Blendtec High Powdered Blender

I never wanted to invest in a high powered blender, thinking that the $100 or less models I got from Bed Bath & Beyond would do the trick. After all, you only need a blender for one thing: getting stuff to mush together evenly. What difference could a couple hundred dollars possibly make? I was positive that it was a fluke. And then…. I met the Blendtec. My world was changed forever. This thing literally tears apart anything you want it to. Frozen fruit? Bam – have some sorbet. Homemade nutella? Done in minutes. Coconut milk ice cream? A breeze. Smoothies take seconds, literally, and you will have no lumpy spinach left over. The texture is unimaginable and my salad dressings have come to life in ways that I never expected. This is my favorite kitchen investment I’ve ever made!

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