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Why Routine is Medicine for the Soul (Even When You Dread Following Through)

  • Published on: 07 March, 2018
  • Last update: 07 March, 2018

I REALLY did not want to go to my voice lesson this week.

I’ve only missed one since I started 7 months ago, and the rebellious “screw routine I need freedom” part of me was getting antsy.

I was having a horrible day… I’m talking a case of the ugly cries… and I almost felt trapped by the constancy of this weekly appointment. I wanted to be able to deal with my emotions the way *I* saw fit – meaning I wanted to act based on those emotions, rather than acting from a place of discipline and commitment.
I walked into my lesson fully prepared to tell her I had to finish early because I wasn’t feeling well. Yet as soon as we began the scales (mixed with our usual banter where she reminisces on her Broadway days), that all melted away. I suddenly had the feeling I was exactly where I needed to be.

And more than anything, I was glad that I showed up.

When we get into a commitment or routine, the rebel within us may feel like someone is ‘making us do something’ because all of a sudden, expectation is present. However, that ‘expectation’ is really coming from love for the self ~ wanting better for the self ~ and a deep knowing that nothing worthy comes quickly.

That’s the beauty of routine: it benefits us even when we dread following through. It makes us way more likely to at least start and try in the first place. It keeps us dedicated to the things we know are good for our souls, even when our memory is clouded by emotion at the immediate moment.

I realized that the very thing I was resisting (honoring my commitment) was the very thing I needed to help me feel better.

This is true for any commitment you can think of, whether it’s an exercise routine, a recurring lunch with old friends, or weekly class/hobby like my singing lesson. We tend to overestimate the effort it will take to complete our obligation, while underestimating the reward it brings us in proportion.

No matter what is on your plate this week, remember that it’s always worth it to show up.

It’s an act of self love and integrity. And no matter how hard it is to start, the feeling you get when you finish may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

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HOW THE PLANT KINGDOM CAN TEACH US A LOT ABOUT PEOPLE - a lesson about humans from herbs. 🌿
Have you ever heard the phrase, “crabgrass never dies”? I actually learned it from Nick’s family first, so you may instead know the Spanish phrase: “Mala hierba nunca muere.”
It basically means that weeds or ‘pests’ (like crabgrass) are the hardest plants to kill. It’s a cliché used in conversation to describe human nature: the “weeds” of society are the most resilient; they survive anything that comes their way and live longer lives than some contributing members who’ve done nothing wrong (much like the opposing phrase, “only the good die young”). These “weeds” stick around forever, like the mooching ex-boyfriend who keeps tricking you into taking him back.
There’s something MUCH deeper here we can learn from our nuisance plant friends. Take dandelion for example: the pest of spring that people spend hours uprooting from their lawns. ✨
Does it steal nutrients from other plants if it’s left to grow out of control? Sure. But the secret is that it’s one of the most healing herbs in existence, as long as you know how to care for it & use it correctly. ✨
In the world of herbalism, the first thing we learn is that the most hated “pests” are the most misunderstood. And once you get to know them, you realize they’re some of the most valuable, too.
I believe this says a lot about the people we write off as “bad seeds.” Think of a misbehaving child who faces the possibility of going down a dark path, but is saved by the ONE person who sees his gifts and teaches him how to use them.
The same child who isn’t so lucky goes onto become the adult who misuses their genius to lie, steal and manipulate; or instead turns to drugs & addiction as the outlet they never had.
Sometimes, people with the deepest gifts are tormented because they don’t know how to use them - the same way we don’t know always know how to use these pesky plants. And while this isn’t meant to be an excuse for deplorable behavior (because we ALL must be accountable for our actions), it’s a good reminder to try to understand the ‘herb behind the weed.’ Perhaps it could make the world a better place. ❤️
✨My updated organic/non-toxic hair care routine is live on my YouTube channel at the link in my bio 😊 I reviewed the low porosity bundle from @organigrowhairco that I’ve been using the last few months (and raved about the curling custard + hair dew - best styling products I’ve used in a long time!💕) I also talked about another shampoo/conditioner I rotate in when I want a “deep clean” before I straighten my hair or use the curling wand. Lastly, I went over hair shedding + combatting dandruff from the inside out, including a teaser of a product that’s coming soon 😍 Hope you love it and thanks for your patience since I take a million years to upload on YouTube lol ❤️
Currently reading Dr. Isabella Wentz's incredible book,
Did you know that research shows you’re more likely to have a creative epiphany when you’re NOT actively thinking about something? There’s a better chance it will occur when you’re doing something monotonous, like exercising or showering. Since these routines don’t require much thought, you flip to ‘autopilot.’ This frees up your unconscious mind to roam free and work on something else.
This kind of daydreaming relaxes the prefrontal cortex — the brain’s command center for decisions, goals, and behavior. It also switches on the rest of your brain’s “default mode network” (DMN), clearing the pathways that connect different regions of your mind. With your cortex loosened up and your DMN switch switched on, you can make new, creative connections that your conscious mind would have COMPLETELY dismissed. Suddenly there are no “rules” and your true genius is free to think “outside of the box.”
We’re a culture that faces so much mental pressure each day to “get shit done” and keep up with the fast pace of technology + society. Yet as humans, we simply weren’t built this way. This weekend, make it a priority to relax, focus on an idle task, and allow yourself the time to just BE! Your creative juices will flow and I promise your answers will come when you least expect it. You are guided & protected, and so it is 😘


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