in life. I don’t know why that didn’t resonate with me then but it definitely does now. Being a graduate nurse and working with patients who have horrible guts, colostomies, and sections of their bowels removed, I definitely want to do everything I can to take good care of mine. So, I can’t thank Olivia enough for the amazing products she has created. I love and am a firm believer in treating the root cause and not the symptoms. Digestive juice is like a hug in a bottle for your gut. (Good hug – no constipation or diarrhea cha cha cha) Totally recommend this to anyone and I will be using it and her other juices as stocking stuffers this year!


WOW JUST WOW! I’ve been a huge fan of Olivia for some time but she out did herself with these tinctures. Before no matter what I ate, it caused some type of stomach issue. Bloating, gas, pain, or just that uncomfortable feeing were part of my daily life. I spray the digestive juice 10 minutes before eating like it recommendeds and after eating I HAVE NO SYMPTOMS! I feel so great, satisfied and not sluggish anymore. To test if it’s really doing the job for 3 days I stopped using it. Plain and simple I’ll never be doing that again but it showed me that this digestive juice is the real deal. The taste takes some getting used to but I can promise you the benefits are worth it. Im so in love and thankful to Olivia for this product!

Morgan R.

I have been struggling with digestive issues for a couple of months. And even before that, if I ate a heavy meal I would inevitably feel bloated/stomach cramps. I have been using this product for about a week now and I have not had any stomach issues! Last night, my husband was experiencing stomach cramps. I convinced him to try some of this. A few minutes later, he said his stomach pain had subsided. I am so thankful for this tincture!


I was definitely skeptical of this because I normally get extremely bloated and have really painful slow moving gas but since using this I have not experienced those symptoms! Its been a week and I am extremely grateful for this product. Life changing…for real.

Nicole Diaz

WOW. Digestive juice surprised me with how life saving it is. I’ve been using it for a week now and it is a staple part of all my meals. However! Recently I came home and felt super sick after eating out. I found myself on the toilet TMI. I quickly looked up what could help relieve all the IBS symptoms I was getting and LOW AND BEHOLD bitters was one of the choices. I sprayed my tongue with Digestive juice because of the bitters in it AND MY STOMACH CRAMPS WERE NO MORE! I mean I only thought that this tincture was only to aid digestion but yah girl OLIVIA really outdid herself with this one. It’s truly a natural healing product that can help your stomach in so many ways.

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