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My Black Friday Must-Have Shopping List

  • Published on: 23 November, 2018
  • Last update: 23 November, 2018

Helloooo my black-friday-deal-loving blog friends 😃 I’ve been so busy scrambling for our very own Black Friday Sale that I completely forgot to write up a post of all the deals *I’m* going to be taking advantage of today.

In case you missed it, we’re offering 20% off every single formula in our shop with code BLACKFRIDAY (which is the biggest discount we feature all year long!) We’ve also launched a limited vegan leather Herbal First Aid Kit bag so that you can gift all 6 of our ‘juice’ tinctures to your loved ones in the most beautiful way possible. If you haven’t seen the reviews on these tinctures yet, check them out! I am so beyond proud of these blends and can’t wait to keep creating.

Now onto the juicy stuff: all the skincare, makeup, haircare, and clothing deals I’m taking advantage of while the deals are hot! I pretty much use Black Friday as my yearly opportunity to buy my friends and family some killer gifts and stock up on the products that I already love to pieces and know that I will need a consistent supply of regardless. This year I also took the plunge and snagged a few things from brands I’ve never tried before but have heard amazing things about!

Here’s my list of what I stocked up on and why 🙂


If you’ve been following me for a long time, you know that I am a creature of habit (especially when it comes to my skin) because when something truly works, I’ve learned NOT to mess with perfection. I’ve been talking about and using the exact same face oil for literally 5 years now and will probably never change this basic part of my routine. My ride or die facial oil is the Sunshine Elixir from By Achilles. Michelle, who is the genius behind the brand, is a close friend of mine and I love visiting her across the pond in Denmark! Her oils have given me the most dramatic improvement in my skin tone and texture out of any moisturizer I’ve ever used and they make the best base for makeup.

The other stars in this picture include Agent Nateur’s Holi(C) and Holi(Oil) which I introduced into my skincare regimen this year and suddenly cannot live without. This is the first time I’ve changed up my routine in a long time, and the addition of Holi(C) was absolutely worth it. It’s a non-gmo, patented form of Vitamin C from France that fights acne, reduces fine lines, tightens your pores and literally makes your skin glow. It’s a dry powder that comes in the little bottle you see above (which lasts a lot longer than I thought) and you have to activate it with water first. I think this is genius, because the Vitamin C isn’t sitting around in a water-based formula losing its potency! Instead, you activate it directly before it goes on your face so that you get the maximum benefit. I put a pea-sized amount in my palm, activate it with 4 sprays of a hydrating mist (see below), mix it between my hands and gently massage it into my face. Then I apply the Sunshine Elixir directly after to moisturize my skin and lock in the benefits.

Holi(Oil) on the other hand is a tightening and firming body oil infused with some absolutely beautiful botanical extracts that deeply nourish the skin. It has such an incredible scent and texture (I would buy her perfume in a heartbeat if she ever created one) and it sinks into your skin so easily. It’s viscous yet thin and spreadable at the same time (I know I sound like I’m talking about peanut butter) but I have no idea how else to describe it. My massage therapist has been using this oil exclusively during our sessions and even he is obsessed! Haha.

  • Holi(C) is 20% off on the Agent Nateur website with code BLACKFRIDAY
  • Holi(Oil) is also 20% off on her website, and can additionally be found at The Detox Market. TDM is where I buy most of the products you’ll find on this page, so if you’re stocking up there they have a great deal featuring $10 off $100, $30 off $200, or $80 off $400 (automatically applied at checkout, no code needed).

Next up we have my all-time-favorite-I-need-new-skin-in-30-minutes mask. The Active Enzyme Exfoliator by Josh Rosebrook is probably the most effective mask I’ve tried in terms of seeing and feeling a difference after just one application. In other words: this shit works. I always have some on hand for the days where I’m feeling blah about my skin.

  • Josh Rosebrook’s Enzyme Exfoliator is available at The Detox Market, which is offering $10 off $100, $30 off $200, or $80 off $400 (automatically applied at checkout, no code needed). You can also get it from Follain for 20% off with code GETCLEAN.

Now I need to introduce you to my new obsession: facial mists. I’m addicted and no one can stop me. Nothing feels better than spritzing your face to refresh irritated, dry, dull skin. I probably use these facial mists 5-6x a day because they make me look so glowy and dewy (and they set my makeup to perfection!) Mists help skincare products penetrate deeper, so I also use them before my Holi(C) + Sunshine Elixir.

I’m a madwoman, so I stocked up on all three but that’s because they’re soooo different and I like my options. I only use Indie Lee’s CoQ10 toner as a mist to set my makeup because it’s almost sticky in a sense and really holds things in place. Otherwise, I use 5 sprays on a cotton pad as a toner before my skincare routine. I’m always surprised at the dirt that’s STILL on my face even after I cleanse! I use Aleavia’s Soothing Mist whenever I have any sort of irritation, dryness, or redness. This stuff is MAGICAL and I know people who use it on their eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis with great results. Sometimes I get an itchy scalp when I eat certain foods (such as tomatoes which are nightshades) and I’ll even spritz it on my scalp to calm the itch immediately. Lastly, I use Josh Rosebrook’s Hydrating Accelerator when I’m rocking a no-makeup or minimal-makeup look because it makes my skin to plump, hydrated and dewy. Josh says to use it before serums and oils to help the products penetrate deeply into the skin.

2. Jewelry

You guys know I have my own jewelry line called Living Earth Jewelry, and every year we do a Black Friday Sale with our biggest discount of the year!

Almost every single piece I create is 14K gold filled or sterling silver with the exception of a few pieces that feature high quality gold plated over brass. My favorite earrings of all time are The Sunset Hoops which add *the* perfect pop of gold glam to any outfit.

