RMS UnCoverUp Concealer

This is my holy grail. This is THE concealer to end all concealers. If there was only one product on this entire list that I could use for the rest of my life, this would be it (because you can pretty must use it on your entire face as foundation if you needed – just blend it out). It’s made of coconut oil and castor oil, two incredibly nourishing oils that allow this formula to sink right into any dark areas, blemishes, or scars. My face looks vibrant, hydrated, and awake whenever I use this and it blends in so effortlessly thanks to the moisturizing effect (which by the way don’t clog your pores at all!) I’ve had a jar since the late summer and it’s still very full after daily use. If your skin is super oily, I highly recommend setting this concealer with a translucent setting powder such as RMS UnPowder.

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