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2014 vs 2017… How Far We’ve Come.

  • Published on: 04 March, 2017
  • Last update: 24 August, 2017

2014 vs. 2017.

The left is when I first decided to follow my dreams and make the health products I wish I had access to during my own healing. This man was with me every step, working his own job AND the 100 odd jobs I needed him to at any given moment. We had no idea how to run a business, because it never started as that. It started as: I know this will make someone’s life better, so I NEED to make it happen. Looking back it was naive, impulsive, and straight up insane. But that is what my generation is known for, right?

We had no clue…
How to order supplies.
Figure out costs.
Separate work & life.
Do our taxes.
Pick out the right bottles.
Get sleep when with an endless to-do list.
Print a shipping manifest.
Make time for ourselves.
Make everyone happy.
Keep track of expenses.
See our friends & family without a cloning machine.

99% of the first year was mistakes.

There was the time USPS lost 100 packages and we didn’t have insurance.
The time we hit the wrong key on our excel sheet and mixed up an entire document of orders & names.
The time our e-mail inbox was so full that Nick had a straight up mental break.

I thought about quitting every single day but knew what I was doing mattered. I somehow built a friendship & trust with genuine people in the unlikeliest of places: the internet. I had the opportunity to share my story of pain, uncertainty, and sickness with a community of people that wanted to make EACH OTHER better. When I learned something new I yearned to share it with those people (YOU GUYS) – like I was phoning a friend back home.

Today we have a small, but kick-ass office in a building of crazy artists who inspire me daily. We have a manager that is so efficient it hurts, even with a new baby. A chemist that makes the best herbal formulas on the planet (with the biggest smile on his face). A shipping facility we trust to deliver the products we pour our heart into. We still work all day, every day – but the load is lighter (as are our hearts) because we have that good old village to make the dream happen. That village began with you, and the support you have shown me since the day I started this website. Thank you. I love you.

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