3. Makeup

Okay now let’s get to my favorite category here…. green beauty! I had such a hard time finding clean swaps for my old makeup favorites when I first changed my lifestyle, but now there are spppo many options and I’ve found my holy grail products.

I was talking to a friend on Instagram about this foundation today and she said she thinks it must be voodoo because it makes her skin look like a Snapchat filter. And it’s true!! This is the best clean foundation I’ve ever tried and I can’t get enough. My current shade is SF6 but as I lose my tan even more I will transition to SF5. The bronzer/contour I use is by Lily Lolo in the shade Honolulu and it’s not super pigmented (which I LOVE because you can build to the coverage you want). It blends seamlessly and is the perfect not-too-warm-brown that will really carve out your cheekbones. My holy grail mascara is FITGLOW (the pink tube) and trust me – it’s the best you can get in the green space. My concealer is also FITGLOW in the shade C2 cause mama likes a bright undereye!

Next we have Kari Gran’s lip whip. I realized I was almost out of this little tub and immediately stocked up because I can’t live without this stuff. I don’t love wearing super-pigmented lipstick (I feel like it just doesn’t look good on me!) so all I need is that perfect muted browny-red lip tint to really make me look alive before I leave the house. THIS. IS. IT. The best lip tint I’ve ever used: subtle, moisturizing, glossy but not sticky, and the literal perfect hue.

You guys are ALWAYS asking me what brand of eyeshadow I’m wearing and 100% of the time it’s Kjaer Weis because her shadows are the most buttery formulas with the perfect shades. Unfortunately they’re also extremely expensive if you buy them as singles in her eco-chic metal pods (I’m talking $45 for one shadow) so I get the “refill” pans for $27 and put them in a Z Palette to protect and store them together.

I mean, do you see these colors?! Top row from left: Charmed, Grace, Magnetic, Earthy Calm, Divine. Bottom row: Blue Wonder, Green Depth.

4. Deodorant

It’s no surprise that I’m obsessed with Agent Nateur’s sensitive deodorant after raving about her other products up there. Again, I have to say it: this shit works. I never ever have to worry about smelling or re-applying, my armpits don’t get irritated because the sensitive version is baking soda-free, and it smells magical just like everything else she makes.

5. Hair care

This year I found my favorite hair care brand of all time thanks to Janny:Organically. I have an entire Instagram highlight dedicated to why I love these hair products, including the shampoo, conditioner, AND their styling “milk” which is the most hydrating milky serum I’ve ever put on my hair! I even use it on my hair dry when it’s straightened or blown out (or when I wear a braid to bed and want to wake up with the perfect waves). It soaks right into your strands and never leaves a greasy film or residue. Literally weightless. I can’t say enough!

  • Reverie’s shampoo, conditioner, and hydrating milk can all be found at The Detox Market which is offering $10 off $100, $30 off $200, or $80 off $400.

6. My favorite hoodies and sweaters

You guys always see me in oversized hoodies and sweaters and I literally get them ALL from Coal & Terry. I’m obsessed with the texture and oversized fit of their clothing and always order either a L or XL. The fabric is heavy so it still hugs your figure instead of belling out and hiding your shape completely. There’s something truly special about their stuff which is why I keep going back.

This is exactly what I bought during their whopping 50% (!!!) Black Friday sale:

7. Comfy loungewear

This year I’ve heard so much about Barefoot Dreams because apparently they have this super unique, super soft fabric that literally transports you to a magical land of clouds and relaxation the moment you put them on. I haven’t tried myself yet, but I took the plunge and ordered pants and a scarf from their Black Friday sale section!

  • Barefoot Dreams has a 30% off sale section available here

8. Functional purses/backpacks

Your girl needs a backpack for school because my shoulders really f***ing hurt from carrying my computer and books in a purse. I’ve had my eye on Dagne Dover’s collection for what feels like centuries because they are functional and have a space for EVERYTHING, including your computer! I’m a very unorganized person despite having a Virgo rising sign, so I need things that pretty much force me to organize my belongings.

9. Leggings galore

I’m EXTREMELY picky about my leggings. They need to be perfect: 4-way-stretch, breathable, the most luxurious fabric, and super flattering. That’s why I only buy leggings from three brands – Beyond Yoga, Alo Yoga, and Electric Rose. Trust me on this one, you won’t be disappointed because I’ve tried them all.

10. Naked Wardrobe

When I go out with my girls, I like to jazz it up a bit and wear super-flattering, figure-hugging clothing that makes me feel freaking FABULOUS in my body. My ultimate go-to for these outfits is Naked Wardrobe, because they have the best crop tops, bodycon dresses, 2 piece sets and so much more.

For example, I got this black crop top for literally $10 during one of their sales and it’s extremely flattering! It makes my waist look super tiny and goes with any pair of high-waisted pants or a skirt. They also have the best biker shorts. When I finish this blog post, I’m 100% getting my New Year’s outfit from their site!

11. Family gifts

I’m not sure why, but my favorite website for gifts is not having a Black Friday sale today! I’m going to wait until Cyber Monday and see if I can snag a deal, but regardless Uncommon Goods is where I’ll be buying presents for family. I’m getting my dad and my uncle their New York Times Custom Birthday Book which is a collection of the New York Times front pages from each year since their birth! I think it’s sooooo cool – a gift and a history lesson all in one. I also got Nick a puzzle from this website that shows a map of the exact location where we met (cause you know I LOVE PUZZLES and love Nick! Haha). They pretty much have everything so check it out and let me know what you think.

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