Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation

I recently switched to this liquid foundation from the Zuii Organic brand, because I found that Zuii wasn’t giving me quite the coverage I was looking for (it’s very sheer, so if you’re into that check them out!) Atmosphere is the real deal and gives me the most natural look but really works to cover up blemishes and pigmentation. It’s silky smooth on your skin thanks to camellia seed oil (a Japanese holy grail ingredient!) and I’m obsessed with the addition of Frankincense for cell regeneration and regrowth. I swear my skin actually looks better when I take this stuff off. I also ordered one for my aunt this Christmas because of the anti-aging benefits. If you don’t like liquid or powder, try the fabulous Kjaer Weiss foundation which is a mix between a solid and a liquid. It’s pressed into a compact and it can be as sheer or as thick as you need since it’s so buildable.

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