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Meet Mugwort: The Womens’ Healing Plant for Cramps, Irregular Menstruation + More!

  • Published on: 08 October, 2017
  • Last update: 08 October, 2017


An ancient herb regarded as a protector of WOMEN + TRAVELERS, renowned for its high value in treating feminine disorders (think menstrual cramps!) & prized as a strong warming tonic that stimulates the circulation of qi and blood.

You may have heard about mugwort’s capacity to yield lucid or vivid dreams, which was highly valued in traditional cultures. Mugwort is a releasing plant, and in doing so she shows you what you’re releasing – whether that’s suppressed emotions in dreams (release of the psyche), or stagnant blood via menstruation (which can be kick-started with mugwort’s stimulation of blood flow to the uterus).

Her Latin name (Artemisia vulgaris) comes from Artemis, the Greek moon goddess who supported women at crucial points in their lives. The same way the moon pulls the tides, herbs that are associated with the moon (and thus, divine feminine energy) are great at pulling/releasing stagnant energy from the body. This is also what makes mugwort a great digestive aid, helping us to release bile/digestive juices.

To me, mugwort feels like a magical, spicy, powerful ally – like the loud, spunky friend that reminds you of your power + gives you the advice you NEED to hear.


  • ASTRINGENT (tightens and tones lax tissues, can help tone the uterus to prevent cramping)
  • BITTER (great for killing parasites, stimulates all digestive secretions including HCL + bile for the breakdown of dietary fat)
  • DIGESTIVE (helps the body absorb nutrients)
  • EMMENAGOGUE (stimulates blood flow in the pelvic area to encourage the smooth flow of menstruation).

CAUTION: Do NOT use mugwort during pregnancy because of this stimulating action on the womb!


  • As a tonic, Mugwort is highly sought after for its affinity for the female reproductive system. It dispels cold & dampness in the womb, and is commonly used as a uterine stimulant that can both bring on delayed menstruation and aid in the balance and support of a regular menstrual cycle. This can be achieved by taking mugwort internally (tea, tincture) or applying it topically onto the lower abdomen.
  • Mugwort is a warming uterine tonic and emmenagogue (which is why pregnant women should not take this plant). The uterus depends on healthy circulation (blood flow) to the pelvic region and strong uterine muscles to fully release each cycle. If the uterus is cold and not receiving enough qi/blood, the body will have to strain & contract to push out the stagnant blood. This is where painful menstrual cramps stem from.
  • Mugwort can also relax the muscles to further assist with heavy cramping, and its antispasmodic actions can really help to soothe you within the first 2 days of bleeding. A wonderful way to use mugwort is through making a womb oil or salve which will help to bring on bleeding and shift any stagnation… which is what I’m working on right now!


  • Because it is bitter and warming, mugwort kick-starts the digestive system, stimulates the liver, and boost the immune system. We need bitter herbs like wormwood and mugwort in our lives now more than ever, as we become more sedentary and our body’s systems become sluggish.
  • Drinking an infusion (which is a strong tea left to brew in a jar overnight) kills worms, improves digestive fire, and benefits the liver and jaundice. On this note, Mugwort can also be used PREVENTATIVELY for parasites and worms! This is where we see the ‘traveler’s protection’ come in.


  • To induce vivid dreams, many people make a tea consisting of Mugwort (for dreaming), Rosemary (for remembering) and Lavender (for relaxation). You can also take a mugwort tincture before bed if you prefer.
  • Some people find that just having it by their bed or under their pillow is enough to bring their dreams to life. You can fill a sachet (or “dream pillow”) with freshly harvested mugwort and allow the aromas to work their magic.


Mugwort is considered a hearty ‘weed’, which lucky for us means it can be found growing wild across much of North America. (Usually, these common “invasive” plants are the ones we need most as a culture – they are what nature offers us generously to harvest for food & medicine). I harvested mugwort this week from a local park, making sure to only take what I need from the top 1/3 of the plant.

I also make sure to see the plant four times in the same area before I forage, as “never taking the first means never taking the last.” You can identify mugwort by the white/silver undersides of the leaves and the tall flowering tops that can grow up to 6 feet! To harvest Mugwort for FOOD, take the leaves when she is under a foot high. For DREAMING / use as MEDICINE, take her when in bud before she flowers (July-September).

Last but not least, a fun fact!

Throughout Europe it was said that you knew where the herbalist lived because Mugwort grew around her house. This was the mark of the herbalist, the midwife and/or the healer… aka, the wise woman of the community! 😉

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Thank you for sharing this information! I’m definitely going to look into and am looking forward to you create a salve to use. My reproductive system is healthy but I am always open to ways to continue top maintenance on her. 🙂


Yes! Loved this post!!! Please do more posts on women’s health / reproductive system / hormonal imbalance / fertility. THANK YOU!

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According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, increasing magnesium is one effective way of treating menstrual cramps, as well as other types of menstrual-related pain including headaches and nausea. 🔥
👉🏼 Why? Because magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant! Proper levels are crucial for relaxing both blood vessels AND muscle tension/contractions (including painful menstrual cramping). 👉🏼 Magnesium controls the entry of calcium into each and every cell - this process happens every time a nerve cell fires. Without enough magnesium, too much calcium gets inside the cell resulting in cramping, blood vessel constriction, migraines and anxiety. (Magnesium is required for our muscles to relax, while calcium is needed for contraction).
👉🏼 Red blood cell magnesium is found to be lower in women who have PMS compared to those who don’t. The same was found in headache & migraine sufferers!
👉🏼 On top of all this, magnesium has major benefits for the edema, bloating, depression & mood swings that often accompany menstrual pain. Without going into too much detail, it helps regulate the HPA axis AND decreases something called ‘aldosterone’ which is a major cause of fluid retention.
✨TO USE MAGNESIUM AS A NATURAL THERAPY FOR CRAMPS: Take 350 mg daily for at least three days leading up to menstruation, continuing through your full cycle. For best results, take 100-300mg daily the rest of the month to replenish stores on a cellular level. ✔️350mg = 1 serving (2 tsp) of our CALM THE MIND magnesium tea, OR
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