Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum

Let me tell you guys. I didn’t plan on buying this. I wanted with every bone in my body NOT to like it. When I visited Follain in Boston, the girl helping me said I absolutely had to try a sample to help fade my old acne scars. I took home the tiniest little sample in the world and I kid you not, within one single day I saw a difference in my skin. More even, tighter, and just brighter! If you haven’t treated yourself to something nice in a while, or you have someone who you really want to splurge on, I promise they will fall in love with this. Here’s why: fruit stem cells will help to overturn your old dead skin cells, and stimulate new ones to grow. Most fruit trees take months, if not years to regenerate – but the swiss apple tree takes two weeks. That’s where the price tag comes from, and it was worth every penny.


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