Concentrace Liquid Minerals

Our soil, and thus our bodies, have become very deficient in minerals. Minerals = electrolytes. Electrolytes = provide electricity to the body and brain. Without electricity, your body and brain can’t communicate properly; you won’t be able to hear important messages from your body, and/or they’ll get misconstrued. A lack of electricity causes major stagnation all throughout our circulatory system and organs. Without electricity/minerals, we start to crave things that aren’t good for us, we use stimulants for energy, we get fatigued, and the brain fog sets in. Did you know that adderall is simply amphetamine salts – with the word “salts” meaning “mineral salts”? Adderall gives a person’s brain the salt/minerals/electricity their brain is missing in order to focus. Children who are suffering from ‘ADHD’ or ‘ADD’ are often simply deficient in these minerals, which causes them to constantly search for external stimulation and dopamine. I take a shot of these minerals every day in order to replenish any deficiencies I’ve incurred from mineral-devoid soils and anti-nutrient food/stress. Check out the Amazon review from the woman who used this to treat her son’s Tourettes! Electricity is key!

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