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Why Motherwort is an Incredible Anti-Anxiety Herb

  • Published on: 21 January, 2018
  • Last update: 21 January, 2018

Let’s talk about the benefits of motherwort… and what we can learn from its wisely chosen name!

This is an herb I’ve been really drawn to lately in my studies, and I plan to harvest it locally when it blooms in June. Why? Because all you have to do is chop up the flowering tops of the plant, pack it into a jar, and cover with alcohol. 6 weeks later, you have a beautiful tincture for your ‘first aid kit’ that can be used in a pinch for anxiety, digestive distress and menstrual cramps.


  • Motherwort’s botanical name, Leonurus cardiaca, means “lion-hearted”. First and foremost, it is a heart tonic that can be used in tincture form when someone has palpitations or tachycardia (irregular heartbeat), especially when this is due to stress and anxiety.
  • Just as it brings relaxation to the heart, this herb deeply soothes the womb with its antispasmodic properties. Thus, it is helpful for relieving menstrual cramps and any associated digestive distress. “Think of a tightly clenched fist relaxing into an open hand to appreciate motherwort’s action on the uterus.” – Robin Rose Bennett
  • Herbalist & MD Aviva Romm also suggests motherwort for menopausal symptoms ranging from insomnia and night sweats to anxiety and depression.


  • As the name suggests, motherwort has a calming energy like a big hug from mom. It is classified as a nervine herb, and is incredibly helpful for the type of anxiety where thoughts are racing and worries feel “pent up” in the body. Just as it is soothes cramps due to menstrual congestion, motherwort relieves emotional congestion and says, “you got this.”
  • Also in line with its famous name, motherwort is helpful for postpartum anxiety and melancholy felt by new mothers. “Motherwort bolsters the heart and uplifts the spirits, calming mothers so that they may attend to their tasks without feelings of overwhelm and self-doubt.” –
  • As a bitter member of the mint family, motherwort is medicine for someone who tends to ‘check out’ when facing they get scared or overwhelmed. “The bitter flavor brings us back into our bodies.” – Jim McDonald
  • Grounds you (and helps you use the bathroom!) if you’re someone that has trouble feeling safe and secure when traveling to foreign places.


  • Either make your own tincture with fresh or dried flowering tops and strong (~100 proof) vodka, or use a high quality purchased tincture.
  • For anxiety, a racing heart, or premenstrual headaches, start with a small dose (10 drops) diluted in room temperature or hot water. Some may need a larger dose (full dropper), but always start low first.
  • For cramps, take 10 drops the same way just as the menses are coming on. Repeat the dose every 10-15 minutes until relief is felt. Again, some women need larger doses, up to a full dropper. In the words of herbalist Susun Weed when discussing menstrual cramps, “I haven’t heard from any woman whose had to use motherwort for more than four months in a row!”


Use only small doses (5-10 drops) if you have a heavy menstrual flow, as motherwort is traditionally indicated to support blood flow in those with scant menstruation. Do not use in cases of fibroids or endometriosis.

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HOW THE PLANT KINGDOM CAN TEACH US A LOT ABOUT PEOPLE - a lesson about humans from herbs. 🌿
Have you ever heard the phrase, “crabgrass never dies”? I actually learned it from Nick’s family first, so you may instead know the Spanish phrase: “Mala hierba nunca muere.”
It basically means that weeds or ‘pests’ (like crabgrass) are the hardest plants to kill. It’s a cliché used in conversation to describe human nature: the “weeds” of society are the most resilient; they survive anything that comes their way and live longer lives than some contributing members who’ve done nothing wrong (much like the opposing phrase, “only the good die young”). These “weeds” stick around forever, like the mooching ex-boyfriend who keeps tricking you into taking him back.
There’s something MUCH deeper here we can learn from our nuisance plant friends. Take dandelion for example: the pest of spring that people spend hours uprooting from their lawns. ✨
Does it steal nutrients from other plants if it’s left to grow out of control? Sure. But the secret is that it’s one of the most healing herbs in existence, as long as you know how to care for it & use it correctly. ✨
In the world of herbalism, the first thing we learn is that the most hated “pests” are the most misunderstood. And once you get to know them, you realize they’re some of the most valuable, too.
I believe this says a lot about the people we write off as “bad seeds.” Think of a misbehaving child who faces the possibility of going down a dark path, but is saved by the ONE person who sees his gifts and teaches him how to use them.
The same child who isn’t so lucky goes onto become the adult who misuses their genius to lie, steal and manipulate; or instead turns to drugs & addiction as the outlet they never had.
Sometimes, people with the deepest gifts are tormented because they don’t know how to use them - the same way we don’t know always know how to use these pesky plants. And while this isn’t meant to be an excuse for deplorable behavior (because we ALL must be accountable for our actions), it’s a good reminder to try to understand the ‘herb behind the weed.’ Perhaps it could make the world a better place. ❤️
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