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  • Published on: 27 April, 2020
  • Last update: 18 May, 2020


One thing that keeps coming up for me lately is the power of STORY. I’m talking about the honest, raw stories people share about the experiences that have shaped their lives and made them who they are today.

When I think about my own journey, I can recall SO many experiences I’ve had that influenced what I believe and how I see the world. I read somewhere once that we are the sum of our experiences, and I see so much truth in this! Things I have gone through have directly led me to becoming an herbalist, sharing my passion with others, and diving into the podcasting world. Looking back, it’s obvious that I was born to do these things, but it’s also my experiences that have guided me… and, you guys, I’m so freaking grateful to be here!

Last week on IG, I shared the story about the worst thing that’s ever happened to my family… and it only happened recently. As you may already know, both of my parents became critically ill with Coronavirus. It’s no exaggeration to say that this experience broke me WIDE open. I have never cried so hard or experienced such visceral fear. But thanks to an interview I did for What’s The Juice just three days before my parents got sick, I was able to find internal healing and a closer bond with my family even though we were all going through something truly traumatic. (BTW, if you haven’t listened to Episode #10 with Matisse, put it in your listening queue. I’m def still losing my shit over our conversation.)

Even though this experience I’m going through is deeply personal, I know it will resonate with others and that’s why I just had to share about it. I absolutely believe that we are all connected and this is EXACTLY what I want to touch on today… the importance of telling our stories.

Episode #13 of What’s The Juice is packed with real stories that I hope will inspire you to dig deep and get in touch with your intuition and inherent healing powers. To say I was moved AF just barely scratches the surface of all the feels that came up for me during this conversation with Dr. Dani Olsen… and I just can’t wait for you to hear all about what she does and some absolutely incredible experiences she’s had.

Let’s Get Juicy!

To start off, I have to mention that Dr. Dani Olsen is a real-life unicorn. She’s a chiropractor, craniosacral therapist, reiki master, intuitive, qigong practitioner, and is currently studying somiatry (body/mind/spirit healing). Pretty legit, right? 

As an herbalist who doesn’t subscribe to just one modality, I totally love that Dr. Dani uses all of these practices and tailors them to her individual clients. And not only that, her scientific background allows her to connect with people who maybe haven’t opened up their minds to the spiritual realm just yet. I’m someone who craves research-based facts but I also geek out on stuff that is more ‘woo-woo’, so I get STOKED when I have a chance to talk to someone with so much knowledge on both subjects.


I’ll be honest, we don’t wade slowly into this episode, we dive in head first. I had heard a bit of Dr. Dani’s story before this conversation, and I just couldn’t want to get all the juicy details from her. So after we ‘signed in’, I invited her to talk about her brain tumor that healed divinely. Yes, you read that right… healed. divinely.

I’m for sure not going to try to put this story into my own words, so if you want to hear all about Dr. Dani’s insane experience with a brain tumor that was affecting her vision and an encounter with an angel and her late father that healed her, you’re going to have to listen to the episode ASAP.

I’m not going to pretend to know exactly what happened to her but I CAN tell you this: There is no doubt in my mind that trauma can get stuck in the body and sometimes it takes a W-I-L-D experience to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I know this for sure because of something that happened to me during a massage with a shaman and reiki master. Again, I’m not going to get into the details here (you’ll have to listen to the pod!) but I consider this experience to be a transformative moment in my journey. I felt so full of bliss and light and connection… like anything was possible. I’ll never forget that feeling.


After Dr. Dani shared some more pearls of wisdom on the magic of intention and the permission of belief, I asked how we can use intention and belief to improve our day-to-day lives.

5 ways to use intention on a daily basis for health

  • Understand how powerful you are.
  • Be thoughtful about the foods you eat. 
  • Nurture your body, mind, and spirit.
  • Address your emotions by going to see a therapist and talking to your friends. 
  • Don’t beat yourself up. 

This last one resonated with me so deeply because I’m constantly getting messages from women with issues like PCOS and infertility who are beating themselves up about it. It’s as if women are taught to be self-critical in childhood… but we must remember that we have the power to check in with ourselves and build an awareness that encourages healing! And according to Dr. Dani, some of what goes on with women actually has a cranial component to it.

Craniology studies the bones in our skull and has found major connections between the shape, size, and movement of these bones and health symptoms. For example, addiction occurs in the left top side of the brain and eating disorders happen right behind the right eyebrow, so if these bones aren’t moving properly it can result in those types of behaviors. Understanding Craniology can be a huge relief for people experiencing these issues like this because it indicates that there’s actually something neurological going on and that there isn’t anything inherently WRONG with them.

“I’m not here to find out what’s wrong with you. I’m here to find what’s right within you and express that.”

– Dr. Dani Olsen

But not only can issues like addiction, depression, and anxiety be traced back to the bones in our skull, there are also organ reflexes and neurological connections that can affect our physical bodies. For example, did you know that there are points on our clavicle that we can stimulate at the same time as points on our intestines to help reconnect our brain and digestive organs? And that jaw clenching at night may actually be a sign that your pelvis isn’t moving properly? This really hit home for me because I am a major jaw-clencher when I sleep! 

Fortunately, Dr. Dani offered a tip to help release that stuck pelvic bone… before you lay down, rub the metatarsal arch on the bottom of your feet. You guys — This part seriously freaked me out because I have a bump in this exact spot on one of my feet and now I’m wondering if this is connected to my jaw clenching! And I just can’t get over the fact that the jaw has come up so many times in my convos on What’s The Juice. When I think back on past episodes I can see major patterns emerging that I think that’s SO COOL.


Along with all the insanely inspiring stories Dr. Dani shared about her life and client work in this episode, there’s one other part that really stands out to me. I mentioned to her that I’m extra careful about keeping my body free-flowing and healthy because I’ve always felt I had a predisposition to spider veins because my dad has them.

Like the true hero she is, Dr. Dani swooped in and saved the day by reminding me the power of our thoughts! It’s normal to experience fear, but we have to remind ourselves that we are all unique. By believing that we are prone to the same health issues as our family members, we may actually be attracting that energy. So, even if you take nothing else away from this episode, I hope you can connect with this mantra:

“Stand strong in your energy. You’re your own being and you’re healthy and strong.”


I’m gonna wrap this up so you can go get allll the juiciness out of this episode, but I’ll leave you with these final tips on how to nurture your relationship with yourself so you can step into your unique power.

Dr. Dani’s 5 tips for deepening self love and creating more self intimacy:

  • Do what makes you happy. 
  • Trust that something is wrong if you feel resistance, something is wrong. 
  • Think like a child.
  • Turn challenges into games.
  • Keep your vibration high.






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