Le Chocolat Citrus Foaming Facial Scrub

I recently visited Follain and fell in LOVE with all of the incredible companies they stock! I was on the hunt for a good facial scrub, and being so hands on I always have to try before I buy. They actually have a gorgeous marble sink right in the store where you can test anything you’d like – even on your face (if you’re brave!). This chocolate citrus scrub is the best I’ve tried in my life, and a little goes a long way. I used to stay away from scrubs because they can be a little too oily and don’t give me that ‘clean’ feeling, but this one is special – it actually foams up due to the small amount of organic castille soap it contains! It cleanses and exfoliates at the same time so my skin feels incredibly clean and pure afterwards. Plus, it smells like dessert. Win win.

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